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5 x 25mg takenof zinc supplement as cold prevention within 8 hrs before realizing max should be 40mg/day, what should i do now?

1 yr ago My gf gma had a CVA. She would never recover. Doc took her off ivs, her body shut down. Took several days. Why not fast death w/ meds?

13 years boy with accident 15 hours ago, diagnosed brain concussion, 5 hours ago deveolped fever He did not receive antipyretic or analgesics.,advice?

15 weeks with two small subchorionic hemmorages. Is it safe to take a 2 hour flight?

2 month old doesn't take more than 2oz at a time every 2-3 hrs. Maybe that she just wants to sneak few sipps here and there always been like this why?

2.5 g of Vitamin C one day (11 hours b4 my pill) first week on pill, then 1.5-0g over the rest of the week (I had a cold.) will this effect my BCP?

20 days free of lortab.Worst 72 hours ever.I'm still feeling very tired + low energy.Is this still expected this far in to it?Wld a multivitamin help?

3 milligrams won't kill me right?

3 y.O has grand mal seizure once monthly since sept. 2012 avg. Total length 10 minutes & at 3 minutes i admin. Rectal diazepam. Should i medicate daily?

32 weeks pregnant, taking asprin delayed release tablet each daily.Dr said to have tablet only upto 36 weeks alone.Is it ok stop that tab @ 36 wks? Reason

42yr old, male, good health. Took Claritin (loratadine) d- it elevated hr to 91 for 3 hrs. Rest hr is lower 70s. I have post nd. Is it safe to continue taking it?

5 days ago i tested my INR and it was 2.5 , yesterday i had fever and headache and bleeding from mouth and nose for half an hour, what's wrong with me please, take warfarin500 and asprin. Thanks indeed

5'7",190lb; taking Loestrin 1.5/30. How much less effective because I'm overweight? Higher dose needed? Should I take EC if I get semen inside?

6 hrs ago, I drank a large Mtn Dew with food. An hr ago, I took 3 Aleve (naproxen) tablets to combat an ingrown toenail. My heart rate is ~88bpm. Should I worry?

6 wk old prescribed Zantac (ranitidine) 3x/day. Supposed to have 2nd dose at 3:00 pm, but gave at 11am instead. She had last at 7:00am. Is she ok?

65 year old type 2 diabetic 80units of [email protected] bed time . What happens if i forget to take it one night? I ran out can I wait till tomorrow?

6yrs Vicodin 5/325. I take 1/2tab q 2 hrs. Wether pain or not. NEVER exceed more than 3 1/2 tabs qday. BUT does this mean I'm addicted?

80 yr old mom has been off her hydrolozene for 5 days and today her blood pressure has been about 198/88 for 2hrs. Take her Er or give her her meds?

8mo vomited due to coughing 10-15 minutes, maybe less, after taking her 2 ml of Cefdinir. Should I repeat her dosage or just add new day at the end?

9 hours ago i broke cetirizine in half and took 5mg i did the same 9 hours later but the piece was a bit bigger like 6mg. Will i die? Male 22.

99.3 temp orally. 2 minutes later it was 98.5 then 2 minutes after that it went down to 98.3. Still down. Was that a fever? Took no meds. Scared of lymphoma

A family member of mine is on drugs and he accidentally ejected 30 units of bleach about an hour ago! Will he be okay?

A friend of mine, 18, female, 200+ pounds took 12-15 Excedrin extra strengths. Will she be okay?

A year ago i overdosed on aderall. Close to 3, 000mg. It made my muscles ao uncomfroterble then knocked me out for 5 days in the hospital. Why ?

Accidentally drank my husband's water w/ vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) in it. When will the medication be completely out of my system so I can nurse again?

Accidentally fell asleep In contacts for 3.5 hours (I rarely even ware them let alone do that) took them off and there was all this yellow goo. Bad?

Accidentally stored CEFDINIR 250 MG/5 ML SUSP in the refrigerator overnight and left it ar RT in the morning. Will it spoil it or decrease its effect?

Accidentally took 2 325mg Iron pills within 5 minutes (forgot I'd taken it already) Is this a toxic dose? I am 35 severely anemic weighing about 200

Accidentally took 80 mg omeprazole rather than 40 over 15 hours. Palpitations, doc says should be fine -but how long till the symptoms pass? And am i?

Accidentally took seven 325mg of acetaminophen in under 4 hours. I weigh about 140 and I'm 18 years old. Am I in serious danger?

Accidently left cedax (ceftibuten) out of the fridge for 24 hrs. Is this still okay?

Acetominophen overdose, person has acciddently injested, 6, 200 mg in just over 24 hr periode, person is 26. 5, 10 180lbs showing now symptms, scared?

After descentry , and after medication of zenflox , no motion since last 72 hrs? What to do?

