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About erectile dysfunction.Someone male used (revivogen) shampoo inhibits testosteron to dht conversion for more than 3 years, contains saw palmetto, after stopping, he got erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation & less libido, what is treatment?

Any physicians prescribed propecia (finasteride) or proscar and had patients experience adverse affects such as ed, low testosterone, etc, ? Irreversible sides?

Are there any erection problems associated with amlodipine besylate?

Are there any medication to counter the lowered libido from taking finasteride?

Are there any other options then avodart hate the side effects had every bad symptom from inability maintain an erection, decrease in sex drive, problem ejaculating . Was taking for slow urine flow rate. I stopped taking is there any over-the-counter

Are there any viable treatments for post-ssri sexual dysfunction pssd (including genital anesthesia + ejaculatory anhedonia) persisting several years?

Are there over-the-counter drugs available for sexual dysfunction?

Best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects?

Can anti-psychotic medication cause sexual dysfunction?

Can antihistamines cause erectile disfunction? And is the effect temporary? Like while the drug is in your body, or does it linger for days and weeks?

Can ED be cured completely with medication without any side effects? Got ED due to depression but i m not in depression anymore but ED is still there.

Can estrogen inhibitor formen cause the same side effects as testestorne therapy?

Can I stop avodart (dutasteride) for three months to see if erections/libido will return?

Can one sexual partner be allergic to digitek (digoxin) if the other one is taking?

Can pornography consumption contribute to erectile dysfunction in anyway? Does it down-regulate dopamine receptors?

Can risperdal cause sexual dysfunction even after it is stopped?

Can someone explain to me why SSRI drugs cause sexual disfunction? Are the effects Dose related?

Can taking psychiatry medication lead to premature aging?

Can the erectile dysfunction medications also increase your sex drive?

Can topical finasteride or dutasteride cause sexual side effect? İf so, is that high or low possibility .. Thanks for answers

Can tramadol cause erectile problems a night after heavy use? 2nd will it be permanent?

Can tramadol cause impotence?

Can you please explain why some countries have lower viagra (sildenafil) usage than others?

Can you tell me about Addyi (flibanserin), the new drug to treat female sexual dysfunction?

Can you tell me in relation to human anatomy why can't you take certain heart medications with cialis?

Can you tell me is citalopram causing me sexual dysfunction?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has taking cholesterol medications had trouble with delayed ejaculation or erectle dysfunction?

Can't pravastatin effect erection dysfnction?

Could omneprozol be causing me to be impotent?

Could testosterone interfere with diabetes medication?

Could these antidepressants be affecting my erections?

Do alchohol and spices contribute in increasing the size of prostate gland, or interfere in the effect of alfuzosin hydrochlride?

Do all men of a certain age need medication for help with their erections?

Do antipsychotics take away virility?

Do appetite suppression meds like phentermine cause erectile dysfunction?

Do drugs like viagra (sildenafil) counteract the sexual side effects of suboxone?

Do men have erection and ejculatory problems while taking gabapentin 300mg or higher?

Do statins have an effect on erections in men?

Do TCAs also cause prolonged time to ejaculation or just SSRIs that cause this?

Does 20mg famotidine intake of only 9 days cause permanent impotence?

Does amlodipine besylate generic name 5mg tablet cause male sexual dysfunction?

Does Ayurvedic medicine like shilajit tablets for treating premature ejaculation have side effects???

Does beta blockers cause sexual dysfunction? If yes, is it permanent?

Does betaserc (bitahistine) reduce libido or cause eracticle disfunction?

Does chlorthalidone 50 mg tablet cause male sexual dysfunction?

Does diltiazem cause erectical dysfunction ? If does what is the alternative for that?

Does erectyle disfunction caused by famotidine is reversible or not upon discontinued it?

Does Eros-Therapy work for anorgasma?

Does gleevic or lyrica (pregabalin) effect a man’s sexual ability?

Does isotretenoin cause permenant sexual dysfunction , like in ability to orgasm and dryness ?? Please help as im annoyed as i read so in drug reviews

Does nebivolol hypertension drug affect my sexual performance?

Does Olmesartan Medoxomil can damage the male sexual fertility?I have very good semen analyses before starting BP medications and now I am concerned.

Does propecia (finasteride) have any side effect.My friend told me it is very dangerous and cause impotence and make a male unable to perform sexual activity.True?

Does severe alcoholism and pain pills drug abuse cause erectile dysfunction ?

Does ssri induced sexual disfunction go away on its own? What are other remedies? On Prozac (fluoxetine) 30mg. Causing some... Disfunction.

Erectile dysfunction due to medicine side effect. Will i recover after i quit the drug?

Erectile dysfunction occured after 9 days intake of 20 mg famotidine. Discontinued from 3 days. Can this problem resolve after discont.This? When?

Erectile dysfunction occured after 9 days intake of 20 mg famotidine. Discontinued from 3 days. Can this problem resolve after this? When?

