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Took two azo pills last nite at 8 is it safe to smoke a ciggerrate thus morning?I

hi on Monday evening I took levonelle and had intercourse an hour and a half later and the condom split . Do I need to take another one ?

Will i still be protected if i take Krimson 35 daily but not on same time but with a time change of 2 or 3 hours because of busy schedule?

1st pack of b-control i took anywhere from 11am-noon, sometimes before.Now im on pack2 week2 taking at 1130am everyday.Is this ok& has it been working?

4 wks after abortion, still cannot sleep for wks. Is it ok to take sleeping pills?

5pm is the time that I take my birth control pill, if sometimes I take it within the hour is that fine to? I just took it at 545 by mistake am I ok

Accidentally took metoprolol tartate 50mg 6 hours early. Resume normal schedule tomorrow?

Accidentally took my COC a few minutes early (but less than half an hour early). Any effects on pill effectiveness?

Accidentally took two pills of amoxicillin within 1 hour. Will I get sick?

Aleve (naproxen) directions say you may take 2 pills IF taken within 1st hour of the 1st strange. What happens if I take 2nd pill 4 hrs after 1st?

Antibiotics schedule is 2 x a day, I forgot to take it at 7pm and I took the missed dose at 11pm, then I take the medication in a normal schedule?

Are low dose combination pills still able to prevent ovulation if taken as directed at the same time everyday, 24 hours apart?? I'm just curious because I take Lutera (for 2 months) and I wanted to know if I am protected.

Bleeding within one day after taking next choice. Is this normal?

Can I still get pregnant after taking plan B like half an hour later? Period lasting longer than 7 days after I took it. Why?

Can I still take acebutolol if I forgot it a couple of days?

Can I take 3 suppositories in one day? I took 2 earlier in afternoon. It didn't help. Can I take 1 more at night to relieve myself?

Can I take complete dose of postinor2 twice within four days?

Can i take Dulcolax tablets to go to the toilet early in the morning and go 5 hrs later then take levlen (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel) ED at night will it be safe to take?

Can I take medicine for pms prior to my period?

Can i take my .5 mg of glimepiride in the late afternoon. I have trouble with low bs if i take it during the day. ?

Can I take my BCP two hours early? Will it still be as effective?

Can i take my next zpak less than 24 hours after the first one?

Can next choice cause nausea a couple days after you took it?

Can one take zentel albendazole 400mg(1 pill) during the day at anytime.Normally will it be after or before eating something.

Can you get pregnant after taking contraceptives double dose 5 hours apart?

Can you get pregnant from forgeting a pill 13 hours late? And if you take them 2 hours late off normal time is that bad? Ive kept up with all

Can you take four necon 1/35 at the same time?

Can you take nuvaring out everytime u have sex as long as u put it back within 3 hrs?

Can you take one vitamin one day, and another the next?

Can you use monistat 3 twice in one day? It's been 8 hours since I took my last dose.

Do I have to wait exactly 12 hrs to take my next dose of prilosec? I take 2 20 mg a day

Do u have to take birth control pills the exact same time every day? For instance i started my first pill yesterday at 7:30 pm must i take the 2nd one today at exactly 7:30 pm also?

Do u have to wait exactly 24 hours for next zpack pill?

Do you have to take Accutane at the exact same time everyday. Or can it be a couple of hours out?

Doctor told me to take 1 nitrofurantoin after & before intercourse. Within how many hours afterwards should I be taking it for it to be effective?

Does drugs all the time. For a few days can not remember things.Took him to work today didn't know what to do. Can not remember friend.Who take to?

Does it matter that I take my BCP an hour later than before? I work late and don't take it the same time I use to.

Does the combined pill millinette have to be taken at the EXACT same time? Usually take it in 10pm hour but sometimes forget and it's a bit later on.

Does throwing up 4-5 hours after taking my COC pill make it less effective? Should I have taken another one that night?

Every menstrual cycle I get a migraine. I took 2 exceedrin and it just didn't work. It says don't take more but I want to. Can I please take 2 more?

For how many hours is it normally to bleed after taking off the teeth ?

Forgot to take pen vk 500 mg at 4:15 aprx 2:55min ago should I still take it or wait till next one at 10:15?

Given amitriptyline to help sleep, but I am groggy until about an hour before the next pill the next night. Is this normal?

Given penicillin 500mg for a tooth infection. Says take every 6 hrs for 7 days. Can i take one dose late daily? I sometimes sleep longer than 6 hours.

Going on holiday, & wanna delay or prep one my periods, what tablets can I take & when?

Had loose stool (slight diarrhea) about 1.5 hours after taking my bcp at 9pm. Does that make it less effective? Should I take plan b tomorrow morning?

Had severe diarrhea starting 13 hours after taking bcp & ending 5 hours before taking next one on time. Did it compromise the pills effectiveness?

Had to take prednisone for 7 days, I forgot to take it one day and then took it the next day. Is it bad?

Hello, i take 24hr Allegra (fexofenadine) and Can't remember if i already took it or not. If i take one now and i eneded up taking 2 in a 2hr period will it hurt me?

Hello, I take this pill when I first get up in the morning (roughly 6:30am) and it works until about 9-10pm. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Hello, I was diagnosed with chylmidia 3 days ago I had to take four pills at once. Within an hour or 2 I felt sick and vomited. Do I need another dose?

Hello, if I have vomited after taking the plan-b one step pill 8 hours ago, should I repeat the dose? taking pills and im always wondering because when i take the lasg 7 days for menstrual tablet it took a long always 2 tablets left before my menstruation come?