After i take 20mg of prednisone for scleritis my eye is much better. It is very painful when i wake up. Can it work that fast within an hr or two.

After sex how much time you should take to recover to go again 20 mins enough? and can u do this 3,4 times a night? any side effect?

After taking fioricet (acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine) how long should i wait to nurse my 15mo? was told it would sedate her, I'd be fine as long as I wait, I don't want to chance it!

Aftr gallbladder surgery on09-11-2012 my wife is having fever in the evening 05 hrs, taking trizolid-600 from last 04days, now fever only 02 hrs.?

ALT 4 months ago was 74, then few weeks after that was 64. Repeated 3 months later and back up to 75. Don't drink or take meds. Why did it go back up?

Am I addicted? Vicodin q4hrs, for 5 yrs now due to back surgery/NEVER taken more than 4qday BUT I also NEVER "skip" a dose wether need or not!

Am without doctor til 8/27 and no meds til 8/27. Can ER help with emergency supply? What can I do? I have my bottles as proof. Thank you

An antibiotic prescription for 4times a day, do you have to take every 6hrs? Or just 4 evenly spaced intervals while awake? Is 6am,11am,4pm,9pm ok?

Another UTI w/kp? Dr rx'd keflex. Dip stick normal. Culture will b back thurs. Only symptom was feeling as if urine had been held too long (1 hr) during nap. Same as last 2x's. Scared of kp next step?

Antibiotics every 6 hours. I take it at 2am 2pm and than at 8am 8pm. Due to the time change when should I take it?

As an emergency worker I was at an accident last night and my overalls got an amount of blood on them - (6 hours ago) are they safe to reuse?

As I read here b12 shots works in hours and serum level increase in a day till now I have taken 4shots still feeling weak sleepy all the tym and lightheaded taking cyanocobalin 500 injections?

B/p 152/74 just woke took my meds is this dangerous can i have a stroke i usually run 119/64?

Baby 3 months having 2.5mm la hole in the heart what shoud be taken care off, what to do?

Bc the library is SOO cold I use my heating pad everyday for hours for the past 2+ years while I study. I haven't had real it ok I do this?

Been on methadone for 4years. Never lasts full 24hrs. Feel withdrawals after 19-20 hours. I've gone up in dose over&over again and it does nothing. Y?

Birth controlled failed few days b4 ovul, noticed a change in cervical mucus, took Next Choice one dose within 60 hrs after. Is it still effective?

BP- right arm 144/94. Took few min later 110/81. took in left arm to compare: it read 110/91.Are those numbers ok? I take Dyazide-am and accupril-pm

Can i take one naproxen 1gm slow release tablet in the morning then have two glasses of red wine in the afternoon/night?

Can 1000-2000 mL of sodium chloride and 10 mg of Decadron (dexamethasone) make your weight go up quite a bit the next day and will it go down once it tapers off?

Can 3000 milligrams of HMB spread out into 12 pills a day hurt you?

Can Cialis 20mg be taken daily? What demage happens if errection presists for more than 4 hours?

Can cortison spray cause PVC? I take them for chronic sinusitis and yesterday I felt 10 within 1/2 hour where I normally have 10 throughout 1 day

Can energy pills cause your pupils to be dilated? I have worked tremendous hours and have taken over the suggested usage of stacker2 7-phenyl stack... I have to be back at work in 3 hours and I am unable to fall asleep and don't really want to in the fear

Can i cancel a petition that was the 72 hour psych evaluation but hasn't taken effect yet cuz patien waiting for bed to open it in a psychevevfacility?

Can i give 4 year old 35 pound girl small dose of nyquil?

Can I hav withdrawal from 10 days use of percocet 10? Took every 6-8 hrs after surgery.

Can I take 2.5 mg Lisinopril AM & 2.5 mg at bedtime if I had 3 glasses red wine with dinner?5mg in the AM makes me dizzy & by bedtime BP is back up

Can I take 20 mg of alavert per day. I weigh 213 lbs. ?

Can I take haloperidol oral and meclizine oral together, or a few hours apart? 0.5 mg halo, and maybe 12.5 or 25 of meclizine.... DR prescribed both.

Can i take red bull energy drink and be awake all night? .. One at 10pm .. One at 2am .. One at 7am .. I have an important exam at 9 30am .

Can i take tramadol while i'm 3 months pregnant? I am 3 months pregnant & i'm prescribed tramadol 50 mg. I was in a bad car accident 11 years ago & have titanium rods & screws. I've looked it up & have gotten mixed answers.

Can I take two doses of chloral hydrate in one 24hr period?

Can u take just one Topiramate instead of two at twelve hr intervals ( as only get headaches at night ) ?

