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Are you able to tell me if it would be OK for me to take glucosamine and chondroitin tablets AS WELL as using the 24/7 patches?

1.Can i take borth control on methotraxate? 2.Is it safe to take folic acid the same day? 3.Can I drink apple cider vineger while on the medication?

29/male 215lbs. Want to take Ginkgo supplement. What is safe dose? I am otherwise healthy and only medication is prozak 40mg daily. Will there be any side effects?

4th month. Shall i take probiotics supplements.Is it safe during pregnancy?If it safe then at what stage i hav to take this tablets? and duration?

After been vitamind deffecency to 16 I am taking 10000iu how long it takes to feel the difference

Also, I'm 37 weeks 2 days pregnant and prescribed nitrofurantoin. I've read not to take it at 38 weeks and above. Am I too close or is it safe to take?

Am i right that it's no issue to take cranberry herbal supplements along with antibiotics?

Am i suppose to stay away from orangejuice completely while taking allegra (fexofenadine) d? If so, can I take a vitamin C supplement?

Am taking arimidex (anastrozole) and having terrible hot flushes.Is sage tablets safe to take with this?

Any benefit from taking advaclear?

Are all muti vitamins the same? I've been taking "berkly and jensen" brand for months and feel no different i even split them and take half at bedtime.

Are eyevital/riconia caps (multivitamin antixoidants) safe to take along with lutein+zeaxanthine supplements for an extended period? Contraindication?

Are there any known issues taking Centrum Multivitamin (Men) with Inner Health Plus? Am I able to take these together or should I space them apart? ty

Are there true benefits from taking probiotics? When and why are they recommended? Exactly what do they do?

Are there ways to just take a tumour out and be fine?

Are you supposed to take aspirin and milk to reduce cancer?

Been on 20 mg of Prozac (fluoxetine) capsule form for 5 months would like to decrease to 10 mg can I take out half the powder how would I measure?

Been taking a mens one a day vitamin now for a week. How long before I notice a difference?

Benefits of taking L-Arginine? What's the best time to take it in relation to exercise?

Best time to take vitamin E and codliver capsule? Can both be taken together? Please advice for any precautions. Best if taken with ?

Can I take black cohosch whilst taking ramapril ?

Can a person who has diabetes take alka selser?

Can anyone say about the sideeffects of aspirin and is it advisable to take it as a daily supplement?

Can anyone take probiotic supplements? If yes, should I? If no, who should?

Can i breastfeed and take Nu-seals 75mg(aspirin)?if not what can i take instead?heparine?

Can I just take inexpensive zinc tablets to ward off a cold instead of the more expensive Zicam or cold-eeze?

Can i safely take coq-10 with everything that i take?

Can I still take my protein powder if it has already technically expired?

Can i take "skinny fiber" with the other medications i take?

Can I take 10 mg cyclobenzaprine when I don't actually need it? Thanks in advance.

Can I take 2 different probiotics ? Or take one kind when needed/ the other kind when need or every other day vary between the 2? I took Philips Colon

Can i take 5 htp with prilosec? I also take vitamins like B12 and d3.

Can I take a BCAA supplement shortly after taking my Levothyroxine or do I have to wait the 45-60 minutes? Thanks

Can I take a chewable multivitamin and chewable probiotic at the same time? And will they mess with anxiety medicine burspar?

Can i take a goody powder with amoxocilian?

Can I take all 3 together joint glucosamine & ghondroitin & electrolyte plus and sambucol all together they are vitamins ? The first I take 4 tennise

Can I take Alli and minocycline together? Thanks in advance.

Can i take amoxicillin while on nutrex lipo 6 capsules?

Can i take antivirals while breastfeeding? Can not find the same answer twice! thank you, in advance!

Can I take Aspirine along with Clarithromycin? I also take Escitalopramum on a daily basis. Thank you very much for the answer!

Can i take autrin capsules while we plan for a baby?

Can I take beta carotene when I'm on accutane? Thanks in advance.

Can I take both my lithium pills at night? Thanks in advance.

