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I try to avoid toxic drugs and treatments. What can I try before I go for traditional medical care for nasal trauma?

I want to try acupuncture to treat my endocarditis. Is this wise?

I was on the internet and i came across the natural remedy amoryn.Is this something you would prescribe to treat depression?

I went to a physician today who uses bio identical hormones and vitamins as treatment, anti aging of the internal body and preventative for most illnesses. What are your views on this?

I would like to try biofeedback for incontinence - does anyone have a product recommendation?

I'd like to know if they really find cure for aids?

I'm 27 and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Is there a natural cure like if I lost weight, if not what's the best medication you suggest?

I'm forty five and female, haven't had treatment or meds for multiple mental diorders in a year and half, can I use Health tap as proof of treatment?

I'm just wondering, if you went to a osteopath would they use herbal medicines as part of their treatment?

I've had 4 boils in the past three months. My doctor is prescribing me a homeopathic treatment to detoxify my body. What else can I do to solve this?

I've heard that vitamin C might be an alternative cancer treatment. What can you tell me about it?

I’m interested in finding a good dentist that is familiar and has used the 3M-MIX MP LSRT Therapy, also Cipro, (ciprofloxacin) Metro, Nano in syringe form.

If you needed a doctor to advocate for you; how would s/he do so? And what's the best way to approach a topic like this?

Im a cancer patient and also hepatitis b.Can I use infrared heat therapy.?

Im trying to find a systemic enzyme supplement that comes highly recommended by a medical professional. Can you give me the name of one?

In terms of Chemistry, Method of Action, etc, what's ingenious about Proactiv that would make it work when Accutane fails? Or is just marketing BS?

In the management of snake bite after first aid what antivenom can be used generally in most cases, dose and route?

Interested in natural treatments for psoriasis, insomnia and chronic lower back pain. What are some natural methods of healing/treating psoriasis?

Is Auricularia auricula-judae completaly safe for human? Can it be used 2g per day for many years( through supllements) without any damage on health?

Is acupuncture a reliable form of treatment for parkinson's?

Is advanced allergy therapeutics a scam?

Is cod liver oil used to treat mild arthritis, safe to use despite recent stories of pollutants?

Is cupping massage a good alternative treatments for blood pressure ? is it safe and healthy ?

Is cupping therapy safe and beneficial? How long to recover? Thanks

Is electric potential therapy (also known as electrostatic therapy) an old form of snake oil sham?

Is glucosamine sulphate used in treatment of enlarged prostate?

Is it ethical to give someone drugs to try to "cure" down syndrome?

Is it good to treat warts? Will it effect our health?

Is it possible that ashwagandha be used in treating wounds and injuries ?

Is it possible to combine loperamid and diosmectite in treatment of diarrhea? Thanks

Is it possible to cure a drug addiction (not mine) without the help of a professional. Like any vitamins or natural B6 supplements?

Is it possible to cure color blindness in homeopathy or another medical science?

Is it possible to use acupunture for treating diabetes?

Is it safe for an adult use ketogenic diet for treating epilepsy?

Is it safe to change to homeopathic treatment?

Is it safe to have chelation therapy on a regular basis?

Is it safe to use a prostate massager to treat prostatitis? If so what are your recommendations?

Is it true that herbal treatment can replace traditional drugs for heart failure?

Is it true that plant based diets cure cardiovascular risk factors and drugs just treat symptoms?

Is it useful to visit an infrared sauna for those who have diabetes?

Is it worth it for someone with cancer to try vitamin C megadose therapy when all other treatment has failed?

Is kytril worth the cost to reduce nausea while undergoing chemotherapy treatments?

Is sujok accupuncture where needles are used only on hands & feet & not on any other body part, effective in treating hypothyroidism & infertility.

Is the eastern practice of oil pulling safe for MS patients? Looking for natural compliments to my copaxone (glatiramer) and vitamin D3 treatment.

Is the new procedure amor vie safe and effective? What is the best way to start such a treatment?

Is the Swank diet really beneficial to MS long term? Getting varying opinions from specialist and dr.

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution for a cold?

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution for curing the common cold without using any of the modern tablets?

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution for hayfever?

Is there a reason I can't take antioxidants while i'm getting radiation therapy?

Is there a topical alternative to botox? I've heard promising things about topical neuropeptides as a less effective alternative...

Is there a way to prevent seasonal allergy? Or at least alleviate the symptoms? I'm asking for "natural" prevention (e.G. Exercise).

Is there a way to regrow my gum line using herbal treatments?

Is there an alternative medicine remedy for patients with bone cyst?

Is there any alternative in diet, because of which there won't be need of WARF ? Any aurvadic medicine which will not have chchemicals.

Is there any alternative treatment for gout? I am a 59 years male. Tq

Is there any alternative treatment like homeopathy for sixth carnial nerve palsy..

