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put on clonidine for uncontrollable BP,one hr after taking it, really dizzy & Bp went from 155/94 to 110/ this normal that severe drop so fast?

113 over 49 BP hr 64 i am a 24 year old male 6"1 165 pounds i take atenelol and klonopin never had a reading this low any worries ? What should I do

12 years old, BP 148/64, diagnosed htn, amlodipine 10mg daily, lvh...Next steps please?

120lb 5'7 girlfrnd w/ fam history low BP. Recently at MD, her BP was ~ 84/44. Often lightheaded.How low = dangerous, and is it ok to be so low always?

13 wks pregnant with twins,midwife recommend taking 75mg asprin daily,my blood pressure ranges b/w 90/60 always,would it cause bp to go further down?

130/100 normal BP 22years old?

140/90 Bp I have a stiff neck and back want to take otc muscle relaxer but says not to take if I have high Bp is my Bp to high to take one?

15 weeks pregnant with pots. Past 2 days in morning pulse has been 124ish when standing BP 116/68. Normalizes in afternoon usual BP 98/62. Is this ok?

15mg Armour for 2months. BP and HR spikes after day of yardwork. How long til Armour out of system? Any home treatment for over the wknd for spikes?

16, diagnosed mild tachycardia today when bpm was 130 and blood pressure 140/78. Been like this for 5 days. Is it safe to take concerta?

160/120 BP 8 days ago.. started Lisinopril 5 days ago. EKG normal. Have mild indigestion for 10 days... advise?

2 days before my BP was 140/90 doctor give me stamlo beta but 2day i check is 160/110 why my BP not going down?

2010 i was diagnostic hbp? Now my pressure almost always is low between 90/50 and 120/80.Does drink more fluids can help me to keep my BP justright?

24 hr BP monitor showed 61/28. Is this dangerously low? What can happen?

24 year old male- since July 2013 post cholectsectomy notice Increase diastolic BP, last BP was 136/95, HR vary but been well over 80. Concerning?

25 yo M with resting BP 125/75 6'2" / 30 lbs overweight otherwise healthy.Not willing to do lifestyle changes.At what BP would you start BP meds? Tnx

26 year old F 133pds 5ft 0in. is 99/56 a good blood pressure? Usually in 100-110/60-70 range. Could Buspar (buspirone) cause low bp should I be worried?

27 weeks pregnant with pre-eclampsia. Blood pressure is averaging 140/100. On lebetalol 600mg 2x a day. Ob just added hydralazine. How long to work?

27 wks pregnant. Bp 140/90. Slight trace of albumin in urine. Hav some stress due to family issues. Suggest things other than medicine to control bp?

38 weeks pregnant, my BP is 140/80 today.Dr told to check BP daily.What is the ideal time to check the bp? Pls advice

4 yo had Bp of 75/43 and 6 yo was 80/52 at last dr appt. No other symptoms. What could cause this? Should I be concerned?

40 mg of Lisinopril once a day was keeping my bp in check. Doctor now refuses to give it to me because creatin is 1.5. I read where this is normal for?

41 yr old. 2 weeks ago i was put on BP med, lisinpril, 10mg. It helps but still high bp. I took 1&1/2 last 2 nites & it got me n norm. K 2 up dose?

42 year old woman. High BP in the past, but now under control with meds. I have a lot of ringing in my ears. Is this normal when BP is under control?

4am woke pulse 101! dropped fast tho to 72. Resting pulse as low as 60s. No meds.One week on atkins? Rebound? Somogyi? Fbg 125. Normal otherwise.A1cok

4wks s/p concussion, BP @ dr 157/87, 174/89, 171/96 btwn 2pm-330p. Was sent home, took 600mg ibuprofen @415pm.Bp 154/90 a/o 7pm. No history of htn. Help?

51 lady w hi BP controlled by lisin/hctz and atenolol. I bike 10 miles 3-4xs per week. 10 min after sitting down BP is 120/80 but 98 pulse. Pulse b4 is in 74. Is this a bad thing?

58/yr female BP goesup to198/89 from138/80 for 5 min she feels dizzy weak.Cardiologist find no problem.Please help, she has diabetes and high bp.

6 mo ago was told tgat i was pre- hypertensive. I have lost approx eight lbs & walk everyday 1.5 to 2 miles per day. My BP is120/80. Is this good?

7 dys all over itching. 4 dys BP 158/100 to 168/107. Take BP meds, have no energy or appetite. Less urine output, sleepy, hdache. Should i be worried?

76 y/o mother had TIA. Took BP meds for hypertension. What went wrong? Why did stroke occur?

78 y/o mother had TIA while prescribed Cardizem. BP still 220/125. Cholesterol was 262 untreated. Was cholesterol the cause? why didn't BP drug work?

8 months ago went 2 ER for severe headache.My BP was 160/100 p 106 i was discharged w/bp that high was it correct for them to discharge me w/that bp?

