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150mg Ranitidine stopped working (protecting against 800mg Ibu daily). Stopped taking it, how long before it may work again?

16 y.o has fast metabolism.Been taking caffeine for a week just started taking up to 350-400 my of caffeine a day.How long till he detoxes if he stops?

2 months ago i changed doctors and stopped taking my levothyroxine i felt nervous on it. Should i start taking it again to be safe until i see new dr?

20mgs paxill 12yrs wanted to get off and try anafrinill taking both anafrinill for 22days can i stop the anafrinill?

22 weeks pregnant and taking 4 mg of Suboxone can I stop taking it and will it hurt my baby if i go through w/d?

6 days ago I stopped cipralex 5mg after 3 weeksof taking it. I'm having brainzaps and moody.Is that good or badShould I take a pill to stop that or no?

A few/couple days after starting to take nuvigil I developed a rash, but I did not take nuvigil the day before it popped up... should I stop taking it?

A friend called her dentist about a reaction she's having on her face due to amoxicillin but the doctor said that she should continue taking the pills till she finishes. Whatshould she do?

After 10 days of taking an antibiotic I began itching all over my body. How long till it stops after I stop taking the antibiotic?

After 5 years of taking doxycycline for dissecting cellulitis of the scalp it is no longer working so should I continue taking it or stop ?

After going brain death how long dose it take befor all other oregon stop working?

After stopping meds, my ALT continued to go up for two weeks before returning to normal. Is that normal or should it have only gone down from there?

Almost 12 weeks pregnant! have been taking progesterone nightly. When is it safe to stop taking? Also do you have to slowly go off of taking them? Txs!

Am i in danger if i stop taking 60, yes six zero mg of Valium daily for the past two weeks? If so, advice?

Am taking 1000mg of metformin 2/day I took one a noon another at 7pm taking first one no problem but when I take second one I fill rash itchy body?

Am taking amoxicillin as we speak for the last week the pain stopped and now it's starting again?

Am usingapo-amoxi clav 625mg two time daily for 7 days. I had to stop breastfeeding .when can I Start back after finishing my course .I really want to

Any advice? I have tried everything! i'm thinking about taking diet pills while i start working out?

Been super emotional since taking this medication, should I stop?

Been taking atenol for the past 9years..But stopped like 7months ago.Bp is normal.Can the meds affect my baby if am to have one?

Been taking bactrim started swelling in stomach how long after taking Med does swelling go down.

Been taking diphenhydramine HCL for about 10 years in high doses. I have recently stopped taking them. The itching is intense. HOW CAN I STOP THE ITCH?

Been taking pantoprazolle for 5 weeks now, still the same problem. Called dr"s office, told me to stop them.What happens now?

Been taking simply sleep (1 tablet) for 6 yrs. Am constipated but have tried traditional cures. Have now stopped pills. How long should it rectify?

Been taking tramadol 19 years full time for back injury have to take more and more. want to stop taking, while not miss work, advice? tried winging

Can antibiotics (levaquin) cause hair loss weeks after you stop taking them? If so, will it subside at some point?

Can any docs elaborate on situations on why I should stop taking clindamycin?

Can doxazsin start to cause dizziness even though you have been taking it for awhile?

Can drugs harm you days after taking them instead of instantly?

Can i continue taking benzodiazepines? I have had rectal bleeding starting one year ago 3 times. I was taking 1 mg Xanax every 5 hours at the time and i may have had 5 or 6 beers the night before, the next day at work after living heavy furniture i exper

Can I ever stop taking my diabetes insipidus medication i got it after my car crash and I wanna stop taking it ?

Can I get depression from taking z pack?

Can I go one day without taking daytrana, skipping it sometimes?

Can i just stop taking strattera (atomoxetine)? I've only took it 2 times i've been taking it at night ido not like it already and my liver area has been burning

Can I stop taking diabetes medication if the A1c comes down to below 7 when I am pregnant?

Can I stop taking my malaria tablets before the course is over?

Can i stop taking Prilosec after 7 days? Today is the fourth day of treatment and i don't have any symptom.

Can i stop taking tamflu once my symptoms completely subside?

Can i stop taking the pinamox and move on to the peniclin antibotics straight away?

Can I take pusiran tablet at 33 weeks pregnant? I can't stop coughing

Can Krill oil cause nausea at 1,000mg, how longer after stopping taking does it subside?

Can l temporarily stop simvastatin and immediately take intraconazole? After finish taking itraconazole can I immediately go back to simvastatin?

Can omeprazole cause bowel issues within an hour of taking it & periodically during the day? Didn't have these problem before starting this med.

Can ortho tri-cyclen low stop working when you take acetiminophin or diphenhydramine?

Can taking 5-htp make you urinate more than usual?

Can taking naproxen 500 cause frequent nosebleeds? Stopped taking 2 days ago

Can taking prednisone 10mg twice daily cause gynecomastia? I have to take it for 10 days; will symptoms go away after I stop?

Can taking too much creon cause nausea? I used to take three tablets with meals and stopped to just one tablet and nausea seems to have stopped.

Can you stop taking fluticasone without any problems? And would taking the spray cause swelling in foot?

Can you tell me if i could stop taking Monistat 7 after the 1st day?

Can zolpidem be removed without wining off? Can i just stop taking it and reduce to "as needed" only?

Chest flutters started while taking Domperidone. Stopped when medication discontinued. Any permanent damage caused?