Copro-parasitological Test - what is the max amount of hours that can elapse between collecting and taking the vial to the clinic? (no refrigeration)

Could diflucan (fluconazole) cause slightly elevated lft a week and a half after stopping use? (took 5 150 mg doses total, 3 days apart each for yeast infection.)

Could one become toxic from taking 0.6 mg of colchicine twice daily 12 hrs apart.

Cta of heart tomorrow at 11.Doc said take metap 50 at bedtime.Xray people suggested pill at night, one 2 hrs before. My htrate=80 usually.Tartr. Or suc?

Curious..difference by taking 1tab 5/325 vicodin q 4 hrs vs take 1/2 tab q 2hrs? I don't like that feeling with a whole. Been on 4yrs since back surg

Dentist told me to take amox 500 tid, I have a huge bottle from march left over and it dawned on me it says discard 3/24, is it still safe to take?

Do exactly 12 hours have to pass between admin of Amoxicillin? Got her first dosage now but want to create routine for daycare days (6am 6pm)

Do I need to take 600mg Guaifenesin @ exactly every12 hours? Lost the reminder of exact time and don't remember when the next one is due.

Doc gave me 5mg Ambien (zolpidem) (30 pills) in Sept. Since then Ive taken 16 pills total cutting it into 1/4 to 1/2 of dosage. Is this small amount addicting?

Doc wants me to drink Gavilyte-G (4oz) everyday for constipation. The instructions say to discard after 48 hours. How long can I store each dose?

Doc. Advisded Inj.Betnesol 12 mg(betamethasone), on 36w+3 days twice in 24 hours interval, is it safe? scheduled c section delivary on 36w +6days.

Doctor has recommended dormicum 15mg tablet 3 hours before colposcopy and biopsy procedure. Is this correct? Research shows peak effect<1 hour.

Doctor prescribed an injection stone 1000mg in every 4 days for better fertilization/pregnancy. But its very painful now even after 24 hrs, please advice

Does Activated Charcoal actually pull long-ago ingested(10 hrs) meds from bloodstream?Slow-release Suda so half still stomach but rest in bloodstream.

Does anyone have any tips on getting used to working the night shift hours of 10pm to 6am?

Does it take insulin more than 2 hrs to work? Dads bs was 500 he took 6 units of insulin and 2 hr after it was 493

Dortinex 0.5 for hyper prolactin twice a week is it ok to take it on Sun then on wed & then on sun or take it on sun & then thurs & then on monday?

Dr has told me to take Lodotra at bed time for CAH. Does he mean whatever time I got to bed ie 12am or 10pm as it says in the instructions? Thanks

Dr prescribed 2.5 MG hydrocortisone 3 x a day. I took the first dose at 4 this afternoon andnow have a dry cough. From pill? Dangerous or no big deal?

Drank dayquil 1 1/2 hrs ago. Took severe sinus meds now. Is it harmful to take them so close together?

Ear infection have Tramadol+Clindamycin. 37yr, 5'11,~205lbs male. Healthy liver/kidneys tested recently. What is the max Tramadol dose within 24 hr?

Estimated bac? Female, 98 lbs, 6-8 shots in 1 hr 15 minutes, no medications taken, eaten previously, slightly happy, slightly drowsy. (that's it)

Every 1st Sunday of the month I take communion. I can't hold a cup without shaking and spilling it. Embarrassing. I take propanolol. It's not working.

F/u to a previous question. How long would it take a button battery to cause problems in toddler if ingested? Days, weeks, hours?

Fecal incontinence while asleep, did not wake during. Woke later, cold mess + dried blood in nostrils.took two .5 mg Clonazapem 4-6 hr prior. cause?

Flu. DH got new meds w/o acetaminophen. By mistake, took 3 tylenols, 1.5K mg. I have not taken over 4K in 24 hrs. Should I drink more water? ?

For 2 weeks Took .25 in am and .50 in pm of risperdal quit taking 3 days ago and sugar was 126 today @ waking will this decline as didn't have this b4?

For an average sized adult, if you have to journey via bus for about 7 hours, but you have some diarrhea, how often and how much Imodium (loperamide) can you take?

For nerve pain..Toradol injection about 24 hrs ago plus pill about 14 hrs ago..How long will this be in my system?

For two months in a row I have been having my perion twice a month, that is after every 18-20 days. I am 32 and have a 15 year old son. ?

For what length of time can it take for kidney damage to appear after a month of solid tyleol pm abuse?

Forgot to remove Vivelle (estradiol) dot patch until10 hrs later. Had 2 patches on for 10 hrs. On 0.0375 mg 2 X a week. Will that cause problems. my age is 61 yrs

Found a cold sore on lip. took 2 pills of 1 GM valacyclovir (2 GMs total). had plans to go out for 4-5 drinks. will my otherwise healthy organs be ok?