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Is move free gives the same action as dorofen.thanks?

Is Papaverine (pavacot, papacon) no longer available in the U.S?I read some amazing studies from NLM about it's efficacy in aiding cerebral blood flo

Is phen375 a safe pill for a 15 year old girl to take that is 5 10" and weighs 155. Could it kill her or mess up her heart?

Is a safe and reputable source for acquiring birth control? What if I've been on a specific formula for a while and just need refills?

Is safe to alternate a nootropic like OptiMind in for Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) on days that I don't have as much to get done or could it be dangerous to my health?

Is safe to take garcinia and Caralluma while breastfeeding 2-3 times p/day? I have read on that garcinia is not a that OK?

Is Surbex Z Suitable For Sex Power?

Is taking ciales for normal people ok?

Is taking medical cannabis (as oil) on top of anti-depressants, contraindicated? Can they interact badly or is there no relation? Thanks

Is taking testoesrone boosters bad for liver or any health issues and is taking gnu strength vitapak ok ?

Is the hCG diet healthy? A naturopath suggested it to me, but i'm skeptical. I have been hearing a lot about this lately and i've heard from some medical professionals that it's totally safe with no side effects. I want to have a baby soon but want to los

Is the pill stamped ONAX 2 white bar, xanax (alprazolam)? Is it safe or fake? Are Pakistani meds stronger and are they regulated?

Is the plasma half-life of an analgesic, just another way of saying the half-life?

Is the russian medicine noopept (considered a dietary supplement in the usa) safe to take long term for improved memory? How does it work?

Is there a conflict/negative effect between Ginkgo Biloba 120mg and my multivitamin (Alive Once Daily Ultra Potency Men's)??

Is there a safe way for clozapine de addiction slowly, and to use roadback.Org researched supplements sleep supplements ambesleep somabien?

Is there a secret behind taking sibelium for 5 days?

Is there a supplement for anxiety+boredom i could take daily with few side effects? I want to stay positive+worry free. St john wort's gave skin rash.

Is there any health concern with long term use of msm? I take 1/2 tsp daily. Thanks.

Is there any herb better than saw pal meta for treating frequent urinating. Joe montana advertises some new herb thats 100 times powerful?

Is there any herbs/supplements can help lvc vasculitis? Where can I buy? F 56 yo having lvc vasculitis many years prefer natural med. Than drugs thx.

Is there any risks when taking ayahuasca? Its solution form of the psychadelic dmt, and it will be my first time using it, please and thank you

Is ultra garcinia good for anyone, and should I contact my doctor before taking it?

Its almost a year that i started my fitness classes 5 days a week.My coach gave me ginseng&l-glutamine for better performance. Do they really work?

Juicer machine called nutribullet has warning label to contact your doctor before using if taking cholesterol-lowering meds which i am. Any concerns?

Kindly inform me which vitamin and calcium should I give my 75 years old mother which is on crestor and exelon (rivastigmine) medication... Thank you?

Knowledge of any herbal or non-prescriptioned meds that will help my husband wit low t, that isn't costly & info, tfx drive pills we have tried a herbal pill called firminite for the sexual part of it but have just recently learned of a pill called tfx dr

M 33. Can i use testosterone cream 5 mg/gm fr clitoris enlargemnt. Vot r the side effects. Is it safe. Hw long i shud use it?

My 15 year 11 month old daughter has a dance concert in a week ... Energy was told glucodin tablet?

My 27 y/o daughter was formally diagnosed w/add at age 18. Currently taking aderall as needed about every 3d. Can she supplement with htp-5?

My 5 yrs old son has been on medikinet mr 10 mg. Days ago i introduced probiotics w colostrum & medikinet seems to have no effect now. Interactions?

My b/f drinks sometimes when he takes his prescription Valium and claims "it's okay" because he's been doing it for 10 years . Can you tell us the risks please?

My brother used to take mix start insulin and after he traveled europe he need to change it what equivalent insulin can he use there ?

My doctor has asked my cousin to take lipicard 160 mg and rosuvas 10 after dinner 4 d next 3 months. Are these medications safe?

My doctor prescribed betanovate cream on my piles (fistula and freasure); Is this drug safe?