80yo F, high BP @10 PM (160/90) and on mornings, otherwise 115/65. Worse if stressed. Lercandipine, candesartan or ramipril, dose/sth else?

90yo wf with mild htn but prior ischemic stroke woke abruptly but late. Confused+agitated for 20 min. Ok p oj/could digital home BP of 189/169 be real?

After one week angioplasty my bp is high...i take a tablet telma am 40/5 for bp in the morning regular but at evening my bp again high.what is reason?

After running/walking for 40 min I took a high bp reading and it came out high 140/90. Is this bad? I am 25 years old with no history of high bp?

Age 67. Bp around 160-170/62 average. Pulse at rest constant low 50s. Is safe to take beta blockers?

Am 31.I hav a BP of 130/90 and sometimes 134/90.Hw do I manage myself?

Am I drcreasing pain meds too fast my BP is 82/57 pulse52?

Amlodipine: Hubby's dose upped to 10 mg re BP of 145/90. After 1 wk, major nosebleed, back and leg pain, feels 'angry'. Dr.'s RN said not meds. ??

Anemia that cannot be cured (+ a hr problem at birth) causes my hr to fluctuate a lot and me to faint. Is there med 4 this? I cannot have iron or blod

As new guideline says meds are for systolic pressure over 150 for those over 60 what happens to those on meds whose systolic no is below 150 with meds?

At colonoscopy and after, BP 156/102. Is high sugar prep or that i missed 2 days of hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) 12.5 likelier cause? No sedation & not nervous.

At home my BP 130/90. with physician it came 160/100.,hr 100,i was using metaprolol. 50mg for 2 years.Now doc gave met50+olmesartan20+hl,thiazide12.5,?

At what blood pressure reading would a person be urged to take meds to lower it ? I've been hovering between a BP of 120-138 most of my life.

Been on 25mg atenolol for 2 wks. Causes pressure to go to low 104/67 (makes me lightheaded). Can I just stop? Doc said I can just stop?

Been on BP med for yrs. Normal BP 128/92. Been light headed 2 dys. Took my bp- 98/80. 2 mo. Ago i quit caffine/salt. Need advise bout BP please. Ty?

Been on Bystolic (nebivolol) 5mg for about 4 weeks now for mild high blood pressure. Since starting the drug my wife says I've stopped snoring at night? Why?

Been on lisinopril10mg and hctz12.5 for at least six months. Took BP at home it's 101/74 is this to low? I get slightlydizzybut thought it wasanxiety

Befor monthly period diastolic BP elevate to 88-90s then normal when my period starts.can it be related to stress?normal? Hypertension.systolic normal

Before i was put on losartan i had sex with my husband & my BP went up 145over105 now that im on losartan25mg is it safe to have sex again?

Blood pressure 110-130 / 52-65 shall i worry? I take 1.25mg beta blocker daily dosage for the last 6 months. I'm worried about my diastolic readings

Blood pressure at home has been in the mid 130's-145 range/over mid 70-85 range, i take 10mg ramipril currently, do I need another BP medication?

Blood pressure running 118/70 to 138/90. I take losartan 12.5mg. Having some dizzy spells. Can I stop losartan? Looking for new doctor.

Blood pressure too low for me. Halved my bp medicine dose per Dr. advice. Bp still not going up. More serious cause at hand? Recently lost weight.

Bp 102/48 on 5 mg lisiniprol. Dizzy and light headed. Des 6 month ago. Doctor says med to protect artery? Do i really have to take med?

BP 110/75,resting HR 60,is this normal for a 61 year old male ,or is this to low ? on BP medication 5mg daily,100mg asprin. Thankyou

Bp 126/79 when anxious at appointment. Is it normal for anxiety to slightly affect your bp?

BP 130/80 in dr office. Pulse 70 bpm. Lost 13 pounds, exercising never had BP issues in past. No thyroid gland take Synthroid (thyroxine) 100 mcgs. BP ok?

Bp 140/66 , 28 weeks pregnant with twins and chronic hypertension, took atenalol and aspirin today is this Bp normal?

Bp 160/90 md started bystolic (nebivolol) 5mg benzapril 10 mg BP 117/74 hr 64 constant cramps diarreah/costipation help!

Bp 169/90 today at ENT doctor should I be concerned. T ypical BP at home is under 140/80. Currently take 5 mg ramipril and 12.5 mg of toperlol?

Bp 188/118 at work. Dr gave me 10mg bystolic (nebivolol). Now 112/82. And headache all day. Im 29, asst to 2 md's, high stress, was told to rest. No ekg. ?

BP 190/110. Will call cardiologist 1st thing Mon. BP meds recently chgd from Exforge (amlodipine and valsartan) to Diovan. Tips to reduce BP quickly at home until my dr appt?

BP fluc this eve. 105/89, 134/84, 122/80, 115/88, 20 min apart on 6 mg 2x daily of metoprolol for skipped HB. On 1/3of 4/1.25 coversyl lightheaded?