Clindamycin causing abdominal pain after several hours of taking it, should I stop taking the medicine? I've only been using it for 3 days

Constant vomiting from Taking Cryselle To stop vaginal bleeding. Can she stop taking Cryselle if it is making her feel worse?

Could I do heavy exercise while taking flucloxacillin?

Could taking 4 10-325 Percocet after not taking for a couple of weeks cause severe night sweats ?

Could you tell me what happens if i stop taking antibiotics after 3 days?

Currently I am taking 500gm metformin twice daily if i start gym (physical exercise) is there a possibility of stopping taking the tablet?

Currently taking pristiq100mg and wish to stop. Is it dangerous to do so on my own by cutting the dosage until my supply is gone?

Daughter coughing a lot after taking fluimucil. This is not her first tym taking this med and never had this issue. Shud she continue taking it?

Do antibiotics stop working if you drink?

Do I have to stop taking my medication before having facial peels? I am currently taking the anti-anxiety pills called celexa, and I do not want to go too many days without using it. If I have to stop taking this before my facial peels, how many days will

Do i need to stop taking my anti-depressant while i’m pregnant? I take an anti-depressant for anxiety. Will i need to stop taking this once i get pregnant?

Do you think it could be bad to stop taking aspirin from once a day to every couple days?

Doc I hav Ige levels over 1500 After I stop the medicine I take then severe itching starts plz tell a medicine to stop it completely?

Doc prescribed daily 80mg of aspirin for my endometriosis. But this causes my butt to bleed. No hemorrhoids. Should I stop taking aspirin?

Doc prescribed me vit d2 50, 000 once a week. Accidentally have been taking them once a day for the past 6 days. I stopped taking .Is this dangerous?

Doctor I hav Ige levels above 1500 and taken tablets for it but after I stop the itching start again plz tell a good medicine to stop it for good?

Doctor I m 9 weeks pregnant. I m taking susten 200mg. Now I have little chest pain. Can I continue with this medicine?

Doctor prescribed me to take metoprolol 50mg twice daily i want to get rid of the medication it is almost 2 years now since i start using metoprolol.?

Doctor prescribed omega3 for my cousin 5 years old She took it for 6months should stop it now? And is it dangerous if it's taken for long time

Doctor took me off phentermine said it was not working. Lost 10lbs but he didn't see that because i stopped taking it regularly what options do I have?

Does taking magnesium cause loose stools. I stopped taking it a couple weeks ago yet still continue to have them. Been about 6 weeks ?

During what week is recommended to stop taking progesterone? I'm 10 weeks today and my dr. Said to stop on thurs. Is the placenta now taking over?

Ever since i started taking the tablets (instead of capsule) my adderal hasnt worked as well. What should I do?

Feeling very nauseous from taking metronidazole for bv.should I stop taking it or not?

Felt like I almost passed out after taking diuretic. Will stopping it help?

Finished taking prednisone yesterday morning and now having horrible anxiety all day and can't sleep .is this normal? and if so, how long till it stop

Got predisone pak late in day. Instructed to take all 6 pills/24mg. Feel off, have anxiety, worked myself up before taking. Is it the med, or anxiety?

Had a baby 11mnths ago. Tried IUD and didnt like it & I ve been on the pill 4 5 mnths. I want to stop taking them. Can i just stop? Is it a problem?

Had severe nosebleeds and bleeding gums when brushing when taking 81mg of aspirin. Am now taking aspirin every other day instead. Still beneficial?

Hello! I have fungal infection disease. I am taking tyza tablets to get rid of it but when I stopped taking it's start again.

Hi about to start champix tomorrow to stop smoking and I take Aropax also 20 was just wondering if it is ok my doctor said yes but just wanted to check again before I start taking it. Thanks ?

Hi boyfriend has a chronic cough...he does smoke daily but is taking methylprefnisolone. ..he missed hia morning dose..can he take morning and lunch dose long before he notices a is coughing a little less. This is day 3

Hi I'm prescribed 120mg oxy a day. When would I have to stop taking it to have a drink Xmas safely . Thanks?

Hi, I was given fluoxetine capsule tablets by the doctors for my headaches, they have since stopped, which is good, can you tell me why they stopped?

Hi, need something to stop loose motion. ( it's due to long term medication and unable to stop those tablets) please give me an advice. Thanks?

Hi..I had been prescribed Thyronorm 50 mcg In April. I have been having it since then. Should I continue it or can I stop using it ?

How can I reduce stress. My periods have stopped and I am not really sleeping is there anything i can be doing rather than tablets ?

How can I stop chronic heartburn that started after i began taking antibiotics?

How can I stop pe, I have tried using the stop and start technique but to no avail. Any drug i can take?

How can you stop taking off your cast when sleeping?

How come I have to stop taking herbal supplements before surgery?

How do I get my 2 yr old to stop taking bottles?

How do I get my 8 month old to take a pacifier again? He did up until 4 months then stopped.

How do I get off taking famotidine after taking it for months. without pain returning.

How do you stop qvar inhaler? Can you stop immediately or do you gradually decrease it? I was supposed to continue until spring finished.

How do you stop taking it after over 5years everyday 3xa day 0.5 mg?

How long after I stopped taking indomethacin can I take a real pain pill?

How long after stopping meloxicam can I begin taking Advil? I have been on 7.5 mg for about 2 weeks. Thanks