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.I have been taking docycylinemono for several years for advanced rosecsea-- My Health ins plan now says it is exluded -any subsitutes I can use?

2nd day on phentermine 30 mg 1time a day.I weight 248lb, 25yr &5'4.Obgyn prescride it i, m only taking it for a short term. I have read + and - help?

46-year-old healthy male. Major Depression. Currently undergoing ECT every Mon-Wed-Fri. 7-weeks left. Can I take Percocet on the weekends only?

5 yrs since I am diabetic and using glibenclamide metmorphin hydrochloride tablet 1-1/2-1 there are aberrations on my penis. How do I cure it?

50 yrs old, no medical condition. 5ft 11,168 lbs. should I take a daily 81mg aspirin at night? If so what is the medical benefits, thanks.

69yo, parkinson disease underwent madopar125 assessment.Taken 1 tablet, vomit&sweats after 1hr.Concluded-take seasick tablet with madopar as a solution?

A friend takin 1xanax2mg bar. really just made me a tad bit sleepy but not enough to fall asleep. so i was considering taking 2 1/2 10/325 mgs of hydro. sa?

Accidently gave my grandma 4 tablets f deriphylline 150 retard thinking it was her other medication. Is it problematic. She is 86years old. Im panicn?

Am 25yr old. Erection seems to be normal. L- arginine, nano leo and zydalis was prescribed by a doc. What is a purpose of it. How long do have to tak?

Am on .4mg/day flomax (tamsulosin). Switching to saw palmetto. Is finest nuitrition 450 (serenoa reopens) (fruit) a good brand to use for this transition?

An addendum - totally happened within 6 months of taking crestor! cannot convince dr. That gets a kickback from this drug. Coronary arteries-clean!

Anxiety. In all honestyis it safe to breakup inderal (propranolol) 60mg la and take 10 grains at a time toget rid of excess adrenaline. it saysdont break up but....

Are there any over-the-counter or prescribed meds to raise my libito. My sex life is almost none, hubby has been very patient with me. Thank god?

Arethere any problems with taking coq10?

As a healthy 21 year old, with no preexisting health conditions, on wellbutrin, (bupropion) is the preworkout C4 safe to use?

Asking about sintrom (accenocumarol)AKA cumarin is it as safe for kidney as warfarine which one u prefer for bleeding safely it is also antvit k ?

Azithromycin i got prescribed for strep group c i was wondering if it is safe for your liver and heart? I saw the warning labels and was concerned.

Azithromycin in europe(im there only currently)-is sumamed.Is it same pill, safe for treat of pity.Rosea too?To me is said to take 500mg 1x1 for 3 days

Baby due march12. Will use garcinia85% mix w/grncoffe extract + lipozene. Safe? After 30day detox?

Befinfits or side effects of taking coq10. I'm 30 in good health , low energy, take beta blocker for pvs. Could i benefit from coq10 , any dangers ?

Bmi 40+, lack of addiction so far to phentermine, is it safe to take it longer than a year? My dr. Is mentioning surgery instead...

Both Eckhart Corpn's Vitamode & Tishcon Corp's Stay-Well UBIQUINOL 100mg prescribes 1-2 softgels daily with meals. At age 67 do I take 1 or 2 per day?

By doctor prescribed me cerefolin he said it helps for OCD, is that true? please explain why it would help. thanks

Calea ternifolia (dream herb) does it make you see/hear hallucination? i bought dream herb it came in pills but i did some research on them and some p

Can a 16-year-old teenager can take usana's procosa?

Can anyone provide a weight/height based chart for common drug dosages: Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc.? Thank You

Can childen take Maru-Man Enzyme?

Can fruit be used with herbalife prolessa duo with no bad effect?

Can i die? Or is it safe to take oxyelite pro the original formula if I have Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome?

Can I replace my 62yo mom's bi-weekly NERVZ-B with daily Neurbion Forte as it's easier to remember? or can NF interact with her Aztor-10 statins?