BP has Been 150's/high 90's since yesterday.Take 2 Losartan a day.Also dizzy spells.Should I be concerned?

Bp has been 160/105 for 5hours is it norrmal?

Bp has been high all day. 155/100 was highest. Took meds won't go down. What should u di?

Bp high for a couple of days this week - 150-170/80-95 and doc wants to monitor for a couple of weeks before deciding if need a 2nd med. Concerning?

Bp is 99/63 and I am very lightheaded & nauseous. Should i be concerned? This is much lower than my normal reading. I am currently on BP medication

Bp low in the morning 105/55 but rises to 125-130/70 in afternoon then 115/60 in evening occasional dizzy spells in the morning. Need dosage adjusted?

Bp measured at 158/128, 20 years old weigh 192. Prescribed lisinopril 10 mgs. Is this a good BP med/am i going to die soon because of this high bp?

Bp meds for 8 yrs , just recently started Synthroid (thyroxine) (2mos) and i noticed my BP has lowered to 112/68 before BP meds is this normal & ok? I am 60 f..

Bp peak in late afternoon normal all day.

Bp runs 117/73,checked it yesterday 151/102, after seeing that got anxiety it jumped to 163/112. take bystolic (nebivolol) for PVCs, seems to do that on and off?

Bp runs 155/100 but i take losartan 25mg which keeps at 117/64 but coffee raises it to 145/80. Better med that keeps it stable for coffee drinkers?

Bp stays good all day but sometimes late evening it gets to 130/90.if i take bp meds it drops too this bad ?Im in perimenopause

BP was Avge as low 95/60. Stopped Ben/Hct @ am. Kept Spiro 25 mg @ pm. BP went great for 17 days. Then spike little. Now Avge 135/85-90.Any thoughts.?

Bp(10 last ): -systolic: max132, min101 -diastolic:max92 , min65 hr max 65 , min49 .Do I have disease?

BP(68/40 - 82/50) & HR(40s) for 48hrs w/fatigue. No change w/florinef, midodrine & fluid/salt intake. Curious -need ER visit or it's not emergent? Thx

Can buproprion cause HTN. Didn't do anything that day..180/110! got bp med by dr. amlodipine...HR...178. ER did all tests. Ekg. cbc. normal. wth?

Can Effexor (venlafaxine) at 112 mg increase blood pressure? Mine has gotten high 144/110 the last month.

Can I start Amlodepine for BP before I have a 24hour monitor ?

Can i take shower when my bp is low?

Can my blood pressure be pretty high one day, fine the next for some reason? Doc gave me atenalol but i only had one episode does this me I have hbp?

Can she take propranolol with BP of 88/42 & pulse of 55?Doctor said fine for her to take,but not if she has low BP.Aren't these low numbers?thank you

Can stress cause increase in only systolic BP? Husband normally has normal BP but today 148/84 & I know he is very stressed. Do u think it's stress?

Cardiologist took me off isosorbide. Now my BP is high again. Fri it was 186/103. He said he doesn't know what is wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with my heart. What do I do about my bp?

Cause of my BP sitting is at 113/80 p 99 & then standing is at 102/76 p 103? Heart attack? Tachy? Htn & pcos zestoretic provera (medroxyprogesterone)

Confused! In ED BP was 197/105 pulse 128 i was sent home to contact my MD, but he doesnt return calls. Should i increase my BP Dose myself?

Could 10 mg isosorbide mono causes dependency.Made my other bb& arb/hct BP med not work.Noticed spikes until itake the iso mon again then BP goes down?

Could switching thyroid medicine cause irregular spikes in bp? Never had issues with BP til now, switched meds 2 weeks ago & last week experienced hbp

Dad (79) took 1 telma h-40 a day for 10 yrs, had 120/80 bp. But since 1 yr, BP 160/80 even after telma h40 +amlodipine 5mg both twice/day. What to do?

Dad has BP of 120/80 as his normal. When exhausted, after smoking or drinking alcohol, shouldnt our BP go up? His is still the same. Is it wrong?

Dear sir, my wife is pragnent and her BP is high she is vomitimg due to high BP please sugest me what shold she do ? Plz reply me fast thanks.

Diagnosed with hypertension last year. Started out mild, now with med 180/118. Vit d level 9, but vit D3 causes headaches, and BP to skyrocket. Why?

Dizziness & nausea even after eating normal BP & pulse cause? Hist: htn pcos lisinopril hctz provera (medroxyprogesterone) 17yrs old 205-6 lbs

Dizzy when i drive ... Stand up for long time also. Have hypothy 75 mg levotyyroxin. Ekg ok 24hr heart showed dip in bp. 110/60 usual BP & always dzy?

Do i need BP meds if my normal BP is 118/67 but spikes to 170/85 after a few cups of coffee. It stays high for a day or two but like coffee daily?