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120mg of morphine sulfate Kapanol SR l plus three 10 mg statics a day cheat take 30 mgs of morphine sulfate SR in a pill will a urine test show ?

6-AM is metabolized to morphine & codeine is metabolized to morphine how can they tell the difference in urine after sample is collected 4 days after

80mg morphine daily. Is this safe?

After surgery one nurse gave me Demerol (meperidine hydrochloride) and the other nurse gave me Percocet not long after . Did they double dose me and make a mistake.?

All i take is hydrocodone 10, why would my usb pop pos for that and hydromorophine or hydromorophone?

Any advice? I have taken 1000 mg tramadol, 200mg diazepam and 2500 mg co codamol. Should i worry?

Been on norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) for 4 years 10/325, up to 8 per day. Is a one week titration schedule too fast?

Been on percocet, causing IBS trbl, pain doc chg to butrans c perc for btp. Scared butrans may cause me to wd from perc since dr said diff antagonist?

Can a dr or lab tell the difference between an oxycodone 15mg and oxycodone 30mg in a ua other then a higher dosage???

Can an overdose of morphine sulfate ir cause permanent heart trouble?

Can i accidentally od on hydrocodone?

Can i donate blood while taking tramadol extended release?

Can i drive while i'm on hydrocodone 5/500mg as long as i know how i act while on it am i okay?

Can i pass a drug test with percocets in my system.I am suppose to be taking oxycontin i take oxycontin 20mg but im out so I am taking percocets 10/325

Can I still take a low dose of tramadol while on butran patches ?

Can I stop taking OxyContin 7 days before my surgery and not have any interactions between the anesthesia and the OxyContin?

Can I take a 75mg Nucynta (tapentadol) after a 0.25mg Xanax?

Can narcotic pain pills diliuid, oxycodone, nucynta (tapentadol) cause hallucinations in a 72 year old women she says she's having them ?

Can Oramorph and Oxycodone suppress your breathing ?

Can someone compare rocicotin to MS cotin?

Can someone taking morphine sulfate 200mg 3x a day, test positive for fentanyl ,although they have never taken fentanyl?

Can the "equivalent" of PO 500 mg QID of Tylenol (acetaminophen) (paracetamol) be administered by IV in someone who is nil by mouth?

Can they use Narcan (naloxone) to re-set methadone tolerance. I ake 35mg total a day and sick of it! constipaion and other drug interactions ?

Can u take 45mg morphine & 30mg of methadone as a break through med?

Can you give 2mg iv morphine two hours after giving immediate release morphine?

Can you give 2mg iv morphine two hours after giving immediate release morphine? If so, why?

Can you give me suggestions with hydrocodone 7.5 tabs?

Can you help? Is 239 mg of oxycodone lethal?

Can you help? Is 30mg of oxycodone a lot to consume in one day?

Can you mix methadone with a toradol shot?

Can you split a 15mg MS contin (morphine) tab in half if you want to wean down?

Can you take nucynta (tapentadol) ER while breastfeeding ?

Can you tell me about post c-section: duramorph (morphine) or pca?

Can you tell me are 10mg oxycodone slow release?

Can you tell me are narco 10mg the same as watson 1, 000mgg?

Can you tell me how do 10mg hydrocodone compare to 15mg oxycodone?

Can you tell me how your body react when you take roxicet (oxycodone 5mg + acetaminophen 325mg?

Can you tell me if on hydrocodone 5/500 for 7 years before asking for dose increase.. is the hydrocodone 5/325 weaker med ?

Can you tell me if there is a difference in strength when it comes to percocet ip 204 an percocet m523?

Can you tell me is 239 mg of oxycodone lethal?

Cause chronic pain patient, whos on mscotin100mg 3√óday an lig oxy?Why dr would dc oxy put em on fentanyl1600mcg compounded w/.04mg naloxone per ml, sub

Could you tell me about my morphine 'med..Avinza I have taken it for approx. 6 yrs. 120mg. Also have copd.

Difference between T3 (liothyronine) (codeine 30mg) and vicodin (hydrocodone 5mg).... Pros cons which is strong which lasts longer?

Do they make 20mg ir opana?

Does oxycontin or oxycodone come in 25mg?

Does tramadol HCl 50mg have codeine in it? I need to know because my mom is allergic to codeine

Dr switched me: hydrocodone to oxymorphone. I can tolerate hydrocodone, will oxymorphone be any different? Will it cause high bp? Increase PVCs?

Father has extreme pain, his insurance is limited.Which would be strongest forhim?Avinza60, levorphanol tart., morph.Sul., oxymor.Hyd.Er, exalgo, nucynta (tapentadol) er

Friend was prescribed hydrocodone bitrate 1mg/mlother ingredients other than hydrocodone, what to do?

Had wisdoms removed i'm on 100 mg of methadone. I wa prescribed 50 mg demerol (meperidine hydrochloride) one every 4 hrs is it ok? Will it kill me?

Has anyone taking morphine sulfate or avinza 30mg cp24?

Have 35 roxycodone. 30mg ir how to taper off of these for what i have left?

Have CRPS in L leg. Taking Nucynta (tapentadol) ER 100mg and Nucynta (tapentadol) 50mg. Doc says only SCS will help at this point. Any other answers?

