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1yr old boy vitamin d levels r 32, he pass stool after every meal, can vit d deficiency causes this?He also use to take every thing inside his mouth

2 weeks ago I took 2 vitamins C 500mg and 2 vitamin B12 1000mcg. Now I'm getting Armpit pain, headaches, numb feet. R these due to that?

20 y.o Lately wrist bones make cracking sounds all the time.Eats lot's of things high in calcium. What can she do? will collagen suplements help?

22 years old male, with full body muscle twitches, emg normal, mri normal, just low levels of vitamin d and b12, i'm taking,but still with the twitch?

25 hydroxy-vitamin d is 11 ng/ml. Already have chronic joint pain, doctor wants to start Lipitor (atorvastatin) but no vit d supp. Should i get second opinion?

25, yes I have arousal, but sensation during sex is lowered, I have been diagnosed with PN and low vit B, what could this be, it's not in my mind..

41 yo man w/familial Achase Def. Achase Inh meds make no sense as Tx or DO THEY? Could EXCESS Ach in system paradoxically improve Sx of Ach excess?

56 year-old woman notices radicular pain after taking vitamin B6 supplement for three years.....?

80 yo diabetic uncle had a cervical laminectomy 3mos ago due to extreme numbness, gets v. frequent nausea now, altho he's only on vitamin tablets??

800 mg daily magnesium has dramatically reduced the # heart palps and skin crawling/flushing. Safe to assume my symptoms were from mag deficiency?

A rheumatologist told my mom that she has polyarthritis. Why would she also tell her to stop taking vitamin e?

After delivery I had foot pain in night,doc recmd. calcium and vitamin d tab so it was OK.again i am having foot pain so I need to continue calcium ?

After taking surbex z one tablet last night I am feeling tired , muscles stress and consciousness. I am also patient of high b.P. (2 -3 in week)?

After taking vitamin d3 for months, I seem to feel better. Have stenosis and neuropathy but am doing well. Can that vitamin do so much? Or is it me

Anemic, vitamin d deficient and chest pain and oab. Are these related?

Any herbs or supplements such as nitric oxide to help with daily tension headaches, facial pain, and pins n needles?used to take 600x3mg of ibuprofen

Are the supplements adren-all, reacted multi-min, pregnenalone, phosphatidylserine bad for liver? I got put on these for adrenal stress, have ab pain

Are there any nutrients or supplements that will help occasional bouts of afib?

Are there any side effects of vitamin C megadoses to fight flu symptoms?

Are there vitamins that can help build dopamine back up?

As per my doc, h pylori causes formation of undigested food which causes demyelination of nerves & vitamin deficiency & numbness n tingling. Pls advc?

At bed time I get goosebumps everywhere and am very cold. Dr checked thyroid ,b vitamins normal. History pots and ehlers danlos. What else can cause?

B/f is on disability for back injury. Sometimes hes in SEVERE pain but refuses to take meds. Is there any natural supplements/vitamins that would help?

Bad headache, facial bone/teeth pain, very tired/weak. Wbc down from 675 to 446. Vit d deficient. Currently have shingles (yuck). Been 3 yrs, any idea?

Been sick four years .collapsed twenty times. Staph infection, loss of hair , low cortisol .vitamin B12 deficiency , food allergies .feel cold, very ?

Been taking 1000 iu vitamin D every day for 1 month for low level of D. Feel better, however, it is causing alot of constipation. What can I do?

Been taking Vit B Complex, does overdosing to this vit related to my numbness, tingling and itchiness that comes and go? Is it possible?

Been taking vitamin b complex (125 ) for about 3 months now notice tingling , numbness @ fingers. Is there something a can take to get rid of B6 fast?

Blurred/unreal vision. Feels bit off balance at times. Very active at job. Vit d was @5. Anxiety meds & vit d suppl didn't help. Whats else is wrong ?

Burning sensation in legs,then numbness.Calcium,iron,vit d,b12,thyroid,lead,arsenic,hemoglobin,ferritin,c protein,ldl,hdl,nerve ncv normal. Reason?

Calcium slightly elavated secondary hyperparathyroid/vitD deficiency months ago puton vitD50000iu.1-3 months tried to make followup doctor N/A. Tired?

Calcium(ca) 10, pth 37, vitamin d 17.Okay to supplement with d?I keep making the trousseau hand thing but my fingers aren't stuck.Why?My ca is normal

Can 100mg of vit B1,2,3,5,6. 5mcg-b12, 16mg-choline, 300mcg-folic supp daily cause the constant headache & on/off nausea & exhaustion im getting?

Can 5htp or GABA supplements cause unexplained brushing on my legs?

Can a calcium deficiency also cause joint pain?

Can a low vit d cause eczema to become worse?

Can a Vitamin D deficiency cause muscle weakness, shakiness and exercise intolerance? I have low vitamin D,I'm being treated, on week 2, feel awful

Can b 12 injections cause stomach or intestinal issues in rare cases like vitamin d injections? If so what kind of issues can it cause?

Can Beaus lines be caused by any of the following? Thanks Stress/anxiety Omeprazole Hashimotos Levothyroxine Multivitamins

Can eating too much of vitamin B12 increase burning pain with a neuropathic disease?

Can gummy multivitamins cause tingling and prickliness in the extremities? I can't pinpoint if it's the gluten or the vitamins.

Can having a deficiency in vitamen D cause anxiety? I have a 21 and heard this can happen. What things can you do to raise your levels?

Can I take 400mg of vitamin E for Restless leg cramps in my legs? I have GERD will taking it increase acidity ?

Can iron supplement cause swollen ankles?

Can low vitamin d cause bad muscle cramping? Or could it be from the large doses I have to take? 5, 000 ui

Can memory problems do resolved by calcium+magnesium+zinc vitamins?Thank you.

