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500 mcg of B12 for women over 60?

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B12 deficiency, B12 shots regularly, but B12 continues to drop dramatically between each shot.. Underlying cause? (no anemia or other issues)

B12 deficiency. I take b12 supplements but my MCV is always on high end of normal. I also take folic acid. B12 blood tests 600. ?

B12 deficiency. I take cobalamin. Should I be taking Methylcobalam instead?

B12 is 264.8nmol/l normal between I need a vitamin B12 supplement or a vitamin b complex would be good to raise the number?

B12 level is 260 pg/ml. Taking 1000 mcg B12 methyl. per day sublingually. Can I expect my B12 level to cross 450 pg/ml at this dose in "3 MONTHS"?

B12 patch vs B12 shots > which one is more effective?

Best time of day to take b12?

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Can you overdose on vitamin b12?

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Could you tell me if vitamin B12 provides energy, why would you take it at bed time?

Could you tell me what happens if you take too much vitamin b12?

Currently on b12 shots,1000mcg a day for 5 days,then 1000 mcg a week for 5 weeks and then 1000 mcg a month for 5 months.Can I use my iron sup. 210mg?

Daily B12 intake, 2500mcg to much?

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Does vitamin B12 (in injection form) have any odor? I know vitamin b1 has but whether B12 has.

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Does vitamin B12 really use cyanide in the form of cyanocobalamin?

Dose metformin cause a vitamin B12 deficiency? I am taking this.

Dr. Khanna just answered that B12 injection only lasts 2 to 3 days - yet milligrams of B12 can be stored in the liver for years? Please explain.

Family is know for B12 deficiency. Would it be ok for me to take B12 without having it checked?

For what length of time can I take B12 methylcobalamin 2000 mcg daily?

Generally speaking, how long before a B12 injection wears off? I am deficient for b12.

Happy Thanksgiving! My rbc is 5.41 and B12 is 1900....what could this mean? I have MS and i do take a B12 supplement. Thank you!

Hi docs, would vitamin B12 1500 mcg give me energy?

Hi Doctor is it safe to take b12 supplement at 5000 mcg daily? It helps with my refulx

Hi is this vitamins or med B6 59mg, B12 500mcg, D3 1000, and folic acid 800mcg thanks?

High folate and normal b12. Not taking anything but a multivitamin. What could cause this?

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