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using qvar, ventolin and pred to control wheezing and coughing. Doc weaning me off pred and prescribed Dulera, (formoterol and mometasone) afraid of side effects, should I use?

"using corticosteroids long enough,takes time to ramp up corticosteroid production" - I have used advair 250/50 for 1.5 months, can I go cold turkey?

18 and just diagnosed as asthma free. Taken off my meds. My breathing is bad but will it get better over time?

2.5 yrs old diagnosed with hyperreactive airway disease. Doctor has prescribed flohale puff along allegra (fexofenadine) and novamax at night for 15 days. Is it safe?

23 weeks pregnant with twins. Is it safe to use ipratropium bromide inhalation solution 0.02% (0.5mg/2.5ml)? Been having problems with my ashtma.

24 year old severe asthmatic Gasping for breath once every hour. Er or urgent care. Already done allergy pills and inhaler?

27 weeks pregnant very sick and lungs hurt is it ok to use the inhaler I'm prescribed?

2wks ago some asthma Symptoms I was taking 80mg Propranolol day GP changed me to 2.5mg Bisopralol 4 puffs steroid 2puffs 4wks asthma ok,why So tired?

3.5 month old w/recurrent URI &retractions. Now on oral steroid &antibiotic on top of Pulmicort &albuterol nebs & zantac (ranitidine). When should I see improvment?

33 yr old/female. Dizziness and lightheaded. Taking allegra d, symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) and pro-air. Blood pressure 95/60. Why dizziness?

33lady breastfeeding w/ asthma can I use prednisone?

34y/o female diagnosed 2wks ago w/asthma. Taken 1 singular/day & 1 puff albuterol 2x/day. Should I have tests for allergies? Do i need peak flow meter

4 day course of prednisone for asthma - 40 mg decreasing by 10 mg each day. Breastfeeding9 month old. Ok?

42 male w/ dry cough lots of phlegm can be heard when breathing. Took seretide diskus 50/250 2 puffs twice a day 1 puf wont make me better is it ok?

4yr old given 4 puffs of albuterol every 6 he's in the hospital should I continue that treatment when she has the similar sickness?

4yr old hospitalized for asthma, on high dose of steroids (IV and oral) along with albuterol/02. Doc asked that we continue at home without tapering.

4yr with asthma been giving breathing treatments every 4 hours as directed, his cough is still continuous non-stop what can I do?

5 yr old prescribed a steroid inhaler to prevent ashtma, can it cause sleep disruption, mood swings, dependance, or shaking? Hasn't started taking it.

6 month old prescribed ventolin inhaler. Is this safe? Any side affects? Any benefit for wheezing cough?

6 yr old boy Nocturnal asthma how to relieve it if inhaler isn't helping at night time? And spits out prednisone medication when given orally.

74% on spirometer after neb treatment was 90% take ventolin 1 puff 2x/day and montelukast. Y didn't i get neb to take home also?

8 wks pregnant. Severe asthma. Dr prescribed me Singulair, (montelukast) Prednisone, Amoxicillin & my Albuterol inhaler. Is all this actually safe for my baby?

8 yr ,cold,cough & chest block frequently.Dr suggested budecort 0.5mg(dudesonide) 2*day&levoline 1.25mg(levosalbutamol)4*day without tests.Is it ok??

9/25 i lost my mother. 10/1 icame down with acute bronchitus, asthma, . I was prescribed predisone, an antiobiotic, couch syrup & decongestants. I am better, but completly exhausted every bone & muscle hurts I have no stamina.Sleep all the time I am bi

A dr. Prescribed levofloxacin , 500, mg, i stopped taking after 5 days, that was two days ago, my kidneys are hurting both side I have COPD i take spiriva or advair for that, and had a lung infection, he told me he would prescribe some strong meds. I ask

About asthma advair diskus (salmeterol and fluticasone) medicine? Can you take it all year long without complications?

Acute bronchitis asthma on doxcycline and prednisone, & nebulizor.Started doxi and Medrol (methylprednisolone) fri changed to prednisone can't talk w/out wheezing bad. Walking makes pant neb helps 5 min? No temp X-ray ok

Adult asthma. On qvar. Mainly short of breath when i walk up stairs , exercise. I do have allergies. Worried about side effects of med.

