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TWO and A half years old child has Tsh 150 how much thyroxine is needed?

Patient has been taking 10mg of Methimazole since January 2017. Is it ok to go off the Methimazole for a period of next 6months? Any risks?

? - on armour thyroid...wanted to try getting off & using the glandular thyroids from the health store - BUT I remembered about 22 years ago, they gave me a radioactive iodine pill to swallow - I had a goiter & was sluggish, gained weight - they found nod

.75mcg Synthroid (thyroxine) caused chest pains/palps. Stopped taking it after a few weeks. 3 months later still feeling them off & on. Never happen b4. Im scare?

10 weeks pregnant with increased thyroid meds every month but tsh stays at 9. Is my babies brain going to be ok?

10w pregnant and just diagnosed with gestational hypothyroidism. Level at 6. Put on Synthroid (thyroxine) 50mg. Concerned that the baby will have problems now :(?

11weeks pregnant with controlled hypothyroidsm.Taking throxine.Doctor says downsyndrom scan is upto us to do since im jus 24yrs. Should i scan? Confused!

14wks pregnant taking levothyroxin 50 have hypothyroid from 2month hair falling out in clumps what should I do taking prenatal daily soon will be bald?

16weeks pregnant with morning i take Synthroid 50 mcg for high tsh.Can i take 2tablet of tylenol (acetaminophen) with it?(also im on weekly progesterone shots)

18 y o girls has a 1,5cm thyroid gland,but hormones in blood are normal,she takes 100mg levothyrox, too high dose i think?what she can do to treat it?

2 quick things.How long do I have to keep an empty stomach before taking armour thyroid?How long before can I take armor while doing blood TSH test?

2 wk ago Synthroid (thyroxine) dose increased to .1 mcg per MD. feel very hyper even though TSH was 7.12. Could this be too much Synthroid (thyroxine)? Tachy. PVCs. Shaky

21 weeks preg, stopped PTU (propylthiouracil) about 2 months ago because it makes me sick, endo refuses to give me different meds. should I seek a new endo? No to PTU (propylthiouracil)!!

28f petite. Hypothyroidism on 75mcg levothyroxine. Regular kidney infections for 12yrs. Is there a link?

31 Female -Tested Today TSH 7.752. T3 & T4 Normal. Taking Thyronorm 25 mcg for last 7 months. Should i increase the dose?

36 weeks pregnant. Taking 50mg of levothiroxine daily. TSH/T4 perfectly normal a month ago. Baby super active, measuring 40 percentile. I'm loosing considerably weight and appetite since a week, could this be related to current dose at this stage?

4 weeks pregnant TSH jumped from 2.7 to 4.3 dosage change from 88mcg to 100mcg do I need more increased dosage? Asked to retest in one month.

4 weeks pregnant, tsh = 9.9. My doctor is adjusting my dose of levothyroxine, but should I be worried about miscarriage or other harm to baby?

5 weeks after giving birth. Have itchy neck, chest and arms. Had hypothyrodism during pregnancy and still taking thyroid medication. Could it be that?

5 years of Synthroid i stopped and started levoxyl (thyroxine) for a good 3 weeks then stopped took armour back on Synthroid did cause my hair to fall out?

50mcg levothyroxine in morning for hypothyroidism - is it ok to take amitriptyline 10mg before bed? Is a 10mg dose likely to cause heart problems?

52, F, taking thyroid meds. 30 yrs.Want to stop. My thyroid is making me over weight but doc. Says blood test are good on meds. Not convinced to cont.

6 month back i tested thyroid.TSH 5.16 , and Daily taking eltroxin 50 mcg.3 weeks back i TSH is 15.5 how I increase my tablet dossage

7 week preg, my TSH is 8.2 , earlier takng throxine sodium tab of 100 mg /6 dys.Now endoc doc advsd me 112.5 mg/7 days, gynae 125 mg/7 dys.Whom 2 follow?

7 weeks preg. And don't see my dr until 11wks preg. My TSH level is .10. I'm taking (1) 50mg/day of ptu (propylthiouracil). Is it safe to begin weaning off the ptu (propylthiouracil)?

70yo active male, still working. On levothyroxin/normal thy levels. Unless I am being very active I fall asleep for as much as 2 hours in aft. Causes?

8 month before testing my TSH was 1.5 and now suddenly reduced to 0.04 and daily i am taking thyronorm 125mg tablets. why sudden change?complications?

8 was TSH level 6 weeks ago, have been taking 75mgs eltroxin since. Will these meds help me get pregnant + how long does it take to work? Thks

8.5 weeks pregnant. I've been on thyroid medicine for years but now i can't seem to stay awake for anything! could my thyroid change while pregnant?

