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Any evidence that taking Bisoprolol 2.5mg for Nocturnal Sinus Tachycardia taken long term,on Cardiologist advice, can cause future health problems?

Episode of Sinus Tachycardia yesterday so took one off1x 2.5mg of Bisopralol and worked can i stop or should i take half to taper ?GP Cardio hol's

I get heart palpitations and My eyes roll whenever I take a Valium. Is this a reaction to Valium after some years of irregular use.

taken ssri's for 10 yrs-since stent placement Cymbalta-viibryd-Lexapro seem to cause breathing issuess-is this possible? Heart test and pulmonary ok

16 mths after MitralValveRepair bisoprolol 1.25mg when not on Betablockers suggestion of SVT in past 40yrs 2 times a yr last 5mins, ok to stop Beta?

2 days ago swapped 5mg bisoprolol to propranolol 80mg slow release .5 months ago mitral repair, palpitations only at night bloated wind , this normal?

2 days ago swapped 5mg bisoprolol to propranolol 80mg slow release .5 months ago mitral repair, palpitations only at night bloated wind , this normal?

27 yr old here have costochondritis after preganncy. Echocardiagram was normal so I know it's not heart related . How long will this take to go away?

29 F. SVT&PVC since Dec. 2014. I take metoprolol 25mg/day. Dr. Wants to put me on wellbutrin (bupropion) 2 a day 150mg for smoking cessation. Interactions?

44-yr old female. Tachycardia since 19. Several docs over yrs. Ekg, holter say normal. Episodes used to last a few min, now up to 10 hrs. Taking Zoloft (sertraline) and macrobid. B12 shots help. What now?

45 minutes after taking 1 10mg propranolol i had a racing heart and dizzyness then about 1 hour after i was fine what could of happened?

48 yo female my heart has been fluttering for two days now all day long.I take lysinapril for HBP which is under control.

51 year old female on 10 mg inderal (propranolol) for skipped dr is taking me off of it cold turkey is that ok.

61 y female known cad.tachycardia all day 100-118 per minute with palpitations have appt with doc Tuesday is this soon enough?

7 months post large pericardial effusion. Weaned offcolchine. Takingverapimel to control tachycardia palpitations. What can cause palp to start again?

A few times per week my heart randomly beats very fast, up to 138bpm. Usually at rest. Lasts 10 to 30 min. No anxiety. Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) birth control only med.

Afraid to take a beta blocker med - I am concern about side effects 25 mgs of metoprolol ER for hrt race. HR up/down 2day, hrt r been ok till 2day. ?

After 19hrs of taking 1st pill of metoprolol 25mg for palpitations i'm still getting them, is this normal? How long b4 i feel none?

After an episode of AF stopped by cardioversion, she has been given diltiazem. Will it stop further episodes of AF? Is it safe to take with irbesartan

Always aware of heart beat, have panic attacks and anxious, scared to take pills due to side effects. Had ecgs, echos etc. Asthma so can't take beta-b'?

Anxiety attack at work went to ER asked for a beta blocker for perf anxiety given lorazapam instead not sure why, gave me bad side effects. Took 2 mgs?

Are heart palpitations a side effect when taking famotidine? Should I contact my dr. I do have MVP could be that or could it be famotidine? :(

Are there any dangers of taking both Xanax and adderall together. I'm mainly concerned about if it could cause heart issues or a heart attack ?

Atenolol 12.5mg/day as needed for anxiety. Usual workout gives max hr at 150, after atenolol 140. Is it strange/harmful, as it is the same effort?Thx

Atrial fibrilation i wanna now everything I have 29 and i.Suffer from.This disease since i was 21 i take propafena 2 times per day ?

Bad case of thrush.Im on crestor 5 mg dulera (formoterol and mometasone) and celexa 20mg. Md wants to add diflucan. Cardiac risk too high? I have normal ecg. Nistatin taking too long to work. I don't want arrhythmia. Pls advise

Bad side effects on atenolol been on it two months 12.Mg. Can i just stop taking it? Dizzy, heart palps, insomnia, digestion issues. For tachycardia.

Been cutting in half 25 mg of Atenolol and taking it. Do I take it if BP gets to normal?? Read on here it can cause serious heart issues if I do

Been on cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500mg 2 times a day for the last 3 days for bacteria. Drank a cofee 3 hours ago now heart at 120bpm. Can i take a propranolol to calm it?