Advair inhaler an antihistamine? Dr told me to stop taking anithistamines 5 days prior to allery skin testin appt. I need the inhaler to breathe.

Advair upped to 500/50 to better control asthma symptoms. Is there anything I should watch out for at the highest dosage?

After completing a zpak for bronchitis, I find that I am still heavily congested, my doctor put me on the 4mg steroid pk. What is a steroid pk?

After taking Pulmicort flexhaler i start wheezing . I just started this medicine and I am not sure if it works well. I am still short of breath.

Age 33. Diagnosed with asthma / small airway disease. Prescribed advair diskus (salmeterol and fluticasone) 250/50 and proair hfa. Took a peak flow meter test and blew 350 l/min. Is that bad? Recommendations on how to improve?

Alburerol overdose, doctors said. He has no asthma and did take two puffs. He developed high bp and arrhythmias, almost immediately,it was that truth?

Albuterol ihaler causing calves to cramp.What else can I take?

Allergic ; mucus buildup of the airways, bronchial Meds Advair 500, Qvar 80mcg, Singular, Zyrtec , nasonex, Zocor, Nexium (esomeprazole)?

Allergic to leaves/mold + asthma. Find I'm using inhaler/neb more freq in Fall. Is asthma no longer well controlled? What do I tell my pulmo?

Allergic to leaves/mold + asthma. Find I'm using inhaler/neb more freq. Does this mean asthma is no longer well controlled? What do I tell my pulmo?

Am suffering from asthma. Please advice medicine. Currently, am using symbicort (budesonide and formoterol). Thank you sir.

Any side affects to levothyroxine? Can I take with albuterol, advair and Zyrtec (cetirizine)? When is best time to take this med?

Any side effects to taking singulair (montelukast) off-label for chronic headaches?

Anyone using prescribed advair for extreme asthma, instead of oral steroids?

Are nebulizer meds toxic if ingested po? (hasn't happened. Thinking of revising storage for toddler- they are up high) (albuterol, pulmicort, atrovnt

Are singulair and montelukast the same thing?

Are their any generic or affordable inhalers that have a similar effect as advair?

Are there any drugs that are similar to seretide diskus?

Are there any good ways to prevent my asthma from acting up so frequently while still on my regular medication?

Are there any journal articles that compare fluticasone propionate and fexofenadine, with what results?

Are there any longterm effects of using singulair (montelukast) and zyrtec daily? Both perscribed and I have had no syptoms of asthma for the last 1-2years.

Are there any ways i can alleviate mild wheezing without using my my inhaler? Im on holidays and don't want to waste it on minor wheezing.

Are there other options beside advair?

Are there particular times of the year I should take singulair (montelukast) to help fix my asthma?

As an adult with mild asthma, is taking singulair (montelukast) instead of an inhaled corticosteroid (flovent diskus) a realistic option?

Asking for a trial about fluticasone vs beclomethasone. Any good trials?

Asthma at 73% peak flow unprodctv cough except formed ovoid balls lt yellow. Drinking tons! 97.5 singulair (montelukast) advair, proair -2 osteopenia, steroids bad?

Asthma attack led to ER visit. Given breathing treatment and two steroids. Medrol (methylprednisolone) pack for home. My heart rate is 100, is that ok?

Asthma attack. Saw doc today. She put me on pulmacourt prednisone, albuterol singulair (montelukast) amoxicilline OTC cold and flo nase. Getting worse after hr now ?

Asthma bronchitis flare.Is it safe to increase symbicort200/6from 4 puffs a day to 6until relief?Travelling no dr also salbutamol to6 puffs a day?

Asthma related question about advair. Safe in pregnancy?

Asthma remedies for home. Singulair (montelukast) makes my heart race and dizzy and just wondering what over-the-counter tea or supplement to take?

Asthma. Should I take a prostaglandin?

Asthmatic and have aniexty. My current medicine I take daily is Prilosec and ventolin inhaler. Dr prescribed me flexoril and diclofena is it safe?

Asthmatics: what "trick(s)" have you found that work best to recover when you don't have your inhaler?

