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in morning she feel very cold and pain in her feet , diabetic and taking metformin 850mg, voltaren, (diclofenac) gentamicin injection ? what could be the cause ?

(Hydrocodoe/Acetaminophine) for 14 days after ankle surgery. sick for 5 days. I wouldn't take it yesterday and had back spasm/seizure like.

05/14/2014 had Reclast (zoledronic acid) IV and hours later, had severe bone and muscle pain since that time. Is there a way to detox it before I get more side effects?

14 year old daughter has extreme stomach pain and nausea , she weighs about 95 pounds. She was previously prescribed 4mg of zofran but ran out, would it be safe for her to take 8mg? She is being diagnosed from a GI doctor and is in a med trial to try and

16 yr old major hip surgery 3 weeks ago. Stopped oxycodone 5 12 hrs, barely used inwhile, on lyrica (pregabalin). Says lowr chest sharp pain 89/60 bp. No fever.

18yrs, fem.Acute leg pain from 5 months more in hip-thigh .Taking pain killers, calcium tablets. Not satisfied with doctor. On Ayurvedic treatment now?

19, virgin, small cysts in ovaries, hurts a lot at times, prescribed prescription strength Motrin, dance class tomorrow, will movement help me or no?

1st time gout, prescribed indomethacin(25 mg 3-per day). was told to stop when symptom alleviate. when stop, the symptom back. been 3 wks. wht to do?

2 lvl fusion l4-s1 feb. 28. Tried to stop oxy and pcp said too early - still too much pain. How long should I give it? Want off but still hurts w/oxy.


2012 I injured my ankle. After 1.5 years was prescribed gabapentin for ongoing pain which is finally working. Does this indicate that nerve damage?

25F, sudden, severe lower left abdominal pain, no chance of preg, pain subsides when lying down. Meds:Latuda,Abilify,Suboxone,Klonopin,ibuprofen 800mg?

3 days of amoxicillin, taking a minimal dose of paracetamol as 37 weeks pregnant. Pain is excruciating and stopping me sleeping. Is there any more?!

3 months ago i stopped takin effexor&lyricaa 75mg due to fibromyalgia since i felt better.Now pain in the flesh of my whole back.I can't touch painful?

3-4 hours after a 10mg pill of morphine, I got very strong pain in my back and upper abdomen. Omeprazole helped. Safe for me to keep taking morphine?

31 yrs male.started taking isotretinoin 2 months back for back acne.have reached a dosage of 40mg per day,my weight 76kg.developed pain in knee,heels?

35 weeks pregnant with excruciating pelvic pain on right side. Unable to put pressure and walk. Tylenol (acetaminophen) not helping. Only have pre term labor.

35 yr old male trouble urinating, low back pain diag. Prostatitis will saw palmetto 450 mg help me and how much should I take? The capsules are 450mg.

39 with chronic m-severe above 10 low back pain. Stopped hydro 2 yrs ago (addiction scared) doc gives methocarbomal min help other hom sugg .

4 back surgeries & diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Use 10mg of methadone 2xday for last 15years, so i can work. Gone off for a month 3x. Why the bad rap?

4 weeks pregnant, severe back pain. Waiting for doc to call back. Will taking 2.5mg Vicodin affect baby or cause birth defect?

40mg Ritalin (methylphenidate) for ADD & have chronic muscle tension. PCP Rx 10mg baclofen & 300mg daily Mg for intense jaw pain helps. Low back/hip pain persists. Help?

47 yr old female on 5mg amlopidine. Was prescribed 600 mg Motrin for periodic intense leg pain. Want to know if there are any contraindications?

5% Minoxidil gives me mild to moderate chest pains and some arm tingling. Would it be recommended to work up to a full dose, try 2% or cease usage?

5mm stone found in lower kid. Doc says watch it. Going to europe and doc would prescribe pain pills.Have old script hydroco. Need stronger pain med?

6 mos ago I woke up ans coundnt mive neck. Very painful. Gave steroids and norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) initially. I still have very limited rom very stiff flexeril no help?

8/ 500mg Valacyclovir mixed with alcohol ( 3 glasses of wine), severe lower back pains ?

85 year old female, diabetic, diagnosed with gall stones. Has severe pain on opposite side of abdomen. Er dr. Prescribed Valium with no positive resu?

A doctor gave me trazodone for leg pain he says my blood vessels are constricted and gave me trazodone what should I take?

A immediate care doctor prescribed me “Metaxalone 8000MG tablets” for my back pain on Tuesday and my back pain hasn't changed, what should I do?

A spinal injury has me on fentanyl 100mcg & 10/500 hydro/acet .My pain tripled 28th&29th, took 15 ea day & now severe cramps. How concerned should be?

