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starting taking 50 mg of trazodone tonight for first time for sleep. I get anxious taking new drugs . If I get anxiety can I take a 5 -10mg valium?

I am bipolar and I have severe insomnia. I have been taking rozerem, (ramelteon) but I ran out on Friday and I can't more until Tuesday. I need a prescription.

which of these pills might help me shift or stay awake all night Silicon dioxide (valeant) ,Diclofenac, baclofen, seroxat , pantozol Thankyouu ?

1/2 soma, melatonin, mobic (meloxicam) & Mucinex taken at bedtime. Have sleep apnea controlled w/ cpap, fibro. Having dreams so vivid I confuse them w/ reality!?

10 wks pregnant doc gave me Unisom for nausea which makes me very sleepy. I sleep for 16-17 hrs/day. Is it healthy for fetus? Please sugest alternativ

10mgs a day amitriptyline for migraines. Is it ok to skip a day occas? Is missing a dose dangerous? What if i feel overly sedated from Benadryl (diphenhydramine) once?

150mg of Effexor for GAD -2 weeks (titrated up from 37.5) I take in evening about 2 hours before bed, and lately I wake up often at night. Take inAM?

1998 what prescription sleeping pills would have contained barbiuates or phenbarbital or still do it gave my son 2 seizures in early morning sleep?

25mg seroquel (quetiapine) causes me to be extremely lethargic and unable to keep mentally alert for over 12 hrs after use. Is this normal?

25mg seroquel (quetiapine) for sleep.couple hours after I took it,I ate a snack and went to sleep.later woke,heart racing,couldnt get it qt prolongation?

3 mg melatonin/1 mg klonopin (clonazepam) dangers. Crazy anxiet with melatonin so i grabbed klon but 1 mg instead of .5. Im very nervous that i wont wake up?

33yrs w/SLE DESPERATE to sleep. Already on 2 many meds inc Narcotics. Melatonin, Tyl pm doesn't work cry w pain in sleep Suggestions? NOT NARCOTICS

36 years old male patient is having primary insomnia.Two years back he was started on alprazolam plus zolpidem by his pcp. How to treat his addiction?

3mths cpap, 250 mg Nuvigil ,sleep 10 hrs a night and still sleepy during the day--why is this happening? adderall/concerta dont work either.

7 weeks pregnant, was on klonapin at night for sleep, now doc put me on bus par? Does this work the same?

80yrs today & severe GAD Taking .50 Xanax at bedtime x3mos & Paxil 40mg not working. Can't sleep Nervous wreak Shaking & Fear. Took 2 .50 mg Xanax for 1st time @ noon & it helped some. Had to take 1mg again at tonight at 830pm. Nothing working help! ?

A few days ago I took 100 mg clozapine after being off it long time, to induce sleep. Just like before it caused nocturnal enuresis. Last night again even though I didn't take any. When will it stop?

A take once a day around noon 12.5mg of atenolol. Helps my anxiety. At night though HR 55-60 right before sleeping. Is this ok?

Adult son is in alcohol withdrawal. May he take seroquel (quetiapine) with 10mg Valium to get some sleep?

After a few nights of Ambien & trazadone, each worked just okay. Used nothing last night & barely slept. Should I use one again or go w/o d/t rebound?

Agoraphobic. Tried zoloft (sertraline). Mind raced & couldn't sleep. 0.5mg klonopin/day works wonderfully. Don't need it everyday. Adequate long term solution?

All I do is sleep and can't concentrate. If I tell my gp this what is the likelihood of being prescribed something ? Thanks

Almost 3 days straight of no sleep. Ambien (zolpidem) not working, restoril not working. Sleep study denied by insurance. What to do? Dveloping muscle twitches, blurred vision. Seeing things. Please help. SFI?

Am taking 25 mg of sertraline for depression; started one week ago. Experiencing sleep maintenance insomnia. Will this likely go away with time?

Anxiety! been sick lots+tapered myself off ativan, (lorazepam) was in bed resting lots over past 2 months.Could that cause a leg clot or is it mainly immobility?

Are 10mg of melatonin nightly a bad thing? I've been taking 5mg time released for 6 months now and they aren't working as good but more seems to help.

Are there any bad effect of being awake with aderal for more than a day?

Are there any natural alternatives for insomnia? I take 10mg Ambien (zolpidem) and it works but I go thru my days in a total fog

Are u allowed to cut up clozapram if its 1 mg. Doctors told me to split it into .5 mgs? I used to take trazadone to help me sleep so I have the cutter thing?

As per my pdoc's request I tapered my seroquel (quetiapine) dosage from 37.5 to 25 mg IR and I have insomnia I cant sleep what should I do? i have been on 37.5 1wk

Avoid anxiety & geting a good sleep b4 step 1 USMLE day-it's at end of march?advised with Mg and phosphatidylserine.Not sure about doses,time(already on escitalopram 20mg at bedtime for 1 y/r).Not fan of supplements. thorough discussion is valuable.

