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daignosed with IIH my neurologist told me my papilledema is gone for now due to high dose of acetazolamide. Does pregnancy make the condition return?

I was on prednisone 30 days to disrupt headache cycle. Soon after the tendons in my body inflamed for months. Dr.wants me to repeat. Is this rt pred?

Issues with asthma- TX does not seem to relieve symptoms; can I take 6 day prednisone taper with 3.0 potassium level? w/o hypokalemia effects?

Neupogen can increase WBC after late onset neutropenia (LON). Any prescription that gives long term prevention of the LON side effect after Rituximab?

+ for Lyme disease during my pregnancy (1.5 years ago). What should I be taking for Lyme once i stop breastfeeding? Drs can't seem to agree on treatmt

10mg (low dose) omeprazole for long term GERD treatment? Will this cause magnesium or B12 deficiency?

24 year old woman with Pseudotumour cerebri, how worried should I be about taking prescribed acetazmolide causing aplastic anemia?

24hr in on my Zpack dose, which is contradicted with MG, if I'm ok does that mean it should NOT cause an exacerbation or flare OF MG at this point?

3 year history of persistent sinus drainage in 75 y/o, male, meds are warfarin and metropolol for A. Fib. . what sinus treatment is suggested.

33 yo physician last dose of methadone 25mg 7 days ago; still asymptomatic. Plan is to start subutex but no w/d yet. When will these w/d's manifest?

7 years ago I had an episode diagnosis as a complicated migraine (aphasia, right side numb, holes in vision). No episodes since then. Is it safe for me to take low dose oral contraceptives? I've been told yes and no.

A co-worker inj. 100ml of visipaque370 in a pt. With a 2.3 creat level. The necessary md were notified, but did permanent kidney damage ensue?

A PTB patient has been on anti TB for over 2 years, but develop resisance to ripamfecin. What the next line of action?

Acthar q week and pred 25mg daily. Taper over 4 months. Severe prob return before acthar when decreased pred. Shouldn't acthar allow for faster taper?

Acute IBS attacks. Have prescription levsin (hyoscyamine) .125mg. It's old (aug'11) & little help. Has med potency waned? Can i boost dose amt & or freq til i can get new rx?

Acute kf caused by med reaction. Stopped meds and creatin levels now falling from 1.8-1.7- 1.6. Doctor not concerned. Is this fatal? Reversable?

Addison's disease how long does it take to reverse hyper pigmentation after starting prednisone and fludrocortisone?

Adrenal adenoma - could previously being on flovent hfa 110 mcg for a year or two have caused this? Or could stopping the med have caused it?

Adrenal insuff due to long term steroids (crohn's). Am tapering off dex but can't get lower than 0.25 mg. Any tips?

Adrenal insufficiency - can anything bad happen if i will be missing 2 days of medicine dose?

After 14 months of mabthera treatment which i stopped having in feb. I have been having chronic cough attacks. What can I do to stop them?

After 6 mths of what I've been told is "allergic rhinitis", no meds have worked. Given oral prednisolone for 1 wk and no change. Incorrect diagnosis?

After suffering a stroke, if the only available treatment is IV heparin how long can it take to show results? We are just past 72 hour mark.

After two surgeries I have to take B12 shots monthly but still have no energy. Amount of sleep and diet seem unrelated. Can my humira (adalimumab) be causing this?

Age 62, female. 1st seizure in jan 98 and last one in may 11. Occurs in 2-5 years. Under medication at present. Can it be completely cured?

Aih prednisone 30days my appearance is startling titrated 15mg / change to imuran (azathioprine) in 2 weeks will i get my looks back? I feel horrible hfp almost normal

Am 58 years old and recently misdiagnosed at an ER as having copd.They prescribed presnidone and i've only taken 2 doses(40mg).Can i quit cold turkey?

Am currently under investigation for Temporal Arteritis, have been on Steroid Tablets 4days now and headaches improved dramatically!!, good sign or no?

Am diag with demyelination and was adminisstered 1gm/day prednisolone for 5 days. What care I should take in future.

Am i more at risk for thrush because I have lupus (at least that's what the doctors think) i think its in my gut too bc I've lost 24 lbs in the last6mo?

Am on 150 mg of imuran, (azathioprine) had mild tonsillitis for 3 weeks. Getting better slowly. What to do?

Anxiety & etc from stopping Depo Provera (medroxyprogesterone) after 15 yrs due to myasthenia gravis & severe osteoporosis? ANY info would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks

Any experience with using naltraxone for pt w/ stiff person syndrome w/ no response to rituxan, (rituximab) plasmapheresis, and already on Valium and baclofen?

Any new tx's for persistent long term depersonalization? X5+ years, no response pos or neg to wide array of rx's, not drug induced

Any recommendations for long term follow up for elderly woman hospitalized for UTI ? ?Low dose maintenance antibiotics ?Monthly testing?