Can I take Maxman IV capsul made by USA to build up my panis for long.and wide.

Can I take Nexium (esomeprazole) and duromine 15mg together? Is duromine generally safe? (Ive read some horror stories on the net and now im not sure)

Can i take sucralfate & omeprazole dr with this type of supplement, it's on the more powerful side of them. Http://trck.Me/248508/ thank you!

Can i tan twice per week at 5 to 8 minutes per while taking accutane? My dr. Refused to answer the question.

Can i use sarotex against pstd is it helpfull?

Can I use suplements like BCAA if I have axciety condition and using Seroxat? Thanks

Can my son take Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) for ADD, even though he was just diagnosed with Rt bundle branch block? If not, can you recommend any natural supplements?

Can someone please tell me why i was prescribed pregnenalone and other supps at my age of 18 years old?! will it hurt me? I hear its not for teens!

Can tongkat Ali be taken together with warfarin. Person has replaced the valve and is 74years old. Thanks?

Can u tel me pleas if Ezerex is safe and effective and what the is used for?

Can you take Duloxetine chi dr, 30 mg with Alegera 180 mg at the same time.

Can you tell me about drug dosaging calculation question?

Can you tell me some creatine takers want to tell me which one is the better option?

Chd mid LAD 60% ? Is it safe to take olanzapine-(zyprexa) 5mg ?

Cipcal 500 mg tablet is good to take daily, is there any side effects, my age21,male, weight - 48?

Could i get a prescription for weed for a.D.D I've tried just about every pill there is for a.D.D and it dosent help me and i can't focus at all inclass?

Could i take tisane de durbon while on metformin?

Could it be dangerous to mix Xanax (alprazolam) with Caffein? There was an study published in the medical journal "Toxicology in Vitro" back in 2009 about this.

Currently in quad theraphy for h plyori and wanted to kbow can I take oil of iregano as well to feel better and ward off some side effects?

Czn zolpidem effect my need fo sex?

Didnt the abc doctor used to work for cdc? Did that affect his reputation?

Do "hoodia gordonii" patches work safely for appetite supperssion?

Do I need to start medication for my bp which is 190/120 ? Or alter my undisciplined lifestyle? My doctor prescribed a tablet named Aproval.

Doc, r u familiar wd the face product named "eskinol"? Is it safe using it? Bcoz some say it causes cancer but some say it is gud and effctive.

Does anyone have information for this question? Leopard38734 asked:is it true that you have to stop taking Zoloft (sertraline) one week prior to having cellulaze

Does berroca bost cause side effeect and how many pills I could take dialy?

Does immunotherapy truly take 3-5 years to have an effect?

Does METOPROLOL have anti-anxiety properties? Is it nephrotoxic? Thank you for your answer. God bless.

Does St. John's seriously damage sperm? I have been buying it at my local Walmart and taking it for 3 years. If it does is it permanent? What can i do

Does the law say I have to be 18 to buy maximum strength equate sleep aid in pa?

Does the welbrutrin XL cost the same. I get my 90 day for $7_00?

Doez Prazosin cross the BBB and work in the CNS? Ive read conflicting things on pubmed and elsewhere. Does any alpha-1 blocker cross the BBB?

Dose protine powder cause sexsual prblem ? If no which are the safest brand in indian market ?

Dr. Asst. Prescribed sucralfate 1gm 4 x a day.Should i be concerned about taking so much aluminium as it is linked to alzhimers?Am 64 female

Dr. mike gabor. i need to know if they have to use benzo,s in MRI if i am put out . i cannot take them .........allergies .

Dr. Yash k. Khanna mentionned chest pain could be one of the side effects when you taking 5000 mcg of biotin. It is only allergic reaction or what ?

Due to my afib it safe for me to use procera avh? Thanks.

Due2the shortage of stimulents dr. Refuse2put me backom concerta.Is there anything I can take or do.That does what it did4me?

