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saw palmeeto and sage are ingredients in my hair lotion and shampoo, can any of these affect my oral birth control?

1. Is it ok to use products with co q 10 on skin if you are trying to conceive ?

1.Are kumqots good to eat during pregnancy? 2. Is it ok to use skin products with kumqot oils during pregnancy?

21 weeks pregnant, is it safe to use olay natural white night cream ( face cream) while pregnant. Pls help really worried?

4 yr old prescribed fluocinolone .01 scalp oil to use 2x day. box says needs 2 b rinsed off, does it hve to b washed after every use ?

A cream like zinc pyrithione ( I have seborrheic dermatitis ) if gets too hot, can be harmful if used or just loses beneficial effect?

African sea-coconut brand cough mixture safe for pregnancy use?

After cleansing I use dr haushuka toner, then a serum. Can I use roc tetinol cream on top of serum? Still effective? Thanks

Almost all Asian bb creams contain arbutin nowadays. I'm currently breastfeeding. Is it safe for me and my baby to use products that contain arbutin?

Am 9 weeks pregnant and I have been using Makari naturalle and Exclusive tonning milk for 6 month. It contains retinyl palmitate. Is it safe for me?

Am i safe using lotions & conditioners while taking flagyl? they all seem to contain alcohol.

Are Asian sunscreens safe to use?

Are glow-in-the-dark pajama safe?

Are glutathione and kojic acid (topical; in the form of soap) both safe for breastfeeding moms? Thank you.

Are mannose and hyaluronic acid safe to use under eyes in your late 20s? I'm really curious.

Are over-the-counter salicylic acid facial products safe to use while pregnant?

Are palmer's stretch marks lotion and othets used for the same purpose safe during pregnancy? Used for 7w. Contains cocoa butter, vite, collagen, etc.

Are self tanning lotions harmful? Do they have dangerous chemicals in them? Is it safe to use?

Are skin whitening mixture/recipes found online considered safe to use?

Are sunscreen with stearic acid safe for breastfeeding mother to use on face?

Are there any negative effects if you use day and night facial cream that has been expired for 4 years?

Are there any pills or lotions that ate safe to use for breast enhancement?

Are there any risks of using histaminse with milk?

As a breastfeeding mother would it be safe to get the coppola keratin treatment that claims to be 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free?

Balsam of peru and vinegar in products safe?

Before I read the ingredients and did my research I applied some oils with the very 1st ingredient being Clary sage I'm 12 weeks preg. Will it hurt me?

Breastfeeding:can you tan while breastfeeding? Or use Mederma cream?

Can i still use carolite cream while breastfeeding?

Can I use a tumeric and lemon mask during the afternoon and benzyl peroxide cream during the night (not both at the same time)? Any risks?

Can I use aspirin externally while breastfeeding?

Can i use benoquin (monobenzone) mixed with almond oil to whitening my body for 2 month ?

Can I use benzoyl benzoate for scabies during my 13 week in pregnancy.Is it safe..

Can I use boric acid in gelatin while on my period?

Can I use contractubex instead of Mederma or any other product bec. I think Mederma is not available in my country... ?

Can I use external products that contain some type of alcohol while taking metronidazole?

Can I use makeup and moisturizing creams which I get at stores while pregnant? I'm confused about the contradictions over internet.

Can I use moisturizer w/rice extract during pregnant?

Can I use products with arbutin or bearberry extracts while pregnant?

Can I use revitol n illuminatural 6i topically on face while nursing?

Can I use rooibos tea topically for skin and hair even though it has estrogen-like effects. Could topical use cause me to have estrogen dominance?

Can I use skincare contains retinol? I am planning to get pregnant

Can I use tumeric powder to remove pimples?

Can i use turmeric to avoid tanning??I heard that curd+honey+turmeric mixture avoids tan. is that true??

Can Kojic Acid really whitens the skin?or it's just but a hype?& if it really does,is it safe for long term use or can harm ur skin from the sun?

Can menthol topically be used during pregnancy?

Can pregnant use AQ hair loss topical solution:Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media,Lonicera Caprifolium-Lonicera Japonica (HoneysuckleFlower Extract)?

Can pregnant women use witchhazel? My skin has been terrible and I've heard it's good to use as a toner.

Can the constant use of products with parabens and pthalates in them cause pre term labour? Is the use of these really bad or is the hype exaggerated?

Can use of antihistamine be permanently is toxic to body or it's safe?

Can using a lotion with hemp seed oil that would absorb into my skin interact with medications such as Propecia (finasteride)?

Can using a silicone based scar cream on skin while pregnant be harmful to baby?