8days ago when tested TSH was 21, now 18 in different lab, without taking medicine has my TSH reduced? Or is it a lab mistake?

9 weeks pregnant was on .088mg of Synthroid (thyroxine) saw dr today and TSH was 4.1 so they upped my meds to .112mg. Is this increase big enough to get TSH down?

A fertility specialist wrote my wife a prescription for Synthroid (thyroxine) for a TSH of 2.9, borderline. Previous test was 2.1. What about retesting first?

Abortion in July.Trying again.Test negative.Period this monts 3 days.Taking prenetal supplements.If problem thyroid gland can I still drink vitamin ps?

After 2months of having my thyroid removed TSH level 40, taking t4175mg, getting fat.Shall i try to combine t4&t3, in which dosages?

After i was stable for 2 years on 125mg Synthroid (thyroxine) s, became very hyperthyroid. Lowered to 100mg, and free T4 still going up. What could be the reason?

After long term Synthroid (thyroxine) over dose of 200mcg for 5 years how long will it be till i feel better? Lowered to 175 cancer suppression.

After loosing 18 pounds and trying for 10 more Will my thyroid medication need to be adjusted? feeling jittery and heart racing. 125 mcg's now .

After upping my dosage of thyroid medication (since i was not seeing improvement), i'm getting anxiety. What should I do? I have hypothryoid condition

All my life since I found out that I have thyroid ive taking it in the morning fasting why bed time?

Already taking levothyroxine for 11yrs in jan ajusted meds but now thyroid is thick with nodules. So waiting on ultrasound.What does this mean?

Am 6 weeks pregnant with subclinical hypothyriodsm using 25 g I test before pregnancy my TSH 2 and now its 3.27 should I increase the dosage to 50?

Am around 6 weeks pregnant. TSH Level has been found at 40 ie. Hypothyroidism. under medication as prescribed by gyno. Is it safe for pregnancy?

Am having thyroxine for hyper thyroidisum from d last 6 mnths .It vil make any adverse effect in my body? Having thyroxine vil make hair fall?

Am hypothyroid since july i take 150 mg of Synthroid (thyroxine) which is great but still zero energy and little weight loss i go to a gp how do I get energy back?

Am on thyroxine for many years was keeping low TSH generally below .5 and was feeling great till i got into lots of skipped beats. Have now beem advisd to keep TSH above 1.5 feel bloated. But is it?

At 7ssw TSH was 0.47microu/ml, but at 8ssw was 7.45microu/ml(no therapy 2weeks).I'm 9ssw and take 75microg euthyrox.Can it harm(has harmed)the baby?

At the moment I am 275mcg daily of thyroxine but I still have every symptom 14 years on. I'm so drained, it's not working. Any suggestions please.

Atfirst i take Eltroxin 125 mcg because my TSH is 5.05 but after 6 month doctor give thyronom 125 mcg tablet.But after testing again tomorrow it found that my TSH my question is How TSH increse?Is there any problem for changing Eltroxin to thy

Atfist i take Eltroxin 125 mcg becz my Tsh is 5.05 but after 6 month doctor gave me thyronom 125 mcg..but i give blood test tommorrow and found that My TSh is 19.05.So sir my question is how Tsh incres?is there any problem to change Eltroxin to Thyronom?t

Been diagnosed and am being treated for hyperthyroidism with levothyroxine (0.05mg), felt no different before, feel no change, should I stop taking it?

Been dizzy especially when I bend down for a while now doc say my tsh levels low changed my thyroid dose. After wks of taking med can I still be dizzy?

Been getting dizzy ever since I switched from levoxyl (thyroxine) 88mcg to armour 60.? Why?

Been on armour(start dose:15, end:105) for 1 month.Found out that my free t3, (liothyronine) T4 levels as tested before taking armour are perfectly normal.So stopped taking it.Will it make my thyroid dysfunctional?:(

Been on Synthroid (thyroxine) 25mcg 3 weeks. had to stop heart palps, tremors, hbp. TSH was 3.0, ft4 .9 how long before symptoms stop? Help Please.

Been taking Synthroid (thyroxine) 1mg for 4 wks and ive recently had anxiety and depression. was taking it to make thyroid smaller, even tho thyroid was normal?

Been to 2 endos. Had half my thyroid removed. One guy says I should be on Synthroid (thyroxine) to stop remaining lobe from being over worked other said not needed due to normal blood tests. Who is right?

Before 1 month i was using levothyroxine 50mg,but now i take T4 thyroxine 100...will, increase of dosage,effect th perìod to delay..its been 1 month?

Began Armour Thyroid 2 weeks ago, in perimenopaus, no period for the past three months, just began, is it a good sign armour is working?

