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I took two ltylenol 3's when will it be out of my urine?

Can I take ibuprofen tonight? I have a D and C scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

16 year old sister took 140mg fluoxetine and 3200mg ibuprofen. How bad is this and what to do? She took it 15 hours ago.

2weeks ago took 12 500mg tylenol (acetaminophen) in 24 hours had blood test week later normal should i be able to forget about it now? took them every 4 hours

A friend takes Adderall 10mg ir she tookb it today at 12 (lunch) and wants to know if she can take a tylenol (acetaminophen) pm ? If so what time would be safe ?

About 2hrs ago i took a total of 30mg flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl). Then about ten min ago i took 2 more. I have had 1 and ahalf margaritas. Idk why i did that. ?

About to take a prescribed Adderall IR 10mg tablet right now at 9:00pm, would it be okay to take an advil pm at around 2:30am to be able to sleep?

Albuterol gives my son a headache 2 hours after he has taken it, is this normal?

At 7pm yesterday I took 2 Aleve (naproxen). I then took 1 at 1pm today. I'm having very bad menstrual cramps is it ok to take 2 at 9pm tonight?

At about 8:30 I took 1 dose of DayQuil, at about 10 I still didn't feel the DayQuil to start working, so I took 1 dose of NyQuil, will I be ok?

Ate 4 hours ago. Took 5 mg Valium over 3 hours ago. Serious pain. Can I take ½ vicodin and phenergren now and hopefully not need to vomit?

Been on 20 MG OxyContin every 12 hrs, Percocet 10 MG every 6 hrs since April. If I took 4 Percocets in 1 hr of eachother, could i overdose?! Accident.

Been taking 1/4 of a oxycodin extended relese tab daily for a week.took a fourth this morning about 4-5 hours ago. Is it safe to have one shot of rum?

Been taking ibuprofen for tooth extraction pain. Accidentally took 1600mg within an hour. Bringing my total to 4000mg in 24 hours. Will i be ok?

Can Alieve help sinuses? Also how many can you take at a time? I took obe at 3:00pm

Can i take a half of preicots if i took nucytna 50?

Can I take a Zolpidem (Ambien (zolpidem)) 10 hours after my last dose of Vicodin? I took 4 Vicodins at 12:15 p.m. and I took the Ambien (zolpidem) at 10:00 p.m. yesterday.

Can I take Advil (ibuprofen) even though I just got taken prednisone on Thursday 50mg for 7 days ?

Can I take Advil (ibuprofen) pm if I took adderral and an ecstasy almost 3 weeks ago but have insomnia because of withdrawal even though it was my first time ?

Can I take Advil (ibuprofen) pm if I took an adderal and ecstasy almost 3weeks ago but can't sleep? It's been 3days with hardly any sleep was my 1st time on adder

Can i take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) after already taking 74 teva, i took the ambien/ zopiltium or however you spell it an hour ago and am not tired...?

Can I take Delsym tonight at bed time if I took a 24 hr Claritin at 10:30 this morning? Do the two drugs interact?

Can I take omeprazole right now at 11:16 pm I just ate dinner I forgot to take it this morning .

Can i take perioric if i took nucytna 50mg 5hours ago?

Can I take Tylenol (acetaminophen) while taking azithromyzin I took one dose of azithromyzin on Wednesday and I'm starting to have a major headache?

Can losartan 50 mg cause some fatigue and nausea around noon if taken 7am? It last for about an hour.

Can losartan 50 mg be taken at noon(lunch) and Cardizem cd 120 mg be taken at 5pm(supper)?

Can you help? Could taking 8 hour concerta at 8am and again at 4pm be safe?

Can you mix Advil (ibuprofen) pm and ativan? I took .5mg of ativan around 6pm. I want to take an Advil (ibuprofen) pm around 11pm. Is that safe?

Can you take 3 Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) 30mg pill a day? Like one at 7am next one at 2pm next one at 8pm ? It only last 4 hours for me and then i get tired after.

Can you take nyquil if your took peptobismol earlier in the day?

Can you take promethazine FL syrup a few hours after you have already taken benzonatate 100?

Can you tell me is it bad to take 15-20 mg of Ambien (zolpidem) tonight if i took 50 mg of vicodin yesterday?

Can you tell me what to do if i took 250 mg of doxylamine succinate will i be alright?

Cephalexin, took one dose at 8pm and one at 10pm -- overdose?

