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1. Does sesame seed oil help restore taste? 2. What can be done to restore taste loss after a stem cell transplant and revlimide mtce.

21yr aml patient in 4 yr CR . treated with chemo. what is the percentage chance that my aml wiil relapse?? when can in consider myself cured??

21yr old aml patient underwent 4 chemo session in remission for 4yrs 1 month. i had intermediary risk disease. % chance of relapse?

23 yr old male, Diamond Blackfan Anemia, refractory to steroids, regular blood transfusions every 2 wks, oral iron chelation therapy. life expectancy?

23yr lady with idiopathic v-tac had 2 trials of ablasion with icd implantation but still frequent v-tac, resistant to anti-arrhythmatics, what to do?

4 weeks post-tumour excision (whipple - recovering well). Ferritin 6400, iron sat 90%. Does this need treatment & if so what is the treatment?

58 yo female. I've been diagnosed with mds and smoldering myeloma. One oncologists says it's rare to have both. diangosis x 2yrs. Pancytopenia. No tx yet.

65 year male .. Diagnosed with myelofibrosia.. Wbc :28000, hb 12, pcv 45 what r the treatment options and what is the prognosis on this..

77y with cll, developped dvt, existing trombs in art. Ankle area. Can the patient receive clexane? Platelets 90- 100.

7yrboy with stage 4 NB that did not respond to frontline tx. Currently receiving Mibg therapy . Prognosis ? Friend's son.

93 yo with figo iia cervix ca. She refuses cis+pelvic rt+hdr. Any alternative hypofx regimen for more durable control than STD palliative dose xrt?

A 3-year-old girl was diagnosed a lack of neutrophils(no leukemia). Injected chemotherapy-relate medicine(side effects). Ask for exact cause&treatment?

A case of haemospermia with negative psa tumour marker is glucophage (metformin) contraindicated with this case and if though what is replacement?

A leukemia patient is treated with modified hiv, is the new protein in their tcells passed to offspring, or would their sex cells have to be treated?

After 6 cycles of rchop 21 and 30gy of igrt for stage 1 grade 3 nhl, beta2-microglobulin is 2600 ng/ml. Is this high level a cause of concern?

After 9 years of wait & watch with cll - my doctor wants to start treatment with a 6 cycle regimen of FCR drugs. Is this appropriate?

After cancer treatment, I more often than not run a low grade fever, 99.5-100. It's been 2 1/2 years. Is this normal? Should I press for answers?

After completing six months of chemo for nonhodgkins lymphoma should I avoid breathing cold air and should I be taking special supplements ?

After cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) (chemo therapy), how quickly can you begin in-vitro fertilization?

After relapsing with nhl (diffuse large b-cell) is it better to do auto stem cell transplant or the collection only and then rituxan (rituximab) maintenance?

After remission from gtd, how frequent will be the follow up review?

After surgery, i am diagnosed with a 1.2cm, grade 2, clear cell, RCC. Survival rates vary between sources on the net. What is my life exp? I am 35 now

Aged 57yrs , wt 120 kg had diagnosed nonhodkins lymphoma in 2008, she undergone chemotherepy and radiotherapy.Now lack of immunity creating problems.

ALL leukaemia 50+yrs old female patient took: 1500ml methotrexate,2mg vincristine and 2 doses of 350mg etoposide. Is it the normal procedure or toxic?

An 87 y/o had a diagnosis of myelodysplasia and has never had cancer/radiation. Mental/physical health declined a lot this yr. Heavy metal toxicity possible?

Any experience with IL-15 antagonists, do they exist yet? Unclassified treatment resistant sprue. Desperate for help before EATL gets me :(

Any good results from the phase I trial of proleukin (aldesleukin) and Rapamune in recent onset type 1 diabetes?

Any known treatments for late onset neutropenia due to rituximab. The R was being used for mantle cell lymphoma maintenance. Thanks.

Are cell phones safe for patients of Wolff-Parkinson-White (wpw) syndrome to use?

