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Hi I'm 55 & I have poly-cystic kidneys Cialis 20mg worked perfect. Can I continue using it twice a week or is it too dangerous? Many thanks

Hi - im 26 , 9st 7 and have ordered green coffee bean extract from america 800mg 1 month supply.I just want to lose 7-8lbs for a wedding? Should i tak

Hi doctor!! I am japanese student in China.i want ask,I have use clopidogrel sulfate Drug, if I unconscious,I must attentions for what king of things?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is facelit cefalexina used for?

Hi drs., can I take amway positrim or abbott ensure gold as daily supplements, is there any side effects.Or is they safe ?

Hi i bought these pills- super citrimax and chromium by trophic for weightioss & cannot find any info on them are they safe? What do they do? Thanks

Hi i wana ask about the durg: prozac: did this drug can induce gynecomastia . And how mach in percent.....With thanks?

Hi i was thinking of taking this for bit of help for fat burn xls medical fat binder are they safe !http://www.Pharmacy2u.Co.Uk/xls-medical-fat-binde?

Hi I'm fifteen and 5,7. Is there anything I can take with a significant height increase with no side-effects later in life? My parents approve. Thanks

Hi Rog. Was speaking to my oral surgeon about you yesterday. He's Ali Pootrakul. Jay Jones WMHS '64.

Hi there i got told by a health profesion worker that green coffee complex was safe to take while breastfeeding?

Hi this is Debra Walker and I wold love a second opinion on a drug cold citalopram I never have taken any drug for exciting. Thank U Debra Walker ?

Hi with sertraline is there a big difference in 150 mg to 200 mg as in will the extra 50mg make much difference. Thanks ?

Hi, 51 year old man having BP medication,is it ok if I do 15 minutes yoga in the morning.taking medicine after yoga. Thanx?

Hi, my father is a diabatic patient. Can he drink coke zero as the advertisemt says it contains zero sugar? Thanks dharma.

Hi, Alvaro ,I am 25 year old and i have asthma problem since i was 14 year old ,one of my uncle has same problem and he uses some amway company medicine (Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinachea with vitamin c),he suggest me take same course. now in last one yea

Hi, does coq10 work and if so how many mg should be taken..Thanks bruce?

Hi, i am a person with microprolactinoma. as a treatment, now I'm taking cabergoline.Can I take a double stem sell products?

Hi, I am having less sperm count for which doctor suggested to use maxoza l with fertyl m tablets. Want to use Ayurvedic along with these. Can you sug?

Hi, I was planning to try Gloxi Height Enhancer but I was also trying to find out if this is FDA approved? Do you think it has no side effects? Thanks

Hi.. everywhere it is written that after discontinuation of mintop forte the same bald state will be regained.. is it true? Do i have to use it lifelo

Hi...i have been taking Serequel XR 150 mg for 1 year now and was wondering if it causes infertility??

Hiya, do you think Ava 30 would help with acne? I was switched from ginet 84 due to w/g, but I can't find anything online to say Ava reduces acne?

How come it's so rare to see Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) being prescribed? I have a lot of Canadian friends who have been rx'd it but none in u.s. is it most pure amp?

How do I go about using clenbuterol hydrochloride 40 mcg?

How harmful would it be for me to take the pill form winstrol? I'm age 19, 130 pounds, height of 5, 11.

How is cynergy tk related to anti-aging?

How long does it take to see effects of dash diet on bp? I've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Is there any consensus on the time frame? Thnx!

How many times the faleriya medicine doxycycline use in a day. I am 25 year old lady.suffering from faleriya 12 June 2014. I am working in bank.

How much l-carnitine should I consume before exercising. I'm 6' 1" and 210 lbs. I'm asking that in mg form, thanks in advance.

How often in a year can you safely get back or any x ray ? Is it safe? Thanks Brenda [email protected]

How often should i take tebokan 40mg in a week? Should i be taking it everyday 3 times a day as prescribe in the box? Im a fresh graduate student 25 y

How safe is it to use n- acetyl cysteine if you have mitral val mvp leak in one of the heat val?

How safe is synsepalum dulcificum while on chemo?

How to come off zopiclone, chroyal hydrate and tegatol ?