Could someone take ibuprofen if i've already taken a 20mg ocycodone earlier today?

Currently taking Atenolol 25mg every evening at 7pm but forgot this evening and took it at 8pm. Is that ok? And can i go back to 7pm tomorrow?

Daughter (21 years old) called asking abt any drug interaction. She had 4 hours left of Sudafed ( generic 12 hour ) when took Dayquil. Any concerns?

Dentist not open till tomorrow. Took 220 mg Naproxen 4 hrs ago. Took 500 mg Tylenol (acetaminophen) 30 min ago. Can I take another Aleve? What's max dose of both?

Doc gave me robaxin (methocarbamol) 750 and anexsia 7.5/650 for migraines. I accidently took two anexsia. Is this too much?

Doc hasme taking 100 mg tramadol for pain !! If I took 100 mg 11 am another 100 mg at 5pm can I take another 100 mg at 11 pm ! I know max is 400 mg! ?

Have taken 45mg today. I took 30mg at about 6:30am and just took the other 15mg about 5:30pm. Is that too much in a day?

Having bad anxiety so I took MG clonazepam but did not help so 2 hours later I took one more 1MG it says 1 pill day 2 times a day I took them to close?

Hello i ahve a question. Is it okay to take nyqil and musinex together? I took nyquil at about 6:20 pm and I am supposed to take musiex at about 8:30p

Hello I have a bad bad cold and I just took two tablets of mucinex sinus max, I am just wondering if I could take NyQuil in a few hours. It says on th?

Hello, I took 30 mg of norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 6 hours ago and just took 1 1/2 .5 mg ativan. Will I be ok? Should I be worried of overdosing?

Hello! I took a 24 hour Allegra (fexofenadine) just now and realized I may have already taken one earlier today - about 12 hours ago. Am I in any danger by doing so?

Hello. I took Tramadol for a headache and like an hour or so later I took nonaispirin. It's been almost 8 hours now. Will I overdose? I feel weird

Help please? My mother is 51 and accidentally took 2 tylenol (acetaminophen) pm pills. Can she die?

Hey i took bupap and zzzquil together, will i be ok :( please answer?

Hey I took four midol two at 11 pm and two at 8 am can I take two motrion?

Hey question: i took flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) at 9:30 or 10. Can i take ibuprofen 600 now?

Hi I took 20mgs of sudafed about 4 hours ago, then 5mg phenylephrine not realizing they do the same thing.should I visit an ER?

Hi I took a mixed tablet of codeine and paracetamol this morning at 10am for cramps but I forgot and I've had 3 glasses of 4% lambrini cider?

Hi I took cough syrup with codeine this morning at 7:00 a.m. I took only 3 mL instead of the 5. Can I have a couple glasses of wine now it's 6:30 pm?

Hi, I just realized that I've taken more Midol than I should have in the last 24 hours. I've taken 10 and just read not to exceed 6. I pretty much onl?

Hi, I took 2 350mg soma by accident about 30 min ago. I have robaxin (methocarbamol) and took wrong pills. I made myself throw up right away. Will I be okay?

Hi. My 13 year old, 110 lbs may have taken 1325 or 1650 of Acetaminophen. Took Theraflu Max AND Acetaminophen. She just started on Z-pack earlier?

Hi. My wife overdosed on pills. She took 20 melatonin (4mg), 9 methocarbamol (750mg), 6 naproxen (500 mg) and 4 benadryl (diphenhydramine). What can happen to her? She

How bad would it be if I took my first DayQuil dose at 7am then 11am then again around 1800 then I went and took NyQuil a half hour early at 2125?

How do you know if you've drank too much nyquil (took it twice)?

How long after day1-24mg,day2-20mg,day3-16mg,day4-12mg,day5-8mg,day6-4mg for 6 days of methylprednisolone before healing is back to normal?

How long after overdosing on Advil (ibuprofen) can my wife restart breastfeeding? She is 40, 190lbs, and took roughly 4000mg 12 hrs ago

How long after taking a lortab can I have beer if i took it a 1230 ?

How long will it take for tramadol to be out of my system? Took 50 mg yesterday and 100 mg today.

How many 4mg Zofran (ondansetron) can I take in 24 hours? I have taken 4-5 daily.. Well every 4-6 hours.

I accidentally took 2 claritin 10 mg 24 hour pills (took the 2nd about 12 hours later). Is this safe?

