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Is 500 mg as useful as 325mg Aspirin for Heart Attack As only seem to sell 500 mg in this area.Or would it be better broken in half to be taken ?

, i'm a 64 year old woman on several medications including blood pressure insulinmorphine prozac (fluoxetine).Lost insurance am I going to die without my meds?

(16 yrs) have health anxiety, parents have stopped taking me seriously won't take me to doctor. Muscle spasms, on and off headaches.

10 yr oldNephew has major anxiety (like me) but dr has him on klonopin (clonazepam).5 x 2day. I'm concerned as he said NOT addictive but I've been on it for years had a hard time coming off still?

20 mg Ambien (zolpidem) and 10 mg Lexapro daily. Can you OD on this? I keep it locked but at same time concerned. What to be aware of potential issues.

38 year smoker. On Prozac and lorazepam. Dr. Gave me prescription for chantex. Scared to try it. Is it safe?

88 yr old mother confused; should inderal (propranolol) be switched to water soluble form of medication? No problems before confusion.

A 13 year girl is cutting put her in a hospital for distured kids. Dr. Wants to put her on prozac (fluoxetine). What ill effects could this on her. Is her brain ok to handle this drug.

A friend of mine seems to be relying on hydrocodone for anxiety this problematic?

A lot of stress BP tests rate me as extreme stress amount. Could the reading be off due to medications i take? Baclofen, vicodin and atarax (hydroxyzine)

A persaon with a paradoxical reaction to benzos., are they isolated/freak incidences or does it happen everytime that person takes the same benzo?

After 1 mo. Off lorazapam, I have vivid dreams. How long before these neuro effects calm down? They occured thru withdrawal. Intensity now greater

After a few months on 2.0 mg of klonopin (clonazepam) -can it build up and make you tired? Or perhaps the holiday blues?

After drinking 3 glasses of red wine...Im.Starting to have like a panic attack...I became anxious..I can't sleep..Is it safe to take .25 mg of lorazepa?

After many years & without warning, my dr. cut my methadone from 60 mg/ day to 10mg/day. Is this safe? Im having an extremely difficult time!

After my doctor made me feel like a drug seeker today, I've taken my Fentanyl patch off and am no longer taking my other meds. Is this dangerous?

All my life, any meds I take, I never experience any side effects (except antihistamines) who make me tired rarely. Are such strong persons common?

Also may of had job burnout too much for too long not just long hours but environment chaotic for months, is lorazapam or anti depressant helpful ?

Am i eligible for a medical marijuana card in colorado? I have insomnia but have never actually been "treated" for it. I have taken a few OTC pills which have antihistamines in them which i already have to take for allergies. I just wake up with a "hungov

Am i the only one that finds Xanax (alprazolam) extremely useful when in comes to getting my work done? It works similar to ADHD meds. Is there replacement?

Am recovering porn addict. Doc asks to try a short course of prozac (fluoxetine) 10mg to aid recovery. Would it be a good idea to try considering the side effects?

Ambien (zolpidem) seems to take away most of my physical pain-is this possible? Obviously impossible to use it 4 that even if it was rx'd 4 that, is it real?

And I hate being on Prozac klonopin ambien (zolpidem) and add medicine and lots others and I would rather smoke marihuana because it helps all of these problems better for me. But I get drug tested. ?

Are psychiatric medications really safe? I'm upset that i took them and at everyone who suggested i take them. I feel they are jealous and want to cur

Are sleeping pills dangerous for person with glaucoma?

Are sleeping tablets risky for those with meningioma please?

As i have said that i hv taken overdose of ativan (lorazepam) many times now m suffering from its side effects like NT being able to concentrate breathing problem?

Been reading do I have to ask the pharmacy to getklonopin the real instead of clonzepam wwhat's the difference?

Been taking 100mg haldol (haloperidol) injection for 2 years. Have trouble speaking properly because of tongue. Why do I have trouble and how long until wears off?

Been taking Depakote for migraines for 2 weeks and I've noticed I'm having bad mood swings . Can that happen even though its used for that purpose?

Been taking Zoloft (sertraline) for a few months and piled on the pounds and my trousers don't fit unless elasticated so will I loose it if I stop the drug?