Are donor cells that lack a receptor (ccr5) the key to a cure for hiv/aids? What do oncologists think?

Are follicular lymphoma and Agent Orange related at all?

Are there any meningioma clinical trials/studies available? I have had 2 of 4 tumors removed..On avastin (bevacizumab) infusions now. 48 yr old/ black/female

Are there any prescription pancreatic cancer drugs that are not experimental (by insurance companies) after chemotherapy does not work?

Are there any rx'd meds that have been found to cause mds or mgus? (ie:celebrex)

Are there any studies linking follicular lymphoma and Agent Orange?

Are there different levels of pcv chemo?

Are there other need as effective for treating lgl leukemia as methotrexate that aren't as hard on kidneys.

At what ANC level would you cancel chemo for dlbcl patient? Will ongoing pneumonia hinder neutropenia recovery, or does neutropenia worsens pneumonia?

Besides p6 protocol from mskcc, or clinical trials vs tki like pazopanib/sunitinib- other good regimen for st IV desmoplastic small round cell tumor?

Best first-line treatment for mantle cell lymphoma now: high doses of ara-c+rituximab and autologous sc transplant, or rituximab+bendamustine?

Bp of 90 And fever of 38.6 on chemotherapy treatment . Can this be sepsis ?

Can sten cell therapy gives results for f a patients ?

Can chemotherapy cause/induce a lupus episode?

Can homeopathy bring additional benefits to thalassemic patients on hydrea (hydroxyurea)?

Can intravenous pain killers+ 500ml normal saline twice a day aggrevate ascites condition for a liver cancer patient?

Can Keytruda, as an immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer, be part of a chemo protocol at major medical center vs. only available in a clinical trial?

Can multiple myloma be cured 100%? What will be the cost of stem transplant which I heard is the best option to fight this cancer?

Can phase I trial of proleukin (aldesleukin) and Rapamune lead to type 1 diabetes?

Can relocating from India to US increase risk of MS relapse? Disease is stable on Avonex (interferon beta 1a) in India. Environment Change = relapse? Shd I avoid travel?

Can removal of thymus make mystinia gravis patient normal?

Can Sandostatin (octreotide) LAR be used as treatment of elevated 5-HIAA in aggressive type of systemic mastocytosis? Thank you.

Can Sandostatin (octreotide) LAR be used as treatment of elevated 5-HIAA in aggressive type of systemic mastocytosis? Thank you. (repeated question)

Can stem cells of my wife`s used for my father to cure chronic kidney diseases stage 4 ?

Can there be a causal relationship between long-term use of an immunosuppressant (e.g. Azathioprine) and lymphoid hyperplasia?

Can you tell me about lar on essentially the 1st day of sandostatin (octreotide) treatment?

Can you tell me how kit inhibitor help us to fight against gist?

Can you tell me what became of the investigational drug amn-107 for gist tumors?

Child with apml received atra but then had a series of seizures and swelling on the brain should the atra be continued ?

Cisplatin needed. What can I expect?

Could i need rituximab (rituxan) read details please?

Could you please give me a way to give myself leukemia, or lymphoma? I'm willing to purchase cells or other necessities. Thank you.

Curious as to why anti-egfr drugs have been largely unsuccessful for ovarian cancer treatment?

Dad was prescribed pyrodixine to treat his moderate anemia after bone marrow biopsy and aspiration done. Dr. Said no cancer. What s diagnosis options?

Describe experiences with pcv chemotherapy?

Developed late onset neutropenia from rituximab during lymphoma treatment. Do other anti-CD20's Rx have the same problem?

Diaginosed with positive b cell non hodgkins lymphomia stage 4, how long can you live without regular treatment?

Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). 95% blast cells in BM test. Doc starting 7+3 chemo course. What are the chances? Any other treatment?

Diagnosed with stage 4 pan can. Treated w/Gemcitabine/abraxane combo. Pretreatment ca19-9 was 486. Now ca19-9 is in normal range. What does this mean?

