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Does Alendronate and Prolia produce the same results? I want to choose just taking only one and my t-score is -2.7.

21 year old testosterone level of 267 ng/dl and bone density z score of -2.6 for spine. Are there any treatment options?

28 w osteoporosis and spinal fractures low vit d is all that was found! Is this what caused it? And can it be reversed if i take my vit d?

28 yr old diagnosed w severe pregnancy/lactating associated osteoporosis is there anyway to heal my bones without fosamax (alendronate)? Will my bones even return

41, myastheniaGravis, osteoporosis from 15yr pred! Endo says 100%chance if fall hip/spine break. HOW do I control weak muscles & bones & anxiety?

48 yr old female with osteoporosis, taking calcium and D: What is the best exercise regimen for me to strengthen hip and back bone and muscle?

50k vit d weekly x 8 weeks for defiency & slow healing stress reaction. I'm prone to bone spurs. Is it likely spurs will grow or increase with added d?

50year old male had L1comprassion bone fracture .whith history of osteoprosis what. is the best recomended treatment and the cost in Amirca?

70 yo female w/osteoporosis and family hx of BRCA breast cancer. Ok to Denosumab and Reloxifene therapy together??

A recent hand X-ray noted "demineralization." I have osteoporosis from 20 years of depakote. Are the demineralization and osteoporosis related?

A study showed that n saids or any anti inflammatories inhibit, or prevent bone growth. Is this true?

After a cervical d&fusion, how much extra calcium & vit d is good for helping optimize bone growth?

Any advice? What tests are required before taking evista (raloxifene)?

Any treatment besides calcium for osteopenia or do you need to wait till osteoporosis?

Are strontium ranelate and strontium citrate recognised, beneficial treatments for severe osteoporosis?

Are there any pills that you can prescribe to strengthen weak bones?

Are there any studies on the effects of pot use and bone healing?

Are there many women who after ooph and meds develop severe osteoporosis and shouldnt they be monitored?

Been on Forteo for 16 months.have a 5.45 TSH. Have had several odd bone spurs develop and discontinued the Forteo injections. Any reason for concern?

Besides calcium vit d and Fosamax (alendronate) what can be done for my osteoporosis? Im only 28 and my doc said its advanced i have spinal fractures! Im scared

Best way to treat osteopenenia for a 73yo?

Bone density in hips severe, take Crestor (rosuvastatin) for high cholesterol, mother stroke at 77. Dr. Recommends Evista, so many scary side effects. Yes or no?

Breast cancer, bone mets. Doctors cancelled mom's zometa therapy due to continuously low calcium. Can they increase ca just prior infusion and after?

Can anyone read my xray of my hip? I have osteoporosis with a high risk for fracture I am a 39 year old female can somebody please help

Can anyone strathen their neck 31 year old male with osteoporosis in all my bones ?

Can bilateral oopherectomy cause someone to have osteoporosis and is there a way to stop it from worsening?

Can chest rickets be corrected at the age of 17 without operation . How to improve calcium &vitamin d if I have chest rickets?

Can I counteract potential osteoporosis family history by taking calcium supplements?

Can I stop bone density loss if it is caused by my prescription medications?

Can I stop bone density loss if it is caused by prescribed medication?

Can i take caltrate to help in my avnecrosis?

Can osteo bi-flex with 5-loxin advanced triple strength cause an increase in blood pressure ?

Can osteoporosis of the feet be cured at age 67 in a female?

Can seroquel (quetiapine) cause bone loss? I am worry because I have osteopenia

Can severe osteoporosis and arthritis come from the same root cause or are they both independent of each other?

Can severe scoliosis of 49 degrees cause bone marrow failure? Thanks

Can side effect from zometa be so great that it should be cancelled, esp low calcium? (breast cancer, extensive bone mets) thank you.

Can you take calcium after calcification of fractured leg?

Can you take calcium supplements for initial osteopenia with a heart disease that's usually treated also with calcium-channel blockers (but not mine)?

Can you tell me how could vitamin d help to maintain strong bones helping to prevent the development of osteoporosis?

Could chiropractic adjustments be unsafe if I have low bone density?

Dexa normal til 2 yrs ago, then doc said I have osteopenia. I was concerned but she laughed at me, saying it just means thin bone. Should i take med?

Diagnosed w/osteoporosis and spinal fractures high risk for more fractures is there anything i can do to gain bone mass w/out scary meds like fosamax (alendronate)?

Diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of hip and spine. Md is ordering reclast (zoledronic acid) injection. Is there a homeopathic treatment for osteoporosis? Looking for, homeopathic md in my area glastonbury, ct.

Do I need to stop taking calcium supplement before full body bone scan?

Does bone metabolic activity and inflammation stop when you start taking bisophanates?

Does osteopenia cause fractured bones in infants? My son was taken from me an they are accusing us of abuse when he has been diagnosed with this disea

Does severe osteoporosis affect the heels?

Does taking glucosamine chondroitin help to fortify bone density in elderly people?

Does taking weight gaining capsules/tablets continously for two years or so cause avascular necrosis of hips or other joints ? I m having it. Plz say.

Does the calcium content of the bones in women decreases after 30? if yes,then why and what can be done to prevent this from happening? age-20

Dr happy with alendronate 70mg & ca -d supplement for severe osteopenia (t-2.3) in spine. Would strontium citrate supplement be helpful too?

