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I take 5000iu vitamid D3 everyday recommended by therapist. Starting to constantly pee. And i read online i could be gettin toxicity? I'm 18 male

I take 60mg of methadone per day and want to do gnc's complete body cleanse 7-day program. Are any of the ingredients going to interact badly w/ md?

I take Euthyrox 25mg, & I want to switch to pork substitute,but which is the appropriate dosage?It is not sold in my country & i ll order from Germany

I take lamictal 200mg twice daily for seizure Is it safe to take with Chanca Piedra? I found out I have kidney/gallstone and heard it is good

I take xarelto can I also take coq10 without any fear of interaction such as blood becoming too thin?Thanks

I took 4 mg of clonadine can that possibly overdose me im a 25 year old adult i weigh about 150 KOTI?

I took phenotropil (phenylpiracetam) bfore for my add and it worked so well, worked amazingly better than provigil. Is it safe any thoughts ?

I understand that calcium can effect my Dilantin levels, but I love milk products. I was wondering how much I can have safely.

I use +/- one half bromazepam 3 times daily. Can I use GABA before going to bed? Thank you

I used to be on a medication for my adhd. All I remember it being called mythrill (mythriral maybe) yellow. I need to know what it for my profile?

I visited clinic in Vietnam for inflamed testicle. Prescribed Zinnat 1000mg 2x/day. 2000mg/day Zinnat is higher than recommended online. Is it safe?

I wanna ask about a medicament called procorelog.What is it for?

I wanna know about amino 2222 and amino 10000 . If they have any future side effects plzz tell me . ?

I want to by legitimate steriods. I know the risks and i'm willing to take them. How can I get some deca or winni?

I want to know if there is any snake bit first aid drug that can be bought, kept at home and taken as first aid, before taken victim to hospital ?

I want to take oral glutathion for antiaging n fairness plz tell meis their any side effect of it on cycles or othet as am gona marry in 3 months?

I wanted a dr opinion on dgl licorice root. Do you think it's safe? I think I have a ulcer. What test is best to find out if I do? Was on omeprazole

I was informed by my EP That im required to stop taking my propranolol 4 days prior to EP study. How can I safely do this? I take 20mg 3x daily

I was just prescribed 15mg of melixicam for chest inflammation. After reading the reviews from people, I'm terrified about being on it. Is it safe?

I was taking 2 1/2 lortab 10 mg 2-3 times a day for a week how bad will the detox be?

I was told to take 1 g of Carnitine post weightlifting. I have experienced difficulty sleeping lately and wanted to know if Carnitine could cause that?

I was usin herbal leaf extract for 10 years for asthma. Life was good as healthy man.Last 2 years using modern medicines. Worse now.Shud I switch bak?

I wondered if there was something natural i can take to help mequit smoking?

I work in d/a... I had a teen share with me that she thinks her mom is abusing prescription naproxen. Have u heard of this? I have not.

I work out with kettle bells and am thinking of taking nitric oxide to improve my strength gains. Is it safe to do so given my age?

I would like to do a project on what is the effect of grapefruit juice on anti-cholesterol drugs, but i couldnt find any information. Some help pls?

I would like to take deca durabolin for bodybuilding wht th dose should e. i m 69kgsb?

I'd like some advice on whether I should take the tablet - they're called bisoprolol. Are they good or not worth it?

I'd like to know why i can take a whole box (90 pills) of 2mg clonazepam and not feel a single thing, no effects at all. Please do not question my motives or try to lecture me re safety. Legit pills.

I'm 18 year old boy.My height is 1.73m. I want to increase it. Is taking medicine a good choice? What do you recommend? Is it even possible after 18?

I'm 19 years going to gym and my coach recommended me to take animal pak MultiV 1pack/day, it has lots of vitamins I'm wondering whether it's safe? 12 tablets/day much? Any answer would be appreciated

I'm 22yrs f..Suffering from pimple..Is it safe to have herbal tab's that contain parabens?

I'm asking for myself and my husband. Is it safe to take ocean's alive marine phytoplankton & garcinia cambogia together on a daily basis? Thank you!

