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. Kindly let me know the uses, dosage and contraindication of methyl sulfonyl methane?

5 tablets containing 4mg of chlorphenamine were slightly heated in a small amount of liquid, i took 4 big sniffs of the fumes. Not recreational drug useany idea what damage this event could have done?

About an hour ago I used a suppository consisting of phenylephrine and cocoa butter. Is it safe to use a Dulcolax one consisting of bisacodyl usp?

After adding antacid to hcl, will it result in the solution being acidic, basic, or neutral?

Are Anesthetic's only in gas form and do they have a chemical composition if used as a gas and not a pill?

Are citramin (engelhard arzneimittel) tablets used for colds?

Are medicines like magnesium sulfate and steroids proved safe in pregnancy?

Are products like gas-x and antiacids used for the same purposes?

Are Strepsils safe to take during pregnancy? The antibacterial throat lozenges contain: 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg, and Amylmetacresol 0.6mg...?

Are there any difference between methylcobalamine and mecobalamine ? prescription is of one and chemist has given second .

Athlete's foot. Powder vs powder spray vs liquid spray vs cream? Also, which active ingredient is best? Last, is it ok to mix active ingredients?

Baking soda is said to help with skin, does that mean topical only not orally? Why is it not ok orally? Is there a safe amt ok for orally?

Black powder in capsules, what type of drug is this?

Body gold brand colon clenz, is it dangerous to take while fasting for a week?

Both Famucaps and Rinex preparations are capsules. But how do they differ (with regard to duration of action and appearance)?

Both times i've used dextromethorphan (generic capsule with no other active ingredients) my pupils became dilated for a day. Should i avoid it now?

Can a person survive if aluminium sulphate is injested orally ?

Can a probiotic and a oral rehydrating solution can be given together?

Can aroma therapy and essential oils be used past the expiration date?

Can diclofenac administered via a non-oral route (eg. By suppository or injection) still cause harm to the stomach? I've been wondering about this.

Can fish oil be used transdermally on the upper thigh for the same results as if taken orally?

Can i condense my course of metronidazole? I'm on 400mg 2x daily for 7 days and was wondering if i can take 3x daily for 5 days instead. I

Can I donate blood if i'm using levsin (hyoscyamine)?

Can I put about 100 letrozole pills in a bottle? It was originally in blisters. Does the medicine degrade if it stays for too long in a bottle?

Can I swallow "Madopar Rapid 62.5 Levodopa+Benserazide" 50mg/12.5mg dispersible tablets instead of dispersing it?

Can i take Magnesium Bisglycinate tablets 150mg twice day on same day as 3gms Amoxicillin for dental scale and polish Mitral Valve repair with ring?

Can I take maxilase (alpha-amylase 3000) and use salicylic acid patches at the same time? Thank you in advance

Can I take my old, expired codeine cough syrup (says use before 12/11/2013) instead of filling the new prescription for it I just received from my doc?

Can I take ranitidine or famotidine with Gastrocrom (cromolyn sodium)?(I use an oral compounded form of cromolyn sodium.)

Can i take trebuline 2.5mg and use mu neubilizer with abutetol?

Can I use anti histamine Fenistil gel (Dimethindene Maleate) for a bite while I'm in very early pregnancy?

Can I use citric acid as a preservative for 24-hour urine ?

Can I use nutella to replace jam to allow myself to swallow ciprofloxacin. Is there any side effect of doing so?

Can i use voltrarol gel on knees when i am taking warfrin each day?

Can I used aspirin paste (crushed aspirin pills + water) as a daily facial scrub?

Can liquid vitamin D3 absorb through skin and effect blood levels of D? I spilt half a bottle on my arms and each drop contains 1000 iu!

Can maple syrup be safely used as lube on my condom?

Can my 2 year old son use sulfacetamide sodium ophthalmic solution usp, 10%, he weighs 30 lbs.?

Can Restasis be taken in combination with Lacrisert (hydroxypropyl cellulose)? Should I put them in after waiting a certain amount of time after using restasis or vice versa?

Can safi (blood purifying unani medicine) be taken with or without water?

Can using too much act cause tooth erosion? Act 2x a day plus mi paste plus and colgate total 2x a day.

Can you drink baby aspirin 81mg while using metronidazole vaginal gel 0.75?

Can you overdose on topical fluoride? If yes, what happens?

Can you still vomit if your using metronidazole gel 0.75% and drink. Are the symptoms different between the gel an pills?

Can you tell me about girl 61 lbs at 9 years of age. how much pen vk solution to be prescribed?

Can you tell me for injection usp. each 1.5ml of solution contains 2150mg of oxacillin. how many ml will nurse administer?

Can you tell me if throughout the synthesis of methyl orange keep the reaction mixture cold. why?

Can you tell me some drug store shampoos that are citric acid free. thank you ?

Capd 1. What is the normal elimination quantity of water when 2.5% and 4.25% dextrose dialysate is used for a patient ?

Castor oil be given via g tube ?

Chronic constipation used microlex this morning and lactalose but still can't go toilet.. can I use another microlex? How often can they b used

Ciclopirox BP(1%w/v), Zinc Pyrithione (ZPTO) (1%w/v) , aloe vera vs Cetrimide IP(5%w/v),Isopropyl alcohol IP(10%w/v). which shampoo is better 'n' why?