Due 2 be done with Forteo, but my med conditions don't let me be on many cause of crisis. What would be comparable to Forteo without complications?

During the first year after oopherectomy and taking arimidex, (anastrozole) what amount of bone loss can I expect if not on any treatment to prevent loss?

Elderly mother has a small fracture in her back. How is that treated? What is the best treatment for osteoporosis?

For 57+ F with stage-2 osteoarthritis of knee joints, which one is better - Uniflexin tablets or Collagen Peptide along with calcium & vitD medicines?

For me, 3 yrs ago Reclast=5% improvement, Prolia for 2 yrs=little improvement, but 10% LOSS hip neck! Why? And, now must be off for 3 yrs, scary! Thx!

Fosamax, Vitamin d & calcium for 9 mths now. My Yearly Dexa showed last yr -3.6. Now -3.4 only. Is it even worth being "happy" with results??

GNC multivitamin warns to stop taking at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Does this include dental such as extraction & bone graft? how about after?

Has anybody tried bisphosphonates to treat osteoporosis?

Have 2 ribs fractured as result of a cough.Is vitamine d and calcium supp a good option for healing?

Have long span final fusion with loosening hardware, told I have osteoporosis, dr. Wants me to go on forteo before he tries to do corrective sx, safe?

Have myasthenia gravis, severe osteoporosis.Scared of "another med" to treat osteo and it NOT flare/worsen MG!! Reclast, (zoledronic acid) Proliva, Forteo?try shot 1st?

Have problem associated with tests for osteoporosis==no money to pay. Cant I just take calcium?

Hi dr i want to ask you there is osteoporosis after pregnancy? And its temporarily?

Hi I am 60 yrs old weigh 119 pds I have peni not osteoporosis i go for all my doctors every year I do have density in brest. Can evista (raloxifene) help that?

Hi. I have osteoporotic bones due to steroid treatment and wanted to try chiropractic for regaining function after a fall. Would this be a safe option?

Hi.I m having avascular necrosis hips final stage. I take Ayurvedic herbal weight gaining capsules from 1 year as my apetite is very less. Suggest please

How can I help my 15 year old brother who has bone pains during the night in days he is very active? He uses lots of vitamins since childhood...

How can vitamin d help to maintain strong bones helping to prevent the development of osteoporosis?

How do I know bone meds are working, without having to wait 2 more yrs for nxt dexa. I cannot afford to lose anymore density.

How does lupus effect a broken radius in elderly?

How does phosphate binder cause hpercalcemia ? And why it is more severe in patients with low-turnover bone disease ?

How does stopping taking estrogen supplements affect bone density?

How is steroid-induced osteoporosis (siop) treated?

How likely is a severe allergic reaction to vitamin d , calcium , and Fosamax for my osteoporosis? Im scared to start my therapy cuz of this

How long does it take for a bisophanate to give protection from fractures in relation to osteoporosis (severe)?

How long does it take for bone density to weaken if unable to exercise for 2 months? Eat healthy, no meds. Have mild osteopenia.

How long is fasting required before reclast (zoledronic acid) is taken?

How long should fosomax be taken? When should a bone scan be done after starting fosomax?

How long should it take to see bone growth on a three level fusion for an otherwise healthy 29yo? Electromagnetic stimulator used. Is 5mth too soon???

How much is vertebral fracture risk reduction with using estrogen?

How often should someone with osteopenia get a dexascan?

How safe is fosama to take if you have already had a hip fracture?

How safe is tooth extraction for someone with osteoporosis? I've read that it increases the chances of breaking your jaw during the procedure, but by how much? I was diagnosed about two years ago, and my doctor says reclast has helped, but my bones are st

How to best manage severe, severe osteoporosis? Have tried all types of services, just started Prolia, increased calcium, increased vitamin D.

How we can treat patient with osteoporosis if blood calcium is normal ?

How will pregnancy affect my bones if I don't get much calcium?

I am 23 and have osteoporosis and osteopenia due to an eating disorder and steroid use(for CAH) what can I take other than vitamins to correct ?

I am 42, premenopausal and have osteopenia. Is it possible for me to reverse the osteopenia, perhaps by training with weights?

I am a 46 yr. Old female, 7 yrs. Post-hyst. Should i continue the caltrate supplements after healing my broken leg?

I am a healthy 53 yo and wonder if a bone mass screening is needed. I am post menopausal.?

I am I my 20s but I am diagnosed with osteopenia ,do I need medications? What is the risk and benefits?

I am on strontium ranelate 7mths but due to see a different dr, if he changes meds, is it safe to do so immediately or do I need a break?

I am on strontium ranelate for severe osteoporosis, how long does it take to stop bone loss, and how long before i start to build new bone. ?

I believe i can feel my severe osteoporosis in my spine, my doctor says you cannot feel osteoporosis, which is true?

I can feel tingling in my shin bones, my doctor thinks this is rubbish, I am on strontium ranelate and have severe osteoporosis.

I can't take vitamin d & calcium due to sarcoid, I have compression fracture in spine what can I do to make bones strong?

I don't see any information about treating brittle bone with a supplement of collagen, could that help, I have a 3 year old recently diagnosed.?

I had a severe allergy to forteo. Doc wants me on prolia for severe metabolic osteoporosis. Is it similar? I don't want to die from injection.