I'm beginning an MAOI, parnate (tranylcypromine). Wondering if protein bars and powders contain Tyramine? I can't find information about this on-line or on packaging.

I'm looking for a natural alternative to Zoloft (sertraline) - anyone?

I'm looking for weight based dosage of guafenesin (Mucinex (guaifenesin) brand) for children. The product label is 100mg - 200mg for 6 - 12 years old.

I'm on my 4th week of Citalopram 30mg. No real effects as yet. Heard it can take 6-8 weeks to work. Is this true ?

I'm quite depressed and wanna die. Is it safe to take SSRI tablets, they are sold here in Egypt without prescription..

I'm ron and took the advice on the natural BP cure .Im using a cheyenne /honey tea , how long should I dose .

I'm taking 150 mg of welbutrin. Is a cellucor C4 sport safe to take?

I'm taking amino 3000 but I'm not taking a workout also, Cause I work now a days on a hotel as a housekeeper. My Question is? It is safe on me?

I'm trying generic aderrall 30mg help cost. Took name brand for 7yrs. Why does it not work as well if the same active ingredients are there? Thank u.

I'm using BP meds named carlock, is it safe to use goji berry tablets in conjunction with this?

I'm wondering if there any studies available on coleus forskolin. Apparently it increases the inr. Is this an alternate to current options. Ie warfari?

I've been on omeprazole for yrs. Is there another pill I can substitute for it, I've heard it is dangerous to be on indefinitely.

I've been taking diane35 for seven years now... I read on the news that it has been banned on france now. What pills are a good option?

I've been taking Xanax at either 2mg or 4mg daily now for, say, 2 years. It was great at first, but now it works just fair? Why? Other options? Thanks

I've heard decca duroblin is safe if its not abused with excess dosage. Starting from 100 n going to 300 then back in about 8 weeks. Please suggest?

I've read articles claiming multivitamins do more harm than good, Is it safer to instead take children's multivitamins to obtain a lower dosage?

I've read conflicting information. Does the fluorine in Prozac (fluoxetine) break down into fluoride at all and if it does, how and what happens? Thank you.

I've recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and a friend suggested I'd use Plus CBD oil. Is it worth it? Are there any side effects?

I've recently read that Ultra Accel promotes healthier longer lives. Is it safe to take and why isn't the medical profession shouting about it?

I've taken 5000mg of paracetemol on friday. I'm 17, weigh about 58 kg. My overall health isn't really good. Will it harm me and what should I do?

Iam a med stu , plz doctor i need detail about : 1- atropine poisning ,, and the interaction between bethancol and metoprolol drug .

Iam using codeine phosphate for a decade.How can I quit?

Ideas on stopping my 75 y.O. Dad w/ Alzheimer's from ordering infommercial herbal supplements?

Im 17 and preparing for competitive exams. I have asthma and use dulera (formoterol and mometasone). Can I use siberian ginseng with gingko biloma to improve mental alertness?

Im 23 years old my height is 154?if I use Chinese Herb Medicine Tian Qi will I get any benefit n is their any side effect?????

Im 5 ft. Is it safe for me to drive a vespa? I know you all are doctors but please try to answer me.

Im a 16yrs old bodybuilder i want to buy nitric oxide. What is its side effects ? Do u recomended for me? And how much doze should I take to be safe?

Im in a country where abortion is illegal, i'm 27 yo, healthy and 8~ weeks. I can get mtprost from a friend. Should I take 1 or 2 doses?

Im planning for pregnancy. Is it safe to use deriphillin retard 150. Im having sinus problems. And it is little bit difficult to breath sometimes. How many days should i take deriphilline or is there a better safe medicine. Thank u very mch?

Im so short so is it healthy to take growtaller pills made of herbal by health team.Com ? If not can I please know the risks

In OMAN doctor advised me to stop taking paradaxa if I do visco supplement to my knee. In Thailand Dr advised not to stop. Whom to listen?

Is 10mg ampitripline safe for senior over 65?

