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any meds for unwanted thoughts things repeated in my voice took zyprexa (olanzapine) for 2yrs it worked been off for a month lost lbs thinking of taking it again ?

I had 10 ECT treatments 5 mo ago. Short term mem. Is horrible. On abilify, (aripiprazole) zoloft. I tried pot and ever since mem even worse. Hope to improve?

~ I have chronic sadness~ absolutly no energy~ i don't want to leave my house ~i get anxiety around people~ i h I have tried cymbalta~ efexor~ hormone therapy nothing has worked so far

1.My son has appt. w/psychiatrists should he take it slow or just ask questions fast?2.Should Luis be taking oxcarbazepin for tantrums o something els

10th week on Efexor 75mg for GAD but still unable to concentrate,restless,fidgety! Could dose increase to 150 make a difference ?Or the diag is wrong?

120mgs of Latuda, (lurasidone) getting where I can't sit still in evenings, on benztropine but not helping, is there anyway this will go away on it's own?

15 yr old daughter prescibed lovan20 for depression & anxiety. I'm worried that gp has prescibed something too strong 4 someone her age. Comments pls.

17yrgrdaughter HS bipolar, add, premenstrual dysphoric disorder.On vivanse 60mg, straterra 60mg.Risperdal2.5.She is unhappy/goes off.Wht meds cd work.Sad?

1st time on adderall. Hasn't worked for 2 weeks even @ 20mg in am. Strattera (atomoxetine) always worked. I'm very hyper w rapid highs n lows. Mean ADHD n bipol?

20 yrs seizure-free, discontinued depakote. Experienced anxiety. Started neurontin (gabapentin). Now 300 mg tid. Anxiety gone, but st memory probs. & anomia. Temp?

21 yo M depression & anxiety/panic disorder. Startd treatmnt using escitalopram,betablockers & clonazepam.Shud I be concernd abt sexual dsyfunction ?

2years ago lost my mum tragically.Was on many antidepressants. Last one was Effexor (venlafaxine) xr. Been off them butnow depression kicked in. Which med weighloss?

3.5 weeks on lexapro (escitalopram). 80% of this time has been great improvement. Past few days a bit of a setback with anx/dep - my therapist said this is normal?

39 yr female, i take ziac, Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Adderall xr. I seem to be experiencing more fuzzy thinking the last 3 or 4 months. I walk in a room and forget what I am looking. Could this be meds?

4 weeks on Lexapro 10mg for Anxiety/OCD (Pure 'O') then on 20mg past week. Still no effect, feelimg worse rather than better. Time to stop/change? Bromazepam perscribed as of last week on top, it isnt doing anything. Antidepressants dont work for me?

47 yrs old just prescribed generic activella. So scared of mental depression, already have anxiety. Scared of more hair loss weight gain. Is this safe?

50mg pristiq (desvenlafaxine) (depression anxiety) seemed to lose effectiveness after 3 months 100 stopped working after another 3 on 150 now will this keep happening?

A friend is taking his mothers fluoxetine 20mg. Since he broke up with his girlfriend. He has mentioned panic attacks and roller coaster emotions?

About 15 yrs ago Prozac was my "miracle drug", and now it seems to have pooped out. I have tried viibryd and it just caused bloating and hair loss. Should i try something with the Prozac to get my happiness back? What about wellbutrin, can I take this wit

After i had my third child i began to feel different around ppl i would be over the top nervous but I have been taking st johns wort can that help?

Aftr 2 wks of stopping lexapro 10 cld trky n upping buspar (buspirone) frm 30 to 60 w no s.e or withdrawals now my anxiety n depression is worse. Will it get btr?

All anti dep & anti anxiety meds i've checked are incompatible w tramadol. It seems Valium or adavan are my only alternative. Agree? Any I've missed?

Anhedonia brought on by trifluoperazine. Discontinued these but how long will it take for the anhedonia to go? Now I've got flupentixol. Will it help?

