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5'2" & 165 - 170 lbs. Hypothyroid so take levothyroxine and also prozac (fluoxetine). Occasional pvcs that were checked and no cause found.Can I take forskolin?

Am i at more risk from being academic because I have hypothyroidism taking iron tablets but am worried it will interfere with my levothyroxine?

Any reason why can thyroxine be taken orally, but insulin can't?

Are chia seeds safe for someone with hashimoto hypothyroidism taking syntroid?

Are there any fertility herbs such as vitex or red clover that can be taken while on thyroid meds for under active thyroid (Levothyroxin)?

Are there any diet pills that are safe while treating the thyroid?

Are there any good diet pills which people with an underactive thyroid can take?

As i've thyroid, i'm taking l-thyroxine 100mcg medicine since one month. Pls tell me if there are any side effects of this medicine like weight gain..

Besides being treated with levothroxin for Hashimoto condition. Are there any supplements that I should take?

Best way to lose 20 pounds when u take synthroid, (thyroxine) need lots of fiber, take cholesterol meds and have reflux disease?

Can a doctor prescribe Synthroid (thyroxine) to increase a patient's appetite?

Can anyone taking 75 mg of Synthroid (thyroxine) eat grapefruit?

Can asgwaghanda be taken long term? Me thyroid dr told me 2 stop taking levoxyl (thyroxine) because my body is producing enough. He knows I take this herb

Can hypothyroidism be associated with mild hair loss? I take my 125 of levrothroxine 5 days wk. would taking on weekends to help this ? Is it age ?

Can I continue taking garcinia cambogia tablets while I am taking medicine for hypothyroidism? Will it help ?

Can i eat now and the take levothyroxin for my thyroid in 2 hours ?

Can I mix my thyroid pill and calcium supplement?

Can i take a sex enhancer while taking thyroid medication?

Can i take a weight loss supplement such as garcinia cambodia if i also take a thyroid replacement medicine ?

Can I take actalin along with my levothyroxine? And what is the best supplement or vitamin for brain fog? I am dying of it! Help! I'm on 100 mcg Levo

Can I take amberen (for menopause) with levothyriodxine thyroid medication?

Can I take amberen with levothyroxine thyroid medication(.25mg)?

Can i take any thing to help with my weight when am on levothyoxine?

Can i take anything to help me lose weight? I have a hypothyroid problem and take 150mcg levoxyl (thyroxine)

Can i take apple cider vinegar as a cold remedy when i take metropolol 50 mg and levoxyl (thyroxine) 75mcg ?

Can i take armor thyroid with prednisone?

Can I take biotin with methimazole? I'm in remission but they still want me to take it

Can i take brewers yeast if I am taking levothyroxine?

Can i take coq10 as a supplement for good health. I am a hypothyroid patient, TSH 7.76 . Taking thyronorm 50 mg, if yes then what strength?

Can i take dianette with hyperthyroidism?

Can i take dim with thyroid pills?

Can i take euthyrox before exercise?

Can I take herbal cleanse on armour thyroid?

Can I take maca root if i have low thyroid?

Can I take Mucinex Fast-Max if I take 97.5 MG of Nature Throid for Hypothyroidism and have Hashimoto's disease?

Can i take oxyelite pro with hypothyroidism?

Can I take super hd cellucor if I have thyroid problems and am taking Synthroid (thyroxine) to control it?

Can i take supper hd supplaments while on levothyroxin?

Can lemon balm be taken with an under active thyroid?

Can macrobiotics replace or wean me from thyroid hormone pills?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) be used for people who doesn't eat enough to increase their appetite?

Can taking a prescription anti-inflammatory medicine (Mobic) interfere with thyroid biopsy (FNA) results? Or a daily allergy pill (Claritin)?

Can taking acai berry affect my thyroxine levels?

Can the ppi rabeprazole decrease absorption of Armour Thyroid tablets? And if so how many hours should you give between taking them?

Can thyriod be made normal without daily pills ?

Can u take pantethine and Synthroid (thyroxine) together? I have a thyroid condition and wan to take the b vit to lower my ldl

Can under people with under active thyroid on levothyroxine medication take raspberry ketone?

Can you be addicted to taking 3x the amount a day of levothyroxine?

Can you help? Could taking diet pills cause serious complications if taken with synthroid (thyroxine)?

Can you take acaia berry if you have a thyroid problem?

Can you take BMR complex -1 capsule per day-with Synthroid (thyroxine) for long term ?

Can you take herbalife with thyroid problems?