Is 1x 2000mg fishoil plus 1x40mg fluoxetine daily safe/unsafe??Thanks!

Is 2mg onax bars safe to get high on?

Is alcohol dangerous with Zantac (ranitidine) and pantoloc? What are the interactions? Would spacing the use of these be safe? EX: P in morning, A @ day, Z night

Is alo vera tablet good to reduce sugar and can anyone suggest the best brand avaiable in india .My h1abc test showed 8 and so I am trying to get some?

Is arnica Montana safe? It says online to not take oral. But my surgeon seems to think it's fine. Can it cause heart issues? Already have pvcs.

Is Ashwagandha safe (250mg twice a day of KSM-66 full spectrum) for long-term use to help with anxiety? Thanks!

Is CoQ10 safe for anyone to take, and is it really good for your heart, or is it all just hype?

Is cortisol medicine is safe or not? my friend have to take a medicine that contains cortisol and he is pretty much scared to be fat should he?

Is culterelle probiotic safe for everyone to take even if on perscription drugs for heart condition & history of allergies?

Is fluoxitine okay to use if you're a vegetarian? Any answer appreciated.

Is harmful sideaffects there for the usage floxtine20&40mg for OCD of 10years by me?

Is hydroxycut safe to take now in 2015, I've been researching and I can't find anything relating to harm besides the recall in 2009. ?

Is hylands migraine relief safe for ulcer. Taking prilosec.Http://www.Drugs.Com/drp/hyland-s-migraine-headache-relief-tablets.Html?

Is inositol safe to buy and take if your 18? Will it help me relax and not think about my intrusive thoughts?

Is it bad to give her an aspenter and aspacardine and dipyridamole all in the same time?

Is it OK for me to take pamprin products, for PMS symptoms? I live in UK and would have to buy online, what exactly is acetaminophen is it safe?

Is it ok to have one bottle of corona if youre on Accutane 20mg ? Will it do harm ? Its 4.5 percent alcohol

Is it possible to have used l-carnitine for running?

Is it possible to overdose on L-methylfolate? I'm taking >40mg day, feel wonderful. I understand it's water soluable, so not possible to OD?

Is it safe 120mg of vyvance(perscription meditican for add) for a 150lb 16 year old boy?

Is it safe that a 11 year old girl taking 10 mg ritalin (methylphenidate) 3X to take advancis omega junior 2X a day ?

Is it safe to combine Funel Fe 1/20 and Depo ?

Is it safe to eat fish while taking antibiotics? Like im takimg Pencillin vk 500 mg 4x daily and i ate some talipa just curious if the mercury interacts

Is it safe to take 1000mg taurine x2, 750mg green tea extract x2, & 200mg caffeine x1 daily? I'm working out 5 days a wk w/ pers trainer for 7 wks now

Is it safe to take C4 extreme (a pre workout enhancer) while having taken oxycodone ?

Is it safe to take GNC pro performance amp ripped vitapak for an inactive carrier of hepatitis b patient ?

Is it safe to take sport supplements such as jack3d or compound 20 , while on prescription ritalin (methylphenidate) 20mg? If not ; why?

Is it safe to use propranolol while pregnant? I use 10-20mg sporadically for panic attacks. Thanks!

Is it true that viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride) sample packs only go up now to 20 as post marketing has shown 40 mg to be just to strong?

Is juvederm safe while taking peginterferon and ribasphere. No mor detail

Is Kava safe? I'm trying to take it for some social anxiety and for the stage freight. Thank you

Is Maca (500-1000mg) safe to take while on Wellbutrin (150mg x 1 per day)? I'm relatively healthy and in shape.

Is methadone bad for you? Husband thinks it is only to getme high. I feel its useful for reducing mycravings for other illegal harmful drugs.U agree?

Is Metronidazole should be taken 2x a day for the first 15 days, and once a day for another 15 days? My doctor told me that, but I think it is toolong

Is mirtazapine sandoz safe ? How i can stop from using this ? Really ned your suggestion thanks