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13wks preg...been taking unisom&B6. Now it seems like I don't get sick until after I take it. Could it be causing nausea if I don't need it anymore?

1st prenatal vitamins made feel extremely sick, the doctor prescribed me to another kind which is chewable and i still feel sick. What should I do?

6 weeks pregnant-prenatal vitamins make me vomit. Tried on full or empty stomach- no difference. Should i try and take another one after throwing it up?

7wkz pregnant but whenever I take forlic acid I feel sickish after a while and neausea alot but when I dnt take it am better should I stop taking?

A doctor told me 2 years ago. I used to take ibuprofen without eating because I get bad cramps. I don't remember how he diagnosed me, but it wasn't intrusive. I think he just told me to try Prilosec and if it worked, great. All he told me about it was tha

After taking my 5mg of adderal in the mornings my hands go cold! is this bad?

Allergies make me feel like i could pass out. What is a good medication to take?

Allergy symptoms coming and going; should I take meds only on bad days?

Always feels like there's water in r ear (no pain). Helps if i take sudafed & allergy pills; never goes away 100%. Why would that be? Should i worry?

Antibiotics are making me sick what should I take for some relief or what should I do stop taking them. Please help?

Any miracle cure to feel better from a cold in 24 hours?

Anything otc I can take to help my stomach while coming off morphine? 1 more day to take it then I'm done but I assume symptoms will persist a bit yet

Are anxiety/depression normal after a stomach bug/ flu? if so, how long before it goes away? i take medicine and was doing fine until the sickness hit

Are there any OTC meds I can take that will stop the smell of bad urine? Maybe cleanse?

Are you supposed to go to the doctor everytime you get a regular flu? Is it wrong to take some over-the-counter meds without my doctor's advice?

At the ER they gave me dilaudid. 5 hours later i'm vomiting like crazy along with diarrhea. Does dilaudid do this? How long does it take to wear off?

Been takin doxycycline for episidymitis for 4 days now and every time I have a tablet I feel sick and generally just don't feel great from it ?

Been taking Tamiflu for 4 days, feel nauseous after taking it. Tried with and without food. What'll happen if I don't finish treatment?

Best time to take Prilosec ? my doc said at night. But she didn't say the time before or after dinner? N how long you have to wait after you ate?

But when I take showers in the morning I get a headache after i'm finished. Why does that happen?

Can i take something acid reflux and heat burn ihavent took my meds in 2 days i'm bad at rememebering to take them?

Can I take something with my oxycontin so that I don't feel like throwing up all the time?

Can i take Synthroid (thyroxine) first thing in morning, wait 30 min, take zantac, wait 30 min, eat then pray for no morning sickness? Anyone has a better timing?

Can it take over 6 months to get over mono? does it take that much time to get over the joint pains?

Can meds make you dizzy and fall? im on celebrex and the other day i fell for no reason, nothing to trip on, should i stop taking it and go on advil?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for me to feel better if it's lactose intolerance?

Can taking an alergy med make you feel dizy. And is only taking the med once in a while ok? Its zrtec and how long will it take for it to leave y syst

Can taking more antihistamines make the person less likely to vomit?

Can taking morphine for a long period of time make you sick?

Can taking to many laxatives on accident make you very sick?

Can there be any way to get rid of the pain without having to take pills?

Can to much antacids on a daily basis end up making me tired? I take several a day. One bottle a month.

Can wellbutrin (bupropion) 100 mg be crushed and taken because im having problens taking it whole or in pieces its gets stuck for hours and wont go down

Can you feel conception taking place in any way?

Can you get headaches from not taking enough levothyroxine ?

Can you get off taking escitalopram when you feel better without withdrawals? Or do you take it for life?

Can you have alcohol with amoxicillin500? My course ends tomorrow morning and feel much better and was wondering if I could drink tonight. Thanks

Can you over does from taking two benedryl. I have a bad rash and I normally just take one and scared. Nothing mixed with it or any alcohol.

Can you take codiene & cyclizine when drinking alcohol? I've been drinking all day and have a bad head and feel sick can I take these to make me better

Can you tell me if I have a gluten sensitivity how long gf will it take to feel better?

Can't get dr office to call back can I take Prilosec and my progesterone tablet?

Could there be a drug that makes an acholic sick if they take it?

Could you please maybe help me with a complaint. Whatever I eat, I get diarrhoea. Why and what can I do. I take immodium but it doesn't help at all?

Do antibiotics work better on an empty stomach? If I have no side effects, how long can I wait before eating? I want to get the most benefit from them

Do i need to take my cephalexin prescription until it's gone? It's making me very nauseous.

Do people get sick whilst taking antibiotics?

Doctors have told me I have iron deficiency. They gave me pills to take and i started to feel better. But now i'm getting more tired. Why is that?

Does anyone know, after i take ibuprofen i always get hot, it happens everytime i take it?

Doess that "high" feeling you get when you first start taking Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) go away? And when it does are you suppose to feel something when you take it?

Don't want narco I wanted to know if there's something better to use so I don't get so sleepy during the day?