Dx hypothyroidism on 100 altroxin daily. Starting gym and want to use a supplient containing N-ACETYL-TYROSINE. Will this be okay on my med?

Effect of ciprofloxacin 250 bid, to a breastfeeding infant ? Thanks in advance.

Exactly why is it not advisable to take HGH for anti-aging? I'm looking for real answers not hype or histeria please. I believe its therapuetic!

Fluconazole tablet was given to me in the pharmacy to treat my fungus, the pharmaceutic told me this will heal total is that true? Btw I am a men

For profound hearing loss which is better unitron maxesp or rexton areana 1 Hp? Any other your suggestion which can b available in pakistan

Garçinia cambodia , is there anything that can harm you on your job by taking it?

Given the choice of lebatelol, hydralizine or nifedipine ER, which in your opinion has proven safest for use in pregnancy?

Grandma used to take something called Vioxx for osteoarthritis. It was discontinued for safety reasons but she says nothing has worked like Vioxx did?

Greetings Dr Wachsman. i have Vid D defficiency. norm is 30-100, but mine is 17.1 pls advise how i can take vigantol oil 20000, which i have bought?

Has anyone prescribed calcium orotate for costochondris? Thank you

Has anyone used and saw a positive response to glucosamine /chondroitin for costochondris? Thank you

Has medicine proven absolutely safety of Auricularia auricula-judae at high dose every day for a long period?

Have been takin mefenamic acid 250mg while on my period 4 2 days a month i av just read it effects fertility in ladys does this apply short term use?

Have read quote by Bruce Ames that only r-lipoic-acid is effective not the s form. Many supplements use racemic mixture. Is that less/not effective?

Have tried many supplements to bring LDL close to 100 but not working so far. What would you suggest ?

Have you heard of the natural tablets called 5-htp? I found they do help my mood but I don't currently take them as im on endep10 for bladder weakness

Haw often can I use Cialis 10 or 20mg in the week?

Hbp using selomax 50/5 from 3months is it lifetime?

Hcl is asking me to pay 34000 as I left HCl within five days after joining as I was placed on bench, is this normal?

Hello angels do you think by taking anti depression drugs and fluvoxin decrease the health speaks in males? Plz guide me!

Hello doctors, iwant to ask you about "digital drugs"..Have you ever heared about it?

Hello dr, I am 17 years old, I have problem of menses from more than 2-3years, I am using medicine suggested by my dr, my reports are normal, butstill?

Hello dr. , i have question about axiety. Can I use suplements like amini acids BCAA for my workaot if I already take seroxat? And can you give me your opinion abot seroxat,i take him one year? Thank you

Hello I d be grateful if you could tell me what the recommended dosage of avodart 0 5 mg dutasteride is for long term use against male pattern baldness I ve been told contradictory things and read different amounts online and is it ok to switch from dutas

Hello sir. I have a question. I'm 22 years old, and I like working out. So, the Centrum Performance is best for me? Does it have hormone?

Hello, I wanted to ask about the medicine that is called the Height Increaser publicly , does it have side affects? Does it work?

Hello, greetings from australia, how much b1 should I take daily(mg's)? I currently drink 20-30 standard drinks -daily-. Thanks for your help, aaron.

Hello, I have started taking methyl cobalimin every day to help with some of my health problems. It has helped. Where can I find docs willing to trea?

Hello. Actually I am 18 years old and I am short. I bought tablet to grow taller. This tablet is made in Canada. I want to know that can I trust it???

Hello. Currently looking into buying creatine and i'm on the medicine tergetol. Have epilepsy. Haven't had a seizure in 13 yrs. Is it safe?

Help - my 17yo son wants to take l-dopa supplements, how can I convince him it is dangerous? Nothing seems to be convincing him...

Hey doctor! I don't know if this is a good question or nt, but is there any side effects for supplements and nutrition if I use them as structured? Thank you!