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10 yr old daughter has ehlers-danlos, pots and dyautonomiaany suggestions on pain mgmt other than narcotic meds?

24/7 headache tried EVERYTHING even non med remidies prescription meds scan showed brain tumor but it was cortical dysplasia recommendations.

39/y male, hypogonadal 150 ng/dl. prescription 2mg androgel patches. Now have severe hand & feet swelling. Emergency? Remedy for instant relief?

42m had an ischemetric stroke 5 years ago and another 2 weeks ago. No cause. Has always taken his medicine and does his rehab. Could he have another?

58 yr. old-chronic, constant belching(since 2012). No apparent determinable digestive or other physical cause. Deemed Psychological. Rx'd Xanax (alprazolam). Other Treatment options? Nothing so far has worked.

A 42yr female,posted for TAH,received IV dopamine200mg accidentally in OT,but managed successfully.What are effects & management of dopamine toxicity?

A chiropractor diagnosed me with scoliosis which was obvious in X-ray. He prescribed adjustment and acupuncture 3 times/week for 1 mo. Is this right?

After a quad bypass and numerous meds my cardiologist never put me on coq10. My body aches .I don't have medical insurance. Should I take it?

After coping with fibromyalgia for years, the pain level has gotten to be difficult to live with. Would like treatment options. ?

After six years of painful mtss i'm thinking about having shockwave therapy. Is this a good way to treat mtss?

Age 44, experiencing perimen. Misery & looking for symptom relief. Didn't tolerate low dose bcp (migraines/ bp) in 20s. Any other options?

Although impossible to say. If my pain has no identifiable cause, should it one day go away ? I'm using a multi approach. Meds, meditation, massage.

Anxiety regarding going under the knife. Heart surgery sched. at the end of this month. What kind of mental therapy is avail. in a hospital?

Any dr.'s in my area that use methadone in tx of chronic pain.My options for prescription limited by gastric bypass & min. Help by oct/ other narcotic rx?

Are doctors ok w/patients asking for a different med? Or is that a no-no? I'd like a different heart rate med; anything but the one i'm on now :(

Are loop duiretics directly tied to tinnitus? What are my options with diuretics since i already have the t. Diagnosis?

Are physiatrists the only doctors who do trigger point injections (i live in pa)?

Are there any effect from the compined therapy thats include indometacin 25mg *2 pc. And diclofenac 50mg *3 pc.

Are there any studies re efficacy of Accupuncture for chronic osteo arthritic pain? A local acupuncturist graduated from Shandong medical university

Are there drugs that vascular eds patients should avoid? What is the best pain reliever for kids?

Asking for general knowledge: can chronic pain that doesn't respond well to conservative tx result in increased blood pressure? TY

Ate there any other alternatives to epidural during labor. .I have a fear of needles but that one especially. ..

Because of a screw up between my neuro and my pharmacy, i'll be off tecfidera for four days. it's my 2nd month on it, will this cause any problems?

Besides surgery is there any other way to manage bunion pain that is an easy 7 or 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.?

Can a patient moderately drink brandy (alcohol) who has gone through radio therapy due to plasmacytoma in the lower vertebra L3 ?

Can a respiratory therapist start ivs or give any sort of injection?

Can a tranquilliser be administered ahead of a lumbar puncture to reduce anxiety and keep a patient still?

Can low dose naltrexone help in fibromyalgia? My pain specialist can arrange it through a pharma company. She has had positive results in a clinical trial for diabetic neuropathy.

Can mirena (levonorgestrel) be used to treat menorrhagia in patient with history of DVT? Provided that no pathology found and patient didn't respond to nin hormonal R/

Can someone help please? My uncle is an outpatient in methadone treatment. But acting very hyper and running around a lot. Is this normal?

Can the few people who have white coat syndrome (hbp) in a medical office be given an epidural injection for back pain at the doctors?

Can u guys prescribe oxycodone if patient has history of chronic pain and a recent Mri?

Can you give me a recommendation for treating gout of the shoulder? My grandma is 98 years old and in otherwise great condition but this is sopainful.

Can you use an empi select pain control system while on lithium. :) just curious. Cause pain n nerve stimulation while on nervousness meds lithium :?