Can I take Capsule Rabimac for one week?

Can i take centrophenoxine together with gerovital gh3?

Can i take citracal in place of rocalcitriol?

Can I take doxycycline with my supplements? Thanks in advance.

Can i take enterogermina capsule everyday. ?

Can I take garlic with an anticoagulant? Thanks.

Can i take goody powders with amococillian?

Can i take growrich vco capsule if I have or used to have hyperthyroidism please ans thanks a lot ':?

Can i take junior motrin with doxycycline? I am 112lbs and the box says take 3 for up to 95lbs. How many and are they okay to take together?

Can i take lifes fortune multi-vitamins after taking lisinopril?

Can i take liposix black hers while on cipralex? Do they react together or its okay?

Can I take medication like mefenamic and rowatinex if I'm breastfeeding? Thanks in advance.

Can I take more than 2000 mg of lysine a day? Thanks in advance.

Can i take multivitamin along with natureway PMS supplement. Also is it ok take the PMS supplement everyday. Along with bioton?

Can I take multivitamins with fruta planta diet pill? Thanks in advance.

Can i take my 2 chewable bellybar prenatal multivitamin together or one in the morning n then in the evening? I want to take together if its fine.

Can i take oxyelite pro with a new piercing?

Can I take papaya enzyme tablets to ease digestion while pregnant?

Can i take primrose regularly for long tym.m 27 yrs old female?

Can i take pycnogenol for endometriosis without any prescription? If yes then how much?

Can I take sam e and DHA together? Thank you!

Can I take senna with vitaminas or will it affect absorption? If not how long in between

Can i take surbex t with there any danger in doing that?

Can I take testosterone to enhance my muscles ? If yes what should b the dosage ?

Can i take the medicine named surbex? Which have zinc-vitamine e, b-complex.In the age of 17.Just want to know if no harmful so can I take?

Can i take usana biomega while taking anti TB drugs (fixcom4)?

Can i take vitamax plus with genuphil , and for how long can I take vitamax without being harmful ?

Can i take? Can i take vpx meltdown? Is it safe? Does it work? Or should I take hCG drops? Thank you

Can intake of zinc tablet stop or reduce hairfall? If it can how long should a person take it?

Can medicine capsules be broken and take the inside of the capsule by itself?

Can one take v3 max in the morning and take carcinoma cambodia in the afternoon for diet control?

Can something you buy from shops for menopause be ok to take because i don't want to take h.R.T?

Can toddlers safely take digestive enzymes on a regular basis?

Can you get sick from probiotics. Are they safe to take. Any risks taking them. What's a recommended brand?

Can you help me with other good herbs to take for good breath?

Can you mix/take different fiber together? For example, Metamucil pills, and a wal-mart brand of fiber gummies?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to take spirulina?

Can you please tell me why it'srecommended that people with glaucoma don't take midol and the like?

Can you safely take Longinexx if you are 24-years-old?

Can you take a high strength omega 3 supplement at the same time as you take say 40mg statin in the evening? Thank you

Can you take a multi-vitamin along with dexilant?

Can you take any herbs to makje bunions better?

Can you take Benecol drinks with warfarin? I can't find any information?

Can you take Cat's Claw while taking Omeprasole, also can you take it with Milk Thistle?

Can you take centrum multivitamin twice today if you are very active individual and it takes a lot of work for you to walk into every day activities?

Can you take digestive advantage with plavax?

Can you take EPO hormone in capsule form?

Can you take extenze if your on accuatin?

Can you take famora tablets together with homeophathy treatment?

Can you take HGH if you use lisinopril?

Can you take maca root pill form and geritol complete together?

Can you tell me about it's like to take venofer while breastfeeding?

Can you tell me for which disease we take novaclox capsule?

Can you tell me how i can take prohormones the right way?

Can you tell me when they say not to take aspirin or paracetomol with gingko biloba, do they mean over a long period of time?

Could I take diflunisal(dolobid) along with lipo 6 black ultra concentrate?

Could it be generally safe to take over-the-counter pills/vitamins?