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I've been coughing at night. Which is better vaporIzer or humIdIfer?

12 week pregnant. Is it safe to use Vicks vapor rub under my nose?

3 month old with croup. How close can I safely place our cool mist humidifier? I feel like when the mist is directly over him, he breathes better but

Are Humidifiers, or vaporizers better than one or thee other? Just wondering!

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Are there any good benefits from being in the steam room?

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As long as I use a vaporizer I can use an indoor propane heater?

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Can Eucalyptus oil be put in a Vicks vaporizer to help with sinus issues?

Can i give a 15 month old anything to help her cough and congestion. Use Vicks baby rub and a humidifier but cough keeps her up at night.

Can i put eucalyptus oil in my 7 month old baby's cool mist humidifier?

Can i put oil of oregano in the cool humidfier in my 1 yo room?

Can i put Vicks in my son's humidifier?

Can i put Vicks vapor rub under my nose to relieve congestion. Is it bad?

Can i rub vapor rub on my feet while pregnant?

Can i turn my humidifier up as high as i want at night? Is too much humidity in the room harmful at all?

Can I use a cool air humidifier for my 3 month old daughters cold?

Can i use a fan and humidifier at the same time?

Can I use the vapor steam liquid medication inside the warm steam vaporizer to clear my 5 month old chest congestion? Or should I use plain water.

Can i use Vicks vapo pads and liquid inhalant in the humidifier for my 1 month old?

Can I use Vicks vapor rub for chapped lips?

Can I use Vicks vapor rub on any humidifier?

Can I use Vicks vapor rub when im 35 weeks pregnant and where shall i put it?

Can I use Vicks vapour rub while pregnant?

Can it help to run a vaporizer w/ vaporizer med when you sleep if you have copd?

Can my 3 month old get any cough medicines?? Or can I use the vapor rub on her? Is that safe ??

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Can steam rooms cause congestion?

Can vapor rub on your feet help chest congestion?

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Can Vicks vapor be used in vaginal area ?

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Can Vicks vapor rub help with stretch marks?

Can you give a child medicine then put vapor rub on them is that safe?

Can you put Vicks on baby's chest?

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Can you tell me is it ok to use my humidifier if it has mold?

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Can you use a Vicks humidifier on a 3 month old?

Can you use a Vicks vapo inhaler in the mouth for lung decongestant as well as a sore throat reliever?

Can you use Vicks humidifier without a filter?

Can you use Vicks vapor rub while pregnant?

Can you use Vicks vapour rub on your chest when you are pregnant?

Cool mist humidifier or vaporizer is good for babies? Is cool mist ok for winter?

Cool mist humidifier or vaporizer? Which is better for a 4 month old with a cough/allergies?

Cool mist humidifiers for nosebleeds?

Coughing remedies for a 2.5 yr old?? Tried V- vapor rub on feet too.. Vaporizer ... Steam bath for 30 min.. Honey... Elevation.. Suction/saline

Do humidifiers really actually work?

Do I need to buy warm mist humidifier ? I got a cool mist Vicks humidifier will it treat post nasal drip , dry cough on winter and fall?

Do warm mist humidifiers help with dry skin and allergies?

Does menthol evaporate?

Does putting Vicks vaporub on the soles of your feet really help with congestion?

Does Vicks vaporub help if you put it on psoriasis or eczema?

Eye contact with Vicks vapo rub of my 18 month old. Should i be worried?

For nasal congeation where should u pit vapor rub at?

Hello docs. I was wondering can Vicks vaborizor hurt my 2 year old?

Hello I'm 27 weeks pregnant & I have a bad cough...can I rub Vicks vapor rub under my feet at night? And under my nose also?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad to put Vicks vapor rub on my one month old baby?

His dr said to use a humidifier just want to make sure. Is it safe to use Vicks humidifier with 1 month old?

How can I solve cough for my 3 years old baby girl?Can I use vapo pads that comes with humidifier?How long the distance should be?Can I use in room?

How can you wash off Vicks vapor rub off your eyelids?

How close is too close for a cool mist vaporizer?

How long may i apply Vicks vapor rub beneath my nose as a decongestant?

How many feet should u put a cool mist humidifier from a baby for maximum benefit? Thank you

How much eucyluptus oil do you put in a humidifier?

How should I clean my vaporizer?

How should I put vick's vapor rub on my nails?

How to operate a Vicks vaporizer?

How to use Vicks vaporub but don't know if I should wrap the toe after applying or let it breathe?

I accidentally rub Vicks vapor rub on the outside of my vagina, what do I do?

I am 30 weeks pregnant. I bought a Vicks humidifier. Is it safe for my unborn baby that I use a Vicks scent pad inside the humidifier?

I have a 6 month old baby and I think he is getting a head cold. Can I put some Vicks in a vaporizer?

I have a vaporizer I need help cleaning it?

I have a Vicks cool mist humidifier for kids and i need a filter.Where would i b able to find one?

I have asthma can I use Vicks vaporub for inhalations?

I have brown particles in my vaporizer/humidifier?

I just need ta ask, or know, or find out about vaporizers, or humidifiers.

I put Vicks liquid vapor in my 9 month old humidifier now sometimes she has a cough that makes her gasp for air. Or could it be my moms smoking ?

I sleep with a bedside cool mist humidifier and use saline spray but my nares still stay so dry. What can i try now?

I used Vicks baby vapor rub on my 2 month old chest, then realized the box said 3 months! Will he be okay? I used a very little.

I was wondering if it's ok to put Vaporub in my steamer if I run out of the liquid one for my 3yr old child? Is it safe

I was wondering what are the best herbal vaporizers?

I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow. I have a very bad cold,was wondering is it safe to use vapor rub? Also, Vicks WarmSteam vaporizer with vapoPads or vaporSte

I've a 3 month old w/ really bad allergies/ congestion. I'm using humidifier, Vicks baby rub, elevated crib mattress what else can I do?

If i melt some Vicks vapor rub and put it inside my daughter's coll mist humidifier will it work effectively?

If i put Vicks vapor rub in my nose, what could happen?

If vapor rub on you chest doesn't clear you stuffy nose, can you use Vicks inhaler or nosedrops?

If vapor rub on you chest doesn't clear you stuffy nose, is it safe to use Vicks inhaler as well?

Im 16 weeks pregnant, is it safe to use vics vapor rub and put it on my feet, chest and back ?

Is a cool mist humidifier better for croup than a warm mist humidifier?

Is a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier recommended for children and why?

Is a cool most humidifier better for dry coughs and congestion or a warm mist humidifier better?

Is a vaporizer with Vicks inhalant safe for a 3 month old that weighs 13 lbs 10 oz?

Is applying vaporub or Vicks inside the nose unsafe even if it helps you breathe better for who has asthma?

Is arbor mist ok for a diabetics?

Is it bad if i rub Vicks on my vagina?