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Itake. 30. Mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) per day and want to taper off of it, how is. This done. Please?

Am i at risk of serotonin syndrome i'm switching to to Prozac from cymbalta (duloxetine). One day Prozac one day cymbalta (duloxetine) for a week. Then Prozac all for a month?

Anti-depressant meds I have been on anti-depressants previously. In 2006-2008 i was on wellbrutin, then prozac, then cymbalta (duloxetine). I am depressed again - would the last med (cymbalta (duloxetine)) i took be the best choice at this time.

Are generic of Cymbalta (duloxetine) existing?

Are most patients satisfied with cymbalta (duloxetine) for their depression?

Are the medications strattera and cymbalta (duloxetine) similar in action?

At what dose does Cymbalta (duloxetine) relieve neuropathy and pain.Would a combo of gabapenten and cymbalta (duloxetine) work together synergistically.

Can 60 mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) "possibly" cause anxiety and is 30 sometimes effective/is a cymbalta (duloxetine) to luvox switch difficult for a dr.

Can a fibromyalgia patient on nortriptyline take cymbalta (duloxetine) for depression ?

Can campral and cymbalta (duloxetine) go together?

Can Cymbalta (duloxetine) and losartan be taken at the same time?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) at 120mg be the cause of my night sweats? I've never had the problem before the cymbalta (duloxetine). It's working miracles for my anxiety!

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) be dosed every 12 hours with (2) 30 mg capsules?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) cause hair loss?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) cause night sweats ?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) cause symptoms of bipolar?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) increases ADHD symptoms?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) make me sleepy?

Can cymbalta, (duloxetine) campral, and antabuse be taken together?

Can I drink alcohol while taking effexor (venlafaxine) and gabapentin?

Can I drink on imipramine or duloxetine?

Can i experience dizziness, lighheaded when taking cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can i experience dizzyness, lighheaded when taking cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can i increase my duloxetine?

Can I please get instructions on how to wean off of Cymbalta (duloxetine) 60 mg to Cymbalta (duloxetine) 30 mg then to NO Cymbalta (duloxetine)??

Can I take both cymbalta (duloxetine) and elavil for nerve pain?

Can i take cymbalta (duloxetine) & serc together?

Can i take Cymbalta (duloxetine) 30mg and 25mg Zoloft both together because Cymbalta (duloxetine) good for anxiety and Zoloft help me for deeprtion?

Can I take cymbalta (duloxetine) and gabapentin together?

Can i take cymbalta (duloxetine) for depression & serc 4 my vertigo together ?

Can I take cymbalta (duloxetine) in order to help with benzodiazepine withdrawal depression?

Can I take Cymbalta (duloxetine) with gabapentin?

Can I take Luvox and Neurontin (gabapentin) for anxiety?

Can i take my 120 mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) in the morning?

Can I take plexus products while on cymbalta (duloxetine) 60 mg?

Can i take valerian root while weaning off of cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can nefazodone and cymbalta (duloxetine) be taken together?

Can serotonin toxicity occur after taking Cymbalta (duloxetine) 40 days and then changing to lexamil 20mg immediately on stopping cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can serzone b combined with cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can taking lyrica (pregabalin) (150 mg) , trazadone (100 mg) and lexa pro (10 mg) cause CNS depression? Also what is it?

Can triglycerides or lamictal and cymbalta (duloxetine) (even though lamictal taken for years, and cymbalta (duloxetine) about a year), cause dizziness?

Can u take cymbalta (duloxetine) & endone together?

Can u take. Savella (milnacipran) n celexa both at same time? Or savella (milnacipran) n any antidepressant both 2gether?

Can Venlafaxine be taken at the same time as cymbalta (duloxetine) ?

Can vicodent and cymbalta (duloxetine) be taken together?

Can you combine cymbalta (duloxetine) with wellbutrin?

Can you combine taking cymbalta (duloxetine) and naltrexone for depression?

Can you drink alcohol with cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can you take Ambien if youre on cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can you take Ambien with cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Can you take sertaline and cymbalta (duloxetine) together?

Can you tell me about switching from cymbalta to generic duloxetine?

Combine klonopin with cymbalta (duloxetine) for anxiety?

Could cymbalta (duloxetine) be making me feel out of it?

Could cymbalta (duloxetine) increase pain tolerance?

Could i take cymbalta (duloxetine) in order to help with benzodiazepine withdrawal depression?

Could it be possible that generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) causes much more nausea than brand Cymbalta (duloxetine)...switched 2 months ago ...and see a difference.

Could the combination of cymbalta (duloxetine) and wellbutrin have worked/not worked for some people?

Could you please tell me which of these meds are causing the most tiredness, lexapro , lyrica (pregabalin) or remeron. thanks?

Cymbalta ( duloxetine hydrochloride ) did it make you sleepy?

Cymbalta (duloxetine) 60mg its a good dose for depression?

Cymbalta (duloxetine) and stavella are they a lot alike?

Cymbalta (duloxetine) difficult urination?

Cymbalta, (duloxetine) when is it best to take?

Do citalapram and gabapentin mix?

Do most people take cymbalta (duloxetine) at night or in the morning?

Do wellbutrin, Prozac and cymbalta (duloxetine) cause weight gain?

Do you think cymbalta (duloxetine) will help me if I can't take propanalol?

Doctors, what is the difference between cymbalta and duloxetine?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) affect your menstrualcycle?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) cause fatty liver?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) cause glocama to worsen?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) cause memory loss?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) cause serious forgetfulness?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) create pvcs?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) help with depression?

Does cymbalta really increase methadone, and Abilify (aripiprazole) increases the cymbalta? If so, is it wise to take these meds together?

Does excitalopram or cymbalta (duloxetine) in anyway cause hypothyroidism? And can I stop taking cymbalta (duloxetine) now that I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism???

Does zonegran have any interaction with wellbutrin or cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Dr which is a stronger drug.10mg Lexapro or 30mg cymbalta (duloxetine).Thanks?

Duloxetine (cymbalta) and alcohol, can I mix them?

Duloxetine (cymbalta) and alcohol, is it okay to mix?

Duloxetine (cymbalta) and alcohol, is this okay?

Gained 20 pounds on elavil (amitriptyline). What to do?

Has anyone tried fluoxetine or duloxetine for fibromyalgia?

Have you switched from celexa to cymbalta (duloxetine) for pain relief of fibromyalgia?

Help plz! Can serzone be combined with cymbalta (duloxetine)?

Hi docs, would cymbalta (duloxetine) have a generic by the end of this year?

How are cymbalta and duloxetine different?

How are the two anti depressants lovan and cymbalta (duloxetine) distinguished from each other?

How can a medication like cymbalta (duloxetine) which raises norepinephrine help with anxiety as Cymbalta (duloxetine) is approved for general anxiety at 60 mg.?

How can I tell if I have serotonin syndrome or if i was just sick. I take lithium, cymbalta, (duloxetine) requip, tramadol, trazadone, and klonopin which don't mix.

How do you get through cymbalta (duloxetine) withdrawal?

How do you switch 60mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) from evening to morning?

How does cymbalta (duloxetine) compare to venlafaxine tab 75mg?

How does cymbalta (duloxetine) work differently from gabapentin for CIPN?

How does cymbalta (duloxetine) work?

How does someone wean herself off 30 mg cymbalta (duloxetine) safely?

How effective is cymbalta (duloxetine)?

How effective is Elavil (amitriptyline) for treating depression?