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20yo, pain and clicking in right hip just before periods, affecting daily life! Should I see my GP? Im very busy and reluctant unless its urgent!

3 day migraine. IV drugs in er. no pain 3 days. Pain return 4 2 days with short breath and exhaustion. Do I return 2 er? No relief from OTC on vacatio

3 years s/p ex lap for endometriosis, symptoms returned, no insurance and can't afford medication, intense pain, what do I do?

5 days into gasteritis just left on a planned vacation that would cost to much to cancel. Been vomiting and in a lot of pain when will this get better?

After having a motorcycle accident how long after is it safe to get & adjustment? Which is better to seek treatment for this a do or a chiropractor?

Any doctors in toronto that will sign a license to smoke weed...I cannot afford the money...But I am in allot of pain...I have IBS and back problems?

Any over-the-counter asthma relief medicine? Cant go to DR until 2 weeks and need something to get me by. Not bad enough for an ER visit.

Any prescriptions that you should take if you have back, thigh, and spine pain. I have a family member who has these. He went to the doctor already.?

Are Asian acupuncture clinics reliable? I am considering going there for my back pain and don't want to take meds.

Are doctors accountable for causing a patient to stay in pain by refusing to give pain meds?

Are their back specialists who take medicaide around my area?

Are there other ways besides sedation & waiting for days for an appointment / ER to relocate a dislocated jaw? Also, how much Xanax (alprazolam) is "too much"?

As a follow up, will telling my pcp of 20 yrs that i got myself addt'ed to oxycodone 4 chronic pain cause him to then not help me w future pain mgnt?

Been having SEVERE chest pains for over a year, found out I have gallstones but my dr is hesitating taking it out, should I get 2nd opinion?

Been on pain meds for a long time.Want to get off.What's your best suggestion?Am seeing p.Management now but would like other input.Have been honest w

Can an ER refuse narcotic treatment for pain? I have chronic stomach issues. Have even gone to a pain clinic and they have done everything they can for me. When I have a bad flare up and my meds don't work, i need to go to the hospital, even though someti

Can I get a prescription Marijuana card for back pain?

Can I go to my doctor for anger management help? I have no idea who to go to, but I know I need help.

Can I go to the emergency room t try to get some relief? iI signed a contract with pain management, but they haven't prescribed me anything.

Can pain management clinics test for weed?

Can someone please right me a prescription for pain killers and sedatives chose to go off them, not working out so good, I have brain cancer?

Can there be an age limit on being able to get pain management?

Concerned about pain and anxiety during an abortion. How do I approach this with my doctor?

Constant burning/tightness in face; effects quality of life. Saw PCP & Neurologist; they have no treatment options. Any suggestions? Thanks you.

Could a drug felon get accepted into pain management clinic?

Could i get a list of painkillers?

Could it happen that I live without pain if I have fibromyalgia?I am so desperate to live with that horrible pain all my life.Help me pleaseeee.

Could pain management really help or is it where people can just go to get there drug fix?

Could you tell me what happens at a pain management clinic during a psychological test?

Diagnosed with gastroperisis nothing I'm doing is helping next visit in the 30 pain is debilitating what can I do until my appointment?

Do I have to see a specialist as of 2013 to keep getting my hydrocodone for pain?My md has had me on them for 6yrs.He says he can't write them anymore.

Do I have to suffer from severe pain because my primary doctor is afraid to write out prescriptions?

Do u know of a homemade remedy for a kidney infection as I can't afford to go to a doctor, the pain is excruciating!! ?

Do you have a list of medicines to help with abdominal spasms that i could use for my next doctor's visit?

Docs who prescribe methadone for pain in illinois. My moms doc retired. She's been on the same meds for 12yrs. She's having trouble finding a pcf.Help?

Dr.My 31 yr sister facing pain in a heal(nerve).Pls suggest best treatment(medicine) asap.

Due to the i want to start nursing school but i know that being on opioids with severe how can I go about this a different route without being in pain?

Dx with about 20 cysts in right breast. Constant pain and they say take pain pills and deal with it. When does surgery become necessary or an option?

Expert opinion - should overdosing on pain relievers make someone feel no pain when committing suicide?

Fiancee has severe lower pelvic region. Can I take her to hospital and use my insurance?

Find a pain doctor that accepts my insurance and is near me i failed a drug test at my primary care doctor now he wont give my pain med.Please help?

For about 2 years, I was in pain management. My husband didn't like my doctor. He thought the doctor was getting me hooked. So my husband made me prove to him I wasn't an addict. How do I find a doctor to perscribe my pain medicines?

For what reason does my sister have so many bottles of pain killers?

Gallbladdr at 6%ej but can't get surgery consult for another week. Moderate pain, borderline ER visit. Can I take hydrocodone to relieve it? 22yr F.

Going to get surgery for gallblader but surgen said if pain continues i'll get referd to a gastroligist i might have ulcer if so cna i cure it natural?

Got stomach pain due to unfair treatment by boss. Boss will hold dept meeting to pass a proposal aimed at me.Should i attend? It would cause more pain

Had Mono when I was 8. Now I'm 24 and have it again. What is the likely hood of being prescribed a sort of pain killers? My quality of life atm is bad

Have PKD and chronic back pain. Old doctor gave me 5mg. percocet 2yrs but new doctor is eliminating it all. I have legit pain. How can prove I need it?

Have severe jaw pain an ear pain & can not find any one that specialize in TMJ that takes my medical card help! What can I do do I have to live wit It?

