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I have pepto that expired in July this year. Is it safe to take now?

I took some medicine and want to know if it's safe?

After using barium two days ago, can I safely take penicillin?

Alprazolam and antihistamines, is this safe to take?

Am 6w4d pregnant. Doc has prescribed ecosprin 75, one a day. Is it safe 2 take it?

And I was wondering if I could take riopan?

Anyone know what is a safe dosage to take of methadone?

Are antibiotics safe to take with sertraline?

Asa 81 - safe to take every other day?

Asking ...i have asthma and my dentist wants me to take a valium pill it safe to take?

Because I need to know if taking permethrin 2 days in a row is safe?

Bromfed (brompheniramine) is it safe to use was prescribed in march of this year ?

Can antihistamines be safely taken while on warfarin .

Can I safely take two 10 mg doses of loratadine in one day?

Can I still take dextroamphetamine if it expired a year ago?

Can i take ashwagandha with zrytec safely?

Can i take expired medicine can it do any harm?

Can I take goody powder while on flexerill?

Can I take gravol and loresepan at the same time ?

Can I take ibuprofen while I'm on sertraline? Is it safe?

Can I take nabumetone after its expired?

Can i take unisom before anethsia?

Can I use antacids while using painkiller? And if yes what antacids is safe and how many times a day should I take it and for how long?

Can paracetamol be taken thrice a day for two weeks? Is it safe? Can it harm the liver if taken in this way?

Can u take medicean that is three months expiresd ?

Can unisom be safe for a teenager to take?

Can you explain if it's safe to take 4 oral capsules of cataflam 50 mg (diclofenac) per day?

Can you explain if it's safe to take aquatic antibiotics?

Can you explain if it's safe to take more ibuprofen then what it says on the bottle?

Can you let me know how many mg of ibuprofen is safe to take before oding?

Can you take acetaminophen and Accutane together? Is this safe?

Can you tell me is it reasonably safe to take vicodin as an experiment?

Can you tell me is it safe to take cold-eeze and wal-phed together?

Codeine and accutane, are these safe to take?

Could you tell me if it is safe to take xenical if you're hypertensive?

Currently take amitryptaline 10 mg nightly for migraines is it safe to take nyquil for a cold or will there be an adverse interaction between the two?

Do valium and celxa interact with each other or is it safe to take bith kind regards?

Do you know are nsaids safe to take if you have a seroma?

Do you think it could be safe to take recently expired hydrocodone syrup?

Doctor gave me belviq (lorcaserin) I take 50 mg. Tramodal 2 - 3 times a day. Is that safe.

Does adderrx work? Is it safe?

Does modafinil safe if i take 200mg per day ?

Fampyra is it safe to take mizollen!

Has taking chlor-trimeton been just as effective for anyone?

Hi . Im currently needed to take this antibiotics . But i'm just wondering if i can take this medicine now and drink about 8 hrs later Is it safe?

Hi is it safe to take kalms with montelukast?

Hi there! I take lorazepam at .5 milligrams and I wanted to know if it is safe to take NyQuil on top of it for my cold?

How addictive is Phentermine and is it safe for me to take Metformin while taking it?

How can you safely have an immunization one day after taking azithromax?

How do you get off baclfen safely. I'm taking one a day

How long after I've stopped taking Lovenox (enoxaparin) before it's safe to use Ibuprofen?

How long after taking concerta is it safe to take tramadol?

How long between doses of amlodipine is safe?

How long is it safe to take Metaxalone?

How long is it safe to take mobic (meloxicam) for?

How many cigarettes is safe to take in a day?

How many ibuprofens is it safe for a 13 year old girl to take?

How many lortabs is safe to take a day? An how often?

How many percocet 7.5 is it safe to take in a day?

How much alleve is safe to take ?

How much brandy should I take?

How much hydroxyzine can I safely take at once?

How much promethazine is "safe" to take if you don't want to overdose?

How much Vistaril (hydroxyzine) is safe to take in one dose without potential harm?

How safe is 10miligram of amlipedine?

How safe is bromazepam?

How safe is it to take prednisone with pseudoephedrine?

How safe is it to take vistaril (hydroxyzine) while you drink?

How safe is Tegretol?

How safe is the drug Idomethacian? I take .25mg 3xd

How safe is unisom?

Hw much vicodin is safe to take?

I am 6 weeks prevnant, is it safet to take paracetamol at this time?

I am taking Azithromycin would like to take Dayquil during the day. Is this safe?

I had two drink the last one around 740.. Is it safe to take flexril now?

I have a cold and I was told by my pharmacist it was safe to take my citalopram medication with NyQuil. Is this true?

I have a prescription for Ranitidine on 9/12/12. Are the pills still safe to take?

I have a terrible cold and I take 150mg of sertraline a day. I'm reading that I can not take NyQuil, what is safe to take?

I have amoxicillin 875 mg that's expired by a year is it safe to take?

I have been prescribed metronidazole and nitrofurantoin to take together. I also take a benedril a day for allergies. It it safe to combine these?

I have been taking Coriciden for the past two days it is safe to add azirhromycin?

I have been taking lanzapefole or 9yrs.Am i safe?

I have hypothyroidism and take Levothyroxine. Is it safe to take the medicine if it is expired?

I have juice plus chewables that expired are they still safe to take?

I have propranolol 10 mg tablets which is expired one and half month ago.I had miscarriage one and half ago as well. Is it safe to take expired propra?

I have some phenazopyrid 200mg from a year ago , is it still safe to take?

I take an antihistamine in the mornings and occasionally take buscopan when my IBS is bad. Is it safe to take these together?

I take one 50mg tablet of Sertraline HCL daily. Are there any unsafe interactions with Acetaminophen? If so, what is a safe alternative?

I want to know if it's safe to take one 600 mg, at this moment. Then at 12pm i want tp take one 5 mg ambian. Is this safe?

I want to take Cialis please how can I take it safe ? I need it please

I was prescribed 10/325 mg of hydrocodone today and wanted to know if it was safe to take two of them at once?

I was prescribed 5mg tabs but my bottle doesn't show how many i can take...43yrs/176 lbs/ female how many is safe for me to take?

I was prescribed cipro (ciprofloxacin) and wanted to know how much caffeine is safe and if its safe to take with lortab?

I was wondering are stinpane tablets safe to take when having a heache?

I'm out of glaucoma meds, is it safe to take expired drops?

I'm prescribed azithromycin and I also take adderall for add and I was wondering if it's safe to take both together or if it's dangerous for my heart.

I'm taking Phenoxymethylpenicillin at the moment, is it safe if i can also take sudafed on the same time I'm taking the Phenoxymethylpenicillin?

I've been on over the counter Allergra. I usually take it between 8-9 am. Is it safe to have a few drinks later on a that night after 9pm?

I've been taking 2 painkillers for 5 days and I've taken about 8 buplex a day for the last 4 days. I want to continue before I can check it out. Safe?

If I take lansoprazole dissolvable tablet at 9am and then propranolol medicine at 10 30am is this safe ?