Can you take raspberry ketone while on anti thyroid medication?

Can you take Suboxone if you have a thyroid condition?

Can you take the supplement dim if you are hypothyroid?

Can you take thyroid medication at night instead of in the morning? I heard it would help with fatigue.

Can you take thyroid medicine an be pregnant?

Can you take your thyroid pill at night instead of the morning. Would it give you more energy that way?

Can you tell me exactly when is the best time to take my thyroid medicines and my vitamins?

Could I take Levothyroxine sodium 50mcg while being on birthcontrol? What will be the affects? How should take them? I'm only 17 and 85 pounds.

Could you tell me what happens if i stop taking levothyroxin for my thyroid for 8 weeks?

Did anyone developed thyroid problems after taking bladderwrack for slimming?

Do I need to take kelp for hypothyroidism?

Do i need to take synthetic T3 (liothyronine) along with the levothyroxine i'm already taking?

Do i really need to maintain a time gap(2hrs before and 1hr after) between taking meals and armour thyroid, even when I am taking it sublingually?

Do these medications interact? Synthroid 100mcg, metformin (500*3 times a day), emoquette, prenatal

Do your patients on Armour Thyroid to chew their dose or take sublingual? What's the difference in absorption between the two?

Does coffee really interfere with thyroid medication absorption?

Does menopause affect your dose of Synthroid (thyroxine) and if so, do most women end up taking more or less medication after menopause?

Does soy interfere with absorbsion of levothyroxin?

Dose rhodiola or any other natural fertility help effect a person on levothyroxine and regulates hypothyroidism. What other things should I avoid?

Food to be taken for hypothyroid?

Had Total Thyroidectomy 2 months ago, I'm on 62 mg t4-levothyroxine each morning, can i start taking Protein powder that contains soya each afternoon?

Have been on thyroxine/eutroxsig for 20 years 150 daily. Dr has given me new script for levothyroxine sodium. Is it safe to change over.

Having thyroid removed in 5 days. Are vitamims still ok to take? does echinacea thin blood?

Help docs! Would it make sense to take levothyroxine if you have hyperthyroidism?

Hi doc what is the best food for goiter?? And what medication should I take? Thanks

Hi doc! I have a thyroid problem is it safe to take thyrax 25? Thanks

Hi I have been diagnosed with overactive thyroid & been put on both neomercazole & levothyroxine. Is there any diet pills i can take .

Hi I have suffered with an underactive thyroid for years now and have been recommended to take aloe vera. Can you please advise is the forever aloe b?

Hi, I am taking levothyrocsine for hypothyroidism. Is it safe to take raspberry ketones supplement. I am desperate. Please help. Hi, I am taking levothyrocsine for hypothyroidism. Is it safe to take raspberry ketones supplement. I am desperate to loose we

Hi! I'm taking medicines for hyperthyroidism, Thryrozol. Can you please tell me if i'm consuming herbalife is affecting my health?

Hi., dr.What i supposed/supposed not to eat in hypothyroidism.

How can I cure hypothyroid? what can I eat to get better without medication? Can I stop taking levothyroxin 100 mcg I'm losing bunches of hair.

How long after a total thyroidectomy does it take to tell if your parathyroids have been taken out or injured.Its been 4 weeks now take 9 cal 3 vit?

How long before an increase in Synthroid (thyroxine) from 5 tabs of 25 mcg to 8 tabs each week takes full effect for hypothyroidism treatment?

How long do I have to wait after taking my thyroid medicine can I eat something.?

How long does it take for hair loss to improve when taking levothyroxine?

How long does it take to dissolve a thyroid nodule?

How long does it takes for thyroxine to reverse constipation caused by hypothyroidism?

How long is it supposed to it take for Armour Thyroid to work?

How long is it supposed to it take for the thyroid to recover from excessive iodine intake?

How long would it take for TSH back to normal after taking anti thyroid medications?

How many hours after can I take calcium supplements when i take rabeprazole and armour thyroid?

How much l tyrosine should I take for hypothyroidism?

How much l tyrosine should I take for thyroid safely a day?

How much ltyrosine should I take if I have hypothyroidism?

How much of biotin should a person take with thyroid problems?

How to reduce anti thyroid anti bodies ?or at least make sure it does not increase any more? currently on thyrowell tablets

I am 13 weeks pregnant. I am on Synthroid (thyroxine) 50 mcg and citranatal DHA vitamins. I also had a hepatitis at an age of 5. Can i eat two grapefruits a day or will it interact with medications listed above?