Husband's med issues causing sxul dysfunctiion. Heard of OTC products some say work: promescent, l-arginine, testosterone cypionate. Safe? Dr. Rx?

I actually have saringomyelia and so far my doctors are only able to give me drugs, taking morphine 160 mg p/day but not helping as much as use to. What should I expect from here on??? I haven't talked to anyone that has had it as long as I. I've had it

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I bought a medicine called pregnacare plus omega -3, should I drink every day or not without asking a dockor? Thanks

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I bought a medicine called pregnacare plus omega -3, should I drink every day or not without asking a doctor ? Thanks

I am 30 years old with 187 CM height i can not memories well and in the exam forgot and cant recall my mind if i use Alpha GPC HGH make me taller adv?

I am 32 year old, am taking Algeria phos 12x, 2 tablets thrice a day, is it good for health or any cons i.e.side effects?

I am 45 yrs old male.Daily I am taking tablet trika .25 for anxiety neurosis as per doctors advice it is taking past 6 years.It make any problem about my health in future.Need commense?

I am 47 yrs old govt employee. During my official writing I feel tension. Nervous. Some time I am taking tab trika. still not remedy. Need help?

I am 70 diabtic for20years taking pios 25 but allelgic to it advise some alternative?

I am a 16 year old man diagnosed with Tachycardia. I am wondering if Creatine is safe for me to take. I have read many differing articles on the topic?

I am a fitness freak and recently I have bought creatine hcl. I have never taken it before and was wondering if it could be dangerous in any way ?

I am a patient in a 4 week pm program in london & w/d from fentanyl. Down to 12 mcg matrifin patch and, per doc, cutting it to wean off. Is this safe?

I am currently in Japan, and will be needing more citalopram soon, but I just found out they don't have this brand there, what do you think is the bes?

I am currently on 1 strip 8 mg su box and it's been 3 yrs. I would like to be done -- I want my dr to prescribe 2mg and the. Temazepam to sleep ?

I am currently on 150mcg of levothyroxine daily. I am moving to Greece shortly.Is this drug available or are there any natural alternatives I can take?

I am intetested in taking Plexis slim but is it safe for me to take I sm s type 3 disbetic?

I am pretty sure I have SIBO because of my symptoms and researches online. Taking peppermint oil (IBGuard) really helped. Should I take it forever?

I am sufferig from pcod and under medication with metben, dalia, herface tablets.Can i drink green tea while using these medicenes?

I am taking c4 extreme pre workout supplement.. is it safe? n can i take alchohol while on c4?

I am taking Clindamycin for strep throat. Can I still drink Beachbody Performance Energize? It's all natural. You can find the ingredients on Google.

I am taking periactin (cyproheptadine hydrochloride) to increase my appetiate. Iam now not in the u.S and in yemen doctors are saying it cause kidney failure is that true please reply?

I am taking spironolactione 25mg for acne and like previous inquiries, would like to know if chaste berry is ok to take alongside spironolactone. ?

I am trying to build muscle . Age-38. Can I take 2 g creatine per day wth no side effects? Is this dosage totally safe?

I am using lame10 and ismo 20 how i raise my sexual strength?

I ask about what is the best and safe vitamins or supplements should I take as a swimmer ? cause I am a professional swimmer in Egypt national team

I asked a question but didn't put enough info, my question was if i'm able to take 5-mthf with warfarin im compound heterozygous mthfr?

I currently take Wellbutrin (bupropion) SR 150mg 2X a day and am on the Minivelle patch. Can I use Cellucor C4 Ripped safely as a pre-workout supplement? Thanks!

I do not like Taking Lamotrigine for my epilepsy during pregnancy Is láser surgery safer?

I don't like drugs as a belt and braces approach. Is it safe to take bisoprosol fumarate only if I go back into AF. Opinions of my two doctors differ.

I found a bottle of pills that say terazosin hydrochloride capsules, does this stand for thc?

I found a bottle of pills that say terazosin hydrochloride. Whats that?

I had a problem of PE 6 months before & my doctor suggested me the medicines Cipralex & Ropex. Now I noticed my ejeculation reduce.Please suggest me.

