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"i was wondering what my boyfriend could use for "galding" "chafing" in between the legs don't have any baby powder can you use flour?

32yr old female, polycystic kidney disease. Safe to use diy detoxifying waters?

A soap that fell in the bathroom's floor, is safe to use? to wash my eyes for example?

After i worked with lead in stained glass is it safe to use the same bar of soap after use it to shower with minimal exposure to lead? lead transfer?

Ankel weights want to use them when i work out. Are 2lb good to use or 5lb ? Don't want to hurt myself

Are a box of tampons stored underneath my bed for a year safe to use?

Are any scents use with the candle warmer like scentsy safe for newborn? Reply asap please.

Are bacteriostatic products safe to breathe via a humidifier?

Are cleaning products safe to use when pregnant, particularly windex and pledge?

Are epsom salt and tens units safe to use in the 6th month of pregnancy?

Are float tanks safe for pregnant women? They use lots of Epsom salts

Are keto-diastix supposed to be colored before using them?

Are tampons harmful to use or healthy?

Are the strides/oxy pads that contain 3% salicycic acid safe? I was using it today for acne and had a small amount splash in my mouth. Is this ok?

Are the toxin removing foot pads safe to use?

Are there any (safe) over-the-counter products i can buy, to keep eyes moist?

Are there any household items I can use instead of vibrator?

Are there any safe liquids to put into vagina to increase moisture?

Are there side affects to using feminine body washes?

Are there times when I mustnt use any bandage?

Are warm water enemas safe during pregnancy?

Are washroom hand driers safe to use?

Bought skyda 8 vaporizer dry herb pen, and it is not working. Is there anything more effective?

Can an adult can use johnson baby soap bar for whole body?

Can combat powder use aspartame?

Can I cleanse my body with oil? (like the oil cleansing method) My body doesn't tolerate soap I break out in hives. Ive been using plain water so far.

Can i spray distilled water on my face before applying oil free moisturizer just like evian water spray ?

Can I use a enema if last bal was on tuesday?

Can I use autosol to clean brass when im pregnant?

Can I use Babyganic hand sanitizer foam alcohol free for baby 3m? Is it safe after that she puts hands into the mouth? Thanks

Can I use betadine antiseptic liquid on my finger when pregnant?

Can I use diluted methanol in a deep cut?

Can I use neosporin instead of baccitin for my son?

Can I use regular oats oatmeal to make a bath for eczema?

Can I use Saran wrap instead of a condom?

Can I use steel cut oats for my oatmeal bath ?

Can I use the microwave to warm formula?

Can my 2years old son use bath tap everyday for 15 min?

Can someone tell me if pink himalayan salt safe to use?

Can using dryer sheets for laundry harm baby (32 weeks pregnant)? Just read that they contain toxic chemicals and we use them for all of our laundry.

Can we use baking powder instead of baking soda when treating on underarms?

Can we use the icemachines which have had fungal contaminated ice?

Can we use turkey baster method by using needless sterile syringe and sterile cups .IS it safe to get pregnant .What will be the success rate.

Can you tell me if i could use baking powder instead of soda to eliminate vaginal odor?

Can you tell me if there are any hazardous effects for my body if I use soap and shampoo for night showers before going to bed?

Can you use garlic powder for toothache?

Can you use methylated spirit to clean your itching ears?

Can you use retain a for cellulite?

Could it be healthy to put rubbing alcohol on this?

Could it be healthy to use safi(blood purifier) continuously?

Could minors under the age of 13 buy and use water vapor pens?

Could you safely put powdered sage in a bath?

CPAP: distilled water only comes in gallon jugs here. I use tiny bit each nite. How to store opened jug? How long it safe to use in cpap humidifier?

Do I have to use a container for my hpt? Can I use a paper cup to collect the urine?

Do water bottles actually release harmful chemicals after extended use or heat?

Do you think that herbicides are safe to use in home garden?

Doctor asked me to use tropex solution for one week then consult him again. Is it ok to keep using tropex for one week? I feel the ear wax has soften.

Does it work to use baby powder instead of gold bond on itchy balls?

Does steam on alternate days for 10mins has harsh effect on skin provided we have ample water before steam session ?

Does sweet oil work for ear aches and should i use it on my 5 yr old sons ear. Is it safe? How should i use it? Dose size if safe?

Does using purified sea salt water, several times a day, benefit healing wounds? This specifically concerns new piercings.

Dr oz talked on his Tv show about the aspirin mask and said to use a cotton dipped in water and baking soda is that safe on the skin ?

Has anyone ever used water with vinegar to rinse their hair?

Have eyeglass cleaner from years ago. Safe to use? Has a fume?

Have slight acne break outs. 2many diff. products could cause irritation right? Would it b better 2 just use 1 or 2 products plus hot water 4 washing?

Have you heard if sea sponge pessary and does it work?

Hello docs. I was wondering can vaseline be used for the tens machine?

Hello doctors, can I use seachem water clarifier and triple sulfa at the same time?

Hello Thank you for your reply! I also wanted to know do you use moisturizer after showering to trap the water?

Help please? What is it like to use a menstrual cup?

Hey, I wanted to know if lemisol is good to wash the vagina cause I heard it is not and I use that?

Hi , is there any harm to use aftershave or perfumes after they expire, because most of them have a sign that it could be used for a year after openin?

Hi dictor, am just wondering if i can use any of the soaps (QEI + or Clear nature soap) with my Airol 0.05%? Can i use any of them for bathing?

Hi Doc,is it safe to use bleaching powder to clean water storage tanks,considering that water is used for bathing &it may get into eyes n cause damage

Hi docs! what could I use in place of toothpaste for tonight?

Hi doctors, can I use methylated spirit to clean my ears?

Hi there! For the first time, I just used a neti pot. Believe it or not this one came with no instructions whatsoever. All it said was to mix the little packet with water. Thankfully i assumed i should use purified water. I started reading online to make

Hot water successfully removes dirt so is it better to use hot water when using toothpaste?

How are the postpartum cleansing bottles used?

How can I be sure my doctor is diluting the sculptra correctly before using it on me? I've read that using sculptra in a more dilute form minimizes the risk for forming bumps under your skin. Is there any way i can be sure my doctor is diluting it enough?

How can I use a water pick for oral health?

How can I use lavender to fight thrush?

How do I disinfect a phone charger (ac adapter)? I can't wash it. Is there any way without using alcohol? Can using alcohol result in an explosion?

How do I keep my 12-month-old safe around water?

How do I keep my 15-month-old safe around water?

How do I keep my 18-month-old safe around water?

How do I keep my 2-year-old safe around water?

How do I keep my 6-month-old safe around water?

How do I keep my 9-month-old safe around water?

How frequent should i change my baby bottles and teats, i use chicco steam sterilizer,?

How healthy is it to use pure lidocaine powder?

How long can I use the same water bottle before washing or acumulating harmful bacteria?

How long can you safely reuse water bottles?

How long do I have to boil water to make it safe?

How long is it safe to use iodine water treatments?

How much water does the body use every day?

How safe is Wrights vaporizer fluid?

How to get rid of dandruff in a healthy way from your? used shampoo and conditioner and the're useless. what' s the best method to use? Thanks.

How to know if i need to use a respirator while working with 10% buffered formalin?

How to use garlic on boils?