Cancer: If a person is still independent and needs pain medication, what can that person take when there is strong nausea after trying various Rx's?

CERVICAL VERTIGO & tinnitus. Began since chiropractor treatment with impulse instrument. What treatment to make it stop Ice/Aleve/Further adjustment?

Chronic foot pain. Have an implanted neurostim and opana not working . Would amputation be helpful. I am pretty much bed bound. 45 and i was active.

Computer work causing muscle inflammation. Physical therapy & Naproxen just ordered. Considering stopping all supplements. Thoughts?

Constant mild headache 7 mos. In the temples. Mri normal. Medications & physical therapy ineffective.

Constant shoulder dislocation e.R. Dr think i'm drug seeking what do I do?

CPAP required or recommended with AHI of 5 + 19 "other events" per hour? Getting treatment for TMJ & allergies.

CRPS from foot ORIF- dr says mild, suggests nerve blocks, ketamine infusion, scs- useful? Also high BP (from CRPS?)- will treating pain help this?

CRPS in left foot- on various meds, unable to exercise, weight gain horrible. SCS a good option? Be able to come off all meds eventually with SCS?

CRPS L foot- physio, meds, some relief but side effects. PM dr- scs. Nervous, seems drastic, life-changing. Good idea? Trial first? (CRPS mild?)

CRPS L foot. PM dr mentioned spinal column stimulator to ease pain. My CRPS is mild- mod, and controlled in part by meds. Is SCS good option?

CRPS- L foot, mild-mod., many treatments, pain being managed meds, GMI, ADO leg brace. Pain spec. says scs- trial first Is this necessary, useful?

CRPS- L foot. On meds, physio- working in part, PM dr- spinal cord stimulation might work. Mild CRPS, but meds side effects horrible. SCS- good idea?

Daily headaches 11+yrs.Tried many meds & drs(pt ENT nuero eye)considering botox. I don't want to be on medications forever, trial&error is frustrating?

Daughter is "guarding" her jaw due to earlier dislocation. Surgery, Botox already tried. Cognitive behavioral therapy next? Any ideas appreciated!

Dentist said i can't be sick w/i 2wks of surgery. Does that include colds? Having IV conscious session.

Diagnosed pars defect @ l5. Persistent pain. Current CNA is this a bad job position. What are my options for treatment.

Do all patients with crps experience allodynia? I have a mild case, i don't have a difficult time wearing long pants. I've been desensitizing my leg.

Do doc use medicine to treat pt in physical medicine n rehabilitation? Or only machine n exercise help pt?

Do doctors ever consider the negative effects of constant media coverage of med issues like concussions? Is the coverage sensational and damaging?

Do pars defects get worse over time? Left L5 pars defect. Pain since march 2014. OTC meds taken daily. Surgery options? Conservative options failed.

Does anyone know if acupuncture is a good idea for treatment of rsd/crps ? I would really like to come off these meds.

Does cannabis effectively lower the eye pressure and help manage glaucoma symptoms? I am not considering using it, just want to know if it is an option for me, as I have been struggling with the disease for more than seven years.

Does long-standing Hyperadrenergic state require long-term treatment,or can it be a short fix with med like Labetalol to get system back into balance?

Does verapamil has any effect on how long the progress from biofeedback treatment for constant headaches last? Or anyone with experience of the 2?

Doing hepc therapy & suffering bad muscle, joint and teeth pain.Online i saw methadone is chosen from percocet, etc bc liver, should I ask my dr 4 this?

Dr. William lizarraga: what happens if the pain that a patient feels it too strong and acetamiophen cannot controll it? What to do in such a case?

Eligible for disability? Worked typing for over nine years. Lost job last september along with ins. Can't afford ins. Now having medical problems. Bursitis in shoulders. Psoriasis since age 12 and now suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Day to day activit

Esld in constant pain. Are there any prescription meds i can take without having to involve hospice? I am not a candidate for the transp list curently

Failed tykocin therapy for afib ablation not an option due ivc filter amiodarone only other drug option offered side effect? Any other options

Father has MS has severe trigeminal neuralgia to the point of not being able to eat. His neurologist has him on med00s not working ideas/places?

