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took my first anti anxiety pill yesterday (cipramil) and took a B12 vitamin today. Is it okay to take these vitamins to prevent deficiency?

18 years old and i want to start and , i wanna take tablets like iron, vitimans and some others but im not sure on what other tablets I should take?

22 year old female with PCOS. Is it ok to take levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablets, 400mcg Folic Acid, and 1200mg Fish Oil at the same time?

56 yr old woman taking 5mg prednisone ever day for 30 yrs.Need to take calcium w/vitamind. What brand do you recommend .

7th month of preg. What foods can i take instead of taking iron, calcium tablets?

Am I able to take vita B12 and iron same time on a empty stomach?

Am 16 weeks preg.Taking iron tablets, calcium and duphastone in the morning. Can i take all these tabs together? Or at different time?

Am taking .75mg of levothyroxine in mrng hour b4 bfast. Doc told me to take vitamin c, d & multivitamins each day too can I take them in mrng or night?

Am to take two Calcium+D3 400mg twice daily plus Vit D 4000mg qday! Why can't I take all @same time. Now want me 2 take calcium morn/night. Y?

Am12 weeks pregnant.How long i hav to take folic acid tabs during pregnancy? When should I start to take iron& calcium tabs?Any other medicines needed?

Any side effects to iron supplements? I have anemia & am starting 60mg of a slow release tablet of iron tonight. Anything I should know before taking?

Are calcium tablets taken with milk?

Are folic acid supplements (800 mcg) depleted when taking metformin? I take the vitamins at the same time, before going to bed, with the metformin.

Are there any adverse effects of coming into contact with sunlight when taking vitamin b tablets?

At 65 I'm taking a daily over 55 supliment w/ iron is this Ok and also should I be taking a low dose aspirin?

Can biotic tablets(vibact) and folic acid tablets(folvite) help in having immediate relief?

Can calcium and vitamin d tablets be taken with crestor at night?

Can chromax tablet replace metaformin and is it much better?

Can I increase my tyriods tablets, I'm taking 100mg in morning but I'm still tired?

Can I increase my tyriods tablets, I'm taking 100mg in morning?

Can i keep on taking 1 healthy start vitamins a day whilst taking ferrous sulphate 200mg tablets(iron tablets). As the midwife has prescribed me it.

Can i still take 750mg vitamin c together with b6 b12 folic acid but nèed to take norethisterone to period whilst on holiday?

Can i still take sangobion even my haemoglobin is normal?

Can I take visical vitamin tablets with primrose capules?

Can I take 1000mg of magnesium a day? It's 250% of my RDA. I want to take it daily for bad period cramping. Is it ok?

Can I take azo cranberry pill while taking biotin 10,000 mg?

Can I take B vitamins with doxycycline or will the vitamins stop the doxy from working ? Thanks

Can I take B-12 supplment or any multi-vitamin pills or drinks? Are they good for you, and do they even work?

Can i take calcium while on flagyl?

Can I take centrum vitamins or one a day vitamins while taking preterax high blood pressure tablets?

Can i take clarithromycin (clarimid) and multivitamins (livoncel) simultaneously?!

Can i take dexorange during pregnancy. This is my eight month. Had vomit with livogen tab. If not, any other syrup for iron?

Can i take ferrous fumarate without consultation with a doctor?

Can i take iron suppliment and vit B12 taken together?

Can i take iron tablet ferfix-fa during breastfeeding.?

Can i take levothyroxine and ferrous sulfate together?

Can i take levothyroxine with vitamin b-12 together? if not, how far apart do I need to take the vitamin b-12 since I take levo in morning

Can I take low dose coated aspirin while nursing my 6 month old?

Can I take magnesium supplement while I am on antibiotic zinnat?(doctor's best high absorption magnesium ) how many hours apart?

Can i take multivitamins and femilon tablet together (I mean for a month)?

Can I take mutivitamins tablets with milk?

Can i take my calcium and iron pills together?

Can i take my usual vitamin B12 supplement with 10mg of methadone? any other foods beside grapefruit I should avoid with the methadone?

Can i take one a day vitamins that expired 10/14?

Can i take pregnacare plus whilst on clexane 60 injections?

Can I take priorin n and iron tablets togather ?? And later in the day a calcium supplement too ??

Can I take propan with Iron in the morning and mefenamic Acid 500mg at the evening while breastfeeding?

