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22, male: Good health: What is the best multivitamin and what is a good food supplement I can buy from CVS ?

A product sold as "protamin" is sold as an anti aging supplement. Any comment on this?

Any thoughts on using inositol in psychiatry and can you explain what exactly it is..Can be bought in some vitamin stores?

Any Ubiquinol brands which I can consider taking with profit? ConsumerLab report there is more filling but not much Ubiquinol in some brands! HELP!

Are centrum multivitamins good? Do they get absorbed by the body? What is the best multivitamin brand? Recomendations please

Are GNC ripped vitamins safe?

Are multi-vitamins as good as getting usual/needed nutrients from food? I take centrum advantage/pharmacy brand depending on cost.

Are over-the-counter vita d supplements as effective as prescription grade vita d2 50000units?

Are prescription based prenatal vitamins better formulated than OTC vitamins? Do they cause less nausea? Any advantages compared to otc?

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Are there any vitamins i can purchase that can help with anti-flammatory?

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B12 is good supplement but the other ingredients in it matter. What popular B12 brand sup that you use or recommend?

Can we trust that vitamins sold in stores are healthy? They are not evaluated by fda.

Can any doc tell me what's the best company to buy essential oils from?

Can fixodent powder have zinc in it?

Can I buy zinc supplements to treat my acne even if I do not have a zinc deficiency? I'm thinking about buying Nature Made's 30mg zinc tablets.

Can i take central market brand b complex while pregnant? And what are the benefits?

Can I take vitafusion brand prenatal, and nature made brand vitamin c and spring valley brand biotin together everyday?

Can I use ZMA with nugenix? Thanx

Can someone tell me if prescription vitamin d2 safe?

Can u suggest me a few brands that provide 5000IU vitamin D tablets plz?

Can use amway capsule in everyday?

Can you recommend a good omega 3 brand supplement & amount with safer inactive ingredients that you or your patients uses. Thanks.

Can you tell me any good quality efficient iron supplements available in the uk?

Can you tell me are all swanson supplement like spirulina and chlorella suitable for children over 10?

Can you tell me are organic multivitamins safer than other kinds?

Can you tell me some good quality efficient iron supplements available in the uk?

Can you tell me what age i need to be to buy vitamins and i shop in the uk?

Considering purchasing the Biotin strength:10,000mcg 100capsules by Natrol through Amazon. Advice please? Do uknow better company for vitamin pills

Could you please tell me where is the best place to buy prenatal vitamins?

Could you tell me what are good supplements for depression i can buy from gnc?

Could you tell me what are good websites to buy vitamins from?

D3 is good supplement but the other ingredients in it matter. I have been using nature made. What popular D3 brand sup that you use or recommend?

Dear drs: supplements are good but often they come with added ingredients. Which best D3 supplement brand you use or do recommend to your patients.

Dear sir, Does herbal multivitamin exist, if you know tell me the brand name?

DHA is now a standard supplement in infant formula and prenatal vitamins. Does research support the use of this compound in such products?

Do any multivitamins that contain dehydroepiandrosterone (dhea)?

Do chewable gummy multivitamins get properly absorbed as much as regular USP verified tablet multivitamins?

Do i need to be of a certain age to purchase multivitamins/ health supplements?

Do kirkland multivitamins expire?

Do you have any recommendations for a brand of probiotics i can buy? My baby is 10 weeks (8 weeks adjusted).

Do you know which multivitamin brand should I get?

Docs, what's a good brand of multivitamin?

Doctor recommended i supplement my diet with OTC B12 and vitamin d (bloodwork showed deficiency)but i don't know what brands to trust-any suggestions?

Does centrum expire?

Does centrum really provide the vitamins etc it claims...

Does equate estroblend work?

Does Puritan's Pride have certificates of analysis for their vitamins & minerals?

Does Rainbow life one vitamin for men contain GMO? Is it safe?

Does thorne basic prenatal contain any synthetic materials?