Having severe pain in both feet while resting on steriod & was diagnosed with planter fasciitis sent an urgent referral i havent heard yet go to er?

Heart pain all the way through to my back. The pain gets caught at our local hospital, but settles before i get proper. I am on nitrostat (nitroglycerin).?

Hello, I am in need of a dentist, I have no insurance and I am in constant pain, is there anything I can do to be seen, helped!!!

Hello. Thank you for your time. Does endometriosis grow back faster in between treatments as time goes on? (5 laparoscopies, continuous Tx each time).

Hi can you tell me why I have chronic. Fibromyalgia and I have not to go back to see the dr as they said its a life long condition ?

Hi I have chronic testicular problems I am in constant pain my doctor recommended marijuana I am unsure can I get some opinion about this subject?

Hi my wife suffers from frequent headache. I am looking for a consult and possible refill of her pain medication?

Hi there. I am soon having a medical abortion. Do doctors typically prescribe pain medication to help with pain throughout process for home?

Horrible bed side manner. I have seen this same doctor in the emergency room numerous times because I have different diseases and chronic pain. He asks me what medicine i want and that i come to a hospital that only has a xray machine. I was crying in suc

Horrible pains in my right pelvic area. It accures on a daily basis & prevents me from havin any type of sexual contact. I've been to drs & hospitals?

How 2 get Medical marijuana for fibromyalgia in Canada Toronto, ON., how to do it? Please help my pain is unbelievable. Nerve blocks aren't enough.

How can I find a qualified doctor to find the reason for the severe low back pain I live with daily. It keeps me from doing activities with my kids where do I turn?

How can I get my pain meds online like website says.I see pain management but not how my ins co says I should it's how the doc wants to see me Ea week?

How can I get ready to manage pain in childbirth?

How can I get reffered to pain management with out having a family doctor?

How can I get started at a pain management clinic?

How can I get the pain from these kidney stones to leave? I'm a CNA and it's so hard to work in so much pain and I have a high tolerance for pain. This is 8/10. I'm 19 this is my third this month no previous history of them.

How can i get urgent treatment for a sore and possibly displayed jaw. I am in almost severe pain. I went to ER and they only offered me pain meds.

how can i manage my dads rib pains he keeps on having

How can I quickly get a cortisone shot in san diego for chronic lower back pain? Had one before. Scripps wants me to wait 6 weeks for the shot.

How can one find a reputable pain clinic in tx?

How can you relieve pancreatits pain? i was diagnosed in feb & hospitalizes for 5 day. I am now starting to feel the same pain but am uninsured.

How could a ER dr refuse to trear someone that is in obvious pain from a migraine?

How do I deal with debilitating pain and being unable to do anything around my house? Where can I find a pain management doctor accepting MI Medicaid?

How do I find a doctor that will prescribe Suboxone for pain relief and depression..So i can get off of vicadin..Has to me in st. Louis area?

How do I find a pain management dr in memphis tn that takes bcbs that will help my pain bc i can't have surgery and do I need a referral?

How do I find out why can we still feel new pain on painkillers?

How do i focus on a new job when im dealing with chronic pain from arthritis, its a calling center job, so i wont have to walk all day, i'll need to f?

How do I get a referral for pt for my backache?

How do I get my family doctor to prescribe vicodin to me for my knee pain?

How do I get oxycodone out of my system? I see a pain specialist on the 9th but have been taking the 10's once a day to ease my chronic pain.

How do I go about getting an MRI of my back if I have no medical insurance at the moment? Please help

How do I go about to get into pain management for my right knee? I've had surgery once and trying to avoid another if at all possible.

How do I handle a situation where the doctor wont prescribe me strong enough pain medicine?

How do I know what is causing the pain in my shoulder? Who is the best person to see so I do not waste my time and money?

How do you deal with hyperchonriacs? My mom won't go see a doctor either. I told her then you don't have a right to complain.

How do you get a dr not to think your drug seeking because you didn't have insurance for a long time I'm in pain now and I can't get a doctor to help?

How does medication know how to find the pain center? For example, exedrine tension medicine, why wouldn't it just go to my painful knee!

How does one ask a PCP for pain mgmt. narcotics without seeming to be "drug-seeking." A follow-up to my INCREDIBLE pain post?

How many motrin is safe to take in one month? I find myself needing a lot for head aches .Still waiting to see nurologist .

How many years do you have to go before an oncologist will release you back to your own doctor?

How much time does it takes pain after circumcision to go away?

How must I sleep to prevent muster pain?

How should I ask to be admitted for proper pain control?

How should I go about detoxing myself from painkilller. ?

How will i know when I've taken to many pain killers. How will i feel when I should rush to the hospital. I don't have insurance so that a no on that.

I 'm in a methadone clinic & been there for 5 years & my question is i want to find a doctor who will prescribe methadone & a pain med for bad back ?

I am 16 year old.During menstruation, i experience extreme back pain.I consume neftal-spas medicine. Is it ok for my future health?

I am 9 months postpartum and I always have a horrible headache. It has gotten much worse. Do I call my ob at this point or general practitioner?

I am a software professional i am suffering from back pain. What can do to reduce the same.?

I am asking for a genuine pain doctor to help me get relief so I can get my life back. I've tried everything and im set up w/ two spine surgeons, but as of now while waiting I am in so much pain. I only have medicaid but ill travel. I can't function in my