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16 years old boy has nosebleed . Even after cauterization and using medicines or herbal teas . Please name a medicine that can prevent the problem ?

Acupuncturist recently told me that i had dampness in my intestines. What can I eat or what remedy/treatment can I do to address this?

Alcohol used in homeopathy medicine - is always made from wine? All homeopathy medicine contain alcohol whether in tablet form or tincture?

Any advice welcome treating leg ulcers with manuka honey?

Any medicinal herbs that can be used to fight flu and the cold?

Any natural cure, or anything other than medication for sour stomach?

Any opinions on the "allicin" in garlic working as an alternative to antibiotics? Products like allimax, etc.

Anyone recommend herbs over modern pharmaceuticals? Seems that most docs follow paracelsus could natural remedies be an answ. To my health questions?

Are oral herbal supplements in tincture form typically less harsh on stomach than capsule form? The latter tends to give me stomach pain.

Are papaya leaves (more specifically, the juice) a natural cure for dengue?

Are the herbs: the original wormwood combination, cloves, and blue moon good for killing the warts virus?

Are there any herbal supplements that I can take to treat my leishmaniasis symptoms?

Are there any herbs which heal bph?

Are there any natural herbs or remedies that can help with ADHD along with meds prescribed by the doctors?

Are there any natural remedies to treat giardia and entameoba in a 5 yr old child?

Are there any natural supplement/medicines that helps heal conjunctivitis?

Are there any natural, alternative cures used on stomach ulcers?

Are there any natural/Dr approved ways to heal my Esophagitis? Its very sore

Are there any natural/holistic remedies for the pain caused by postherpetic neuralgia? I would prefer to stay away from opiates and pharmaceuticals.

Are there effective herbal therapies to prevent salmonella?

Are there effective medicinal therapies to prevent salmonella?

Are there herbal supplements that can prevent a bacterial infection?

Are there herbal supplements that can treat a MRSA lung infection?

Are there herbal supplements that can treat a viral lung infection?

Are there natural supplements that can treat tuberculosis infection

As a massage theripst i worry about my joints and hands. Is there a homeopathic remedy that's compatible with feverfew and st johns wart?

Ayurveda or homeo? Which is better for throat infection?

Can a balsam of peru allergy result in chronic hand and foot eczema? Will not eating foods with natural balsam of peru ingredients cure the eczema?

Can a mixture of cinnamon and honey cure restless leg syndrome?

Can acupuncture and Chinese herbs get rid or help eye floaters since they help treat the proteins?

Can aloe pulp be used as a medicine for indigestion and acidity?

Can amenorrhea be treated by forever aloe berry nectar?

Can chinese herbs cause palpitations or weak pulse? I have been taking about 12 different herbs for the last four days per my naturopath.

Can hay fever cause tinnitus, I use the herbal supplement clear tinnitus for a week now, can it cure tinnitus ? Thank you, frieda van leiden

Can herbal supplements be infected with bacteria?

Can herbal supplements ease pinworm symptoms?

Can herbal supplements prevent tetanus infection?

Can herbal supplements relieve gastroenteritis symptoms?

Can I have pollen and barm simultaneously as supplements?

Can i take Azo yeast (mistletoe leaf and boneset homeopathic medicine in a probiotic base) I am 16 wekks pregnant?

Can I take herbal supplements instead of antibiotics to treat anthrax?

Can I take turmeric to fight parasites?

Can I take zinc to treat leishmaniasis?

Can I use manuka honey to treat my chronic sinusitis? What is the recipe for the rinse? Thank you.

Can large ovarian cyst go away by itself or with the use if natural anti inflammatory supplements help ?

Can mint extract be used to treat a 5 month old baby's indigestion?

Can natural medicines like garlic/ayurveda preparations increase frequency of urination?

Can natural remedies like ganodama & spirulina treat cancer completely?

Can taking antioxidants effectively prevent parasites?

Can taking bovine colostrum be used to get rid of illness?

Can the indian gooseberry really serve as a treatment or cure to aortic regurgitation?

Can there be other herbs/suppliments to help ease/prevent morning sickness besides ginger or peppermint?

Can valerian tea be safely used to treat muscle cramps associated with dengue fever?

Can you please describe the effective natural herbs and vegetables for curing acid reflux?

Can you please describe the natural herbs that can help with chronic constipation?

Can you tell me herbal rememidies for walking pneumoinia?

Can you tell me is it ok to take valerian root orally if you have various types of grass allergies?

Can you tell me of any natural cure or anything other than medication for sour stomach?

Could a chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbal etc) be effective in stopping excessive bleeding?

Could curcumin be the most important heart disease remedy known to medicine?

Could homeopathic med -thuja occidentials and sabal serrulata stops hairfall?

Could quail egg be used for the treatment of typhoid?

Developed ulcers in the ileum after serial baby aspirin for many years. Is there anything natural/herb that has the same antiplatelet properties?

Did you know that chinese herbs can easily treat atrial fibrillation?

Discuss these types of therapeutic baths. Oatmeal, lavendar, peppermint?

Do any natural antibiotics like berberine, wild oregano, or peppermint work? I want to treat SIBO.

Do Garlic Supplements Help to fight Some infections ?

Do herbal parasite cleanses work to get rid of intestinal worms? Herbs include Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, Cloves, etc

Do japanese garlic tablets treat arthritis?

Do leaves and seeds help with cancer like alternative medicine does?

Do mustard green help the treatment of diabetes?

Do vitamin C supplements - like airborne - help boost immunity and cure common cold symptoms?

Does camomile tea work as an antiinflamatory to improve lung fuction for people that have ashama ?

Does colloidal silver really cure the human body?

Does licorice root syrup help for any problems?

Does matula herbal formula™ eradicates ulcer?

Does pranic healing work? I ve heard from people their stories abt how it helped them reduce if not cure many ailments like colitis, tumors etc.

Does taking Tarminalia Chebula, Aloe Barbadensis, Colchicum Luteum for a long time have any serious threats?

Does the intake if fenugreek, usually in the form if tea, help to cure halitosis?

Does vitamin d supplementation help prevent or treat cold and flu?

Foods helpful in hypothyroism ? Also any other remedy ?

Found a homeopathic med with deadly nightshade as a fever reducer, is it safe to take?

Ginger allergy known to cause problems?

Glucoma what are the remedies for it example food. My mom is in preliminary stage of it.

Good evening i just want to ask what are the other remedies in degue hemorrhagic failure?

Has anyone ever tried to relieve their symptoms of arthritis with a green tea?

Have uti..15-20 pus cells wer found in the urine..What home remedy should I follow? Along with prescribed medicines.Is green tea helpful

Hello Docs! Is there any way to cure a headache with fruits and herbs?

Hello my friend is a 41 year old he have debits and want to try the chinese nedlis can he use it or not.

Hello, I would like to have information about the beneficts and contraindications of the Ganoderma lucidum during the pregnancy, stress cases, etc?

Herbal medicine reactions bad circulation, what to do?

Herbal medicines would you recomend to aid in healing digestive system?

Hi doctor,is there a cure for myasthenia?If so what is it,and what are the food or suppliments that helps with this condition? Thanks a lot.

Hi!. Is it scientifically proved that coconut oil is good for bacterial infections and cándida? If so, which israel the recommended dosis per day?

Homeremedies or medicines used for food posioning?

How can allergies be treated with natural herbal remedies instead of with drugs?

How can I prevent foodborne illness with colloidal silver?

How do mango leaves treat diarrhea?

How do sweetsop leaves help treat arthritis?

How do you mix and/or can you mix several homeopathic remedies together?