My dr gave me a presciption for Xanax (alprazolam) 0.25mg. Bottle says to take a whole to 1/2 three times a day. I have been taking 1/2. Afraid of whole one.

My dr. Recently put me on minastrin 24. Does the pill have to be chewed. My pharmacist says no, but I am finding conflicting information online.

My father is a cancer patient. He is doing chemo. His doctor recommended ProStat for gaining weight, but I was wondering if he could use GNC 1340?

My father was prescribed 30mg oxycotin. He says the whole thing is too much. Is it safe to cut it in half? I've read it's not safe...

My gf is using this oil from amazon, "nature's pure bosom", it is working but what are common side effects?

My grandson has acc, 15months old. He is currently taking oral carbomazepine twice daily. I am wondering are there any herbal alternatives to this.

My husband, Dean bought himself a penile pump without consulting a Dr. Is this safe? What precautions need to be taken? Had prostatectomy.

My mom is having aids. She is taking zidovex tablets. Are there any affects on her health or to her life?

My mom is having aids. She is taking zidovex tablets. Are there any bad effects on her health or on her life? Pls tel me a.S.A.P

My mrs. Is 25years old, and she has psoriasis seance 8-9 years.Can i make sex every day with her?

My niece who was 2 years old, has cerebral palsy since his birth. His doc prefer us to use l-carnitine with the other meds. What's the effect of that?

My pcp, pharmacist and hematologist say no interaction between sprycel (dasatinib) and newly prescribed flomax. Doc on healthtap says there may be. Confused!

My sister in law who is a chemist says that maybe i can drop the metrogyl400 and continue with ibilex. should i also take phylium husk ?

My son is 13 and has ocd.Would giving him the supplement"seratonin" from a GNC store help him?

My son use to watch lot of vedios on the tablet since he was a year old, now he had language delays, Doc confirmed no other issue. How to stimulate la?

My trainer adviced me to take some steroids such as brombalin and testnon and others and I am not aware! what's your reply? Thanks

My uncle has recently been prescribed THC capsules insead of opiods. its basically synthetic weed. Is this safe for him to take?

Mylan omeorozole and kremers omeprozole..Are they exactly the same and equally effective? If not the same, how do they differ and which one is better?

Need serious answers-any dangerous reactions between Norvasc (amlodipine) 5mg and reacted multimineral, phosphatidylserine, pregnenolone, adren-all? Thank you.

Noticed there is a serious interaction between flomax, which i was just prescribed, and gleevec, but none with sprycel, (dasatinib) which i take for cml. Correct?

On own strtd daily baby aspirin-6mo. for heart health. Study says no help. What is the best way to stop taking?

On vics for tooth pain/benzos/anx. Is it safe to take my testosterone powder today for lifting? Ingredients include;peptide x blepharis perisik k etc.

One of the doctors here is saying that milk thistle can cause hypoglycaemia but i never read about this, i intend to use it as liver tonic.Is it safe?

Opti-Men Multivitamin? I'm a 25 yrs old male who got a busy life and sleeps for 7 hrs daily & I always go to gym is it safe to use Opti-Men Multivimin

Peak Height vitamins wanted 2 see if these where safe 4 my 11yr old son 2 be taking as far as the ingredients. L-arginine 500mg and l-ornithine 250mg?

Pharma, MDs: Can you take BP medicine every other day if you have control. Since 1/2 life of drugs vary, what is unique about every 24 Hrs & why.?

Physical today. Completely healthy w/one exception. Dr. gave prescription for levitra (vardenafil). What is this for?

Please help for a class...What is an integrase inhibitors? For some reason i can find answers for everything but this. Thanks

Please no lectures.. I am an activist for cannabis.. I just want to know if it will cause a bad reaction if I use it whilst on amoxicillin... Thanks ?

Please suggest menu for those who are using drugs 20mg nolvadex-d. Time gap between meals and medication?

Please will you tell me if valerian is safe to take to assist with sleeping? The person taking this is a 64year old female. She has rheumatoid.