Hei. I use oxycontin because of cronic pancreatitis, and I heard about me-contin, what is it and what's the different to oxycontin?

Help docs! Would it matter if roxicodone (oxycodone) 30mg is taken with or without food?

Hey i just want to know if oxycodone and MS contin (morphine) with both show up as oxy on a ua?

Hi there I have an abscessed tooth & was prescribed morphine & t3 (liothyronine). I took T3 (liothyronine) 7hrs ago is it now safe to take a 5mg morphine pill?

Hi, I am having surgery. MD prescribed Nucynta (tapentadol). How would this compare to Vicodin? Which one is stronger? What would be an equivalent dose of both?

Hi, I am having surgery... The me wants to put my on IR Nucynta (tapentadol) instead of Vicodin. How would it compare to Vicodin? What would be an equivalent dose

How can I tell if I have developed a tolerance to percocet?

How can you acquire oxycontin?

How do you know what dose of MS Contin (morphine) is needed ? Is it the total amount of Oramorph used daily ?

How does kadian (morphine) 50mg compare with norco 325mg?

How effective is nucynta (tapentadol) ER 100 mg every 12 hours?

How is it best to transition from tramadol to MS contin (morphine) ? Is it necessary to wean down on tramadol before starting MS contin (morphine) ? I fear pain escalation

How long does a dilaudid high last?

How long does immediate release morphine sulfate 30 mg to be oPersonalconcerns. ut of my urine if taken for three days twice daily?

How long does it take for a morphine patch durogesic fentanyl to lose effect?

How many mg of dilaudid is too much to take at once? I understand that it depends on tolerance. Need an idea of how much not to exceed at once.

How many mg of oxycodone is a 10ml dose of roxicet?

How many mg of oxycontin ER would give the same effect as oxycodone?

How many mg of roxycodone do i decrease per day. To taper off? Im 49 yrs old female been on these for 13 years n up to 8 to 9 roxys a day 3030mg ir

How many milligrams are in hydrocodone 7.5-325, 5-325, and 5-500?

How many years could a person take MS contin (morphine) everyday?

How quickly does one get tolerance to opiates? I'm on oxcycontin 20mg and just wondering what I should expect for increases in dosage

How should I space out my klotopin and oxycodone?

How strong is a 2mg of dilaudid?

How to wean off roxycodone ir?

I am 65 year old male on 200mg twice daily oxycontin, have been on 5 years is it safe to swap to targin. Oxy / naloxone. Have heard not safe?

I am on a roxicodine (4x 15mg daily) Opana (15mg 1xdaily) withdrawal because someone stole them.! is there any chance i could die from withdrawals?

I am on orencia, (abatacept) 20mg methotrexate, 75mg fentanyl patch, 200mg celebrex, 250mg tramadol, 75 lyrica my pain is still severe? Where can I go from here?

I am on oxycotin 20mg twice a day I can't tell any difference or relief is there anything comparable or related that may work better?

I am temporarily taking 1 oxycodone (5/325) tablet a day. Can oxycodone cause a rise in my psa?

I been on IV morphine and dilaudid for the past 3 days my last dose of morphine was 2mg at 6am. I'm feeling gas trapped in my shoulders is this normal?

I had been prescribed oxycontin and oxycodone for the past and I was take a 10 milligram oxycodone today approximately how long would it b in urine?

I have been on kadian (morphine) 60mg 1/12hrs and hydromorphon 8mg 1/3-4 hrs not to exceed 7 in a day for about 9 years. I am tolerant, and wonder about going to16mg on the hydromorphon? Thoughts?

I have been on methadone and oxycodone for several years for knee and back injury. I just tested pos. For fentanyl. How can that be?

I have been on methadone for just over 3 months and I am so for surgery Friday they gave me a prescription of 2mg hydromorphone will that help thepain?

I have been on oral fentanyl =breakthrough cancer pain doctor switching me liquid diladid 10 mg-15mg every 6 hours, not real relief is 20mg to much?

I have been on Oxicodone 30mg QID for over a year . I would like to ween myself off. Not interested in Suboxone. I have RA and see my RA doc q month. ?

I have decreased my pain meds from 10 dilaudid a day to 3, fentynal patch from 100 mcg to 50, and one oxycontin from two. What should be the next stei?

I have hives on my upper arms. I was in the ER about 10 days ago and was given morphine, hydro morphine and dilaudid. Could hives now be from that?

I have hydrocodone/gg syrup (af, sf, df) and does it have acetaminophen in it?

I have just had an argument with a nurse who told me oxycodone and oxycontin are the same, is this true?

I have liver cancer took one dose of 4mg methadone @6am how long till I can take 60 mg OxyContin I am discontinuing methadone ?

I have taken 8 30/500 co codamol about an hr ago what should i do?

I inject 40mg's of oxymorphone 3 times a day. Why wont a detox center take me?

I just started morphine sulfate ER 30mg (ms contin cr). What side effects can I expect?

I need help urgently! my friend who's 13 toke a lot of "codeine phosphate" she didn't tell me how much, what do I do?

I need help urgently! my friend who's 13 toke a lot of "codeine phosphate" she didn't tell me how much, what do I do?