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What is a good electrolite to replinish electrolites for adults thats safe to take?

What is diffeence between Forxiga and Metformin. How this two works and what is an advantage one over the other. which you recomend? thx

What is memo plus?

What is noni juice used for? Does it help joints? Don't wanna take drugs for anything, makes my health worse.

What is the anti-dose of taking too many cetrizyne hydrochlride? my friend has tried to commit suicide. what should I do to keep her safe from danger?

What is the difference between tribulus and testofen? Whats the pros and cons of using them?

What is the equivalent to 20mls of methadone (1mg/1ml) - in zomorph mr capules ? , i would like to hear from dr jacobson if possible, thankyou, debs

What is the karvonen formula for thr if I am using metopolol?

What is the medical analysis should i do while taking isotrienion?

What is your opinion on products such as the vega preworkout energizer? Placebo or otherwise?

What med orudis retard or celebra vhen daily using have arthrit. In sweden. Artros?

What the best technic when using nasonex (mometasone)? Please dont let Ronald Krauser answer this. Hes a jerk.

What to do if a friend of mine told me about this drug, which is like Prozac (fluoxetine) but more powerful. It's called fsrs, has anyone heard of it?

What to do if I have a cold and I'm wondering if I can take coldrex (glaxo smith k product, I live in europe) with escitalopram?

What to do if i looked on website about kratom is a herb painkiller. Don't know anything about it. Is it safe?

What to do if I'm 57 and I decided to try viagra (sildenafil) and I tookk25 mg first but it didn't worki tried with 50 mg and the same. why?

What to do if my father is 41year old they takes drugs like kokean?

What to do if over masturbation issue, doctor asked to take tazzle 10mg?

What would the effects/danger be if i took 25 rexall sleepaid that are 25mg (diphenhydramine) that was bought from a local dollar general?

What's the difference between aerius and griseofulvina? It's the same thing, same formula? Thanks

Whats pharmacologist vs pharmacist?

Whats the best over-the-counter drug thats the same as the phen fen diet drug since they took that one off the market?

Whats the best safe way to fake a suicide ?

When to take himalaya liv 52 before or after meal?

Where is a good doctor who takes wellcare and is near coffee county ga. And can help me with my headache?

Which complementary tablets are better? Wellman or GNC Megamen? I'm a 27yr boy. Should I need to visit a doctor before using these tablets?

Which is better- hair 4 u, mintop forte, chymotra (all 5%)? I'd used all earlier. presently using chymotra but no results nowadays. Pls answer me.

Which supp. is best 4 anxiety: Anxiclear, Tranquilene, Serelax, Seredyn, or Advanced Sleep Formula by Advanced Bionutritionals? Thanks very much!

While searching for adjusting warfarin dose for my 62yo mom http://www.Warfarindosing.Org/ says genotyping 7 loci. Given the cost, recommended still?

Why does it seem that most doctors have been brain washed to believe synthyroid is superior over ndt.? I was on syn for 25yrs, ask to switch, i loveit

Why is amoxicillin classed as pregnancy category (a) in australia and category (b) in america? Is amoxicillin made with different ingredients in au?

Will synaptol help manage ADHD and is it safe to use Aaiden was a premie and has problem with his wight?

With all of the recent buzz about garcinea cambogia extract, would it be considered safe to give to a 14 year old? She is 5'9", 160 lbs.

Wondering if it'd be safe to take a 500ml can of something like rockstar energy (170mg caffeine on average)?

Wotz d opinion about using creatine? M 23yrs old

Would it be possible to ask doctor to prescribe Chloroquine/Amodiaquine for off-label use? Harvard recently found them extremely effective for PD.

Would it be safe to take phentermine, topamax, (topiramate) and thermoplus together? I just got a personal trainer and she is totally against me taking phent & top

Would u recommend taking apetamin when being a house wife and looking after a 6 month old and 3year old?

Would zanaflex (tizanidine) be harmfull taking pregnant at 6 1/2 months along?

Years ago a dr advised me to take pycogenol for my fibromyalgia. Can anyone weigh in on this , suggest dosage, or recommend any others. Coq10 helps.?

Your opinion of asperin vs bufferin?

Zygomene forte prescribed for my mom as enzyme tablets from my understanding ...My question is ...Are they for life?