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Is there a way I can try reduce the gyno e.g. testosterone boosters or taking ice cold baths?

A question about combining prescription medication and natural supplements to aid sleep?

Although not fda approved are any of the OTC diet pills any good? Is there one you suggest that won't give you jitters. What would you say to take?

Any over-the-counter drugs to help with coming too fast

Are herbal remedies safe and effective? I wanted to try passion flower or valerian root for anxiety. I have never tried herbal remedies but thought they might be worth a try. I don't want to go on expensive, strong medication for anxiety.

Are homeopathic remedies like cobrynol and arnica tablets really safe to use? How effective are they? Are they safe to take with other OTC pain meds?

Are non-prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills dangerous if mixed with alcohol?

Are pancreatin capsules over-the-counter or by prescription only?

Are prescription prenatal pills better than otc?

Are there any good OTC drugs that make you less gassy?

Are there any natural ADHD meds today that are in a powder that tastes good?

Are there any OTC bodybuilding pills?

Are there any OTC or herbal products for nocturnal enuresis from clozapine? I restrict drinks to 2 hours before bed but doesn't help. Can't afford doc

Are there any over-the-counter appetite suppressants I can buy in the uk?

Are there any over-the-counter diet pills that you dony need to be 18 to buy?

Are there any prescription meds or over the counter products to help me gain weight?

Are there over-the-counter pills for anxiety or do I need a prescription?

Are you allowed to "mix" supplements and prescription pills?Would this be a bade thing. Specifically I have straterra and a supplement called hghup?

Are you giving also a prescription so that we can buy a medicine that we need?Thanks

Azelastine seems very safe. Will it be over-the-counter in the future?

Best OTC meds to help being stressed of public speaking looking for OTC pills

Bf w insomnia wont take rx meds,only herbal OTCs.Cant take valerian&melatonin barely wrks.What other relaxation/sleep OTC herbal/supplemental meds??

Buying over-the-counter drugs for motion sickness? Which is the least drowsy brand?

Can a pharmacist help me choose over-the-counter meds?

Can daily OTC antihistamine use impact the liver?

Can i buy nifedipinne pills over the counter C?

Can I get a medicine like phentremine or apidex over-the-counter or at a drug store with out perscription?

Can I have the name to a prescribed or OTC medication for bloating, i'll even take a natural supplement or vitamin for it?

Can I mix venlalic with microgynon 30 or does it counter act?

Can I purchase donnagel. Everything that help people they are taking it off the self.

Can I still take my anxiety pills with gastritis? They aren't prescription, I think they're mostly natural so are they okay?

Can i take fortisip by nutricia without a medical prescription? Is one a day good? I'm 18.

Can I take the pseudoephedrine that is behind the pharmacy counter, or is that too strong of a dose?

Can i use shower so others after taking phentermine?

Can there be a natural prescription grade anti depressant i can take instead?

Can there be any over-the -counter diet pills that honestly work?

Can u take percocet in the am and than later on use the magic mouthwash that is prescribe to swish swallow is there a drug interaction between the two?

Can you find phentermine in any brands of coffee?

Can you get medications for hemorrhoids at the drug store?

Can you rec some vitamins and herbal supplements or OTC drugs that can help kick heroine addiction?

Can you take the ACE all natural diet pill with prescription narcotics? My foot is bothering me, but i already took that this morning?

Can you tell me about it's like to try the herb guggel?

Can you tell me about it's like to try using klb6 diet pills and had good results?

Can you tell me any good supplements to take that are in the market for helping bad eye sight?

Can you tell me what is the best medicine to buy on line to help you sleep?

Cant take RX anti inflammatory meds because of intestinal bleeding.would OTC ones be safe or should i not take any at all?

Currently taking 20 mg of citalopram. Is it safe to also receive accupuncture as an added natural relief as well?

Do I have to be a certain age to buy midol?

Do i need a prescription for pre-natal vitamins? I am trying to conceive and had been advised to start using pre-natal vitamins. Can i just get over-the-counter vitamin, or do I need a prescription one? If using over-the-counter is ok, how do I know which

Do the popular over-the-counter premenstrual syndrome medications really work?

Do they sell anti-depression pills otc?

Do you have any recs for over-the-counter medication for add?

Does aloe juice help with gurd? Iv tryed all over counter meds and they don't help

Does anyone know if there is over-the-counter medication that i can take to help gain about 20-30 lbs?

Does the hCG diet really work? Otc or prescribed better?

Does vitamin b2/riboflavin have an effect on weight? Other side effects? What's the best brand to order as i can't seem to find in local pharmacies.

Dr.john c.munshower Advil (ibuprofen) pm can buy in drugstore w/o doctor prescription or over the counter?