I accidentally took a double dose of Tylenol (acetaminophen) pm. Should I be worried? 500/25 mg x4

I accidentally took a unisom instead of an Aleve. Being that it's day time, is there anything I can take to cancel it out? Like a vitamin or something

I accidentally took Aleve and Midol together and now I feel very tired. Will I be ok?

I accidentally took motrin a an hour later I took naproxen and now I'm full of

I accidentally took two Claritin D about one hour apart. This is the 12-hour formula. Is there a problem with this?

I accidentally took two tablets of Aleve and two tablets of DayQuil in a matter of 10 minutes while half asleep this morning. Should I call my doctor?

I accidentily took 2 citirizine 10mg tabs tonight 3 hrs apart - will I be ok?

I am 15 weeks pregnant . After about a half hour of takeing lactuloze and Zofran (ondansetron) I threw up. Should I take theam agine?

I am 218 pounds and took 600 miligrams of caffiene friday is that an overdose? I followed the directions on the bottle. Will i be alright?

I am 28w pregnant and I took a Claritin (loratadine) this morning at about 9:15 and I forgot I took it then took Zyrtec at 2:30. Should I be concerned?

I am now 95 pounds & i took 10 25mg Benadryl (diphenhydramine) pills and i think it's been two hours why am i not high. How long does it take to feel the high?

I am on 250mcg levothyroxine can I take NyQuil tonight. I took my pull this AM at 530 and will take tomorrow around 5-530. What would be my risks?

I don't have a prescription but take dilaudid.I hadn't taken any n a while&took 24mg&now feel really sick.I've taken [email protected]&been ok so am i ok now?

I drank earlier. Finished the last around 530p. Took 5mg lortab & 10mg flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) around midnight without considering the alcohol. Should I be worried?

I felt anxious and took .5 mg of alprazolam 30 min ago but I have a cold and forgot I was supposed to take NyQuil. Is that an okay combination?

I forgot i took 2 benadryl a few hrs ago and just took 30ml of this ok?

I forgot to take my 10 mg tab of hydrocortisone tonight. Later in the eve was exhausted is that normal ? Was the 20 mg i took in the am used up?

I gave my 15 year old son 30mls of pepto bismol about an hour and half ago. He has a prescription for promethazine. Is it safe to let him take it?

I get a headache within 30 minutes of me taking vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine). To help it, i took an ibuprofen one night and an Excedrin another day. Is this okay?

I got a tooth pulled at 9am. I took a lorcet (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) around 10, then took another around 4. Is it okay for me to take a lortab 7.5 in the evening?

I had 3 margaritas 6-8 hours ago . I started my period and have endometriosis. Is it ok that I took my hydrocodone 5 now?

I had a bad IBS fit a few hours ago and i panicked and took 2 imodiums plus 1 benytl pill.. Are they safe to take together?

I had a drink an 1 1/2 hours ago and took half a dose of zzzquil just now, forgetting about the warning on the label. Will I be ok?

I had a percocet a little over 4 hours ago, then 10 minutes ago i took a loratab, only because my miagraine wouldn't go away, is this okay?

I had a shot of toradol 4 hoUrsula ago. I took an Advil about 10 minutes ago. I did not know there was an interaction. Should I be concerned?

I had taken a 180mg of fexofenadine yesterday at 12:30 pm its now 7:13 the following day so its been longer than 24 hours. Can I take a paracetamol?

I had terrible cramps last night I took 500mg of Tylenol (acetaminophen) at 4AM & 11AM. I took ibuprofen at 4PM then 8AM. The dosage was 400 each. Is this an overdose?

I have 2 prescriptions for hydrocodone, if i took 2 earlier (500 mg), is it safe to take two 325 mg pills?

I have 7.5/325 oxycodone for pain. I hit the 4000 APAP max for daily dose yesterday but stayed up all night. When is it safe to take more and not OD?

I have a bad rash my doctor subscribed 25mg Benadryl (diphenhydramine) pills 1 every 7 hours. Now I took one at 730 pm is it ok if I smoke weed at 10pm?

I have a cold and yesterday accidentally took 4000mg of APAP. I roughly took 2000mg twice 12hrs apart from each other. I took 2 500mg Tylenol and also?

I have a good friend who might take his life with tynol pm and nyquilhe said he was going to take 2 12oz bottles and mix over 220 tynol pm pill and dr?

I have a migrain thats lasted two days now. Acentomeophen pills 500mgs at 11am this morning and its 2:23 pm now would it be okay to take butalbital?