Can protonix (pantoprazole) cause magnesium deficiencies or nerve problems?

Can severe folate (folic acid) deficiency make me feel weird like "i'm dying" everyday?

Can severe low vit d can lead to weak bone and pain on activity and after getiing vit d normal how much time i need to take calcium?

Can sle cause low vitamin d levels? I stay away from sun as much as possible, makes me physically ill (headaches & nausea) so i take 3, 000 i.U. Daily

Can sucking on vitamin C tablets help uper respiratory problems?

Can tiredness, leg pain, and irritability be symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency?

Can vit d supplementation for chronic deficiency that's caused 2ndry hyperparathyroidism end up shrinking one side of thyroid aprox 7mm in 10 months?

Can vitamin C intake really help to reduce the likelihood of getting the flu or a cold?

Can vitamin d deficiency cause arm and chest pain?

Can vitamin D deficiency cause back pain?

Can vitamin d deficincy cause lightheadness ? I did full check up & MRI brain all fine, only I have severe vitamin d deficincy !

Can vitamin d defiencey cause aches and pains?

Can vitamin D or other nutrient deficiencies cause tender calf muscles or tendency for cramps during the night?

Can vitamin D3 causing me pain?

Can you still get synptoms if you are low in magnesium but not deficient?

Can you tell me if Soto's Syndrome is due to taking in lots of calcium while pregnant?

Chronic tension an spasms in upper back an vertigo . can a vit. d an magnesium deficiency cause this ?

Constant fatigue, headache and muscle soreness. Is it iron deficiency? If so, can I take iron supplement on top of daily multi vitamin? For how long?

Could tiredness, pain in the legs, irritability be symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency?

Could a riboflavin deficiency be causing my lips to excessively peel like a snake every few days? I take a multivitamin with B2 in it already..

Could I be getting nosebleeds due to certain supplements?

Could prenatal vitamins be causing nausea?

Could taking prenatal vitamins with citalopram cause nausea?

Could the mineral phosphorus cure numbness in the right side of face due to stress?

Diagnosed w muscle pain spasmsnerve pain.What dosage of calcium and magnesium can I take daily to try to helpdo i need potassium too.

Dizziness,depression,shoulder pain on the left side ,loss of balance since 1 year.could this be due to vitamin B12 deficiency ?

Do i need to worry about magnesium supplements (toxicity) with being symptomatic sub-clinical hypothyroid? Have been on mg for 1yr. For stress & sleep

Do I really need to take vitamin D if my level is 29, and if so, then how much? It is barely low. I have muscle twitching and tingling, too.

Does ankle clonus in children related woth vitamins deficiency? If yes, which vitamin can cause ankle clonus?

Does excess vitamin b-12 cause dizziness?

Does low iron anemia contribute to constipation and cause dry mouth? Once fixed by surgery, will more saliva and deficating occur? 23year old female

Does magnesium 5 htp stop ticks in head?

Does vit b help prevent seisures. I take it now and seems to help. The exercise may help also trsining for ironman?

Does vitamin D deficiency make chronic pain in rip cage ? Chostochondral ? My level was 13 ng

Dr conf severe vitamin D def today and thinks may cause RLS like symptoms in day. Prescribed highest dosage of Vit D and advised symptoms should go in 3 months. Does Vit D deficiency=rls like pain?

Feeling with less energy / tiredness & muscle pain throughout the body . Been on Vit B12 / D which is deficient , taking a month but not helping it ?

Flushed. Is this related to the b-complex vitamins or perhaps something else?

For what reasons might a multi vitamin cause leg cramps?

Gastric sleeve patient whose vitamin b-12 deficient & is now having trouble w/ neurological issues, had a seizure & lately seems unable to even walk.

Grandma is 88 years old. Stick thin. At night she has pain in her legs, due to which she can't sleep. Reason? She takes calcium, vit D, Folic acid.

Had a methotrexate injection yesterday after finding out there is still tissue left after a d&c was told not to take or eat food high in folic acid why is this?

Had B12 deficiency.taking monthly injection.but still feel fatigue.esp thighs and lower back burns.heamoglobin is 14.fatigue with even slight exercise?

Had laparascopic appendectomy 19 days ago. I'm always feeling tired and my muscles hurt. I know I'm lacking vitamins. Can I take iron and vitamin D?

Had vit d deficiency when I got it tested 2 mths back. It is normal now but I still have bone pain that shifts all over the body. what to do?

Hair fall happening.Feeling pins & needles sensation in legs.What is the reason?Thyroid normal. I am taking Vit b12 injections and vit d tablets.

Hair loss is extreme and just started the past few months. Was taking gilenya (fingolimod) for a year for ms. I am low in my vitamin d. Could this be serious?

Hair loss past 4 months. Have fibromyalgia but told not cause. Other blood tests ok. At this point, can taking a multi vitamin help?

Has anyone else had serious restless leg problems while taking a supplement with black cohosh in it?

Has vitamin b complex helped with bad breath?

Have been taking vitamin C supplements (500mg) for a week now and started getting knee pain. Can vit c cause knee pain?

Have sore fingernails. They all just started aching. I am breastfeeding a hungry 11 day old. Could they be sore because of an iron deficiency?

Having sx's on B6 toxicity(neuropathy, tingling, shocking feeling) not taking any b vitamins. Level is 134, no other cause for sx's found, what is this?

Hello, I suffer a lot from cramps, usually at night, in my legs. Which type of Magnesium would you recommend? Thank you!

Hello, I'm taking vitamin b2 at 400mg a day for migraines. Could that be causing my recent constipation? I am also taking 400mg of Magnesium.