I hav mitral valve prolapse, but I don't take medication for it.What are the best preworkouts to take and which ingredients do I need to look out for?

I hav problem of epilepsy since last 10 years, I m using divalproex sodium 500 mg 2 times . First 8 years I had used with 250 in 2 times but I still?

I have a 2 year old boy with non stop energy. For bedtime is it safe to give him melatonin? Or is there something else you'd reccomend?

I have a 90 day sply of quinnipril 40 mg for hbp taken 1tblt/2x/day exp date 10/25/15 is it safe to use thank you john?

I have a great insurance co, nameless, I take 8mg Zofran (ondansetron) 3xdaily, but my ins co only allows me 12tabs /month...Any food for the fight? Thanks4ur help!

I have a question regarding the prenatal which are taken during pregnancy. Is "brainstrong powered by life dha" is good to take?

I have a questions about my medecation (metamina) that i get for my add.Here in norway i can't find any information about metamina.Could you help me.

I have asked asked this before, md placed me on aspirin 81mg daily, can I take q2 days safely for tia?

I have been usin preworkout supplements frm last few months and bp is 150/90(current) Do i need to stop using it or is it normal if u r bodybuildin?

I have Crohn's disease and I am pregnant. I take medicines: vegas od 1.2g, razo 20 and omnacortil 30 on daily basis. Are these harmful to foetus?

I have dermatophagia, was given anafranil/clompramine. I could not tolerate the a/e so I stopped it after 3 day. My country do not hav support grp.?

I have finished all the supply of Targin the governement will supply for three days. Are there risks from using codeine for three days. I don't inte?

I have had one aropax (20mg) and I have decided I don't want to use it?

I have panic attacks i take cymbalta (duloxetine) for it is it safe to also takeslim quick pure caffeine free diet pill?

I have Premature Ejaculation & I last <1min. I read about Duralast 30mg. Will it help & it is safe to use(side effects).Any thing better then Duralast?

I have recently bought L-arginine (1000mg) at GNC because I was informed it had something in it that helped height growth??I am currently 17 being 5'9

I have seviere ADD and ADHD, and I live in Florida, can I be qualified for MMJ instead of taking Adderol.

I have sexual disabilities. Please tell me how should I take Lycopodium Clavat 200?

I have to use diane35 for pcos, wt are its possible side effects, how should I manage them, as i hv to use it for 6 months od ? Kindly xplain in detail,

I have tried to find 20% forskolin and have not been able to find it on-line anywhere it is supposed to melt away fat cellls according to doctor oz. The dose is 125mgm any ideals thanks [email protected]

I have uc. I regularly take a medicine named omnacortil-10(active ingredient-prednisolone). I am addicted but its harmul. What should I do to?

I just found out i'm pregnant and i need to know what to do about my daily medicines they are 30 mg aderall once daily and Suboxone i take one quarter of a 8.2 sublingul once a day so what do I do.

I just purchased the pre-workout supplement "c4 extreme" and i was wondering if it has any side effects that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance.

I just read an article saying that klonopin (clonazepam) is the deadliest prescription drug in america:( is this really true?

I keep asking this Q but u don't answer right I have had no probs taking enthante for powerlifting there are no sides now is sustanon better?

I m adict Tydol 100 mg.10 tablet in one day.Indian doctor fail. I want make a non adict person.but how?

I need a sports doctor to answer this Q I take testosterone e for powerlifting never had sides efc at 300 weekly can I take it every two weeks?

I put my Zoloft (sertraline) and ritalin and omega 3 tablets in a bag in a portable file box. Can this be hot or bad for medications' effectivity ?

I read online that invega sustennas (paliperidone palmitate) half life is 29 to 49 days. if i was injected with 234mg I will need 49*5=245 days to clear out of my system?

I recieved some pills marked m367 and wanted to know how to tell of these are fake. thanks for your help and time?

I saw a medicine which is a memory booster is it good ? Does it really help ? Can i take it after i finish my omegactive ? Does it help in studying ?

I started taking pharma thistle gold to naturally support and clense my liver, is it safe to do?

I suffer menieres & bad vertigo. Would b100 vitamins & manganese benefit me? A pharmacist suggested these. Side effects?Thanks