Antidepressent withdrawl I am currently on 50mg of pristiq and 2mg of abilify. I recently (16 days) stopped the Abilify because of weight gain. I was feeling fine but now am more depressed and my mind is wondering. Is this just a side affect of the abilif

Anxiety disorder worsened during pregnancy. I am post partum and back on paxil, (paroxetine) clonazepam .05mg 2x daily. 20 yrs on rx. Anxiety still bad- advice?

Any reports of people feeling suicidal while taking valacyclovir?

Are there any good fat burners that lack st. John's wort?

Are there any herbal medications which are known to definitely affect the effectiveness contraceptive pill, besides St Johns Wort?

Are there tests available for people w/ insomnia? I've tried everything, even klonopin & seroquel (quetiapine). Those worked at first but now they don't help?

At end of rope. Tried Effexor, remeron, celexa, therapy nothing is helping anxiety/depression. I'm a mess all the time. Trouble sleeping. Please help?

Bad reaction risperdal consta, sedation, zombie, can't think, talk, change to personality, will i be ok? It has been 5 weeks.. Stop at 6 weeks? Awful

Bad reaction to Klonopin (clonazepam). Stopped taking it but now emotions are all over, rapid cycles of mania and depression. How long till it's out of system?

Be4 i was on celexa i tried zoloft and made intrusive thoughts worse. now im on celexa 20mg and it works for everything except intrusive thoughts.

Been diagnosed with GAD and MDD. Was just switched from 30mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) to 75 mg of Zoloft which so far seems to be going ok. I also took 1 mg 3x a day of Ativan which was just reduced to .5 mg 4x as needed. Then was given Trazedone for nig

Been on 40mg Prozac a day for past 2yrs for panic attack prevention. Past 2wks been experiencing symptoms of narcolepsy. Can prozac cause narcolepsy?

Been on citalopram 5yrs but no longer helping me doc changed to 15mg mirtarazpine but phobia of vomiting am scared to take them?

Been on klonopin 3mg for 5 years for severe GAD tried alot this is the only drug that gives mr my life back but i want to wean off to see if i can get through this without the klonopin how should i do this ive read all kind of horror stories ?

Been on SSRIs and all make me lethargic. I have panic attacks daily. from research klonopin (clonazepam) seems like a good answer. How do I bring it up with MD?

Been prescribed sertaline today for depression and referred to cbt.. Anything else that could have a quicker positive effect on me? Feel suicidal, sad

Been taking 150 mg bupropian for 2 + years, recently seems i'm more depressed and angry. What should I do next?

Been taking sertraline for 18 months, 100mg/day for depression & anxiety with good results. Made lifestyle changes and i'm thinking of trying to stop.

Been taking zyprexa for 6 mon at 5 mg together with risperdal 6 mg to treat a relapse of schizophrenia. stopped zyprexa now having withdrawal symtomps, heard voices for few minutes before sleep. Should i take 5mg again or try 2.5 mg slowly tapering?

Began effexor-xr 9 weeks ago for gad and health anxiety. Up to 112.5 mg today. No effect yet. What is the average dose at which an effect is seen?

Being on venlafaxin & risperidone for 8months, i've been much more dep & anxtious due to a sudden recent job loss. How may i come over it best?

Besides st. Johns wart what other herbs can I take for depression?

Bipolar 1 disorder, my 17 yr old babygirl....I need more help 2 help her! was recently put on lamactil, is that a good med? She had bad reactions 2 a

Bipolar x25 yrs, dx OCD 10yrs. On Lexapro (escitalopram) 40mg; pdoc said OCD does better w that ^ dose. Asking re: yr experience in TX for OCD w >40mg/day, thx!

Can 60 mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) make you fidgety..And add to racing thoughts...Would the next logical step be to cut it to 30 or 40 with dr's approval of course?

Can a person taking 8mg Suboxone for opiate withdrawals also take St. Johns Wort, Passion Flower and/or GABA supplements to help with anxiety?

Can abilli fi help wirh anxiety?

Can an antidepressant like Zoloft (sertraline) cause some memory loss ? I've been taking it over a mo. (25mg) and notice Im forgetful. Can it become permanent?

Can bisulepine and St. John's Wort be taken together?