Girlfriend's anorgasmia, caused by her anti-depressants or something else, what to do to help her?

Good evening what's the drugs that increase sexual performance after 50yrs old without dangerous side effects.

Has metformin +pioglitazone+glimipride any effect on sexual organ.?

Hi I am suffering from SSRI induced sexual dysfunction. On my CBC the PDW came to 18.3. Could this be a cause for sexual dysfunction and brain fog ?

Hi, I have post ssri sexual dysfunction.I have discontinued ssri for 2 years now,but I still sexual dysfunction.Is there any treatment for this?thanks

How appropriate is it for doc to put patient wit chronic ED on Lexapro (side effects are sexual dysfunction and allegedly irreversible) to me it's mad

How can coreg (carvedilol) 12.5mg twice a day may effect a mans sexual performance and cause erectile dysfunction?

How can I treat pst ssri sexual dysfunction?

How could the side effects with respect to erectile dysfunction of medicines of high BP be avoided?

How does beta blockers and other high blood pressure meds effect a mans sexual performance and my cause erectile dysfunction?

How long before daily cialis, 5mg, affects bph?

How to improve libido without any drugs?

How to treat sexual dysfunction after my course of ssris for anxiety?

How to treat strattera (atomoxetine) erectile dysfunction?

How to withdraw sildenafil in a neonate with improved PPHN?

How will toprol-xl affect the libido?

I am 30 year old man with no specific disease or medication.I take 25 mg viagra (sildenafil) in most of my intercourses. Will it make adverse effect in long term?

I am 32 and on 25mg of atenolol. Since i read it has the side effect of erectile dysfunction, can it lead to impotence? Am worried with the news.

I am desperately in need of an alternative to Effexor (venlafaxine) due to sexual dysfunction and other side effects. ?

I am experiencing Erectile dysfuntion and I think its finestride. I have read about severe side effects of quitting any Dr's thoughts or experiences?

I am having problems when I have sex I become impotent during intercourse. Could it be the medication im on... Amlodipine Besylate, Prednisone. Help!

I am on Lexapro (escitalopram) for GA D.I suffer from loss Libido as a result.My Dr states that He can inject Meds into Penis rather than Viagra.Is he correct.

I am on Telmesartan 40 mg + Chlorthaidone 12.5 mg and Atorvastatin 10 mg. Does it interfere with sexul desire, arousal or have anything to do with ED

I have been on Finax for the last more than a year due to hairfall issue. Now i m about to marry.will regular dose of finax effect my sexual life any?

I have been taking Finax for close to 2 yrs and I found out that side effects include erectile dysfunction,loss of libido. Is this temporary?

I have impotence after taking 2mg Tenex/Guanfacine. Is my impotence from generalized dysautonomia due to sympathetic failure permanent or reversible?

I have MS and i take interferon beta 1b Dose it effects my erection ?? Lately i am having problems to have long erection please help

I have recently experienced dry orgasms and loss of libido. Can flomax cause this? I also take losartan Lipitor (atorvastatin) and testosterone (for bone fracture).

I m strugling with erectyle disfunction because of famotidine 20mg. I discontue it after 9 days. Is any medication to discard this side effect?

I never had premature ejaculation before starting luvox (fluvoxamine). Was on it for 3 yrs and pe developed after quitting it. Is it post ssri sexual dysfunction?

I stopped taking Guanfacine 3 days ago. Is my Autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia) including impotence reversable and if yes then how? I am suffering with many of the side effects associated with Guaunfacine in addition to my many dysautonomia symptoms.

I stopped taking saw palmetto 5 months ago due to the side effects (ed, no libido, reduced semen volume). I was wondering if these can be reversed?

I suffer from libido as a result of taking Lexapro (escitalopram) for G A D.My Dr stated to inject my Penis rather than Viagra.Am I correct. Thanks?

I was diagnosed with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism 8 years ago. I discontinued the meds because of adverse effects. what's the best med for it?

I've had Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD) from taking Citalopram for about two years now. Is there any medication available that would enhance dopamine signalling or did I fry my dopamine circuits beyond repair?

If i stop taking avodart (dutasteride) will my sexual dysfunction reverse?

If sexual dysfunction of ssri's is caused by serotonin, then why can atomoxetine cause it too?

Ihave impotence. I with normal hermonal, I take depakine chrono, lamotrigine. Does epilespy & his drugs cause ED ? Does lamotrigine not cause ED?

II have used a drug called Accutane, and after a period of stop use of the drug, decreased sexual drive and also erection, what is solution, please???

Im 20 treated with aga. I read about the side effects of dutasteride and monoxidil. Do they cause impotence even after discontinuing meds?

Impotence caused by famotidine is permanent or reversible after discontiue famotidine?

Is amisulpride induced infertility reversible after discontinuation of the drug? Also, do the prolactin levels return to normal after discontinuation?