Hi Doc, I was given Levofloxacin with dosage of 1 tablet once daily after lunch. But I overlooked and took 1 more tablet tonight. Roughly 8 hours apart from the one I took during lunch today. Will it affect my recovery since I am supposed to complete the

Hi doc, im taking 2 pills of Postinors-2. Is this okay? The instruction sheet says I should take two but internet says shoukd take 1 first

Hi i have a migraine i took two tablets 7 hours ago and its back can i take another tablet?

Hi I took 2 tablets which has 500 mgs of amoxicillin within a period of 5 hours. what should I do? Ot it serious

Hi, i usually take my birth control at 8 pm at night. I forgot to last night its now 10:55 am do I take it now and still take todays dose at 8pm?

Hi,my husband takes his high pressure pill in the morning,what should he do if he forgot then remembered late in the afternoon?Thx.

Hi!i took 4 tabs of microgynon 2 hours after unprotected sex and took another 4 tabs after 12 hours is it safe that i wont get pregnant?

Hoe many hours apart to take my lactulose?

How affective is the next choice morning after pill if you took it 12 hours later?

How do I take postinor that comes in 10tablets satchet?

How effective is sprintec? Is taken at the sametime everyday. Once in while I take it like 10 min late. Been on it for a year and months.

How far apart should alcohol and birthcontrol be taken apart (ex. Hours). Also will this help reduce vomiting if taken further apart?

How long after taking half a dose of milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) can one attempt to eat food? I ask because I ended up taking the equivalent of a full dose yesterday evening and ended up having diarrhea 4 times over the next twelve or so hours.

How long after taking pills ( dilaudid, lorazapam) would the signs of an overdose appear? How long after ingesting pills do u know u will b ok?2hrs?

How long after taking the morning after pill should you expect your period? I took it around 13-14 hours after having sex.

How long does it take for mifegyne to work? I took it at 1pm yesterday still no bleeding

How long does it take for Vitamin B12 pills to work?They're 1000 mcg. Wednesday was a week.

How long does it take to digest a combination BC pill like Nortrel? I threw up 4 hours after taking it. Is it considered "missed"?

How long should I wait to breastfeed if I have taken Alka-Seltzer plus yesterday?

How many hours apart should I take norethisterone?

How many hours roughly dose it take for a withdrawal bleed to happen on Nuva ring ?

How many minutes late is too late for the mini pill? Is 15-30 after your scheduled time too late? For example if I always take it at 8pm and one night I take it at 8:15 should I use back up?

How many pills should I take if my script is for 50 tablets of 10/325 1-2pills every 4-6 hours as needed?

How much time do you half to have cancer for it to be. To late to take it out?

I accidentally took 2 equate allergy pills within the same 5 hours, they are 10 grams of loratadine. It says no more then 1 per 24 hours?

I accidentally took an expired (18 months ago!) Zyrtec pill. Should I take the correct (unexpired) one nowbad well or should I wait 24 hours?

I accidentally took an extra dose of lisinopril. One early in the morning and another just 3 hours ago. I am only suppose to take one a day. ?

I accidentally took my birth control at 3:35 instead of my regular at at 6:35. 3 hrs ealier. Will that effect the effectiveness?How do I take nextpill

I accidentally took my Coumadin (warfarin) pill 15 hours apart instead of 24 hours. What should I do and does it affect me in a negative way?

I accidentally took two acid reducer pills within two hours that were meant to be taken 12 hours apart. Will I get sick from it?

I accidentally took two pills of my meloxicam(7.5) today within 2 hours should I be worried.

I accidently took my diabetes medicine twice in 4 hours i'm supposed to take it twice a day and i took it three times?

I accidently took prednisone after breakfast..and it says to take it before breakfast. Am i still able to take the pills?

I already just took another tablet. The last one I had (before the one I took just now) was 17-18 hours ago. What should I do now?

I always take my pill at 9pm. Does it make a difference that I took it at 8:49pm? Ten minutes early. Sprintec

I am a type 2 diabetic and i need to take my metformin and earlier today i took a morning after pill is it ok to mix them? Should i still take the met

I am on antibiotics basado, I take one tablet a day at night, but I forgot to take last nights, so should I take one tomorrow morn instead or not any?

I am on the contraceptive pill. I had been accidentally taking 6 day breaks for the past year and a half and I only realized I need to take a 7 day br?

I am prescribed 20 mg of Latuda. I know that I am supposed to take it with my minimum 350 calorie dinner . I forgot to take it tonight. I t is about midnight - 6 hours late. Should I skip tonight's dose or get up and eat something and take it now. I

I am suppose to take prilosec 20 mg twice a day, does that mean that I take them every 12 hours, or a different way?

I am supposed to take it at 9 but there's been a few times a month i take it two or three hours late. Am i still protected from pregnancy?

I am supposed to take my typhoid pills once every other day. Today I waited 30 hours, is that a problem?

I can't remember if I have taken Xarelto 20mg today ,is it safe to leave until next dose due tomorrow?Or take half today just in case I missed a dose

I can't remember if I took my 20 mg once daily xarelto tthis evening should I wait until tomorrow or take a dose now any how? Thanks

I can't remember if i took my lisinopril this morning. Ten mg. Should i take one now or is enough in my system to keep both down?

I didn't take my last pill of azithromycin yesterday..Is it okay if I take it today at 2pm even though I usually take it at 5pm?

I didn't take my last pill of doxycycline today and I can't take it now.Is it okay if I take it tomorrow at 2pm even though I usually take it at 5pm?