Every doctor seems to say a different thing. Once and for all;are over-the-counter zinc supplements effective against acne? If so, what dose is good?

Gi doc wants me to try OTC supplement *like* benefiber before rx. Dietary not sufficient. What's best, yet affordable?

Have read some kinds of over-the-counter pills should not be used for a migraine. True?

Hello I'm 21 and have had my period for about 2 weeks. I was wanting to know if there was any over the counter meds or vitamins that would be good for that???

How effective are over-the-counter constipation medications? I have constipation and want to save money on treatment. How safe and effective are over-the-counter laxatives? .

How frequently should you switch your supplements?

How much fenugreek should I try?

How much vitamin d should I take per day to defeat acne , is there a better solution ?

I am gassy all the time, even before eating, what is the best non prescription aid at a pharmacy i can use, tried changing my diet?

I am on 105mil of methadone daily have been almost 5 yrs been clean whole time also have anxiety want try hyland nerve tonic all natural is it ok take?

I am really worrying a lot! what non-prescription meds or herbs can calm me down?

I am unable to take estrogen because they cause worse migraines. Is there a natural or OTC remedy to help with irregular periods?

I am wondering what herbal medications should I use for ibs?

I bought passionflower drops to try instead of benzodiapemes. However, an ingredient in the drops is grain alcohol. Why and is this bad???

I bought relora plus for my anxiety and stress from a health store called natures source. Am I able to take an Advil (ibuprofen) while taking these natural pills?

I don't take any kind of drugs so is there any natural herbs that will help me get to sleep?

I find myself in a depression cycle. I have tried all from , vitamins, herbs, etc, to try to help myself. What should I do? Not a fan of doctors.

I have a 6 yr old who has had diarrhea for 4/5 days.Now. Pharmacy said she can't have antidiarrha meds. What can we give to get rid of it?

I have acne what should i do id like to think about an essential oil if possibe but i will take a prescription or OTC medication?

I have been strugleing with my weight. I wold like to try an over-the-counter diet aid, but i don't know much about them. I want safe and effective.?

I have been taking Kratom 1-2 tsp/day for a week now 4 pain instead of prescription drugs from my doc. Are there affects on fertility?

I have been using benifiber supplement for 6 months,helped me with constpation ,is it ok to continue using it daily?,does the stomach get used to it?

I have caught a common cold what are the best tablets that i can buy which doesn't make me drowsy. The tablet must be available in india also?

I have factor v blood disorder. Is it safe for me to take the over the counter Estroven pills to try and relieve night sweets. ?

I have liquid prescription ibuprofen the expired 11/14. Our dr said to use ibuprofen for the pain. We only have asidominifen. Can I use expired meds?

I have really BAD insomnia and I wanted to try to take some meds for it what is a good over the counter drug that is light on the stomach/non drowy?

I have RLS and have tried all the medications on the market nothing works. Any suggestions. Also if I take phenergan (promethazine) r Benadryl it makes it a lot wors?

I just need to lose 15-20 pounds. What diet pills work, are available over the counter?

I read on Prilosec [rx] that if you have pains do not take the over-the-counter product brand of it. Why does it say that?

I take B6 vitamins (pills) everyday because they kindda keep me calm over the day. Will there be any side effects if i keep using them. ?

I take carbamazepine XR for epilepsy. What nasal decongestants may I take (home remedies/OTC)? Cold s/sx prevent me from sleeping. Thanks.

I take midroine so I do not pass out and I do not want to take it cause i can not drop any weight i try everything what do you think I should do?

I want to get a OTC vitamin d tablet of 5000 IU. Which brand should i consider in india? and what med should i ask in the med store?

I'm going to try valerian for my mild anxiety what is the best form to take it pill, tea, etc?

I'm on 3 different meds for HBP. Is it safe for me to be on Advocare products?

I'm on percocet and constipated four days. Is Epsom salt ok. I can't get to a drug store. How would I use it? I NEED fast relief.

I'm on spironolactone & my doctors in ia won't prescribe diet pills like my doctor in ne. Which over-the-counter ones could i take w/my medication?

I'm taking trilipix (135mg) and lovaza....They're fairly expensive...Can I substitute them with OTC niacin and OTC fish oil pills? Thanks!

I'm taking trilipix (135mg) and lovaza....They're fairly expensive...Can I substitute them with OTC niacin and OTC fish oil pills? Thanks!

If Estroven better then I cool ? Which is more successful? And our herbal over-the-counter menopausal supplements better to try then a prescription for the patch for hot flashes? :-)

If i don't eat and take laxatives and throw up will my anti depressants work? I try and take them after but it is hard.

If over-the-counter vitamin d causes headaches at varying doses, should i be on a prescription pill? Where do you get vitamin d without additives?

Is a water pill considered a controlled substance or can you buy these otc?