Can a 1/8 cup nyquil calm a person for public speaking?

Can a doctor force you to take a known allergic medicatioin if he feels it would benefit your condition?

Can a drug or poison make you mental? I was given something 2 weeks ago and scared. hardly speaking :(

Can a elderly person sick from chemo who took 40mgs of Xanax (alprazolam) and mixed it with a high dose of colonidine weight 111 die?

Can a person lose his hearing or vision from accidentially overdosing on a presciption mediacation?

Can Adderall really cause sudden death as some studies suggest? If so, how likely is this to happen in a healthy individual taking it as prescribed?

Can ativan (lorazepam) get someone high if using it too often?

Can Benadryl (diphenhydramine) trigger mania? Every time I take it I become extremely agitated regardless of the fact that I am taking Trileptal for BPD type 1.

Can clonozapam make you appear drunk and how long after taking it does it last?

Can dilaudid and ativan (lorazepam) combo cause dillusions and breaking in and out of reality? My husband takes it. I am looking for answers to odd behavior.

Can drinking alcohol 8 hours after taking 1 mg of Xanax (alprazolam) create a vision problem such as seeing spectrums of light of various colors. ?

Can healthy 17 and 15 yr olds take scopolamine or is there a better med for seasickness that won't put them to sleep? Will be in very stormy seas.

Can i safely take pseudophedrine w/adderall?Cardiac risk w/both, but no otherotc meds help w/o making me foggy w/finals soon, i shouldn't skip adderal, but allergies distract too.If not, any suggestions?

Can i smoke marinuana while taking 100mg doses of minocycline 2 times a day? I've read that people have experienced depersonalization. Is it true?

Can i take 450 mg of valerian root though for anxiety? Just curious

Can i take klonopin (clonazepam) with royal jelly since the last one modifies brain chemistry ?

Can i take lithium every day for my whole life without it hurting me?

Can i work as a firefighter while taking Xanax my wife has stage 4 breast cancer and the stress was giving me anxiety. I was prescribe .05 mg Xanax 2x per day i feel it has helped me. However i don't know how my employer will feel about it

Can medicines for bipolar disorder(valence od500mg valium10mg serenace all once)be taken with dental bridge medicine painkillr antibiotic and bcomplex?

Can Narcan (naloxone) be effective with a person who takes lortab for pain and drinks alcohol on top of it, and appears to "check out", i.E. Become inarticulate?

Can overdosing on adderal permanently mess up my mind?

Can predisone make a person fidgety? And how long after the last dose of 10 mg 28 pills (7 to 1) is it out of your body. I need zanax to calm down!

Can prolonged Adderall use lead to heart problems? I am a 27 year old guy. I'm in great physical shape, and have never experienced any health issues. I do have add, and have been prescribed Adderall for a couple of years. I take about 30mg per day on aver

Can propranylol make you disinterested / unambitious even a few days after you take it? I thought the half life was a few hours

Can street cut cocaine 0.50g and medical 10mg diazepam make you very sleepy. As one is downer but surely the cocaine should give you up feeling. Thank?

Can taking medicine like a strong sleeping pill effect the results of an EEG to show positive i?

Can two days of lorazapan at 2.5 mg cause withdrawals like headache? I've been very responsible when taking these pills.

Can you give an elderly patient with a UTI and is having altered mind states in and out klonopin (clonazepam) to calm them down ?

Can you re-write me a prescription for Xanax (alprazolam) 2mg XR, since my anoxic brain injury which was in March they cut me off and my life is just getting worse?

Can you take Valium before a colposcopy? I have severe anxiety when it comes to needles and medical procedures, as they don't use anesthesia for colposcopy, they say an ib profrium is okay. Is taking a Valium to help with both pain and fainting or nausea

Can you tell me how to get over my addiction of overdosing myself with prescribed drugs whenever I am upset or angry?

Can you tell me what is another word for an excessive dose, especially of a narcotic?

Concerned about my tolerance to Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) as I am at maximum dosage and do n ot receive the benefits anymore and finding myself going back into anti social behaviors like previously. Alternative meds?

Confused on potency of lorazapam is 2 mgs a safe dose if stress at work is keeping me awake a bit nervous on multiple projects etc?