Aching in testicle area and bottom of stomach taking trimethoprim doctor treating me for prosateitis been taking 2x200mg a day for 4 days still same?

After 5 yrs of tamoxifen i was switched to arimadex by hcp am noticing "severe" leg cramps at night what can be the cause the exercise i'm doing?

After using endocet for 10 yrs, am trying to quit. Having severe cramping in calfs. Also, notice bruising. From withdrawal or something else?

Agood way to cleanse the liver i take pain meds cuz i was in a accident n i had back surgery an i drin protien shakes cuz i workot to get strongerhelp?

Am a competitive swimmer with chronic asthma..have been put on montelukast 10mg 10days back. The night dose caused insomnia. Since i train at 5:30am o?

Amitriptyline 10 mg worked for fist 8 days but pain has returned in my feet again. Should I stop taking the drug?

Are prednisone tablets worth trying for hypermobility pain? I'm wondering about asking my doctor.

As i hve pain in knees so can I take medicine named dycerien gm?

Attempted suicide by od on prazosin, fentanyl, nitro, clonidin, etc. I have gastroparesis, but vomiting&pain increased w/red-brn urine&back pain?

Back pain when on the Accutane drug, is this something I should worry about?

Bad stomach pain, loss of appetite and rapid weight gain. Is it a concern when taking Medrol (methylprednisolone) pack for 2 wks? Ortho DR told me take it for Back sprain.

Been on 10/325 perc. For 9 years. Take 4-5 day and they arent stopping back and neck pain. Had injec. Didnt work. What am i supposed to do about this?

Been on tramadol since October due to hip operation pain. Got addicted so took him off them totally. Since been hallucinating, incompetent & more. Why?

Been prescribed amitriptyline for nerve related pain. Prickly burning sensations in upper back and legs. How long does this drug take to work approx?

Been Prescribed Valium 5mg 1/1 to 1 pill every 8 to 12 hours for severe pain and muscle spasms throughout my back.Symptoms been ongoing since 10/12/13?

Been takin 500mg Naproxen 3x daily prescribed 250mg 3x daily but advised if not helped my severe chest pain 2 increase Now moderate stomach discomfort?

Been takin antibotic for three days no relief I have so much pain and no money for densist?

Broken tailbone, which has led to coccydynia. I receive injections monthly to help with the pain and inflammation. My stomach cannot handle the Mobic/NSAIDs. I do take a tyl/pain med. I have started working out about 1.5 week in and now the pulsing and w

Bupropion 75 mg. First two days: 1 pill a day. Then for the next three days 2 pills a day. Se: minor headache and very minor chest pain. Normal?

Burning pins n needles in face taken 300mg tramadol n 180mg of codeine ova 24hr not at same time meds given by pain clinic but could combo cause this?

Burning pins n needles in face total dose of tramadol 2day 300mg n 180mg codeine both 2tab 6hrly for broken elbow. Also hit face on shelf 1wk ago?

Can 1 dosage of oxyelite pro cause hertius hernia and cause head tightness nostril alternative too because i took 1 dosage now i'm sick for 5 months?

Can 1 take cymbalta (duloxetine) for pain and come off and it's changed the pain or do u have to stay on for life to keep pain at bay?

Can an infected armpit cyst cause breast pain. Im taking clindamycin 150 mg 2 pills x aday. Last dose is tonite. How long b4 the pain is gone?

Can atenolol cause neuropathic pain?I have burning in my legs and arms I have taken it for 8 months. Pain worse after larger dose? 12.25pm dose

Can being on 40 mg. Of prednisone for 20 days-and not being weened off of it, cause severe body aches? I've been off of it for 7 weeks.

Can ciprofloxacin cause severe joint pain or make neuropathy worse. Should I quit taking it? Have diverticulitis. Can't see Dr til tomorrow

Can Diltiazem 24 HR ER 120mg cap taken 2x daily cause muscle pain? I have been taking since late January '15. R upper arm hurting for weeks. :(

Can i take a baclofen, if i had taken a tramodol 2 hours ago? I am having 10 out of 10 on the pain scale back spasms. I just n back has been spasming for about 6 hours. Some positions help but not for long. They just seem to come in waves.

Can I take Goody powder with my muscle relaxer? I have a major migraine this morning and my lower back is killing me. I absolutely feel horrible?

Can i take pyridoxine when experiencing painful legs. I am not in any treatmeny?

Can long term use of hydrocodone or coming off of it too quickly result in the onset of acute pancreatitis? Because of cervical injury, i was prescribed hyrocodone for pain. This was about 12 years ago. Usually took about 10 to 12 pills per day. I came

Can megared be takem by a 9o yr old suffering from knee pain.

Can mobic (meloxicam) cause leg cramping? My husband just started mobic (meloxicam) and now is getting alwfull charlie horses.