Can i take sertraline and co codomol 30/500 gm and vitamin d tablet together?

Can I take the one a day vitamins for men while taking sovaldi 400mg and Ribavirin 600mg???

Can i take vitamin C while taking amoxicillin? I'd like to take about 5000 mg. Also, it's okay to take b-complex and iron while taking amoxicillin?

Can I take vitamin D calcium and iron tablets all together with femme tab 20/100 will it effect the bcp will I still be covered from pregnancy?

Can i take vitamin d3, & vtamin b-12 supplements, even though i take paroxetine ER 6.25 mg daily?

Can i take vitamin k2 and 75mg aspirin daily?

Can i take wellwomen multivitamin and priorin n at the same time?

Can Levothyroxine and gas-x b taken together?

Can take zinc tablets in pregnancy or not?

Can taking 15 mg of folic acid decrease the absorbtion & effectivness of zinc, what happen if we take them separate like vit B9 morning & zinc evening?

Can taking a supplement/vitamin called niacin help me to quit smoking marijuana? If so should I start with 500mg capsules or less?

Can taking flintstones vitamins cause an upset stomach?

Can taking iron and propranolol cause heartburn?

Can taking liquid sliver supplement boost your immune sys after or while taking antibiotics or at all?

Can taking multivitamin lead to fever?

Can taking niacin 500 mg cause cause miscarriage?

Can taking one a day vitamins slow your period?

Can taking to much b 12 be harmful ? I began taking b 12 5000 mcg a day because I am anemic plus a multi vitamin. Can it cause more anxiety ?

Can taking vitamin d tablets affect B12 blood results?

Can there be an alternative to taking vitamins while working out?

Can u take dimenhydrinate and vitamin b 6 together during pregnancy I am taking 100 mg of vitamin b6 and 50 mg of dimenhydrinate everyday ?

Can vitamin d tablets affect your stomach?

Can vitamin pills cause lips to be sticky? Normal dosage

Can we take double dose of senna concentrate instead of one tablet only?

Can you take B12 and iron pills together?

Can you take centrum and calcium while on prednisone?

Can you take coenzyme q10 if you have thalassemia?

Can you take flagyl and zinc sulfate together?

Can you take iron tablets with simvastatims if mildly amemic.

Can you take methotrexate tablets and folic acid tablet at same time?

Can you take too much folic acid? I take 2 mg (not mcg) a day (prescribed) since 10/12, but no blood work since.

Can you take too much folic acid? I take 2 mg a day (prescribed) since 10/12, but no blood work since.

Can you take vitamin b-6 and b-12 together?

Can you take. B12 and iron pills together?

Can you tell me what number of quinine sulphate should I be taking at one period of time?

Can zinc supplement tablets be taken once a day regularly? Or is it dangerous to take it for a long periods of time? I am zinc deficient.

Can zinc taken in excess (60mg/day for 2+ weeks) cause iron to lower?

Can zinc+copper tablets, vitamin C 1000mg and cetirizine dihydrochloride be taken while on taking amoxicillin? Any interaction or side-effects?

Could I die from taking 100 iron tablets?

Could I take caffeine whilst taking propranolol tablets? For example fat burning tablets?

Could taking too many vitamins kill you?

Curently 4 mnts pregnant. Doctor has prescribed me tablet which has 500 mcg folic and 47 mg iron. I am not anaemic so please confirm it its ok. Thanks?

Currently I am using multivitamins tablet in morning after breakfast, can I take evion in a night after meal because I have hair fall problem age 30y?

Do calcium tablets cause constipation? if so, what's the cure other than not taking them?

Do i need to take 3x aday a ferrous sulfate because my hemoglobin result is 74 only?

Do neurobion forte tablets increase weight ?

Doc prescribed Carafate for my gastritis. I'm taking propranolol, synthroid, omeprazole, amitiza, (lubiprostone) fish oil, multi vitamin daily. Any interactions?

Does multivitamins taken daily within Recommended Daily Allowance has any side effects? I want to start taking a to z multivitamins and within RDA.

Does taking methotrexate by injection is better and more beneficial than taking it orally ?

Does taking over-the-counter iron pills has the same results as taking prescribed ferrous sulfate?

Does taking selenium pills heals gastritis?

Does taking to many vitamins cause constipation? I have been exercising more and stopped taking as many vitamins an always been constipated

Does taking zinc gluconate can cause prostate cancer if you take zinc for a long time?