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I have the nexplanone implant and I was wondering if the implant will effect the results of an at home pregnancy test?

Are contraception implants reliable?

Are implants are sufficient for 3 year contraception for those who cnt commit to pills and condoms?

Are there any reports of women getting pregnant on nexplanon implant? If so, is there anything in particular the causes this or reduces effectiveness?

Are you more "horny" after you have had implants?

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Can antibiotics affect my contraceptive implant?

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Can Clindamycin HCL 300 MG affect the BC implant Nexplanon?

Can contraceptive implant help pms symptoms?

Can I get a massage now that I have the Nexplanon implant? I got the implant on June 30 2014

Can i get the nexplanon implant being on 250 mg of topamax?

Can i smoke with a contraceptive implant on?

Can my nexplanon birthcontrol implant loose it's effectiveness before the last 6 months of use ?

Can nexplanon implant birth control loose its effectiveness 1 month before expiration date or is it effective the full 3 years?

Can prednisolone tablets affect my nexplanon implant?

can protein shakes affect nexplanon implant got confused

Can someone tell me how to go about getting a contraceptive implant?

Can the contraceptive implant cause loss of sex drive?

Can the contraceptive implant cause spotting?

Can the contraceptive implant implanon stop one's periods?

Can the contraceptive implant stop working or break ?

Can there be another alternative to getting an implant?

Can u implant at 6 dpo?

Can you get the morning after pill, the same day as the implant. ?

Can you tell me about switching from the pill to the implant?

Can you tell me about woman contraceptive implant help?

Can your body react or reject the contraceptive implant ?

Could antibiotics change the effectiveness of the hormonal implant?

Could I have unprotected sex 1-3 days before having my contraceptive implant removed?

Could I return to work after implanon fitting?

Could the nexplanon implant be causing me to be on my period for a month?

Do you ovulate while on implanon implant. I had monthly periods whole time being on it?

Does amoxicillin affect the nexplanon implant?

Does amoxicillin make nexplanon birth control implant less effective?

Does amoxicillin reduce the effectiveness of the nexplanon implant?

Does Amoxicilon prevent the Nexplanon implant from functioning correctly? Meaning can I get pregnant?

Does Levonelle reduce the effectiveness of nexplanon implant had it fitted 12 days ago and took levonelle 8 days ago.

Does lymecycline make the nexplanon implant less effective?

Does methotrixate counteract with the jedelle implant?

Does phenoxymenthylpennicilin make the contraceptive implant any less effective ?

Does the nuvaring and Nexplanon at the same time cancel each other out? I accidentally left my nuvaring on for the first 6 days of my implant

Got nexplanon birth control implant 2 days ago. Is it normal for the implant to move around in your arm? I don't want it to come out.

Had breast implant removal. How will new pill effect me?

Has anyone else with the contraceptive implant experienced scarring at the site?

Help please! i had my implant taken out 4 weeks ago and i've had no period for 6 weeks, any ideas?

Hi I have the contraception implant, it have been in my arm for just over 3 years, i just want to know it i need to get it taken out or leave it in?

Hi there, I have had my period for two weeks now. I'm just wondering the pathophysiology and what causes this? I have the rods implanted

Hi, I've had an implant for 4 months now and I've had a period for a month and a half but still haven't finished! What do I do?

How can you tell if your nexplanon implant is broken ?

How do they place the nexplanon implantation into your body?

How easy can the Nexplanon implant break? And if it does, will it still work for the rest of the 3 years?

How effective is nexplanon at 6 days after insertion if it is replaced before the old one expired?

How effective is the implanon implant on its 2 yr?

How horrible is the contraceptive implant removal?

How long after removing a contraceptive implant will one start having ovulation again?

How long does implant spotting last?

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How much time does it take to get a cochlear implant?

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How should you control your pain while getting a dental implant?

How to go about getting the contraceptive implant?

How to stop putting weight on whilst being on the contraceptive implant?

I am considering having a fourth implanon contraceptive implant inserted and was wondering will this affect my fertility, I am 29 years old and would ?

I am currently on amoxicillin for a water infection and I have the nexplanon inplant what are the chances of the inplant failing and me becoming pregn?

I currently have the nexplanon, got a sunburn, will this effect my nexplanon?! Sunburn on the area of my arm where implant is

I had a implants fitted 3 weeks ago and its still bleeding. Is this normal?

I had a surgical abortion, i had a nexplanon implant for contraception, but its been two months and I am still bleeding is this normal?

I had an inplant fitted 6 months ago but for the last 6 weeks I have had a period. Why ?

I had my contraceptive implant changed 5months ago and a new one inserted. Have been feeling some pain for few days in upper arm where the implant is ?

I had my contraceptive implant removed 3 months ago and still have not had a period ?

I had my implant out on the 7th july and still no period what can i do to help?

I had my out of date implanon implant out a month ago, when should i expect body to be back to normal? Implant was in 3 years over what it was meant.

I have a contraceptive Implant and My period doesn't stop for months and is really heavy, but I only get about 3-7 days off what is my body doing?

I have a Nexplanon implant and have been having a period at least every other week for months. Is it okay to supplement with the mini pill?

I have an impalanon implant, currently I'm on day 21 of a period, what should I do?

I have been bleeding for 3 weeks with nexplanon implant?

I have had hives 6 times in the past 2 months, I believe my implanon implant is causing this.... Help?

I have hadthe contraceptive implant for 4 months now and never had a period until now and I have been bleeding for about 10 11 days now is this normal

I have implanon, will amoxicillin lessen the implant's effectiveness and make me risk getting pregnant?

I have switched from implanon implant to Petogen fresenius injection, however i want to switch to depro-provera. Good or bad decision?

I have the contraceptive implant fitted, i've had it for a year, now i'm having a period that won't go away what can I do to stop the period?

I have the nexplanon implant, I been sporting for 22 days already. What can I do to stop it?( I called my physician and he said its normal)

I want to get the contraceptive implant to stop my period. How would I do that?

I want to have implanon or implant for contraceptive measure inserted does it cause weight gain and can I use it while on duriomine ?

I want to know I had the implant in my arm and I had two periods in the space of a month is this normal ?

I was wondering, do dental implants have a negative effect on pregnancy?

I'm looking for an alternative to contraceptive implant.. What would you suggest?

I've been on the Depo-Provera shot for 3 years, and was considering switching to an implant like implanon. How do they compare?

I've got the nexeplanon contraceptive implant yet im showing all the signs of been pregnant, could I be? I've had the implant in for 7 months

I've had the implant implanon for 2 years and I don't get my period. The last two days I've been getting brown spotting could this implant be failing?

If a woman have in the jadel implant does she support to have her periods still?

If I am now 40 and getting the contraceptive implant tomorrow?

If I am now considering getting breast implants but would rather take pills if they actually work?

If I take 50mg of Topromax a day and I have a Nexplanon Implant does that make it work less effective??

If you have the nexplanon implant can you get pregnant?

Im 21 & had a pe i'm no longer allowed on the combined pill & the mini pill, implant and injection do not work. What are my options 4 contraception?

Implanon implant birth control making my vagina have odors. What can I do?

Is a contraceptive implant device going to stop my periods?