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- withdrawal from 90mg Cymbalta (duloxetine) - I'm reading a lot of scary long term effects of going off - is there possibility of awful side effects long term?

1.Can hydroxyzine be prescribed for anxiety? 2.Does it have at least half the strenght of a benzo? 3.Is it safe for long term use?

2 days on medication how long before the diarrhea slow down?

2nd time around on olanzapine. Become more sensitive to the sedative effects at same dose. Guessing it's an inevitable feature of the drug, but does sedation diminish with time? If so, how long?

3 mg's of Xanax (alprazolam) and 30 mg's of ritalin daily. Retention of short term memory is frighteningly short (1 second). Forgot my own age. 30 yrs old.Typical?

A question about taking Abilify (aripiprazole) long term: does the restlessness ever diminish or go away?

Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) taken properly by doctors order is a relatively safe drug for someone with add. It saved my career sort of speak. Long term is safe correct?

After a drug overdose, how long until consciousness is regained?

After long term use of terbutaline (8 weeks) can the drug leave lasting side effect of tachycardia, shortness of breathe, etc.?

After short term use of dilaudid, I'm having withdrawal and horrible depression. What do I do?

After taking long term insulin why did my bs drop 50 points in 5 minutes?

Aminophylline for apnea and bradycardia for how long after birth?

Any harmfull effects taking 30mg restoril (temazepam) long term?

Anybody know the long term effects of an untreated Cyclizine overdose, 3,000mg taken over 48hrs and digested three weeks ago???

Anyone have problems with long term wellbutrin (bupropion) use?

Are Ssris bad for the Brain and the body when used in long term ? I'm on Zoloft (sertraline) for anxiety but I'm very nervous that it might damage or change me when used for a few years or longer ?!

Are their dangers to antidepressants life long use?

Are there adverse effects to taking elder for brief walk in the heat?

Are there any concerns with taking trimebutine 200mg. 3 times a day for long term? 

Are there any health risks associated with long-term Buspirone use? If so what's the max time it can be taken for? Kind regards

Are there any long term health consequences for taking Cymbalta (duloxetine) long term? I have been on it for 7+ years for depression. Currently 30 mg.

Are there any long term meds for insomnia?

Are there any long term meds that can manage the pain of a pars defect? Dont want to be addicted to opiods but wondering about other types.

Are there any long term negative effects from taking too much zofran (ondansetron)?

Are there any mood stabilizers that do not increase appetite and are safe to take long term ?

Are there any negative effects of using Melatonin long term as a sleep aid?

Are there any studies regarding long term use of small doses of Ambien (zolpidem) to treat insomnia ?

Are there long term effects, like memory loss, from fioricet (acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine)?

Are there permanent effects of short-term (1 month) prescribed use of benzos like klonopin (clonazepam)?

Are you for or Against using Propranolol long term for Migraine Aura without headache? Is there evidence of long term negative affects of Propranolol?

Ativan (lorazepam) sleepiness side effect how long does it commonly take to wear off?

Been on provigil for narcolepsy for 10yrs are then any studies for possible problems with long term use?

Beside dependence/addiction & testosterone and hormone decreases what are the dangers/side effects of long term opiate use for chronic pain?

Can 31.25mg Dothiepin a day taken long term for general anxiety disorder cause Meibomian blepharitis?

Can a "strong" glasses prescription cause long term dizziness?

Can a magnesium sulfate overdose cause long term heart problems?

Can antabuse (disulfiram) cause short term memory loss if someone has taken it with alcohol or in general?

Can anti-anxiety drugs cause sedation if used long term?

Can anxiety last long on how ever long you been stressen .?

Can anyone help me with how long does doxepin withdrawal last?

Can aspirin poisoning -in long term- cause memory loss?

Can being on long term, high doses of gabapentin and morphine cause menstrual irregularity?

Can being on ritalin (methylphenidate) for 15 years be the cause of my daily tachycardia? I no longer take it but was wondering if this is a long term effect?

Can diazepam raise liver alt, if so how long does this tend to be elevated, im talking after a single 5mg dose not long term use.

Can exercise, after not exercising regularly for a few years, somehow effect our short term memory? My friend doesn't remember which route he took hom

Can long term ambien (zolpidem) use cause cancer or dementia? Thanks...

Can long term dr prescribed Xanax use cause abnormal eeg?

Can long term pantaprozole or gabapentin use cause pernicious anemia?

Can long term past use of Valium have an effect on future behavior or brain chemistry?