At what age can kids start taking inhaled steroids?

Bed. Going for an MRI on my spine. I am in my 60s have asthmas taking advair spiriva, what to do?

Been coughing its really deep when lay down on my side is that normal? I take adviar 250/50 should I go higher or switch back to dulera (formoterol and mometasone) it worked goo

Been on advair diskus (salmeterol and fluticasone) 250/50 since friday. Used inhaler at the start of an asthma attack at home last night and again during class for work today. Is this something I should worry about?

Been on symbicort on and off for 6 months. Been on it regularly for 1 month now with montelukast and aerius. Safe? Will it lower immunity? PS anxious

Been up all night with asthma.inhaler and nebulizer meds aren't working.what do I do now?seen Dr twice this wk for this.was put on zithromax.that too worked for a day but isn't working now

Best time to take Singulair (montelukast) oral 10mg?

Breathing great, dr told me 2 wean off Alvesco (ciclesonide) inhaler. 3 days off & asthma coming back. I have Hashimotos, TSH .3 now. Some anxiety + GERD too.

Breathless with chest infection, can I have my brown inhaler again after already using it a few hours before which helped or do I use my blue?

Can a better prescription be given for the built up mucus in your lungs that is making it feel like you can't breathe, because the nebulizer, ashma pump and musinex is not working?

Can a child have liquid albuterol and a breathing treatment at same time, or do you wait for some time in between them?

Can a person using Combivent (albuterol and ipratropium) have arthritis-like side effects?

Can a person with asthma take ciprofloxacin?

Can a toddler have prednisolone and qvar at thevsame time?

Can a very mild asthma attack get better on its own within a few minutes even without using an inhaler?

Can advair diskus (salmeterol and fluticasone) usually make people gain weight?

Can albuterol via breathing treatment and a proair inhaler cause thrush of the mouth if used a lot? Major anxiety i read meds and HIV can cause it

Can Allegra be taken with Paxil, nortriptyline, and Aleve and hydrochlorothiazide, and dulera (formoterol and mometasone)?

Can an asthmatic (22yrs medication use about) lower his need for rescue inhalers (used before exercise as well) by jogging/swimming lightly? Bad idea?

Can an increase in my dosage of symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) be causing more chest tightness? I have asthma.

Can any of these meds cause constipation? 1.Omeprazole 2. Montelukast 3.azelastine 4.Fluorometholene 5.womans heath multivitamin

Can asthma with 15 % of deficit of breathing get worse without treatment? I'm taking symbicort, (budesonide and formoterol) i'm healthy, but don't like to take meds..

Can atrovent nebuliser and ventolin nebuliser damage ur lungs long term or if used often i get asthma and post nasal drip get breathless alot?

Can B12 vitamin cause dizziness? I also take Klonopin lamictal symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) Levothyroxine and levoceterizine. Those meds don't make me dizzy.

Can blue rescue inhalers lose their effectiveness with overuse? If yes how long does this take?

Can dulera (formoterol and mometasone) lose it's effectiveness over time? I'm on dulera (formoterol and mometasone) 100mcg 2 puffs 2 x a day and just got a cold and need to use rescue inhaler throughout day

Can general long time or over use of an albuteral hfa inhaler sometimes cause coughing up a little bit of blood in mucus? Thanks

Can I combine a Hypersal neb treatment with a Budesonide treatment? Can I admin them both to a 5m baby?

Can i consume alcohol while taking qvar ((beclomethasone inhaler)?

Can I consume alcohol while using a qvar(beclomethasone) prescription inhaler, momentasone furoate , and prescription Amoxicillin and Clavulanate?

Can I get depression by taking z pack for acute bronchitis?

Can I stop Pro Air(albuterol sulfate)all at one time or come off of it gradually?

Can i take 10mg prenisone for my asthma?im 29 years old mom.

Can I take advair while pregnant. I'm struggling with bronchitis?

Can i take beclomethasone dipropionate with fluoxetine?

Can I take clairitin with my puffers.. Orange and blue(rescue) inhalers? I'm assuming I can I just want to double check

Can I take guafisan and the asthma medication primatene combined?