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"if you are a candidate for one of the new treatments to try to eliminate hepatitis c, please consider trying." how do I know if i m candidate?

15 yr old with add symptoms- what options as meds like that for child scares me. Homeopathic drops/meds online (safe retailers) an option?

Alternate treatment to avoid putting injection for diabetes patients?

Among all the different treatments available to quit smoking, what is generally considered to be the best, most effective way to quit for good?

Anthing useful for tinnitus, besides masking machines?

Any advice treating diet sensitive prostatitis ?

Any feedback regarding juice plus on hypothyroid patients? Not looking to cure but to feel better without leaving my medication.

Any idea on how far away is the cure of arthritis you are the best of doctors so you might have a proper ides of such things and is stemcells helpful?

Any proven methodologies to lessen the symptom or any method in your experience that work for asthmatics?

Any recommendation that are proven to be efficacious for isgoid slughters?

Any recommended alternative medicines and/or home remedies for depression?

Any recommended drugs, herbs, food to treat facial swelling after dental surgery?

Any recommended vitamins / herbs / holistic approach that can help with nerve degeneration / numbness ?

Any unofficial substances that may have the ability to relieve or perhaps even cure parkinson's?

Anyone know what works better than salagen for radiation xerostomia?

Anything reccomended to treat bell's palsy? Besides steroids since i wasn't able to take any. Such as good products, vitamins or any facial exercises

Apart from allopathy which other therapy/alternative is most beneficial for health?What are other courses have more market value n beneficial to do?

Are "enzymatic therapy Petadolex Pro active" and regular "petadolex" the same thing?

Are alternative dietary anti-parasitic cleanses safe?

Are fluoride treatments still helpful if our water already has fluoride in it? Our dentist gave our six year old son a fluoride treatment while at his last visit, and i'd like to know if that's even helpful or beneficial when our town's water already has

Are herbal supplements a recommended option in treating urinary incontinence?

Are medical facials more beneficial than a facial done at my favorite day spa? I recently heard about medical facials. How do they compare to a normal facial? Is there an added benefit that makes one a better choice than the other? .

Are punctal plugs safe? I heard it's an aggressive treatment and has a lot of complications.

Are there any health benfits and risks of meditating?Or waste of time (medicly speaking)? Any studies on different types of medit. And effectivenes?

Are there any holistic treatments on the healing power of words?

Are there any home treatments or natural cures for chronic headaches (vs. Over-the-counter meds)?

Are there any natural doctor recommenef ED treatments?

Are there any natural remedies or dietary supplements to treat generalized hyperhydrosis? It has seriously impacted my quality of life since adolesce.

Are there any natural solutions for somebody who completely refuses any conventional medications and is hearing voices in their head?

Are there any natural/drug free treatments for dementia?

Are there any new treatments for OCd, apart from exposure and delay therapy? also are there any herbal supplement for this problem

Are there any pre-existing conditions that would eliminate me as a candidate for botox? I understand that botox is a pretty powerful toxin that could be harmful in some people. Are there any pre-existing medical conditions that might prevent me from bein

Are there natural treatment/treatments for arthritis that also reduce cholesterol?

Are there new techniques used in assesing nutritional status, or vitamin analysis?

Are there proven benefits to having osteopathy to treat otis media?

Are there safe alternative therapies for hemoglobin h disease?

Around what age should the average male see a reduction in his acne? I know adult acne exists in some cases, I just want a general idea when I could see some resolution or lessoning of acne with age.. Since it is known to reduce with age in most.

As regards chinese bama herbs, does it have side effects or is it truely useful in treating diseases as they advertise ?

Besides daily anti-viral therapy, what else can I do to keep the hsv-2 under control? Any diet or natural remedies to use?

Besides medicine, what are some other methods to deal with add?

Can a candida cleanse be completed successfully with diet alone ?

Can a four-year old be musty ? Can you use dedorant on a four - year old? What can be done to help alleviate the problem?

Can a patient using revolade for curing itp can start other medications like Ayurvedic or homeopathic side by side?

Can a submucous fabriod that measures 69.1*52mm and 58.6*49.9mm prevent pregnant.if yes,what is the remedy??is their a remedy without surgery

Can adequan treat human osteoarthritis?

Can azospermia and low level of testosterone cure by homepati or Ayurvedic which is the best treatment and how much time it will take to cure it?

Can chocolate be used in treating bad circulation?

Can I get a prescription for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for aging, adhd, sleep, etc or is this site for medications?

