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17yr old awaiting results of an MRI to determine if MCL is torn or sprained. He's been taking ibuprofen for pain; not working. Can we try Tylenol #3?

2 days ago i got an ankle orif surgey. I cant handle this pain they prescripted me 5-325 oxycodone but it does not working. Can i take another nsaid ?

29yrs. Male. Have osteoarthritis. Taking physiotherapy. Can glucosamine tablets help me? Or do any medicines help me to regrow the cartilage?

50, f, arthro. Surg 2 yrs ago. Hurts on long walks. Should i still take them if i take ibuprofen and ice after?

62yr male w/gerd & arthritis. 1 dr said take arthrotec, another said arthrotec was hard on kidneys & liver & to take Advil (ibuprofen) with maloxx. Please advise.

Achy shoulders and hips especially at night. I take simvastatin, B6, and 81 mg of aspirin every night.

After operation in knee arthroscopy I am taking arcoxia pills and it is coding constipation what can I do?

Am takin gelixer protein powder for joint and finger pain. Is it good?

Androgel 1.62. Is it better to take at night?

Any suggestion for nerve pain med re first rib torn cartilage? Allergic to asa and derivatives. Took gabapentin in the past but reinjured ligament!

Benefits of ibruprofen vs naproxen? I was told to take an NSAID to alleviate discomfort related to a SLAP tear of the labrum in addition to PT.

Both of my knees are swollen and painful, my internist cannot give me any nsaids or other med to help because I am on blood thinners and also take ne.?

Broken & dislocated ankle & torn ligaments. Had surgery, no weight for 8 wks. On wk 7. Taking norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 5mg/325 2-3x daily. Normal? How long can I take?

By taking vitamin d should that help relieve the swelling in my arthritic hands?

Can a person use aspercreme when told to stop aspirin 1 week before total knee surgery?

Can a torn meniscus get better by taking prednisone?

Can I drive after rotator cuff surgery if I'm only taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) ?

Can I have Euflexa knee injections while taking Xeralto? Thank you so much

Can i take 2 arthritis pain tablets if 1 doesn't help? They are 650 mg each?

Can i take 3 x 200mg softgels of ibuprofen at the same time for knee pain?

Can I take a Norco (for rmy arthritis pain) while on Azithromycin 250 mg?

Can I take Alleve as anti-inflammatory for my foot ligament strain plus Tylenol for pain at same time? I also have diclophenac script I have on hand in case of back pain 75mg and could take that if you think that is better. Can I still take Tylenol?

Can i take amrix for wrist and elbow pain?

Can I take any pain medicine for a scaphoid fracture?

Can i take celebrex (celecoxib) & sungular after tummy tuck?

Can i take combiflam as a painkiller for my heel sprain?

Can I take indomthacin and NyQuil at the same time? Sprained ankle and a cold all at once

Can I take Naproxen & use aspercreme For my knee?

Can i take naproxin, tramadol, and robaxim for severe shoulder bursitis and tendinitis?

Can I take tramadol daily for joint pain so that I am able to exercise?

Can I use voltaren (diclofenac) gel for a short period to cure/ease a knee injury together with my wafarin Thanks?

Can primolut(progesterone capsules) create nausea and knee cap pains?

Can taking too much Advil (ibuprofen) have an effect on bone healing after a fracture?

Can walking for 2 hours a day cause problem in the cartilage of my knees.Please explain to me .Also I am taking glucosamine 1000mg daily.?

Can you please lay out the ingredients if you are suffering from gout that you can take daily?

Can you prescribe arnica with metacam?

Can you take 2 Norco 7.5mg if 1 doesn't help with knee pain after having knee surgery. Dr gave me Mobic 15 mg once aday for swelling can I take it to?

Can you take naproxen to bring down swelling of a hemorrhoid?

Carpal tunnel surgery 2/4/15. Pain. Can I take ibuprofen 600mg.

Celebrex (celecoxib) for shoulder tendonitis how long to take effect?

Costochondritis and bilateral hip bursitis for a year, take 3 Advil (ibuprofen) every day, use ice. Will it ever go away? should i see rheum dr? ANA and RF negati

Could I take adequan for arthritis?

Could it be advisable to take nutralite products for knee joint pain?

Currently taking 15mg/1xday mobic (meloxicam) for plantar fascitis & degen arthritis in lower back. Is it better to take in am or pm? Whats max amt per day?

Daughter has ankle tendinitis. Doctor says to take NSAIDS for pain/inflammation. How long can she take naproxen twice a day? Risks? 20 yo/190 lbs.

Do I need wear arm sling if have rotator cuff injury and shoulder strain? Is safe take ibuprofen or Aleve (naproxen) with diclofenac 75mg?

Does ibuprofen help hip flexor strain and should I take every day?

Does it hurt to get a steroid shot on your shoulder? If it does, can you take Tylenol (acetaminophen) afterwards? And How long does the inflammation last?

Does taking Accutane cause pain in ankles?

Does taking prescription ibuprofen 800miligrams after a workout for pain interfer with muscle growth? I also take it for my ankle since it swells.

Does valum help when you are having an MRI is their different strengts to take and when should you take it before an mri?

Dr. just prescribed me Ciprofloxacin.....clearly not readin my file. it says it bad for tendons. I have sever tendonitis should I take this?