Been on remeron (mirtazapine) 45mg at night for sleep and depression for about 2 years how hard will it be to change i sleep to long and take to long to fall asleep?

Been taking Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for past 3 nights for sleep. Going to take it tonight. Sleep schedule has been messed up past year. Fixing it, is this healthy?

Been tapering off clona and pax for months. Having lots of diff. Sleeping and headaches, is this why? Takes 3 hr avg to sleep. How long to fix sleep?

Bupropion XL,SR both make it hard to fall asleep. Can I take 100mg-IR 3times every 4hours (the last dose at 3PM) so the effect subsides by 10PM?

Can 212.5 mg of Zoloft (sertraline) be considered an overdose? I've been taking that dose for awhile but recently feel always tired however difficult 2 fall asleep

Can 2mg of klonopin (clonazepam) to make you sleep for 3 days strait.I was on 1.5 a month prior. Now: 2 at nite and 2 in morn. Weight:107 used:calm tremor.

Can a dr perscibe 20 mg of Ambien (zolpidem) 10 does nothing for me and cr is even worse btw i remember my night wake ups. I had gastric bypas wil this lessen it?

Can a plastic bag over youre head and 400 sleeping tablets kill you sominex and mirtazerpine?

Can a small dose of trazadone 25 for sleep cause headaches throughout the day?

Can Ambien (zolpidem) give you a miscarriage I have extreme insomnia i get sick when i can't sleep but don't want to harm baby ?

Can amitriptyline cause you to hear vioces? Taking around 20 MG.

Can ativan (lorazepam) .5mg make you stop breathing in your sleep? I have pretty bad anxiety and taking pills is frightening to me as well. I'm 22, 230lbs 5'6

Can benzodiazepines cause an adult to drool? My boyfriend has been drooling for a few months and he takes benzos.

Can I double my 2mg dose of diazapam as not sleeping taking it for anxiety keep jerking awake every fee minutes?

Can i get addicted if i keep taking100mg single dose of diphenhydramine every night? (50mg is no longer effective for falling asleep after a few days.

Can i get sleep disturbances for having stopped taking amitryptiline?

Can i lay in the taning bed with the medications im on ? Im on klonopin inderal and remeron vitamin d and occasionally meclizine

Can I mix 800mg Ibuprofen and 25mg zoloft. I'm ready to climb out my skin. Took ibuprofen for leg cramps but need zoloft to calm down?

Can I take 25 mg promethazine pill after mistaken took 120mg vyvanse 15hours ago and still can't go to sleep help desperately need of sleep?

Can i take 50 mg of Zoloft (sertraline) at night and 100 mg in the morning's I have noticed sleeping problems. I always took them at night and noticed bad sleep.

Can i take amitriptilyne with melatonin or tart red cherry for insomnia. taking 5 - 10mg ami but not working at the moment.

Can I take Edluar ? Sleeping pills cause me adverse reactions. I am 72. Going to a sleep study. 10 mg. afraid to take it. Hyper and no sleep on aids.

Can i take melatonin? I am having a little trouble to sleep.. Its jitters, melatonin have side effects?

Can I take Sinequan (doxepin) at bedtime for sleep while breastfeeding? Exclusive pumping twice a day, only producing 12-15 oz.

Can I take Valium with seroquel (quetiapine) at the same time? Ive heard the combination can make you sleep walk and do odd things when you think you're asleep.

Can propranolol 20 +feluoxetine 20 cause angina for me? I roughly have it when i walk for long time or after sleeping at afternoon. Otherwise reason?

Can Prozac (fluoxetine) help me sleep? I've changed the time of day that I take it, and it seems like I dream more and wake up more rested. Is that normal?

Can u please recommend some safe antidepressants and also sleeping pills with no side effects which any 1 can take for a better mood n sound sleep? Im 29

Can u suggest something for my 15 y/old for mood (non prescription- relax and sleep) after Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) drops in afternoon? Thanks, f.V

Can valerian root help with insomina? Or help rest thr body or is melatonin better? Whats more effectivd to help me fsll asleep

Can weed and seriqule counteract each other? Because i smoked a bowl today and i'm still awake even after taking my med when i normaly fall asleep

Can you help with my anti-depressant dosage? Want to cut back. Too sleepy midday.

Can you take malatonin while on topomax? My sleep cycle is all out of wack so I need to be sure to get rest as I am back in school

Can you tell me what number of 25mg hydroxyzine pills should I take to fall asleep (not get high)?

Can zoloft (sertraline) cause narcolepsy? I've been taking it for awhile but recently have had day sleeping. Falling asleep for few secs repeatedly.

Can zolpidem cause heart problems if taken correctly ? I was prescribed this bc i'm having trouble sleeping :( is it a safe med?

Cannot sleep even one day with unisom an next nite with seroquel (quetiapine) an nothin works i feel off balance , floaters in eyes, jittery an muscles hurt. ?