Each morning before I take my synthroid I feel very bad and about 1 hr after taking it feel good. Why is that? Does it wear off by the morning?

Every time i take my sintherid .05mg i feel like i'm going to vomit, and not well for the whole day. I don't feel this when i don't take it. Help?

Every time i take Prilosec i feel like I have a uti. I get them a lot but i just notice this today, i didn't hurt until i took one. Can this be?

Feel better on estrogen. Why shouldnt I take it at 90?

Feeling bloated after taking antibiotics any thing I can get over counter?

Fighting adhd. All the pills i take make me tired and cause dried mouth. What can I do?

For the past couple of days I have been taking 500mg of ciprofloxacin twice a day and now i'm starting to get agiititated with people really easy?

Have a cold, sudafed isn't helping with symptoms. What is the next thing to try? Thanks!

Have heard you get sick while first taking fluoxetine. I'm too scared to take my meds. What am I supposed to do if I throw up the medicine if sick?

Haven't gone #2 in 4 days. What can I take or drink for fast relief?

Headache is worst ever and too scared to tell my boss. Should I take any tablets?

Hello i started taking fibersuppliments how long after will i start feeling better with bloat, contaspation thank u?

Hi Dr., I have bronchitis for 10 days now. Took antibiotics and prednisone my dr prescribed, but still feel tired and dry cough, esp at night. How long until I get full strength back? I have been planning to take a long flight next week ( in 6 days),

Hi had the flu virus a week ago and now I've got it again lost half a stone in a week what can I take to make me feel better?

Hi I think I do need some help because sometime I don't feel well and I take some medicine what doctor given me even not quicker I do who like see me?

Hi i wanted to ask u if I should take iron tablets i don't know if im anemic but can I take them anyway becouse i took them one and i felt good?

Hi I'm 26weeks pregnant. Feel really run down I think I may have or be getting flu. I also have asthma. What can I take for it? It effects my chest.

Hi, I have alway have a bloated tummy and sometimes constipated, is there any medication I can take to improve my issue? Thank you!

Hi, I am 7 weeks pregnant and have a lot of nausea. What can I take to feel better? Thanks in advance for the response

Hi, I have an exam at 9 am till afternoon and I have diarhea, what can I take tomorow morning to make sure that I have no problems during the exam ?

Hi, I have had a cold for a few days now and I've been taking tablets I was feeling better but this morning I woke up really I'll, I was coughing and ?

How can a dr. see a patient hurting so bad everyday for yrs. . i cry everyday an ache an off balance an sick. cant take meds they make me sicker why ?

How can I get my son to take his meds?

How can I get my ten month old to take her bottle?

How can I get rid of Dulcolax addiction? I'm taking since 2 years. Even if i take 20, it doesn't work. Please help?

How can I stop migranes?They happen every night when i start to get tired.They get so bad that i can't sleep when i try, unless i take sleeping pills.

How come at night when i take my serequel i can't see well when it starts to make me sleepy?

How come i get shaky when i combine claratin?

How do I get my son to take novacain?

How do I get rid of my diahrea. I have had it for two days, taking pepto but its not working. I feel awful! :(?

How do you get the nausea effect to go away when you take Norco's?

How long after i start taking amoxicillin for an ear ache should I feel better?

How long after starting proair & qvar shud i start to feel better and feel less short of breath?

How long after taking doxycline can I eat? I try to wait 1.5 hr and it makes me nauseated. Taking 100 mg bid 10 days for chest infection. Thank you

How long after taking medication for cervicitis should I feel better?

How long before i feel relief while taking omeprazole ? I take my second pill this morning and still hurts ..

How long do u take Zoloft (sertraline) for. I've been on it 1 month. I don't want to go all summer without a drink. Im on 0.50 mgs and feel better?

How long do you have to be on welbutrin for it to work? And will you feel better after you quit taking a round?

How long does a servere food allergy take to happen?

How long does it take for a UTI to get better? I've been on medication for 2 days now still in a lot of pain don't seem to be getting any better.

How long does it take for anxiety to get better? I've been in therapy for over a year and I am not feeling any better.

How long does it take for ibuprofen 800mg to start working, instantly? is it normal to feel relief right away?

How long does it take for mirtazapine to get out of system first in morning. It makes me really sick and headache and then i can't stop wanting to eat?

How long does it take for someone to get dehydrated. My sin won't drink anything. Its been today's now...

How long does it take to feel better after starting antibiotic for a UTI? I've taken 2 so far and don't feel better yet.

How long does it take to get aleve (naproxen) out of my system, i think the salt in it is causing edema. Im taking advil right now instead. stopped taking it sat?

How long does it take to get your appetite back after being sick with bronchitis?

How long does it take vertigo to go away and ways to make me feel better. I have an exam tomorrow!?

How long does the bad taste in my mouth continue after starting vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)? Is there a way to get rid of it quickly?

How long is albuterol supposed to last? It seems like every 4 hours or so after taking 2 puffs i start coughing again. Like clockwork.