Dr. Prescribed 500 mg. naproxen for arthritic knee. It has raised my blood pressure to 150/90. What else can I take?

Elbow septic bursitis from scrape, took amoxicillin, 10 days. No heat or swelling now. Still sore some, how long heal time? Take advil (ibuprofen) for inflame.

Fell three days ago Closed bimalleolar fx nondisplaced casted ankle bettet. I take one Vicoden q 4-6 hrs and wonder if i can also take Aleve (naproxen)?

Fell off of truck. Knee buckled. Won't support my weight. Hurts! can't see dr until tomorrow. On fluoxetine. What OTC pain med can I take?

Flexicose is better than synflex?

Good painkillers for a broken forearm (no surgery)? Prescription strength needed, or just motrin or something like that?

Have ankle brace on and taking pain medication. What else can I do to recover faster?

Hello after ankle surgery I was taking 10-325 percocet pills. Now I'm on the 5-325 can I take two of these at one time for all this pain ?

Hello, Can a cortisone shot to knee take one week to take effect for pain to get better? Thank you

Hello. I took 500mg of naproxen two hours ago for a muscle/joint injury contracted in the gym. however, the naproxen isn't having much effect. Can I take one (or two) tablets of diclofenac sodium 50 mg now to alleviate pain or should I wait until the nap

Hi i'm a 54 yr old who had knee replacement 9 weeks ago. I'm taking nefopan 30 mg 3 3 times a day it was keeping my pain but not now what can I take?

How can I take care of pain in my knee?

How do you feel about recovery bands for bad knee pain? Is it OK to take 800 mg of ibuprofen every day? what are some natural anti inflammatorys?

How do you take care of a foot or hamstring that cramps at night?

How effective is mobic (meloxicam) for shoulder pain-how quickly did it start helping?

How helpful and how long it takes for TMJ mri?

How long before glucosamine & chondroitin & zyflamend start working to decrease inflammation?

How long can I take avila for foot pain?

How long can I take ibuprofen for knee pain?

How long do i take ibuprofen for inflammation in the shoulder?

How long do you have to wear the splints and take the anti-inflammatory, steroidal meds before surgery is suggested for cts/tendonitis?

How long does a high ankle sprain take to heal ? It happened 2 weeks ago , I have been icing, elevating. And taking ibuprofen and it's in pain.

How long does it take for 500mg of Naproxen taken every 12 hours to help trigger thumb be less swollen/not click?

How long does it take for depo-medrol to work it's magic on painful joints?

How long does it take for non severe swelling from a DVT to go down whIle taking xeralto?

How long does it take until voltaren (diclofenac) starts to relieve the inflamation in a joint?

How long does the edema take to subside? I stopped taking pain-killers. Should i try ice-compression. I have been given normal elastic knee bandage

How long is it supposed to it take anti inflammatory pills to reduce swelling?

How long should it take for 1 tab of 20 mg Prednisone for inflammation due to hip arthritis to take effect? I have taken it for 3 days.

How long should you take ibuprofen 200mg for? My doctor said there is nothing stronger to take for swollen mcl

How long will i take pain medicine after a bunionectomy?

How much Motrin to take per day for shoulder bursitis ?

How much time does it take pennsaid to start working for pain. it's for Achilles tendonitis?

How muchtime does it take to recover from a trigger finger pain after taking a cortisone shot, can you also explain where exactly it is taken?

How should I treat an inflamed posterior tibial tendon besides taking cataflam (diclofenac) and ice?

Hurt knee jump roping a week ago. Doctor said just inflammed gave me anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers are these good...Or should I take advil (ibuprofen)?

Hurt my knee. Went to DR 3 days ago. No damage..but hurts to put weight on it and the Mobic (meloxicam) meds aren't helping. Should I give mobic (meloxicam) more time?

Husband taking ibuprofen has surgery 1-2-15 bi-cep tendon tear - when should he stop med ?

I started taking ibuprofen for arthritis. Now my feet, ankles are swollen. How long will it take for the swelling to go down after I stop the advil?

I am 38 yrs old and have grade 3 arthritis in my knee. I am still breastfeed ing my 3 year old son. Is it safe to take glucosamine?

I am a runner who suffers with arthritic knees. Is it medically ok to take a Aleve (naproxen) once a day ? Healthy but struggle w weight. Im 50 f

I am allergic to ibuprofen. Had knee replacement. What can i use to reduce swelling in my knee?

I am awaiting a total right hip replacement. Is it safe to take Naproxen sodium and Tylenol for the pain?

I am on 200mg celebrex (celecoxib) for oa. Can i take 1/2 a 500mg vicodin at the same time? Wrist tendonitis is painful....Urgent care tomorrow.

I am starting to take Pyrazinamide, Rifampin and Ethambutol but also i have RA and i start to fell pain in my joints again is safe to take HYDROcodone?

I am suffering from a quadriceps femoris strain for the past 2 weeks my thigh pains a lot taking painkiller and gels how much time will take to heal?

I am suffering with tendonitis in my wrist and have heard osteo bio-flex will help but I am breastfeeding a 13 wk old, is it safe to take?

I am taking 600mg ibuprofen 3x/day for knee pain post surg. What can I take to protect my stomach? Is Prilosec ok? How often can I take it?