Cant sleep at night even with unisom tabs. i see spots in my vision an off balance next day . what will help?

Could an Ambien (zolpidem) tab not activate right after ingesting? I wasn't able to fall asleep, but 8hrs later, i got dizzy with vertigo. I ate 2x in between.

Could you please tell me why I wake up some mornings with a nervous headache.I take 50mg Amityripiline going to bed for sleep. Thanks?

Couldn't sleep very stressfulnight took .25 ativan (lorazepam) actually made anxiety worse then let me sleep a little Is it because of low dose usually take .5?

D/ced 12.5mg Seroquel (quetiapine) at bt 19 days ago. 3 nights of insomnia then no sleep issues until 1 week ago. Might this be due to body chemistry readjusting?

Day 3 on lovan (prozac) half tablet. Tired all the time, no motivation. All i want to do is sleep. I know it's too early for affects, hopeless/drained?

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia by rheumotologist today. The trazodone/klonopin combo I was taking for insomnia suddenly stopped working when I had a flare up. She put me on ambien 5-10 mg and klonopin .25-.5 mg to help w sleep and anxiety. Didn't say anythin

Did I overdose? Concerta around 11am, naproxen 500mg 8pm Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at 10 pm, having hallucinations and feel high or drunk. Sweating badly

Diphenhydramine vs hydroxyzine which is better for anxiety and sleep? What is the usual dosage for either one, so I know what to ask my doctor about?

Diplopia started a month ago now ita reducing with prednisolone. But now I have sleeping disorder and some time depression.

Dizzy, tense muscles, no sleep some brain fog given 2mgs of lorazapam by mistake and the Ambien (zolpidem) - seem to have memory issues and weight gain, possibe ?

Do rosuvastatin 20mg cause insomnia or bad dreams ? thanks in advance

Do you think that i can inject my 10mgs of ambien (zolpidem)? Having trouble with the pill, i get naseaus and spit it back out and im losing too much medicine

Doc perscribed me very low dose of Xanax (alprazolam) to help me sleep. I have possible sleep apnea & low pulse at night from propranolol. Would it be safe?

Doc prescribed mirtazapine15mg to help w/ my sleeplessness. It worked great at first but now its been a little over a month and i cannot sleep. Why?

Doctor prescribed me .5mg of Clonazepam once a day at bed time. Will it make me sleepy?Will the effects last til next day?

Doctor put me back on Celexa, and added Trazadone for sleep, as I didn't want to take Ambien (zolpidem). No chance for Serotonin Syndrome, right? He said no.

Does alcohol cause insomnia?Im on amitryptyline and take a glass wine and next day i couldnt sleep, can't relax its feels like tremor when try to sleep

Does amitriplyine help with restless legs? I'm perscribed them for depression but use them when my legs play up is the tablets what stop it?

Does lamotrogine stop the jerks? On 100mg per day. I also on metaformine 500mg per day. My aim is to try and recover. Want to drive again pls help.

Does Lexapro (escitalopram) have to be taken at same time each day? I take it 30mins after waking but wake up at different times thu out week (varies by maybe 3hrs).

Does Lexapro (escitalopram) make you tired? If so should I take in the morning or at bedtime? Given its potential to affect sleep and dream patterns.

Does trazodone take awhile to start working as a sleeping med. I have taken it for 3 nights 50mg and I have barely slept. Also citalopram 20mg?

Does vyvanse effect your sleeping habits? I have been taking vyvanse for 3 months now and my sleep schedule has been thrown off I have been doing trial and error methods to try and be balanced .. But now I feel like I should ask

Don't know if anxiety is my issue. Can't sleep. Tried ambien, (zolpidem) remeron, vistaril nothing puts me out. Heart races. Why? Love life, very happy. ?

Dose of escitalopram raised from 10 to 20 mg. 3 weeks ago. Is it normal to be nauseous every time I wake up from being asleep?

Dr stopped my Ambien (zolpidem) for insomnia. Tried Trazadone 25 mg.for 1 month, lethargy next day unbearable. Now I'm to take 10 mg melatonin, as 5mg did nothing. Seems like huge dose. Ambien (zolpidem) worked perfectly. ?

Dr. Chung Suffering from an upper respitory infection. Do to congestion HBP and sleep apnea, im scared to tak my xanex. Is it okay to Take melatonin?

Dr. Donald jacobson: thank you so much for recommending trazodone for my severe insomnia. I slept 7 hours last night. I'm so happy. You're the best!

Dr. increased Zoloft (sertraline) because of waking very early. I take it at night; after doing so, was restless and woke up at 4AM. Should I take it in AM?

Dr. Oz, i can't sleep, so i'm taking an over-the-counter sleep aid called diphenhydramine 50mg & red wine, will this kill me? I have not been able to sleep for 2 years now because of my disability. I have arthritis, anxiety and a problem with my wrist. Th

Drank 10 oz of wine with 300mg of trazodone for sleep and my cpap machine just fried. Should i worry?