Been on propranolol 10mg day for a few years for tachycardia and anxiety. If I'm late taking it I get short if breath and my heart pounds hard Normal?

Been taking beta blocker for 2 months and it worked but now my hr is a little faster. Am i just used to the medicine now? Or is this concerning?

Been taking magnesium daily and it kept my palpitations at bay. I skipped the last three days of magnesium and I've had a lot of palpitations. Normal?

Being tapered off xanex after 23yrs due to drug war on streets. Down to .05mg started having anxiety attacks heart races fast. What do i do, scared.

Benign pvcs are acting up today. Usually a glass of wine will settle them down. Have Toprol (metoprolol) that I've never taken before. Which to take? Won't mix

Beta blockers. Do they help w/ anxiety instead of Xanax (alprazolam) or ssri? I have LBBB and ef at 45-50%. Getting plenty of panic with my fatigue, heart fine

Bisoprolol At PM for Nocturnal Sinus Tachycardia maybe giving too low BP on waking AM so would Propranolol help more with anxiety and ectopic and NSVT?

Can a low dose of daily atenolol 25mg help with annoying benign PVCS?Any harming long term effect of atenolol?

Can a reaction to inderal (propranolol) cause lupus like syptoms?

Can a reaction to mobic cause sinus tachycardia? What why's can sinus tachycardia be helped without taking meds?

Can adderoll be prescribed for fatigue from autoimmune illness and is it safe to take with irregular heart beat?

Can alcohol and cocaine use from couple days ago give you anxiety and one episode of a heart palpitations ps.Might already had anxiety from past

Can atenolol cause PVCS?I had PVC'S since day one of my daily 25mg treatment.

Can atenolol hurt your heart or cause permanent damage over time?Intake 100mg split dose daily for tachycardia caused by stress/anxiety.

Can being on your period causes heart rate 2 race on a 38yr old and shes also taking methodone?

Can beta blockers cause my heart too stop while i'm sleeping bc it gets really low from sleeping.

Can Bisopralol 2.5mg be taken in the evening rather than morning if your diagnosed with Norcturnal Sinus Tachycardia?

Can Bisoprolol work as pill in pocket for nocturnal sinus tachycardia get it once a mth so to avoid long term betablockers with risk of diabetes?

Can clonazepam cause PVCS?My PVCS stopped soon after being off of it. Why is this?

Can Cymbalta (duloxetine) cause permanent alteration of heart rate? Took 60mg twice 1.5 m ago for anxiety, discont'ed due to palpitations, still have palpitations

Can hydroxyzine cause heart problems ? Had racy heart the past few days , taking upto 150mg. On 5mg lexapro (escitalopram). Have no history of heart problems.

Can i stop nadolol 10mg bid abruptly i believe its causing my sob but drwont listen and tells me to continue i take it for high hr chest xray/ct clean?

Can i take 10 mg propranolol per day , im 7th week pregnant? I take it because of tremors and tachycardia it is very difficult to exist without it.

Can I take 500mg aspirin for sunburn while taking 25mg metoprolol er. Im otherwise a healthy individual, just taking metoprolol for PVC's and PAC'?

Can I take a b12 shot with irregular heart beat ? Can my pcp prescribe it or rhumathologist ?

Can I take another beta blocker? I took 200mg but my heart rate is 120 not a good feeling call Dr and said I have to talk to my dr

Can I take B12 with plaquniel? Also can B12 cause or effect irregular heart beat? Or be taken with sjogrens and lupus.

Can I take clarithomycn if I have a heart murmur? Thanks in advance.

Can i take regular 24 hr zyrtec (cetirizine) for my allergies? Does it cause and cardiac effect? Is it safe for heart patients?

Can I take zyprexa 2.5 mg if I have PVCs(heart) and polycythemia-vera?

Can ibuprofen or gabapentin make my heart race? Taking both and figure it's got to be one of them.

Can Macrobid cause breathing problems i'm sscared to take it?

Can metoprolol taken daily reduce anxiety? Cardiologist said this was possible.

Can my dad take melatonin plus l-theanine with his a-fib heart condition?