Can bupropion cause mental fog or confusion? I took bupropion for 3 days and it made me depressed. How long after stoping it would I be back to normal

Can celexa (citalopram) make pupils dfrnt sizes? Neuro/opthomol. see no issues, clean MRI. Anisocoria started when panic disorder did and after starting meds

Can doctors tell me what does st. John's wart do for your body?

Can GABA and st johns wort be combined?

Can I combine St. Johns Wort tea and Rhodiola Rosea?

Can i cut bupropion sr in half. Another doctor said it ok because 150 in causing anxiety. But i'd like a second opinion?

Can I develop a tolerance of St. John's Wort if it's taken everyday?

Can i drink beer if im taking St Johns Wort? The sjw has been helping alot with anxiety/depression and i was gonna go to the bar to clear my mind

Can I drink chamomile tea with Zoloft (sertraline)? Is there an interaction? I know St. John's Wort is off limits :) Is chamomile safe?

Can i get a tatoo when im taking Lithium for bi polor?

Can i have small seizures from taking 10 mg Abilify (aripiprazole) If I Only Had Abcence As A kid? When i took Abilify (aripiprazole) i had leftbody numb few secs at nights somtime

Can I safely combine st. johns wort and ginkgo biloba?

Can i start Zoloft (sertraline) 24 hours after taking st john wort?

Can i still have sex if I have dyspareunia? How can I make it more comfortable. I have very bad anxiety could this be the cause? I sarted takin Zoloft (sertraline)

Can i take ephedra for fatigue while also taking pristiq (desvenlafaxine) and lyrca for mdd, irritable, and anxiety? I'm finding myself spending 18 hours a day in bed

Can i take flouxitine and st johns wort together?

Can I take kalms and st johns wort together? Thanks in advance.

Can I take losec (omeprazole) and st johns wort at the same time?

Can i take st john's wort with omeperazole tablets?

Can I take st johns wort for depression with HIV meds?

Can i take st johns wort with chamomile?

Can I take st. John's wort and ginseng together?

Can I take st. John's wort for depression?

Can I take St. John's wort if I am taking thyroxine?

Can i take st. Johns wort and 5-htp together?

Can i take st. Johns wort as a new breast feeding mother?

Can i take st.John wort as an over-the-counter?

Can i taper off of orthotricyclen lo? I quit cold turkey last year \u0026 2 mos. Later had insomnia, depression, anxiety so i started again \u0026 it went away.

Can I use chapsticks with St. John's Wort in them while taking 100mg of sertraline?

Can I use st johns wort instead of antidepressants?

Can I use st. John's wort and ginseng at the same time?

Can i wean myself off prozac (fluoxetine)? I've been bipolar for sometime and diagnosed with depression. Docs appt jan 31 can't wait that long. Its. Bugging me.

Can it be possible for you to mix st.johns wort with clonozepam?

Can OCD/Unwanted thoughts come back/increase when stopping Venlafaxine?

Can PMS aggravate PTSD? I recently had to stop taking the pill after a PE, and this is my first cycle being off the pill. Feeling more anxious and having flashbacks and intrusive thoughts...haven't had these in a while and not sure how to handle it.

Can psychosis kill you? I'm seeing lots of things out of the corner of my eyes and I'm freaking a bit. I am taking Adderall, Paxil and Abilify (aripiprazole).

Can Remeron (mirtazapine) 30mg cause Head Pressure. I find it great for sleep.Is there any other drug its equivalent. I suffer from Severe Anxiety. Thanks?

Can st john's wort help with mild depression?

Can St. John Wort cause hair loss in women?

Can st. John's wart work well for anxiety?

Can st. John's wort be used to treat your social anxiety disorder?

Can st. John's wort help with depression? And does it interact with valacyclovir?

Can st. John's wort make my head itch?

Can st. John's wort work for depression?

Can st. Johns wort be taken with one dose of .025mg xanax (alprazolam)?

Can stress and anxiety cause pots? Could Paxil (paroxetine) cause it? I just got diagnosed with pots and i'm not sure why I have it.

Can taking daily walks at night help with depression?

Can taking st john's wort or licorice cause the bilirubin levels of the liver to increase?