Female 21 history of sever migrains sence 4th grade intence migrains with neck pain looking to try any holistic options no meds have worked thus far?

Fibromyalgia . Ruptur c-3 , knee replace 6wk infection &mistake during surgery cronic pain , sleep apnea none of the fibro meds work except cymbalta (duloxetine) 25%no one will persc opioids nonfuntioning suggesti?

Fibromyalgia and also disc issues. Can't PT and exercise help manage pain? Dr. immediately prescribed multiple meds, i don't want to be drugged up!

For dr's that treat ms. Planning a very stressful trip, would it be good to proactively ask for IV steroids to help halt any issues?

For the past 2 years I have been sweating excessively out of my armpits and even use of clinical strength anti prespirant doesn't help, options?

For what length of time do I give my medicine to work before deciding they aren't working right?

Government job but need pain medication due to disability. What can I take?

Growing up i had many ortho surgeries, i was prescribed potent painkillers over a 10 yr span.Can the use during that time cause learning disabilities?

Had med help for minor dysphagia - vita/stim therapy where electro 'shock' helps encourage stronger swallow. Will prob ever go away? still gets stuck

Has anyone ever heard of a vagal nerve stimulator for treatment resistant depression?

Have 2neurostimulators possible removal and place morphine pump for reduced med intake your thoughts please.

Have numbing in both big toes? I have aml does this have anything to do with it or the meds i take, not on chemo.

Have persistent cervicogenic headaches. Dx with bone spurs c2-c5. Wearing neck brace for 2-3 hrs/day for relief. Is this ok? Prefer to avoid meds.

Have tried all conservative med to get rid of my coccyx pain ( coccydinya).. Injections, lyrics, anti depressant ..any new med before considering oper?

Having lightheartedness and feel surroundings are moving.Did not take any new medication escept for dental work (nerve removal with additional medicin?

Having trial phase of sacral nerve stimulation for bladder, 50% symptoms improved.Am i perfect for permanent implant? Will improvement last forever?

Heard that therapy needs to start immediately when stable after a stroke. Why? What if therapists don't come for 2-5 days despite being ordered?

Hello i am asking for a family member. Is there any treatment for bronchial radial prititus besides ice packs? thank you.

Hello, it seems pain Drs. treat every patient as if everybody responds well with small doses of pain medicine, are there Docs. that specialize in patients that have higher tolerances than what's considered a normal high tolerance? or do they just get lab

Hemerhoids prior to colonoscopy. Procedure aggrivated them. Known management techniques not helpful. What are good and bad ideas to help manage?

Hey doctors I am medical student and I am wondering about options of managment of disc herniation & if there is radio freq. On managment list?

Hi, I have been prescribed pregabalin for my scoliosis pain Usually I receive LYRICA from the chemists But today, my fault for going to a different c?

Hi, i'm MTF trans and have been on HRT for 6 months, i developed tension on my shoulders and it won't go away even after massage, side effect of meds?

How can I cure cronic nerve damage in my neck c5-6 and c6-7. Have had 2 tacit blocks but it keeps returning.

How can i get med records from [email protected],Dr jailed 4 fraud,yrs ofchronic pain havin hard×gettin a dr now most days im n bed not drug seeker,seekin relief?

How can pts hand a bad copy of exercises to a 90 year old and expect her to do them without supervision after pt prescription ends?

How does deep sedation stop refractory vomiting that's resistant to antiemetic therapy?

How does high power class IV laser therapy help pinched nerves exactly?

How effective is IV Lidocaine for intractable migraine? Ive read some promising studies... any experience?

How effective is pain scrambler?is it popular therapy? Calmare therapy is same? Would it work for chr neck pain? Good option before considering op?

How long is too long to get medical treatment if I have neurological effects from tos n 2 cerv ribs nodr has ben able to direct me prop i take no rx's

How might i go about finding an anger management class in my area?

How often is Stellate Ganglion Block effective for Intractable Angina? Lots of material online says its used for this condition, wondering Doc's take!

How often should I use a iontophotesis system for palmar hyperhidrosis starting out for what I consider severe?

How successful is sarcal nerve stimulation in treating fowlers syndrome?& are there any big risks before I accept sns (19yrs old & complete retention)