Can mobic (meloxicam) cause low back pain? Took it once for hand tendonitis and developed LBP about 10 hrs later

Can my 9yr old 85lb daughter take 1 midol for back pain caused by growth spurt?

Can pain medication or muscle relaxers taken due to a car accident delay my period?

Can Soma 350 other wise known as carisoprodol 350 cause jaw pain? I noticed that when i take it especially at bed time the next day it hurts

Can taking Aleve daily over a long period of time (years) cause sharp and gnawing pain under my left rib cage? Had blood tests recently, doctor said some level was higher due to my taking Aleve (which he prescribed for my arthritis). Should i stop taking

Can taking aspirin for back pain lead to a brain bleed if i've had one before?

Can taking polycolsinol one tablet a day cause you very hurtful muscle pain?

Can topamax (topiramate) b used to treat sharp pains n my head & chronic tesion & regular has? I'm going to take it 2x a day 25mg each

Can you take adipex for weight loss and tramadol for pain due to ex broken bones together?

Can't sleep due to suspected endometriosis pain. Close to tears. 525mg of doctor prescribed Naproxen not working. Please help!

Can't take the pain so taking meloxicam 15mg daily for my scoliosis for 3 yrs nw. tryng to conceive what pain reliever to use specialy when pregnant ?

Chronic pain sufferer - was just prescribed Tramadol ER to see if it was more effective than the IR, and its not. Can I switch back before 24 hrs?

Competitive athletic male with lower back pain. Tramadol 50mg doesn't help. What other medications would doctors prescribe?

Costochondritis,used mobec,zefo,stilpane for 1st week.Now only mobec for almost 2 MONTHS pain intermittently present daily severe.Wat else Can help?

Could diazepam take the anxiety edge off and prevent painful cramps during my uterine biopsy?

Could I get pregnant if having fibromyalgia.Please I want a baby.Do I have to stop taking my medicine which is lyrica (pregabalin).Would I feel horrible pain then?

Could multiple pain relievers taken for a few days cause numbness and tingling in arms? I've had a headache for a few days, so i started with store brand aspirin, then moved onto ibuprofen, and then tried tylenol for arthritis. I have taken probably more

Cronic constipation. Started long ago-now only once 3 wks.Now colonoscopy tried, could not complete, as meds did not clear me&severe pain?Very worried!

Csec 4 days ago, spinal epi, been having a horrible headache & bad neck pain, what can relieve this fast, taking percocet & aspirin only helps incison?

Currently have right kidney pain. I take panadeine/nurophen everyday for neck pain.In the past i had high lipase levels.Should i be worried -scared!

Currently in tx/lower back and hip pain (mostly on iliac crest) only flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) and Ultram help-xr neg?

Currently tampering lorazepam 1mg slowly after 6month of use. Started to get frontal headache and neck pain. Anything i can take during day time?

Currently, I am taking lyrica (pregabalin) and paraxone for pain, since pain persists, do you think that i need to have a repeat MRI to assess my lumbar. ?

Currently, I have not been a ble to sleep all night as my right deltoid is in pain. I've only done office work. Is Cataflam (diclofenac) and Panado a good idea?

Dad passed away recently and due to anxiety I developed chest pain. General doc suggested I take paroxetine hcl 10 mg for 3 months. 2nd opinions?

Dear doctor, what is the right dosage to be taken in case of muscular inflamation, per day?

Diagnosed with PID second time in year. Started meds today but still in pain in rectum and vagina. Could something else be wrong. Meds not helping.

Do I have to take imuran (azathioprine) if my only symptoms back muscle pain and rash on my face only ..

Doc prescribed meloxicam 7.5 mg for tendonitis after naproxen 500 mg gave me side effects. Feel dry mouth and slight joint pain after 1 tab. is it ok?

Doci , I have been suffering from a groin injury since last year, have been taking antinflammatory drugs but it seems they are not working out for me.

Doctor. Initially i had pain on the left side i did ultrasound and the report said that I am having pcod..The doctor advised me for tab.Metformin, ?

Doctors say I have paravertebral muscle spasms and have prescribed me with numerous medication but nothing has helped. Should I see the doctor? The pain has become agonizing and has been persisten for two almost three weeks now. I've been on flexril, nypr

Does simvastatin 20 mg causes swollen in legs and bloating in stomach ? My mom starting thèse symptômes after starting this médication . Thanks

Down to 3 mg dilaudid from 30mg 5 weeks ago (hip fracture). Anxious. Diarrhea. Indigestion. Pain manageable. Continue taper or just stop? Expect what?

Dr prescribed 50k of vit d twice a week I've taken 2 doses Since 1st dose I've had a headache with nausea & mod to severe pain in my left ear. ?