Can I get chelation therapy in pill form from health food stores?

Can i study Ayurvedic acupressure course via online?

Can I take effective herbal therapies to prevent a legionnaires' disease?

Can I take horse chestnut supplements 300 mg. during treatment and after treatment for sclerotherapy for vascular health & support? Any interactions

Can I take medicinal therapies to prevent a legionnaires' disease?

Can liver disease be helped with sulfasalazine, will this treatment be used on humans if it proves itself?

Can medical marijuana be used in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome? Looking to replace existing medications with side-effect-friendlier ones.

Can myoma be treated to make it smaller with medication or certain food restriction ? I am 45 Could provera (medroxyprogesterone) treated myomas ?

Can natural remedies (e.g. Plants, spices, roots) be utilized in rudimentary wound care? If so, what are the best options?

Can obesity in girls be treated effectively through acupuncture?

Can orthomolecular psychiatry, and the use of vitamin supplements treatment and treat schizophrenia?

Can phytoestrogens be safely used as a holistic option for fibroid treatment for someone in their 20s? And are topical as effective as oral supplement

Can psychotherapy prevent an attraction to the opposite sex? Heard they used shock treatment in 70s.

Can the CBD oil currently available on Internet help control intractable epilepsy? How do you know what dose to use

Can there be alternative medicine to keep prostate health?

Can there be supplements or treatments to prevent or slow the coming of menopause?

Can this medicine Mesalamine normally used to treat ulcarative colitis be helpful for diabetes. Read on net soemwhere. Thanks?

Can you be allergic to leech detox therapy?

Can you control your agner through therapy, herbs, food therapy, supplements, etc?

Can you give an example of it being better to spend money on disease prevention than on its cure?

Can you please describe the benefits and drawbacks of homeopathic medicine used to take care of Crohn's disease?

Can you please discuss cellulite exactly and how to prevent it?

Can you please discuss the possible solutions that researchers are using in an attempt to cure diabetes?

Can you please tell me some creative natural foods to help alleviate or even reverse spinal stenosis? I already know about glucosamine, omega 3s, etc.

Can you provide any natural tips to treat sjogren's syndrome?

Can you suggest 2 or 3 topical antiinflammatory creams that are proven to help sprains, either in research or in your practice?

Can you suggest a natural alternative to spironolactone for a 6 year old for after heart surgery?

Can you suggest any herbal/holistic treatment for impact injured hand?

Can you tell me any creatine that is the better option?

Can you tell me if there are alternative treatments, besides diet and exercize, to treat thyroid and other hormone conditions?

Can you tell me if there are any natural treatments, herb or otherwise, to treat hyper activity in kids?

Can you tell me if there are supplements or treatments to prevent or slow the coming of menopause?

Can you tell me success rate with MSM? Using it to treat chronic pain & arthritis . Low dose by choice but we think it's helping been using for amonth

Can you tell me successful diet supplements or reductions or plans to treat/aid benign intercranial hypertnesion ? Does reducing Vit A work?

Can you tell me, are there alternative medicine to keep prostate health?

Can you treat hand tumor using homoeopathy?

Can you use accupuncture to cure insomnia?

Can you use acupuncture to treat cataracts?

Can you use holistic/alternative medicine to support the immune system during chemotherapy?

Chelation. Iv oxegenation therapy with poroxide. Is this ever proven to work? My naturalpath wants me to do this and its very expensive. If it works, great! i don't want to waste money though.

Could alternative medicine offer any solutions regarding arteriosclerosis and removal of plaque from coronaries?

Could supplements help acne if none of the conventional treatments have worked?

Could you please name the known medications on the market for treatment of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiency by direct supplementation. Thank you.

Could you tell me what homeopathic options are available to lower cholestoral?

Currently having a homeopathy treatment for hair loss. Can the use of levitra (vardenafil) would interfere with my treatment?

Dear docs, Does "electro mgntic field therapy" help me to cure migraine? 30mins evryday by 'magner plus' machine.thank you all.

Depression is there an efficacious non prescription preferably herbal remedy for depression?

Describe the features of alternative sleep methods.?

Do homeopathic remedies benefit/ cure or is this just placebo effects- i ve heard opposite views from people who use it ?

Do people use acupuncture for infertility treatments?

Do we have a procedure for reducing bad cholesterol ?Surgical or medications?

Doctor on web site said there were good medical alternatives to herbs such as arozyme for excessive gas.What are they?