Can long term ritalin (methylphenidate) use (prescribed for over 15 years high dose) cause Parkinson's disease?

Can long term ritalin (methylphenidate) use cause heart problems?

Can long term steroids cause depression ?And what is the alternative because i take it daily for having sle ?

Can long term use of Ambien (zolpidem) lead to alzheimer's disease later in life?

Can long term use of carisoprodol cause insomnia? This is not for me. A friend has been taking it for 3 yrs & has serious insomnia. She has d.D.D.

Can long term use of lamictal / lamotrigine cause neuropathy?

Can long term use of sint john's worth/for depression/ cause liver inflammation in some way?

Can long term Xanax (alprazolam) use make anxiety worse?

Can lovenox (enoxaparin) be taken long term? Are there any dangers to this?

Can Lunesta and, or, Restoril be taken long term? Which has fewer side effects? Are Lunesta and, or Restoril apt to help you be able to sleep longer

Can magnesium sulfate overdose cause long term cardiac problems?

Can magnesium sulfate overdose cause long term problems?

Can my mom take Ansimar ( anti asthma drug) for long duration of time because she is suffering from asthma for a long time . Thank you ?

Can one expect long term side effects if they don't wean off antipsychotics at a very slow rate or is this the case for only some people?

Can one-time usage of mdma cause social anxiety for extended periods of time?

Can plan b reverse the effects of antidepressants temporarily and how long does that last?

Can Prazosin cause long term/permanent damage causing Sudden drops in BP years after discontinuing? I took it for 3 years then stopped with my dr help

Can Risperdal 0.5mg used for life is any problem for long use ?

Can seroqual damage my mind bc i'm taking these type of drugs for a long time?

Can someone tell me how long will i suffer from severe depression after taking tri-sprintec?

Can synedrex be taken on a long term basis by a healthy person without risk? How?

Can taking omeprazole 20mg. Long term cause bleeding?

Can taking a high amount of benzodiazapines and over a long period of time give you alzheimer's or amnesia of some sort?

Can taking anti-depressants have negative long term effects for your mind?

Can taking lamictal every day be harmful in the long run?

Can taking morphine for a long period of time cause any health problems?

Can there be some long term migraine medication available that would require you taking four weeks off work to adjust?

Can we give temazepam and oxazepam with in short interval difference to the patient?

Can whey protein affect a persons long term health even if taken in the correct dose ?

Can you get risperdal consta out of your system? How long does it last? Having complications

Can you please discuss the longterm effects of eating too much salt on a regular basis?

Can you please talk about of the long term effects of only getting 3 to 4 hours a sleep a day/night?

Can you tell me if it is true that there is a long acting form of inderal (propranolol) available?

Can you tell me in addition, how long does it generally take to become addicted at conventional therapeutic doses without snorting the pills?

Can Zoloft (sertraline) cause brain damage if used long term?

CFS and prednisone. Has anyone used this with therapeutic effect? Low dose (5mg) long term negative effects?

Could long term nicotine lozenge usage cause tinnitus? (4mg lozenges, 5-8 times per day for about 1.5 years)

Could long term use of Effexor (venlafaxine) cause severe gastrointestinal problems?

Could toradol potentially be taken long term for pain caused by pars defect if only taken once a day? OTC pretty ineffective and have to take often.

Define isosorbide monotrite usage, dosage. Any issue if it is taken for long time. Would it cause heart burn.

Do BCP have any lasting long term effects on your fertility and your body overall after you stop taking them?

Do doctors know what drugs are dangerous to the brain if taken over a long period of time as prescribed?

Do side effects of inderal (propranolol) persist even after you stop the medication - such as short term memory loss?

Do you see a problem with long term use of alprazolam .5 2x in overnight for rest and sleep. I am being treated for hypertension. It works for me.

Docs, usually how long is rehab for a drug overdose?

Doctor has decided to prescribe me diazepam low dose daily long term &I thought this was a med only for short term use? Have chronic anxiety. Thanks.

Doctors, do you think I can develop a tolerance to potassium-sparing diuretic drugs over a long period of time?

Does consuming s-atenolol 12.5mg for a long term causes sle?

Does gabapentin has lots of side effects?How about if i wish to take it long term for preventing my ongoing extreme stress which effects my capability

Does long term use of cymbalta (duloxetine) cause dementia. I mean 60 mg. for twenty or thirty years?

Does long term use of Elavil (amitriptyline) 150mg cause kidney problems?