Can we use Ayurvedic preparation drashasava during pregnancy to subside morning sickness?

Can yogurt safe to use on diabetic skin wounds?

Can you explain if it's safe to use bio oil on the penis?

Can you use compound W on ringworm?

Celtrixa, made by hydroxatone, is a lotion made to help reduce stretch marks. Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?

Could the use of polysorbate 80 in a lotion for hair loss cause cancer or other health hazards(if this lotion is used 2 ml every day for many years)?

Currently using clindamyacin 1% topical for acne, how long can I use it for without risking mrsa? And is it safe in pregnancy?

Dark spot corrector active ingredient is hydroquinone %2 safe to use while 6 months pregnant?

Dark spot corrector from poactive, safe to use while 6 months pregnant? Ingredients: octyldodecanol, cyclopentasiloxane, hexylene glycol, glycolic acid..

Dear sir,Can I use ponds age miracle night cream during pregnancy?

Denture cream and hepatitis c, is it safe to use?

Dermatologist - . I have dark lines under my eyes. Whats a good product to use. Also safe for breastfeeding.

Did they use arsenic for vds in the old days? Why?

Doctor advice on using amla?

Does glutathione injections for skin whitening is effective and safe to use ? I went to dermatologist and she advised me to take these injections for skin whitening Does it really safe and effective to use ?

Does kamasutra balm prolong gel affect having baby?

Does the human body absorb petroleum jelly through the skin? Is it unsafe to use petroleum based products, are there health risks?

Does the use of bloodroot or a product that contains bloodroot like dermatend successfully, safely and permanently remove moles?

Does using face wash which contains benzoyl peroxide harmful during pregnancy?does it cause miscarriage?

Does using Vicks inhaler that contains camphor stunt the growth of penis ?

Does water based gel (without alcohol) harm hair? side effects? Is pomade safer?? which is better to use?

Fenugreek is an ingredient inside my hair oil will it still be okay for me to use it while on an oral birthcontrol and will it seep in my bloodstream?

For keeping my penis strong can I use shilajeet(asparagus somnifera)?

Four weeks pregnant. Used tea tree oil toothpaste four times. Found out it is very unsafe, can this cause birth defects?

Glutathione skin whitening pills are safe?

Had jane iredale makeup applied today (contains dimethicone) at store. Cloud of powder. Could have inhaled some. 38 weeks pregnant. Harmful?

Heliocare products sunblok capsule (oral), is it have side effect if consume to replace sunblok cream?

Hello, i recently got a lotion that has kojic dipalmitate in it. is it safe to use it?

Hello. i have an aloe vera plant at home. can i use its extract on my face during my pregnancy? im 4 weeks pregnant now

Hi Can men's use yugurt and turmeric paste mask for acne..?

Hi doc, I just want to ask if it is safe to use as a treatment (salicylic acid) in treating ringworm on the top of nipple, im in breastfeeding my baby?

Hi doctor, any recommended lotion for body during pregnancy?Is it safe to use body butter for whole body?

Hi doctor! I'm 19 years old. If any side effects,using Thai rose cream. & what is the benefit of the product?

Hi i just purchased a bottle of medline pvp scrub solution and was wondering if it was safe to douche with this product?

Hi im 2 months pregnant is it safe to use eskinol products facial cleanser tnx?

Hi, can I use kz lotion mixed with any other shampoo? Thanks.

Hi, I am presently 1 month pregnant, would it be safe to use fair&lovely fairness cream on daily basis?

Hi, i feel really embarassed to ask those questions but i need your advices please, im still breastfeeding my 18 months old is it safe to use these products:isosensuals tight gel and curve and enhance.

Hi, i would like to know if it is safe to use vagina tightening cream(natural ingredients:manjakini, witch hazel extract, aleo vera)during breastfeeing?

Hi, I'm breastfeeding and using a lotion 'maxi white S1' and it contains hydroquinone, second ingredient listed on it. Is it safe please?

Hi, pure yellow Shea butter during all trimesters of pregnancy,is it safe to use onto skin or hair? They said it contain vitamin A,thank you..

Hi. Im 19m pregnant. Im currently using the facial cleanser beand SK II. I want to know if that brand is safe to use during pregnancy? Any rec? TY

Hi.Using jamican black castor oil topically onto my hair during it safe??thank you

How can I use neem leaves to take bath ? What's the process?

How can you tell whether a skincare product has got radioactive contaminant? If one feel alright after using, does it mean product is safe?

How could you use turmeric power for pimples?

How do I use raspberry ultra drops?

How high a % of glicolic acid cream is safe to use just at home?

How important can microbicide use be in india?