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anemic, can iron pills cause drop in Bp? Noticed mine drops after taking iron and get short of breath no other health issues, had hysterectomy 05.

What Foods apart from taking iron pills will give me blood quickly?And how often shld i exercise ?I'm anemic due to Fibroids .Clots are like an Egg.

27 weeks pregnant and anemic, what causes anemia? GP has given some iron tablets

28wks preg. Low ferritin 7, STFR 20.7, hemoglobin 11.3- is this iron deficiency anemia from pregnancy? Have had IDA in past,stopped taking iron pills

29 weeks pregnant, iron is low but iron pills or prenatals make me sick. Anything recommended also have dizziness and panic attacks are these related?

29w pregnant.Hemoglobian 11.2 taking slow release45mg ferrous sulfate every other day.No prenatal vitamin.Is this too much?Gives me a slight headache

30 weeks pregnant. Diarrhea for About 2 weeks. Taking iron supplements and stomach feels almost heavier at times. Still have lots of movement from bab?

35 weeks pregnant and my iron level is 103. Is that quite low?? I am now starting iron supplements. How long before i start to feel better? Thanks

36 weeks pregnant. Really constipated. Overdosing on iron pills?

43yr,fibrid,hvy periods,lysteda 8tab 500mg,hb-13,ferritin-27,what does that mean?if needed pls sugest gentle iron sup,cant tolerate regular,Spatone ok

43yr,hvy periods,intramural fibroid,Is "Country Life Easy Iron 25mg ferrous bisglycinate" it really gentle on stomach? can u name Best gentle iron sup

47yr old f with anemia. Taking iron and centrum vitamins but still feeling very sleepy and tired...What can be the cause?

A female friend of mine started taking a 85 mg iron supplmnt she bought from a health & nutrit store. She has spotty bleeding when she takes them. Why?

A month ago i was informed i had no iron left in my body, how can this happen when I have been taking iron. Have also experienced breathlessness.

After a blood test I have anemia , i took iron tablet sangobion . I also take pollen and ganoderma is it ok? Thanks

All of a sudden I've stopped absorbing iron. I just finished my second infusion. What could be the cause?

Always tired & fatigued. Doc says get a good multivitamin & iron because of menstral flow. What is best product to take? So many out there

Am 70yrs. I had bad depresion for 14 month, eat once daily and sleep 3 hrs. Does that cause macrocytic anemia. B12, folic ok. Can it be bad absorption?

And in how long could I lye down after taking my iron pill?

Anemia and vitamin d deficienct wont go away with prescriptions what's the next step?

Anemia so i take iron tablet (sangobion ) for almost 5 mth, everyday take 1 tablet, going to do a retest for blood test next mth. Will i overdose?

Anemic and taking OTC 325mg Iron. Is there any way to tell if my iron level is up before next exam? Does constipation mean it is working? yes or no???

Anyone know what is a surefire way to build your blood back up besides taking iron pills?

Are americans getting to much iron?

B12 deficiency with low iron. Eat meat regularly. Why did this happen? Can B12 def cause low iron? Not taking anything for acid reflux or other meds

Been donating Plasama. HCT readings have been 31, 35, 37. I started taking iron supplement. Is it suitable for me to donate.

Been on cont birth control year round for past year and half. I have above normal iron (iron binding capacity). Other iron levels normal. Cold it be from the pill continuous. Don't eat red meat.

Been taking iron supplements for 8 weeks now and iron is not increasing but decreasing. What could be wrong. Seeing a hematologist soon. Cancer?

Been told I am anemic and have 3mg of iron in blood, i'm taking the tablets I have been prescribed for over a year, but don't feel any better.?

Begun iron tablets a few days ago and was on my period now it's really painful and I can't stand straight. Is it the tablets fault?

Blood test showed anaemia but heavy periods have been controlled (noriday) and I eat a lot of iron rich foods, so how can I be anaemic?

Blood test showed I have low iron so i take iron tablets 3 a day but i get constipation dark green poo and now for the past days feel very sickā€¦?

Brown blood at start of period and iron deficient for 2 yrs?

Can ciprotab without blood tonic or supplements delay menstruation?

Can ferrous sulfate affects my period delay?

Can having hemolytic anemia stop me from getting pregnant?

Can having low iron stop you from getting pregnant?

Can I have some wine after taking iron tablet (14mg)? Not anaemic, but have tendency to have low iron during period - why i've taken it! thanks!

Can i take a iron pill. Doc said i'm anemic. Would it hurt if i took and didn't need it?

Can I take an iron supplement during my period? Had it on/off for two and a half weeks,pretty sure I'm getting anemic.

Can iron deficiency anemia cause lighter periods? read mixed info here so I'm confused. I notice lighter periods the last 2 mos & have iron def anemia

Can iron pills affect taste?

Can iron pills give you a rash?

Can iron pills make me tired? Started 325mg 3 times a day for iron deficiency anemia. I'm taking naps, I never take naps. Never felt so tired.

Can iron pills make me tired? Started 325mg 3 times a day, iron deficiency anemia. Taking naps, I never take naps. Headaches, dizzy, chest pain. Norm?

Can iron tablets affect your period?

Can it be beneficial for a young man to take a multivitamin with 18mg iron if he is worried about being tired often? Could the iron hurt him?

Can low iron make you nauseous? Not pregnant.

Can not eating enough iron cause you to have ?Light periods?

Can reduced iron intake cause missed periods?

Can taking a multivitamin/multimineral pill cause your complete blood count to appear normal, and actually mask a problem in the body?

