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I have been on prozacfor 3 weeks then stoped how long will it take to get withdrawl symptoms out of my body?

3 days of 1000mg prednisone for MS relapse. How long to withdrawal entirely? Never a party lol but cant remember the time frame.

43yrold-progesterone 200mg(day1-15)-400mg(day15-28)and dhea 50mg-for PMS symptoms x2yrs.What happens if i quit cold turkey?What will side effects be?

6 days off SUBOXONE, gettin vivitrol 2day what should I expect? Any bad side effects? I still have bad RLS from WD from sub. When will that be gone?

After 2 months of heavy Vicodin use, I have gone cold turkey for almost 2 weeks and still have chronic diarrhea. When will the diarrhea stop?

After being on endep (amitriptyline) 10 for 2 months then coming off it cold turkey I have noticed my orgasms are very weak. How long until they are normal again?

Am going to finish my 6month therapy of cipralex 10 mg and I should tapering my drug down to prevent the withdrawal symptoms ... How I taper Down ??

Anxiety, fear and dizziness after quitting smoking..It has been 3 months now since i left but its less now a days ..Is it normal? How long it takes?

Any withdrawal when try to stop using fast acting isosorbide mononitrate. How to wean off 2.5 mg that I have been [email protected] pm every day for 3 months.

Baclofen 10 twice daily since 11 monthes need to be gradually withdraw or can i stop it suddenly? if need titration how to do it , thx

Been a heroin addict for 2 years and just started getting severe histamine releases. How do I cut the itching back besides stopping, it is unbearable.

Been drinking energy drinks consistently passed week n a half. Going cold turkey. How long will withdrawal symptoms like fogginess and headaches last?

Been on 1.0 xanex for 23yrs, want to get off them. How do I do it without bad withdrawals? Plz help thank you very much.

Been on 30mg of methadone for 90 days. How bad would the withdrawals be if I quit cold turkey today?

Been on morphine for 2 months. Being weaned off in 6 days cuz of bladder issues. Anything i can do to ease the withdraw?

Been on pristiq (desvenlafaxine) 50mg for 1 month, quit cold turkey, been getting brain zaps & nauseated- should I slowly wean myself off or stick this out cold turkey?

Been on Valium for 7 month and at a low dose of 2.5 mg. If i just stop suddenly will I have withdrawal?

Been on Zyprexa (olanzapine) 2.5mg for about a month. Doctor told me I can stop cold turkey, is this true or will there be withdrawals ?

Been taking Effexor (venlafaxine) 37.5 mg for only 3 days made depression worse. Can I stop without withdrawl. My doc is on holidays can't follow up with him ?

Benzo buddies says its protracted withdrawal and there are many who take years to get over benzo withdrawal,i hoped he could provide relief until then?

Can brain zaps (like the withdrawal from effexor) be from too little serotinin? No longer take it but still get them. Odd?

Can I get comatose by abruptly stopping levothyroxine?

Can i go off endep (amitriptyline) 10mg cold turkey?

Can i just quit taking my atorvastatin 40mg safely if i jus do it cold turkey?

Can i quit Effexor (venlafaxine) 75mg cold turkey after only 2 weeks of use? What are symtoms?

Can I stop taking my antidepressant cold tiucky?

Can mirtazapine cause brain zaps when stopping cold turkey?

Can my 16 year old son get off strattera (atomoxetine) 80 mg cold turkey or must he be weened?

Can opioid induced hyperalgesia persist for years after stopping opioid use? GBS used fentanyl for 4 years. Stopped cold turkey. Three years ago.

Can someone with cardio myopathy go cold turkey from booze?

Can stopping klonopin cold turkey cause fibromyalgia?

Can topomax 10mg help me stop craving percocet ?

Can withdrawal from co codamol cause itching sensations ? Also can withdrawal come and go ?

Can you advise me on going cold turkey off clozapine?

Can you advise me on going cold turkey starting from tonight and need advice?

Can you feel nicotine withdrawal even if you aren't completely cutting it out?

Can you get withdrawal from clindamycin?

Can you guys tell me how bad was your caffeine withdrawal when you stopped it?

Can you stop bupropion/zyban/wellbutrin cold turkey? What are some of the withdrawal symptoms? Is it dangerous to stop suddenly? Thanks :)

Can you stop taking oxycontin 30mg cold turkey?

Can you tell me about it's like to try to cold turkey risperidone and benztropine at 2mg?

Can you tell me how one get off 12-15 tramadol pills per day. I tried going cold turkey twice and almost didn't make it. i?

Can you tell me if you go cold turkey off cymbalta, (duloxetine) how many days does it take?

Can you tell me what you suggest if being on Suboxone for 3 years then stopping it cold turkey when will the withdrawals start and when will they end?

Could I be going through withdrawal from the ibroprophin?

Could withdrawals be hard from 90mg codeine taken for a month and then stopped cold turkey?

Currently in clonazepam withdraw, unable to work, losing all i have, does the brain heal from this? I was on .5 for 8months.

Do I need to taper off Zyprexa or can I stop it all together at once. I seem to not get withdrawal from zyprexa but after one week I felt withdrawal?

Do you think I should be worried after stopping gabapentin cold turkey?

Does anyone know of a natural way to stop withdrawl symptoms from painkillers?

Dr didn't refil my tramadol script. they are closed this weekend I've been on it 1y+ I'm withdrawing. how can I safely withdraw? any tips?

Dr gave me clonidine to come off morphine. Will i feel "normal" or does it just take the edge off withdrawal symptoms?