Apart from the nerve conduction study, I was prescribed a diprofos injection, why was this prescribed, is my illness a serious one than I had realized?

Are hot flashes and jitters side effects of a prednisone *injection* given for asthma attack? I am an overweight but healthy female, 44 years old.

Are there any other conditions B12 could treat other than a B12 deficiency? Since getting shots, 95% of my neurologic and nerve-related symptoms gon

B - blockers can reduce onsets of chest pain that is effort induced?

Been on simponi (golimumab) 3 mths. Now have persistant headache and dizziness. Can't think of another cause..Is it the medication?

Best treatment for CVRO in 58 year old? How soon is it best to give anti-Veg-F injections? diangosis two weeks ago; vision slightly worse past two days.

Betahistine dihydrochloride 8mg and conventin 400 mg prescribed for my uncle after dignosis in ears..Are they for life? And what are the side effects.

Can a 12 year old who weight 140 lbs recieve zpack?

Can a short 6mon tapered bout of corticosteroids worsen insulin sensitivity thereafter w/o causing full blown diabetes?

Can b12 return? diagnosed with deficiency last yr, 150pg. course of 6 injections over 2 weeks then pills + levels back up to 500. Still feel bad

Can baclofen 10 mg thrice and tizanidine 2 mg twice daily make a person drowsy? 22 years old fiancee is advised with these for spasm with TB medicine after TB meningitis. Can this slow her recovery??

Can being on breathing treatments and weaning off prednisone affect a full pulmonology testing workup?

Can gastroparesis caused by high dose ppi's be reversed? And are there any clinical papers on this please. Thank you

Can healthy man with acute gouty foot lasting > 5 days be prescribed colchicine 0.5mg for 7 days followed by 0.1mg for 2 week (all taken 4 times daily?

Can I work in the healthcare field exposed to sick patients, while taking methotrexate?

Can lisinopril cause DISLE lupus? Have anti histone antibodies 1.4 and suffered AKI. Symptoms improved after disc lisinopril and with low dose pred.

Can magnesium substitute rivotril pill(0.5 mg per day) in chronic fatigue treatment?

Can P.O.T.S. Be a 'side effect' of Thyroid issues such as hashimoto? Would treatment be the same? Modified lifestyle and meds? Of diff cause diff fix?

Can prednisone induce palpitations/tachycardia? My doc says no but i've been suffring from both since I started Pred. Exams revealed nothing wrong.

Can prednisone therapy cause lethargy?

Can taking low-dose Benzo (half tablet) intermittently for 1 month when needed cause fatigue in between? I'm seeing a doctor in case related to hi CRP

Can yoga be good for foot drop? (b12 deficiency, onset 3 weeks, is improving)

Can you tell me what is a normal dose range for a 3 week inteval of haldo dec shots for a psychotic patient on ims?

Chronic all-body inflammation, 11.5. Highest scale on the test, 4.9. Can't take nsaids, steroids cause hair loss. What other med is there for this?

Chronically ill for yrs, drs aren't entirely sure why. Took steroids recently, felt best in yrs. Is this a clue to what's wrong? Why so good on steroids

CRPS L foot. Meds, physio, steroid inj.- some help. CRPS ever cured? Meds forever? Always havie to take care (no running?)SCS- good for mild/mod CRPS?

Dad (65yrs) gets headache if don't take prednisolone (15mg/day). Doctors suspect idiopathic meningitis or sjogren syndrome. How to stop prednisolone?

Daughter s/p craniopharyngeoma at 16yo, now 27yo, had 10mg/day prednisone x11yrs. Now w/ DM 2/2 steroids, cataracts ++. Steroid effects reversible?

Developed joint & muscle pain after 4 mo. on Spiriva & Advair. D/C meds and pain gone. Any reliable alternatives to these meds for dx: "mild COPD"?

Diagnosed uc 3 yrs ago.A lot of hospital stays, recent 4 wks.Taking inflixamab with other meds. When will the steroid side effects go? 3 mnths on pred

Diagnosed w/POTS syndrome. Feel much better on florinef (fludrocortisone) & beta bloceker. Explain why doc wants me to stop all meds & get catecholamine test.Necessary?

Diagnosed with epididymitis. Have had it for years. On amitriptyline (only 10g). Should i be worried about staying on amitriptyline indefinitely?

Diagnosed with M.G. by hosp. specialist by symptoms and Tensilon. Neg. EMG and bloods. Responded to Mestinon (pyridostigmine) and Prednisone. Can't get treatment.

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the year 2013 after VCD is on scr since Dec 2013. Taking Thalidomide 50 for the last three yrs. Whether to continue?

Diagnosed with ncs and put on florinef (fludrocortisone) twice daily in april. Will be on till at least december. Having stomach pains. Is it from the steroids?