Clarifying allergy ALL NSAIDs, need safe topical. Some natural ings act as NSAIDs. Is Topricin safe? Ingredients on, tab in prod desc.

Cough syrup is to be taken with water or not? Is it has to be kept in oral cavity for a while?

Could pedialyte be used in 8months old?

Could schweppes with quinine antidote my homeopathic drug? I only took a little of it

Cyteal vaginal antiseptic for external use composed of chlorhexidine and hexamidine,is it safe during pregnancy?

Dexamethasone ampule got broken whe i try to open it still safe to administer it IM?

Dgnsd w/+1 propylene glycol, 2-etylhexyl-p-methoxycinnamate, 4-phenylenediamine, & methyl methacrylate allergies. Need nonirritating products. Advice?

Do neuroleptic drugs affect the immune system? I took some capsules for my eyes. Composition: turmeric root-tuber, radix polygalae, gold theragran p.E

Do stool test vials expire quickly? My doctor gave me 7 vials with preservative in them I think, for giving stool sample, but I haven't collected the stool yet. Do the vials of liquid expire quickly?

Do you need a prescription for Prima Cleanse Plus?

Do you need to use alcohol to swab diphenhydramine vials before giving an IM injection?

Docs can you explain what is 220 mg zinc sulfate used for?

Doctor i use cecon (ascorbic acid) drop to my 3month baby 2drops is write dose?

Doctor i want to know thar for what puropse the maxum tablets is used for?

Does a three year old Valium 5mg tablet packed in blister pack retain its potency?

Does anti biotic tablets for eg. Zifi-o(cefixime) promote hair fall?

Does ceron-dm cypress pH have codeine?

Does HGH depot only come as a 2 part powdered suspension or are there oil based formulations similar to the way testosterone esters are formulated.

Does ingesting or spraying (in nostrils) colloidal silver interfere w/antibiotic absorbance (Azithromycin)? Is there evidence showing it works at all?

Does provigil have sulphur in it and would that be enough to cause a reaction? I am allergic to sulphur drugs. I was told it had a slight content as a binder.

Does provigyl contain sulfur I am allergic to sulfur drugs and I have been on provigyl for years but now developing blisters on my hands

Does safi blood purifier contain steroid ?

Does sodium oxybate age you since it's compared to as using heroin?

Does the pill/caplet form of apple cider vinegar work as well as the liquid form? I ordered the caplets from puritan.Com. Other benefits of avc (sulfanilamide)?

Does using aluminium chloride hexahydrate can cause cancer? Thank You

Does using grapefruit oil,extract,mist,or spray topically on the body or inhaling it interact with ssri medication?

Ent prescribed oral liquid budesonide, levaquin (levofloxacin) and a chelating agent to add to my neil med rinse. What does the chelating agent do?

Ever heard of a product called acid mantel or a mantel?

Every time i take vitamin d in differnt forms and doses i get a headache. Dr said may be allergic to inert ingredients, so now what?

Expert opinion - should physicians formula mineral wear cause allergies?

Flonase prescribed for allergies, but one ingredient is "benzalkonium chloride". This ingredient is also found in harsh cleaners! Safe to put in nose?

For atopic eczema doc has given me clobevate oint. 40gm + w.S.P 60gm .... What is w.S.P?

For the experts - might using a syringe to draw blood kill you?

For what conditions should I see a e.N.T. Instead of a g.P.?

For what reason are polysorbate 80 and sodium borate in the HPV vaccine?

Galectin 3 is now 61, other than modified citrus pectin-2.4 grams per day in capsule form, is there anything else that i can use to get the g3 to 12?

Had eyebrows waxed (33 weeks pregnant). Used solution with sda-40b alcohol, octoxynol-9 and dmdm hydantoin. Harmful?

Harm of ingesting a small dose of pyrithione zinc cream by mistake?

Have a prescription for Klonopin that is dated 6/20/16. The bottle is mostly full, I use as needed. Will the pills still be affective if used in July?

Have fungal infection in mouth,what is safe during pregnancy?also is cetylpyridinium chloride+lidocaine HCl gel safe during pregnancy??

Havin a barium meal tomorow.but i have phobia of allergic reactions to everything.if i use makeup containing barium sulphate does that meen ill be ok?

Heard that expired medications lose 10% of their strength each year? True? I have tube of Stieva-A cream 0.025% which expired in Oct 2012. Can I use?

Heared formoterol increases riskof death.My rota caps contains it 6mcg along with fluticasone.I use 2 rotacaps daily to treat asthma.Should I avoid it?

Hello i know someone whos has cancer he wants to die hes taking 250 sominex which is diphenhydramine he also wants to use helium?

Hello , mainly for what purpose antoxide hc is used for ? Thx .

Hello doctor ,,i am sonia i have a question for u just tell me Capsules ,,Enclova 100 mg for what use,,,?

Hello doctors, are ulsanic sucralfate suspension suitable for kids under of over 12 years?

Hello sir basiclly its not me its my mother having this ulcer problem her age is about 38 and using tryptanol(amitrityline hydrocloride, usp)25mg.