Can taking folic acid make your period lighter? Im on the pill, taking folic acid due to low levels. My last 2 periods have since been very light to the point of hardly there

Can taking iron pills be the reason of bleeding easily?

Can the oral contraceptive pill cause iron overloading? And if so, should it be stopped (my doctor has ruled out hemochromatosis)?

Can you drink if ur anaemic?

Can you get hyplori / stomach infection from taking too much iron supplement ?

Can you get stomach inflammation with regular acid reflux few months after u stopped iron if you took iron for a prolonged time?

Can you please tell me which form of iron causes the least constipation as a treatment for anaemia. Thank you.

Can you tell me if I have a phobia of iron pills and liquids. Will my iron and blood levels get lower every time I have my period?

Can your iron anemia get worse or will it stay how it is?

Constipated since starting iron. Cures?

Could you tell me what happens if i consume too much iron?

Could you tell me why my iron pills aren't working and what can I do?

Do I need "blackmore pregnancy and breastfeeding gold" while breastfeeding? I had high iron level before related to taking their "conceive well".

Do iron pills help my period?!?. I have a prolonged period and my aunt who is a nurse told me to take iron pills.

Do people ever get anaphylaxis from taking ferrous sulfate? I have to take it 3x a day because I'm anemic. I'm scared something bad will happen

Doc gave me 325mg of ferr.sulfade for anemia. im 10/12normal but didnt take a pill. is it normal to feel dizzy?

Doctor said i'm mildly anemic, doesn't require iron pills.But i'm exhausted. And winded easily. Should i take a multivitamin?

Does anyone give iron shots? I hate pills but pregnant and low blood.

Does it mean that its normal to start periiod rhe day I started taking iron supplements.should I be worried.

Does low iron & vitaman b cause yellow poop?

Does low iron cause constant headaches? How long before my iron pills start working?

Does ovulation cause cravings like the period or might it be because of Iron supplements?

Does taking aspirin every day make you anemic?

Due to anemia, i often faint or almost faint. I cannot take iron pills. What can I do to stop this symptom?

During pregnancy I took 27 mg supplements of iron due to anemia my baby is now 3 months and I realized after switching my prenatals to one that has 27mg of iron in it already and also taking the extra 27 mg supplements as well that I have been taking abou

Extreme fatigue and dizziness relieved by taking an iron B12 and folate (folic acid) for a few days. Today fbc normal, not anemia?

Ferritin 7, Hb 11.5, 56kg female w/heavy menses, trying to correct IDA and conceive. How many mg IV iron will cause iron overload? Thanks!

Ferritin was 5 (10-120) in may, muscles burn bad now.I want to take iron to prevent anemia. What kind and dosage is best? I am celiac; now have sibo.

Ferrous sulfate 3x a day, I've only been doing it twice because I get really dizzy after taking it. Why do I get dizzy? I need to take it I'm anemic

For anemia & high cholesterol, i started taking iron and red yeast rice. Since then my reg 28 day cycle has become menstruating ev 12-14 days! cause?

Found out i'm slightly anemic at 28 weeks pregnant. I eat all the top ten iron-rich foods daily. My prenatal has little calciu and 100% iron. What more?

Foundout my iron is 31, ferritin is 5.Really worried.I bleed heavily 2 of 5 period days. Is that enough to cause this?I feel fine+started supplements.

H/h of 7.4/27.7; total Fe 10; %Fe sat 2. Too low to be just from periods? Or likely something else going on? Was taking Fe pill/day, now to start IV.

Have had period for day 13. Skipped march. Can taking iron help with the amount of blood being lost? What can be done to slow it down?

Having a very heavy period and am very tired. Should i consume more iron?

HB count at 9.8 even after taking folvane iron prescribed tablets. M 34 weeks it dangerous and not good for the baby? What can I do more?

Heavy menstrual bleeding for 3 weeks. Felt anemic. Took iron supplement 52 mg iron/1040 mg s cerevisiae. Is that too much?

Heavy periods until started iron supplements 322mg x2 per day ferrous fumarate, then no period for 6 months. Not pregnant. Can supplement cause this ?

Hello ..I am a 34 years old ..had ablation In june .bleeding for weeks with 1week break In between ..If lucky..Im anemic..I take Iron daily ?

Hello doc!im worried that my blood count is low during menstruation.what should i do?Is it normal for a mom like me?Im thinking of taking ferrous sulf

Hello! I am a 44year old women who has always been irregular. I have 22-79 days between periods.Is it dangerous to eat iron supplements when i'm late?

Help ! Doctor gave me iron fumarate 300mg twice a day for low iron 44 range 80-300 But every time u take the pill I have SERIOUS shoulder pain, why???

Hemoglobin 11.8 Ferritan 7 is it ok to conceive? Take Ferrex 150mg BID. Had anemia due to heavy periods

Hemoglobin 7. Been taking the iron dr prescribed but it's not getting better. I'm so tired. How long does it take to get hemoglobin back to normal?

Hemoglobin of 9.7 and ferritin 5 and iron saturation 5. Do I have to take iron? I have stomach issues and am concerned with the effects on my stomach.

Hey I have been taking iron pills and my skin has took on a darker complexion will it go back to being lighter if i stop taking the iron supplement?

HgB 10.7 x2 mos. ago- taking oral iron- now 11.6- Ferritan went from 6 to7 in 2 mos- Dr said IV iron, is this necessary?

Hi doctor im pregnant 33 week iron capsul good for me ?

Hi i was taking 50mg zinc gluconate for about a month and i started seeing my hair thin, is this because my iron and copper is low now ? Please help