Diagnosised with igg4 deficiency & lupus (informally stage 2) on medication incl plasmoquine ,health is deterioating, dr is hestating on chemoth why?

Difference between polycythemia n leukemia my brother was just told he may have polycythemia i'd like to know what it is and can it be treated thanks?

Do long term bone transplant patients always have to get IVIG . What subclasses of Ig would they not produce?

Doctors refuse to treat end stage multiple myeloma patient stating he is unfit. Can chemo still reverse his conditionpatient can't swallow pills, food?

Does a new diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma add points to the meld score of a cirrhosis patient? Patient is going to be evaluate for transplant. Hepatologist has not started testing to see if hcc is primary or a metastasis? Shouldn't they be doing

Does ladogal (danazol) helps on producing platelets in blood? I have acute myelogenous leaukemia and i've been prescribed with this medicine.

Does MCL relapse after showing complete remission report. ?

Does/can a hematologist address cd4 t-cell problems? If not, what type of doctor does?

Dr legha, u aswered my question about itp i did use medication (prednison, globine)in the past. I even had a marrow research, it only supress forwhile.

Either alternative or conventional medicine: what can help in the early stages of chronic lymphatic leukaemia?

Father 61yrs has HCV 10yrs. Now hcc stage 4.After tests doc told that curative methods not suitable and tace suggested. Who eligible for cure methods?

For a 19year female with pauci glomerulonephritis, what is more likely outcome, transplant or cytoxan+steriod treatment for few moths with poss. Recov?

For those metabolic drs. Out there, what would be your standard protocol for glutaric aciduria type 1? Meds? Formula type? Vaccination schedule? Etc.

For what length of time can a person do chemotherapy for on a bi-weekly basis?

Fourth time pd peritonitis - most times negative growth. What's standard protocol for treatment?

Friend diagnosed with apl leukemkia at 54 years old.Went into remission for a year and now it's back.needs transplant. I thought apl didn't recur?

From a med student: cancer cells need glucose to survive. Why are ca patients not receiving metformin?

Gastric adenocarcinoma w/ lymph node involvement---- 9 out of 26 tested positive. Are there options after the gastrectomy for 87yr old or too risky?

Gyn-onc i have a choriocarcinoma pt who opted for simple hyst instead of chemotherapy. I'm now told she needs weekly hCG levels for a year. Agree?!?

Has anybody prescribed curcumin C3 complex for multiple myeloma?

Has anyone had any experience in a cancer treatment called torisel (temsirolimus) for renal cell carcinoma, and how were the results?

Has anyone had chemo. W/ ara-c and daunamyacin?

Have hereditary haemochromatosis,homozygous c282y. Dr suggested no treatment but have been approached to undergo a apheresis medical trial Thoughts?

Hello, my son had B-cell Burkitts Lymphoma at the age of eight, has lifetime IVIG treatments every three weeks,now white spots on both kidneys, US?

Help please.Suspect MCAD (Mast Cell Disease) - tryptase and mutliple GI confirmations-possible organ damage. Any DFW hospitals that will admit / help?

Help. I have paraneoplastic syn. We can not find the cancer. Ivig tx is next. What if it does not work? Can i die from it?

Hi is thalomid good for patient with mds 5q del? I know revlimid (lenalidomide) is the best. But what about thalomid? Thanks

Hi all, could someone tell me if you can heal blood cancer disease with gleevec (imatinib) medicine?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is bisgaard treatment for mastectomy edema?

Hi Dr. Ebner, my name is Sofia Harootunian. I am your patient at the Gilbert offices. I have pemphigus vulgaris and you prescribed Mycophenolate 500mg?

Hi this nagarjun this is wrt my dear friend anupam who is fighting with renal cell carcinoma in advanced stage. No medicine is working. Please help.

Hi, I am waiting for the results of my x-rays and blood work to see if I do have early stage Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can using Rituxan (rituximab) cause this?