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A question about pamelor: it is being used for migraines, but can it also affect depression?

Advice on add medication? Which type is best?

Along with therapy and an ssri is klonopin (clonazepam) often used in the treatment of PTSD?

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Are there medications used to treat Lewy body dementia?

Besides Abilify (aripiprazole) and seroquil, what other meds are used in conjunction with anti-depressants to treat mdd?

Can adderol be used to treat depression?

Can benzodiazepine treat hallucinations?

Can clonazepam be used to treat insomnia due to ADHD stimulant medications?

Can clozaril (clozapine) be used to treat severe insmnia?

Can fanapt (iloperidone) be used to treat severe insomnia?

Can gabapentin (neurontin) effectively be used to treat anxiety?(gad) i've tried all the ssri's etc. But the se's are to extreme. Also, is it safe?

Can I use biperiden to treat schizophrenia?

Can I use injectable, long-lasting anti-psychotic medication be used to treat my anxiety?

Can injectable, long-lasting anti-psychotic medications be used to treat anxiety?

Can invega (paliperidone) be used to treat severe insmnia?

Can lesser known antidepressants (not those widely advertised) be prescribed?

Can lithium always be used to treat bipolar disorder?

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Can Rexulti be used off-label in combination with SSRIs to help treat bipolar II disorder?

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Can saint john's wort be helpful when used for treatment of schizoaffective disorder?

Can sertraline be used as a long term treatment for social anxiety disorder?

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Can trifluoperazine treat bipolarity?

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Can u use prescription biperiden to treat schizophrenia?

Can venlafaxine and clonidine be used simultaneously ? Is there any problem with this combination?

Can vistaril (hydroxyzine) be used to treat OCD symptoms, particularly the obsessive portion? If so, to what extent?

Can Xanax be used for long term treatment of general anxiety/ panic disorder . ?

Can you please discuss Depakote used for?

Can you tell me about drugs used to treat schizophrenia?

Can you tell me if i'm neither schizophrenic or bipolar. Are there any other off-label indications for this drug?

Can you tell me is chemotherapy ever used in psychaiatry?

Can you tell me some up to date names of some types of anti-psychotic medications?

Can zuclopenthixol be used in the us for treating schizophrenia?

Citalopram is usually used to treat depression but I have been given it to treat ibs. Does this really work?

Could a brain pacemaker be used to treat autism disorders?

Could it happen such that a carbamazepin be used along with an anti depressant to help treat depression?

Could my doctor treat my anxiety rather than my psychosis if i asked?

Could you please describe what treatments are used to help people with schizophrenia?

Could you tell me what form of narcotics can be used in the treatment of schizophrenia?

Do all types of schizophrenia have to be treated with medication?

Do anti-psychotics be taken continuously. Are they used for more than just calming down a patient at the psych-ward?

Do the antipsychotics used to treat bipolar also help the hallucinations?

Do you guys have experience in giving out alternative medicine for treatment resistant depression such as modvigil or memantine or something else?

Do you use medication to treat ptsd in children?

Doctors give quinapril to treat which type of disorders?

Does anyone know of medications that are used for treating phobias?

Generally speaking, if haloperidol is inefficacious in alleviating the symptoms of delirium, is it appropriate to use hydromorphone for this purpose?

Generally speaking, is it appropriate to use hydromorphone to treat the symptoms of delirium if haloperidol is not very effective?

Has any one used vraylar with success...and your thoughts on this new medicine.

Has anyone investigated the use of mitotane to treat GAD or other anxiety disorders?

Has anyone used hormone therapy patch for depression?

Help can citalopram be used as treatment towards agitation in Alzheimer's disease?

Help please! is Abilify (aripiprazole) used for treatment for alcoholism?

Help please! what drugs are used to treat major depression and how do they work?

Hi doctor could you tell me Abilify (aripiprazole) medicine with 15mg can use or can't use for the patient of Parkinson's disease?

How are mantras used for depression?

How can I remedy my depression after 4 years that used drugs. Thanks.

How can I use differential differences and dsm-iv-tr together to diagnosis mood disorder/ drug abuse?

How did doctors used to diagnose mental illness? Is it the same process we use now?

How do doctors treat patients with labile emotions?

How effective are antipsychotic medications in treating mild dementia?

How effective is Midazolam for treating epilepsy?

How is loxapine different from the other schizophremia drugs?

How is meds used in the treatment of anorexia?

How is meds used in the treatment of depression?

How is meds used in the treatment of sleep disorders?

How is somatotherapy used to treat mental disorders?

How long does it take on avg to treat dysthymia with anti depressant medication? What are the causes of dysthymia?

How long would medication have to be used for someone who has mood disorder?

How normal would it be for someone with schizophrenia to be failing 6 out of 7 classes?

How often is lithium used today, to treat bipolar 1? Is it more effective in stabilization than depakote or others that are similar?

How often is wellbutrin (bupropion) used for treating body dysmorphic disorder, has it been shown to be effective?

How would you treat a patient with fibromyagia who is either allergic to all meds used to treat it or has suicidal ideation's with tricyclic ad's?

I am currently on 10 different medications for severe major depressive disorder. I have tried several different antidepressants. Would ECT work for me?

I am currently taking medicine for my bi polar, scitzo phrenic disorders. How many times does it take for me to become used to the medicine.

I have been in depression almost a year. Can medicines help cure depression? If yes, what types?

I have bipolar i classified as treatment resistant, i want to know if ect is a good choice. Been on over 70 different meds, that didn't work. Plz help?

I know there is controversy regarding use of ssri/snri in bipolar 2 but if OCD is highly prevalent how can the use of one be avoided.Cbt is also used?

I need to find a new effective medication used to treat ADHD in adults?

I was prescribed seligiline. I have major depression, tbi and multiple sclerosis, is this drug commonly prescribed for any of the above illnesses?

If diagnosed with bipolar disorder would i have to take medication? Are there any natural alternatives? How about counseling by itself?

If one uses gabapentin for chronic anxiety/ and or depression , how long will they need to use it to treat it fully, can this drug be used longterm ?

Is bisoprolol usually used for anxiety?

Is carbamazepine used to treat tourette syndrome ? And why ?!

Is gabapentin 300mg normally prescribed for prurigo nodularis? Is it ok to combine with topiramate used for depression/anxiety disorder?