Borderline hypothyroid (TSH varies btw 2.7 to 4) n PCOS. Dont want to take Synthroid (thyroxine) coz of side effects, what else can I do to keep energy & mood up?

Bulge on center of neck near thyroid. Hurts to swallow. I've low iodine. If its hypothyrodisim & have to take med is it ok bc i had DVT bc of bc pills?

Bw revealed TSH 5.89. Put on 25mcg levothyroxine 60 days ago. Having heart palps, lost few lbs when BMI only 17.5. Concerned. Why these side effects?

Can 10mg carbimazole make you fat?

Can 400mg lithobid (lithium carbonate) daily cause thyroid problems? Since my TSH before-after rise from 3, 2 to 14, 3 mlu/l.

Can a person have post partum thyroiditis if they do not have a thyroid? How long after a levo increase does it take for a person to feel better?

Can a thyroid level of 4.6 makes it hard to conceive.I just started taking 25 microgram levothyroxin?

Can anastrozole make your under activethyroid go wrong?

Can being hyperthyroid affect breast milk supply? Cannot seem to regulate Synthroid (thyroxine) dose since giving birth and breast milk getting lower and lower..

Can dr interpret my thyroid levels What should be the Right dose tsh 1.50 ulU/ml freeT3 2.3pgml free t4 1.4ngdl Now taking 37.5mcg is tht a right ?

Can flouride or Cl in H2O cause hypothyroidism? shd I use a water filter,I have been diagnosed w hypothyroidism,can this help? I hve started medicine

Can hashimotos suddenly get worse? I take levothyroxine but my antibodies have sky rocketed upward. Cause?

Can hypothyroidism go away on it's own? Been on Synthroid (thyroxine) for 20 years.TSH is 1.4 . last reading 10 mo ago. Feeling sweaty at night & overactive bm.

Can I get a perception on here ? I have an under active thyroid and need to take thyroxine . I need a refill

Can i go two days without my levothyroxine?

Can I take cocodamol for short term (2-3 days) on small dose 8mg whilst being hypothyroid taking levothyroxine, last TSH test was 16?

Can I take Synthroid (thyroxine) if I think my th levels are low. i can't afford a doctor?

Can it be the sperm that causes misscariage ?..I had two and i don't know why everything is ok except hypothyroid and i take the right eltroxin dose ?

Can levoxyl (thyroxine) cause heart burn if you take it and lay down?

Can losing 18 lbs affect the Levrothroxine dose ? Feeling nervous and shaky in handslike I've taken cold meds &Hyper/What are signs if it is? 125mcg.

Can missing a week of levothyroxine cause a child to go into a hypothyroid coma?

Can my medication, synthroid, (thyroxine) cause my abdomine to swell?

Can pregnant woman take thyroxin sodium 100mcg?

Can small dose change of eltroxin 6 mcg a day make any difference to symptoms inmy case it seems so but docs. Dont agree?

Can someone with hypothyroidism who hasn't taken their Synthroid (thyroxine) in a week due to a stomach virus have a mildly swollen thyroid?

Can starting thyroid medication for hyperthyroid cause your eyes to feel funny?

Can stress cause twitching?Even if not anxious at the time? Have OCD and miscarried 3 mon. ago. Synthroid (thyroxine) dose changed but 2 wks and still twitching.

Can switching from levothyroxine generic to brand Synthroid makes period go haywire?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) stop working after a period of 8 years? Had TT in 2008 and all my hyper symptoms are back, esp. PVC's.

Can taking levothyroxine for low thyroid cause the metallic taste in my mouth after coughing?

Can there be anyone out there thats had a positive experience with synthroid (thyroxine)?

Can thyroid change from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid? Hello. I had hyperthyroid a little over a year ago. It has since been leveled out and i'm not taking medicine for it. I'm also 53 and i've been in menopause for a year and a half. Now i'm gaining weight

Can thyroid meds cause you to feel grumpy?

Can TSH 2.65 cause infertility? Im 33 taking levothyroxine 25mcg frm 50dys, now TSH- 1.95 but my menses stopped. should I take Levothy? try'g for baby

Can you go 8 weeks without levothyroxine?

Can you tell me about succeeding at going off levothyroxine?

Completely exhausted 1 wk post total thyroidectomy and on Synthroid (thyroxine) 100. When will I feel better and when should levels be checked. I don't have cance?

Could goiter cause half deaf? If not, what could cause it?

Could Synthroid (thyroxine) make you skip your period for a whole month?

Could you tell me why has my libido drastically declined since taking armour thyroid?

Currently on levothyroxine and my numbers are 1.600 and take 175 mcg. I weigh 318 lbs and feel cold and tired all the time and no energy?

Currently taking cytomel (liothyronine) and currently having lots of excess wind as in burping?