Disabled w/dysautonomia. Each time i use steroids for other reasons, my dys gets A LOT better. Would low dose daily cortef (hydrocortisone) be a good idea for me?

Disease called itp dr keeps me on these IV treatments. Of dexamethasone, zofram, benadryl.2 tylenol (acetaminophen) and 5000 units of winrho. Is this tolong to be on?

DLE Taking Cerelle 3 mths but due to costs GP refuses repeat shouldn't the brand initiated be maintained to Patient due to bioviable different generic

Doc has put me on tapering dose of 60mg prednisolone for chronic migraine not resp. to drugs and partial resp. to Botox. He says that non resp. to prednisolone means my migaine is psychiatric. True ?

Doc has put me on tapering dose of 60mg prednisolone for chronic migraine not resp. to drugs and partial resp. to Botox. He says that non resp. to prednisolone means my migaine is psychiatric. True ?

Doc has put me on tapering dose of 60mg prednisolone for chronic migraine not resp. to drugs and partial resp. to Botox. He says that non resp. to prednisolone means my migaine is psychiatric. True ?

Doc has put me on tapering dose of 60mg prednisolone for chronic migraine not resp. to drugs and partial resp. to Botox. He says that non resp. to prednisolone means my migaine is psychiatric. True ?

Doctors say i suffer from oral LP i was administered hcqs 400 it has'nt helped much pl help?

Does a four day treatment of prednisone (40 mg,30 mg, 20 then 10mg) for asthma increase cancer risk?

Does lercanidipin 20mg causes dry mouth when taken once daily as a chronic medication for a 37 years old patient having secondary hypertension?And wh

Does low dose cortef (hydrocortisone) heal the adrenals, helping the patient to feel well again and enabling them to eventually go off the drug? Non-addison's.

Does post-viral gastroparesis ever go away? If so, timeframe for recovery? Dx'd 6/13, symptoms started 1/13 after rotavirus. Could use some hope. :(

Dr treatin a pt 4 LONG T chronic pain the only way it can b treated is long term opiates,that had em on 10yrs,can dr quit prescrib,no wrong doin by pt?

Dr. Prescribed Pulmicort for 5mo 2xday until Spring as a nebulizer treatment. Concerned on immune system effect. Please explain risk and if benefits +?

Due to the thyrogen shortage - i was asked to do the scan by stopping the medication. How many days before the scan i need to stop the meds?

Dx 10/29 with B12 deficiency level was 169. Have had 5 shots since. Want to know if this makes me more susceptible to other illnesses? Get sick a lot.

Dx of pancreatic insufficiency. On imuran (azathioprine) and prednisolone(for aied, history of uc), is there any point getting igg4 levels done if on these medication?

Dx w/ 2ndary adrenal insuf. due to 6wks corticosteroids r/t extreme asthma exacer. - d/ced, now tapering Hydrocortisone - severe breast pain, normal?

Dx w/ late stage Lyme, symptoms primarily neurological. 3 months into treatment with oral abx doxy+Plaquenil>ceftin, minimal improvement. IV abx next?

Dx'd w/partial idiopathic central diabetes insipidus 20yrs ago by H20deprivation test. Put on DDAVP (desmopressin). No longer needed DDAVP (desmopressin) after 2 yrs.Sx better.Why?

Dxd w/ MS in 2010, tried avonex (interferon beta 1a) & copaxone but it was stopped b/c bad reactions. Same thing w/ plaquinil for my lupus work up. What could do that?

Esrd pt was just discharged from long hospital stay, receiving high dose dilaudid & Zofran (ondansetron) which were d/c'd abruptly. Now acute wd sx. Help w/ mgmt?

Florinef (fludrocortisone) for POTS. Wish 2wean off eventually but sx come back. Are most w/POTS on longterm?Isn't it bad to be on longterm(bones,adrenal suppression)

Follow up to previous. Saw a derm. Liver tests fine, no hep. Autoimmune reason. Is hydroxychloroquine a reasonable solution. Dr prescribed ?

Following biopsy surgery I have been woozy. 2 .5 weeks later still woozy. Have tried anti nausia, stopping thyroxine for 4 days as suspected overdosed pre surgery.

For 3 weeks i've been on 40mg prednisone, and 75mg imuran (azathioprine). I have gas like i need to go. But only mucus and some light blood come out. What is this?

For how long can be magnesium+vitamin b6(25-40mg/day for b6) administered for chronic fatigue without having neurological side effects?

For those on IV tpn--- are patients still hungry or does appetite get relieved?

Get ivig q3wks for autoimmune and wondering if it'll help prevent influenza and gastroenteritis? Also on numerous meds plus prednisones and Zofran (ondansetron) daily

Given EMACO weekly 3d/wk, for 8 mths. It's been 4 yrs since my last dose of EMACO but my body hurts just like when I was on the chemo. Any known reaso?