Can nizatidine oral solution be giving me heart flutters?

Can nsaids cause tachycardia? If so will the tschycardia go away when u stop the nsaids?

Can one use steroids with wpw? I have wpw( asympt) but I do bodybuilding. Will a cycle of test propionate hurt? Can it cause arrhytmia?

Can propafenone be used in young patients to suppress disturbing pvcs when metoprolol and verapamil don't work as expected?

Can Sertraline cause heart palpatations or lots of flutters? My doctor increased the dose from 25mg to 50mg and ever since its been like this

Can stress and anxiety cause bouts of tachycardia lasting hours? Went to ER only finding sinus tach that went away after taking Ativan (lorazepam) and saline drip

Can using tegretol with cardizem cd cause breathing problems?

Can you also get heart palpitations once you stop taking ibuprofen?

Can you go into cardiac arrest if you take too many diet pills?

Can you still have episodes of arrhythmias whilst taking bisoprolol?

Can you take buspirone and baby aspirin atty the same time if you have a fib with a resting hr of 54?

Can you take fkexeril if youve recently had a heart attack?

Can you take Zithromax while on 40 mg of Celexa (citalopram)? I have a pacemaker for intermittent heart block.

Can you tell me about antibiotics prescribed by hospital making my heart race?

Can't tolerate amiodarone / multaq for AFib. Unbearable side effects. Been in rhythm with chemical cardioversion. Alternatives? ? My doc say no.

Cardiologist in UK prescribed Bisoprolol 2.5mg for Nocturnal Sinus Tachycardia which works although in the US normally another Betablocker is used ?

Cardiologist said happy for me to leave his care now But as I sometimes have nocturnal tachycardia says I should keep taking Betablockers Why so?

Cardiologist said my skip beats are caused by nervous system imbalance and prescribed propranolol 10 to ease symptoms, but said I should see neuro?

Cardiologist's explained i don't need to taper off of Bisoprolol 2.5mg taken over a few months for Sinus Tachycardia and i can just stop .Agree?

Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and mirapex can I take them together it feels like my heart is beating too fast and i can't catch my breath. Also on prednisone?

Ciprofloxacin given for SIBO. 1 hr after 1st pill, had racing heart rate (135 when sitting) for few min & anxiety. Doc says to continue. Do you agree?

Clarithromycin, can I take it if I have permanent atrial fibrillation?Thanks

Confused on what to do? I have no more symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Seen a cardiologist gave me lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) now going to see endor. All symptoms stop?

Coreg 25 mg a day/ can I take adderal one half 15 mg tablet, had these left over from before hospitalization for heart failure due to alcoholism?

Could chelated magnesium be used for tachycardia as an alternate to atenolol? And how much per day? Heart is fine due to benzodiazepine withdrawl.

Could i get a heart attack from taking unisom to much?

Could I have another pe while taking xarelto since the first pe diagnosis almost 2 months ago? Difficulty breathing now and palpitations.

Could propranolol cause tachycardia? Purpose to treat a tremor & less than a week after, my HR constantly spiked. No longer taking. Ongoing for a year

Could taking magnesium stop my paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia?

Currently taking Atenolol 25mg at 7pm every evening for fast heart rate(never found reason). Have heard it's not good long term. Other options?

Diagnosed with POTS last Nov. Today, I had a seizure (first time), was given aspirin by EMTs (still not sure why) had VT. Is this normal with POTS?

Do antibiotics and heart meds cause long qt syndrome?

Do I need to get a catheter eblation for my afib instead of taking drugs like amiodarone?

Do pac lead to atrial fibrilation? I am taking metropolol 25mg once a day and i still have a dozen or more irrecgular heart beats. Also, the directions for this med say to take at dinner (with a meal). The doctor says that is not necessary. Take it b

Do sinus/allergy pills affect heart rate? After taking Claritin (loratadine) d my heart seems to be going crazy! just going from sitting to standing doubles my hr.

Doc gave me beta blockers but I don't wanna take em, the tachycardia is annoying, I get them when I sit, lay down or take a deep breath. What to do?

Doc prescribed vincamine (oxybral) for sinusitis and it shouldn't be used for people having arrhythmia or potasium defiency, I have skipped beats don't know if potasium should I take it and take Mvit?