Dr recommends 1000 iu of vit. D a day. What should I look for in buying a supplement?

Fish allergy looking for a reliable source of Omega-3 and/or a safe brand to take. Afraid to a reaction to an unreliable brand.

Hello doc.. Just asking about the benefit of those vitamin C capsule sale at the pharmacy..

Help please? What is a good brand of multivitamin?

Help! could supplements make you sterile?

Help! need to know if there's anything in the store that can top nutrilites multi vitamins and minerals for a better price?

Hi, should green shake powders that you may find in gnc, replace your multivitamin? Or is it fine to have both?

How do I know which vitamin supplements are absorbed better than others on the market?

How i find spirulina powder?

How much does a pro bodybuilder spend weekly on groceries and supplements?

How to choose a good omega-3 supplement? What should I pay attention on?

How to chose a suitable multivitamin for 2 year old?

I accidentally bought a Centrum Silver Men50+. I am a 43 yr.old male and i'd like to know if taking these capsules of centrum is okay?

I am 19 years old and thinking about taking a multivitamin. What is the best on the market?

I bought the centrum with lutein multivitamins. I'm 20 years old, is it safe to take them since I've read lutein is mainly for older people.

I bought vitamins: calcium, iron, & garlic. Is it ok if i drink them once a day being that i bought them individually instead of the multivitamin?

I can't afford a vast array of foods. If i could only buy one dietary supplement or vitamin, what to buy?

I have a walmart brand natural supplement for metabolism support that just expired 06/2013. Is it safe to take?

I have vitamin C dietary supplements. How many can I take? They are 500 mg each. It's the "nature made" brand.

I need to replenish supplements & want to make sure i'm getting the best formulations. How do I know where to buy most effective/absorbable brands?

I wanna start multivitamins. Which is better Nutrilite by Amway or GNC Mega Men?

I want to take Centrum Silver multivitamins. The ingredients on the box say it has acacia in in. I have allergies to the acacia tree. Is it the same?

I want to take multivitamins. I want to take natural multivitamins. What should I see on labels to make sure they are natural or if they are synthetic?

I'm having a hard time choosing the brand of multivitamins. Does off brand and brand matter?

If i'm under age of 18, can I take optimum nutrition opti-men multivitamins?

If silica is sand then why is it in my multivitamin?

Is "Biotech Pharmacal" a good brand for vitamin D supplementation ?

Is amway brand calcium and protein suppliments better than other allopethic brands?

Is amway nutrilite daily multivitamin and multi monaural tablet is good for health?

Is isotonix a reliable brand for supplements?

Is it helpful if i used cheap bi-mart vitamin b-12?

Is it possible that to buy vitamin and mineral supplements at walmart?

Is it worth taking a muiltivitamin? Do the vitamins actually get absorbed by the body?? If so, please recommend a high quality, trusted brand/company.

Is marnys junior multivitamin royal jelly syrup ok for children 3-4 years age group as a supplement?

Is nature's bounty multi vitamins safe to use?

Is the multivitamin product good?I want not exceed too much fro rda. Http://www.Twinlab.Com/product/daily-one-caps%e2%84%a2-without-iron-0

Is the nutritional supplement Ultra Potent-C®, made by Metagenics, bioequivalent to vitamin C from food sources?

Is there a particular brand of multivitamin that is considered to be blessed by physicians?

Is there a real difference between name brand vitamins/supplements vs. Cheaper ones?

Is there a website where I can check what supplements I should take?

Is vitamin water worth buying?

Is walgreens or whole foods the best brand of vitamin E supplement?

Might vitamins supplements be safe in usa or is it better europe made ?

My Dr wants me on a good vitimen I bought the alive vitimen.the vitimen b12 is 100 that to high.

My eight year old just took about 8 gummy vitamins. Should I be concerned? It was CVS brand Gummy Dinos

My glucosamine supplement runs $50 monthly. can I buy human supplements to substitute?