Pls, can cipla stop baldness? And where can I get this drug in nigeria? Lagos to be precise. Thank you

Postive and negative effects of quitting caffiene usage? Im an infantryman in the marine corps i workout a lot but i us about 550mg+ a day. Fat gain?

R the new med available for hepc ... Pl read my profile.. Thnks?

Recently, news reported that medications in tablet form technically don't 'expire' on date & can be used yrs later with potency still at 90-95%. True?

Refiiled my prescription for lisinopril hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) 20-12.5 pills look different and say tabwat vs tabwsw at the end.Like my last prescription. Can i take?

Respected doctor how to confirm fatty liver? I stopped ethanol in 1996. At present i take 30ml max. After dinner for 10/15 days in a month. Is it safe

Respected dr. How can I confirm I have mild fatty liver. J stopped ethanol in 1996. Now i take 30ml max.After dinner. Is it safe? Regards

Should someone with LongQT2 (corrected with a defib, no meds) use advocare? More specifically, the 24-day challenge?

Since tincture merthiolate, iodine, or mecreocochrome is not recommended for use anymore, what is a good medication for minor cuts. Thank you, john?

Someone gave me optrimax plum delite but i have acid reflux. is it safe to take?

Son 18 wants to use cellucor C4 extreme workout mix before he works out is this safe for him? Will this show up on a drug test (entering military)?

Sorry i forgot to state it's the green coffee bean i wanted to try with Zoloft (sertraline) is this the same side effects?

Sorry the phone dictionary changed the word. Can I take actifed cold medicine while trying to conceive?

Sorry, I'm on 1000mg metformin and not 100 (typo mistake). Increase it? This is my 3rd box w/100tablets in it. Dr asked to go up to 1500. Too much??

Spiroulina and TTP. Any side-effects that may lead to a relapse? Can I take it? I heard that 3grams per day is the proper dosology. Any one?

Stationed in korea and korean doctors prescribed me d-rol, himetin, orpheryl c, traumeel. They did not speak fluent english. What am i taking?

Taking ganaton 150mg (itopride hydro chloride) one cap per day \u0026 pantocid 40g 2x a day for 6 yrs. safe? there any side effects of this? Thank you

The advantage of ezetrol iver zimmex?

The advantage of ezetrol overr zimmex?

The ethidium bromide tha I use is 10mg/ml . Thats whey im asking about the dose?

The pharmacist gave me 150 mg Sertraline Hexal instead of 150 mg Zoloft (sertraline) (Delivery problems at Pfizer ) Will I notice any difference? Dangerous? Thanks

There is a study for methylphenidate i wanted some extra holiday money is this safe for me to participate?

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Is this a bad thing? I bought otc Ginkgo Biloba yesterday and I read side effects online. Safe?

Thinking of starting brintellix but it's so new. Only approved sept 2013. How do I know it's safe? Are there enough reports on it yet?

Total cholestrol is 248. Cant take statians is there natural remadies to help me im taking niacin?

Ubiquinone isnt as effective for over 30yr olds as Ubiquinol but is Coq10 as effective with no interactions with palvix for old stroke patients, true?

Use Armour Thyroid upon waking. Gland removed. Taking Garcinia Cambogia tablets 2 -3X per day ( for last 3 days). Vivid dreams, better sleep.Safe?

Viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride) is new.Does anyone have a problem prescr. It yet..I believe it failed in 2 trials before passing in a 3rd .Not really a forrest pharm product.

We were wondering if it would be OK for Tyler to take some vitamin D...he is serving in Washington where it is often overcast...some of the missionaries find that vitamin D helps with their mood. We were wondering if it there is anything we need to be aw

What are the best laxatives (strong) that I can purchase in canada? Thx.

What do you suggest if my doctor has asked my cousin to take lipicard 160 mg and rosuvas 10 after dinner 4 d next 3 it safe?

What do you suggest if my uncle has recently been prescribed THC capsules insead of opiods. its basically synthetic weed. is it safe?

What dosage of spiriluna for 2.5 yr. boy & 6.5 yr. girl? Can Children take DXN Spirulina Capsules?

What is a "strong" nsaid rx? I'm 31, 190lb male. My doc said take xxxmg 3x daily, but i can't recall dosage. Thanks!