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Are expired medications efgective?

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I can't take trichotillomania medication orap (pimozide) in combination with my other meds. Any ideas for a substitution? It was the only 1 that worked for me.

I have always had asthma and take medications to manage my condition. What can I do to reduce my dependence on medication?

I have bad morning sickness and doctor prescribe me phenegran.Some day this medicine work and some day not.ANY other medication.

I have eczema with RA.I am not on any medication.Can you prescribed me something?

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Medication for osteoperosis?

Medications for ectopic?

My husband has hemorrhoids & the doctors prescribed medications for him. Metronidazole is among the medications, why is he prescribing an antiprozoal?

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One doctor told me there are some medication to decrease anxiety.What's the medication?Please explain this.And any kind of medecine?Please tell.

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