Is there any conclusive proof of a treatment to reduce tinnitus?

Is there any cure for skin writing? What medicine or preventive measures to take to reduce it.

Is there any definitive solution to cure ADHD permanently ? Without being forced to take medicine all life ?

Is there any evidence for the successful use of natural treatments in diabetic gangrene?

Is there any OTC or such treatment for gynecomastia other than surgery. There are many drugs circulating the internet claiming for such purpose. Are any of such drug accurate.

Is there any risk of further progression of my ckd, as a result of using minoxidil 5% externally for hear treatment?

Is there any value (such as detox) to the cold night sweats of multiple myeloma? I have used acupuncture and completely gotten rid of them but i don't know if that was a good idea or not.

Is there anything for pathological lying other than therapy, specifically a medication? I have heard dimethyltryptamine (dmt) will help is that true?

Is this of any benefit for a diabetic patient of 74 to try homeopathy to treat his severe psoriasis. He has ckd. What medicine would be helpful?

Is using an interferential stem unit several times a day to treat pain safe?

Is yinvive or any other herbal supplement a useful option for treating premature ejaculation?

It has been medically proven that I do not sleep but the doctors have no clue how to help me. What are my options?

Low iron levels, alternative options to treating this?

Might there be any testimonials who can justify that using herbal products can treat cancer particularly leukemia?

Minor osteoarthritis has required OTC & prescription nsaids approx. 6 months. Your thoughts on switching to herbal tumeric?Have seen great reviews.

My 8 year old daughter has been recommended the Herbst appliance but I am not sure this is the best route to take. What alternatives are there?

My dad has heard about a laser to treat his bph. Is it better than taking medication? Is it the best technology?

My daughter has ADHD and is taking 27 mg of Concerta a day. My husband wants to think about a natural remedyand wants to take her off due to the cost. What other natural remedies are available for ADHD teenager with no psychologicalour behavioral issues?s

My doctor first said I may have prostate infection and prescribed me leflox 250 for 5 days still no result. What other treatment do u prefer Drrobert?

My doctor had prescribed magnescent iodine as a supplement to help with reducing toxins in my body. I am seeking opinions on this prescription.

My doctor is recommending weight loss medication before any tests. What should I be tested for before i'd anything before i choose that as a option?

My doctor recommended alpha lipoic acid as a first line treatment for pcos related weight gain - should I actually expect to see results?

My grandmother has arthritis in her hands and she takes medication. Are there any supplements or natural treatments that may help her?

My husband has psoriasis; what types of alternative medicines are there to help? #nqlu he has been on creams, oral meds, photo therapy (it worked the first time about 15 years ago). Now no luck with the light therapy. Please help.

My mom at the age of elias comes a case of heat and sweat from age 51 to 75, does she have the treatment of substance but it is taking treatments harm?

My panis size is 5.5cm and i want to know a good treatment for anlarge it like exercise for it and what type of madicine should i use or more ?

My question is for a gynecologist. Anyone familiar with the OTC supplement "Amberen" for menopausal relief? thoughts on it?

My son has had seizures for 4 years. We have tried several of the special diets (keonetic). Are there any other effective treatments?

My son is very painfully shy! is ther any kind of meds(even natural herbs)that can be recommended?Or is this something he has to deal with personally

My teenage daughter is being treated with steroids for SJIA. A homeopathic doctor prescribed her "pulsatilla" but I'd like to check if it's safe first?

Options for treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia using medications that is safe to at least conceive on if not the whole pregnancy?

Osteoporosis patient. Does thermal spas are beneficial or harmful?

Other than antihistamines, and mast cell blockers, what therapies or treatments are available? Pros and cons? What should I make a point of asking?

Pediatrician says my 18mo needs tubes. This scares me. Are there any other options? Anything holistic or homeopathic profilactic?

Peyronie can the fibrous time be desolved with oral medications or supplements ?

Please let me know if there is any cure for intestinal adhesions thro' alternative healing methods such as reiki?

Please recommend a high potency non RX scar reducing cream. Cannot afford to see physician so need one that can be purchased online if one exists.

Please tell me, could you tell me 3 ways used to treat breast cancer and one weird alternative i.E vitamin d?

Pm docs- what type of interventional treatment other than medication and pt have proven to be successful in treating small fiber neuropathy?

Recommended dosage of cimetidine for 20 yr old to treat paintful plantar wart? Other OTCs not working, want to try this before more invasive measures.

Severe reactions to all diff. kinds of steroids. Other options for treating Addison's? Vitamin/mineral suppl., compounds, natural treatments ?

Should a 85 year old woman with several existing medical conditions and medications begin a wellness therapy that includes raw milk and phytoplankton?

Should fda stop testing medicines and treatments for safety?