Could a person have overdose symptoms from a single dose of 2mgs of lorazapam 1st time ever taken if so what would be the likely symtoms ?

Could of taken klonopin (clonazepam) for 2 years at a high doses damaged my memory for good. I have been off four 4 months, i forget things like where i'm going?

Could taking painkillers like paracetamol affect judgement and coordination skills?

Could xanex alone ever have killed any one?

Curious as to why can't people with acute narrow-angle glaucoma take xanax (alprazolam)?

Daily user of lortab10/325.Desperately trying 2 get off it.I dontsleep well.Are there dangers in using time released melatonin at same time as lortab?

Dentist prescibed valium. Thought it was dangerous.?

Depression cause as a result of child birth, taking prosac , tegretol and a sleep doze. This develop into type2 diebets.Can i really get a suitable cure?

Disney crowds make me VERY nervous/panicky. Dr Rx'd me 0.5mg Xanax (alprazolam). I took it. Calmed me but made me sleepy & uninterested. Any other recs?

Do all muscle relaxers interfere with GABA in brain?For instance Methocarbamol I feel it interferes with clonazepam Intake. Getting nervous,anxious.

Do female pornstars take drugs before performing hardcore scene.What type of drugs they take.It seems they do not experience pain while performing it

Do have Ambien (zolpidem) for sleeping, how common is it for people to have the side effects of not remembering to doing quite some dangerous things. Thank you ?

Do people experience withdrawals from using diphenhydramine to get high?

Do you know if a person can take to much Dilantin and get into trouble?

Doc gave me 0.5 mg Lorazepam to take only for social situations to relax spasticity issue. It induces nausea now when it didn't before or ever. Why?

Doc prescribed 0.5 mg Lorazepam for relaxing spasticity in stressful situation. It expired 1/10/14 Need to take one tomm. Okay? I take only when need

Doc recommended lorazapam for mentally fatigued and stressed at corp job i read1st dose should be maybe .O5 to .5 pres was 1 mg up to 2 mg. High dose?

Doctor has given me co-codomol 60mg for my wisdom teeth and every night i'm having nightmares waking up crying+panic attacks etc is this a side effect?

Doctors, from all your experience, how likely is it I'll die from brain damage from taking drugs like vraylar and invega? I'm 28 and have since 13

Does a dental injection always give anxiety or it that only in the blood? Do the anxiety effects wear off quick? How long? Should I be worried?

Does anyone who takes baclofen get hallucination?

Does aspirin overdoes effect your psychology, experience things that abnormal?

Does diazepam make hemorrhoids worst?

Does diazepam taken on day interfere with general anasthetic drugs? To make ga last longer or misjudge dose etc?

Does hydrocodone medication affect an 80 years old hear voices?

Does it matter if 2mg of diazepam taken for Meniere's is taken on a daily basis or just when the feeling of fullness of the ear becomes apparent?

Does long-term use of Ambien cause cancer I have been told for the past 5 years that Ambien is a safe medication to use for sleep (i even asked my dorctor if it caused any types of cancer). I have taken it regularly, with few negative effects - it has hel

Does sensitive to antihistamine mean you get sleepy easily? Then it should be a good one because we used lesser dose ?

Does taking opiate increase the likelihood of getting nightmares?

Don't know while driving in a split second i either doze off or blackout how can I tell the difference should I start taking aspirin again?

Dr gave zolpidam to mom. used stronger pills but said not to take them anymore and use this insted.its been 2 days but had body movement and anxiety?

Dr has my mom on valium 5mg 2 times a day and percocet 7.5 mg 2 times a day... is this safe?.. I always thought it could cause breathing problems

Dr has my mom taking valium 5mg 2 times a day and percocet 7.5 mg 2 times a day ... is that safe? Thought it would cause breathing problems

Dr prescription me 5mg methadone 3x a day for pain. I also take ambiencr 12.5. Dr didn't mention anything but I read it could make me stop breathing. This true?

Dr. Grin, li was short hand for lithium 900 mg sorry I ran out of space. I was told by pdoc Advil (ibuprofen) raises lithium level. Not to take it. Thank you ?