Dr prescribed klonopin (clonazepam) to help with alcohol withdrawals.I start tomorrow, am curious if this is enough to help with withdrawals.Shakes,seizures etc?

Dr says its ok for me to stop flecainide cold turkey but I read. It's better to do it gradually ?

Drug dependency past surgery for back resulting in taking tramadol. When tramadol stopped. Withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone treatment. Resent hospitalization resulting . Whyin with drawal symptoms again. Have appt with Suboxone doctor. I continue to have wit

Explain the condition called cold turkey vicodin symptoms.?

Finally quit "Suboxone" after 10 years and the withdrawals just get worse.I did slow taper. What can help me, Rx,OTC, home remedy?Anything?! Thanks!!!

For someone who has just started Suboxone in a treatment facility, today being day 1, when will withdrawal happen?

For what length of time do alcohol withdrawl symptoms last, if you go cold turkey?

Friend on Effexor (venlafaxine) 150mg for several months. She stopped cold turkey, and has severe brain pain for 3 weeks. How much Prozac should be used to taper?

Gabapentin and baclofen and phenagren for heroin withdrawl. I have heard these are amazing in combating withdraw symptoms. Any thought?

Had headaches on Zoloft 50mg for the 9 weeks I've been on it. Dr said ok to stop whenever. Any withdrawal effects I should prepare for?was on 4 panic.

Had to stop Trazadone cold turkey elevated liver enzymes. Terrible insomnia . How long does it last?

Have been on oxycodone 15mg up to 4 times a day for about 7 months for chronic back pain​. Concerned I might be physiologically addicted. How soon after a missed dose would withdrawal sxs start? What are common withdrawal sx? how long does it last?

Have been taking 75mg of Hydroxyzine PAM for about 4 months. Stopped cold turkey on Aug 25. Could this be causing withdrawal symptoms?

Have taken 1mg Ativan (lorazepam) every day for 7 straight days trying to get anxiety under control. Can I stop cold turkey or need to taper? Scared of Seizures

Have you heard of getting addicted to phenergan for sleep? My mother has severe bladder distention and needs to quit but I'm worried about withdrawal

Having bad withdrawal from tabaco, how long do these symptoms last?

Having wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow, doctor said I have to quit smoking (cold turkey). How best to alleviate withdrawals. I'm rx'd klonopin (clonazepam) for anxiety already.

Hello olanzapine and sulperide went cold turkey olanzapine 15mg in Oct march now will I survive withdrawals and begin to improve by Oct I'm pregnant?

Hello, I have relapsed since two weeks quitting marijuana..... Will the withdrawals come back as hard? How long can I expect tense muscles as well?

Hello! I have been taking 15mg of Buspirone 1 time a day for the past 7 days. Can I stop cold turkey? How long till it is out of my system? Thank you!

Hello. Can i stop smoking cold turkey, when I'm using Lamictal 200 mg, and Zoloft (sertraline) 150 mg? Or do I need to be carefull? Any dangers?

Heroin withdrawl and i can't get clonidine will another BP medication help?

Hi am currently going through withdrawal symptoms of mdma I am looking for a good way to cope with the effects?

Hi doctor,I have been on Valium 5mg for 12 days , 1per day,can I stop without slowly withdrawing or will I have to cut back.thankyou.

Hi i am really hoping you can help me i started clomid last month which was prescribed to me in turkey as i live a lot of the year there and a few mon?

How bad is it really to go cold turkey from quetiapine 400mg & citalopram 40mg?

How bad of a withdraw symptoms will I get if I stop 0.5 mg ativan (lorazepam) that I have been taking for 10 days. Does anything help to speed the process.

How can I detox my body from THC and BENZOS faster?? What can I do to feel better from withdrawal symptoms?

How can I ease up the flu like symptoms of venlafaxine and lamictal withdrawal when I forgot carrying pills while I'm travelling?

How can I get rid of the shakes and uncomfortableness of withdrawals of narcotics? Plz help

How can I make Vicodin withdrawal easier? I want to quit this drug so bad, but I always get a horrible case of the chills. I'm NOT going to ask my doc

How can I quit percocets and skip withdraws?

How can you stop shooting suboxone?

How come i drink and do drugs just to feel the symptoms of withdrawal?

How do I get over pseudoephedrine withdrawal?

How do you get through withdraws faster? I think she is useing meth or ice

How fatal r 100 mcg x3day when u abruptly stop using them? After starting the patch i relapsed &started using meth after 12y sober. Have 2 quit both

How long after someone stopped breathing can they still be revived?

How long do withdrawal symptoms of 1 year 60 mg duolexotine last ? I tapered off stopped but 2 wks after one momen I feel great then I feel horrible.

How long do withdrawals from Prednisolone last?i was on ,30mg everyday for a week. I quit cold turkey about 6 weeks ago but still in pain.

How long does it take for nortriptyline .25 mg a night for 6years to get out of your system? Can you stop them cold turkey?

How long does it take withdrawals from stopping oxycodone to go away when you quit cold turkey 5 days now?

How long does risperdal withdrawal last I've been on it for a year and a half and my doctor stopped me cold turkey.

How long does wellbutrin (bupropion) withdrawal last? Took it for about a month and stopped cold turkey. Dizzy, unsteady and derealization

How long is the withdrawl afte stopping vicodin ?

How long might cold turkey Protonix (pantoprazole) withdrawl last?

How long risperidone withdrawal symptoms go I take 2 mg for about 3 years I stop it now slowly but feeling weak have no energy plz tell what I do :( ?

How long should constipation and body aches last going from cold turkey from vicodin?