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15 weeks and still taking progesterone inj twice a week. Lab showed progesterone was 19.7. Lowered my dose from 200 mg to 100 mg. What's the cut off?

21 day progesterone level 6.2. Will femara (letrozole) raise that level? If so how fast?I have one child who is 5. Just wondering if femara (letrozole) works and how fast

25y/o male being treated for prolactinoma. Does using nicotine/tobacco products increase prolactin blood levels? Or counter act cabergoline? Thanks!

29 yr f with very low dhea. Put on 10 mg twice a day by endocrinologist. I am breast feeding. Is it safe to keep taking? She insists it is.

30 yr old lady beta hCG levels r 129.9 show in which week? Wat medicine does she take to induce abortion with dosage?

50mg testosterone troches. I take 4 per day per my pcp. Is that a high dosage?

After 8 months with Dostinex treatment (25mg twice a week), my testosterone level is still below normal and has not increased.What can be the problem?

After taking dostinex, (cabergoline) how many days should repeate the serum prolactine level?

After taking prednisone, how long does it take for levels of IgA to be clear of the suppressant effects of the drug on the IgA levels?

Am having high prolactin and have been using parlodel (bromocriptine) for3yrs and still high. Pls I really wish to conceive?

Am i able to lower my cortisol levels by taking progesterone cream?

Am in powerlifting and on testosterone eathante 250 weekly just need to know if I take Dianabol at 10mg daily will it raise my LDL levels badly?

Amh 0.85,doctor suggested dhea.another doctor said not to take confused if I stop or not. ?

Are chromogranin A levels always increased when taking a PPI such as Pariet 20mg? If so to what extent? My level was 197 ug/L is this typical of PPI

Are there any medications used to lower prolactin levels?

Are there any sude effects of taking dhea supplement, I have low testosteran count.

At what dosage should I take peony and licorice supplement to help lower my testosterone lvl 51?

Been on lisinopril-HCTZ 20-12.5 for ten years, dermatologist says I produce too much aldactone hormone, should I switch to spironolactone 100mg?

Been prescribed lodotra for night time dose for CAH because of sleep difficulty. Is it as effective as prednisolone for suppressing androgens?

Besides medications, what causes a rise in prolactin levels?

Cabergoline raises your dopamine levels, does this mean once stopped you will go through withdrawls?

Can 3 doses of 200mg of progesterone affect ovulation?

Can a low dose (5mg) of prednisone (prescribed to reduce mild adrenal hyperplasia to improve female fertility) aggravate my depression?

Can Advil (ibuprofen) be used for increasing TSH level?

Can cabergoline and azythromycin be taken together? Taking cabergoline for high prolactin levels, was prescribed anti biotic for infection

Can dostinex (cabergoline) be taken for high levels of prolactin?

Can dostinex (cabergoline) be used in men to decrease the ejaculation refractory period? Prolactin level is at the upper limit of normal.

Can dostinex (cabergoline) be used to help speed up orgasms?

Can estradiol be taken with dhea?|

Can fertility medications falsely elevate FSH levels a month after taking medications?

Can hypothyroidism cause low testosterone and progesterone, and if so, will stabilizing TSH correct low levels? If so, how long does it take?

Can i have 0.5cabergoline daily one tablet for one week??for 33.5 prolactin

Can i take amoxicillin 250 mg 3 times a day with cabergoline (dostinex) 0.25 twice a week? Are there any interactions between the two?

Can i take coq10 for low progesterone?

Can I take dhea for concentration?

Can I take the pill with Depo-Provera to boost my estrogen levels ?

Can long term use of birth control pills with estrogen cause high TSH levels / hypothyroid ?

Can my progesterone levels increase after just 5 days of taking vitex?

Can prolactinoma patients stop bromocriptine?

Can spironolactone lower your androgens to low? Labs below normal level. Is that desired or will it cause problems? Taking bc too.

Can stopping BUPRON,LAMITOR,QUITIPAINE cause elavted TSH level & hair loss?

Can taking antibiotics affect immunoglobulin levels in any way ?

Can taking ceecept elevate levels of mch?

Can taking lamotrigine cause low cortisol? If so, how can it be raised?

Can taking tamoxifen during an MRI effect the results of an MRI on your brain? I am taking the tamoxifen for gyno.

Can taking the supplement d-aspartic acid increase your psa levels? 65 year old male with bph

Can taking the supplement TAURINE in a 3 gram dose raise testosterone levels in men ?

Can taking the supplement TAURINE in a 3 gram dose raise testosterone levels in men?

Can taking. Viagra (sildenafil). Raise. Serum. Creatine. Level?

Can you donate blood if you're taking dostinex (aka cabergoline)?

Can you please discuss the consequence of the raising up of insulin level( after taking food)?

Can you recover your testosterone level and sperm count level after being used to estrogen pills like micropil?

Can you suggest how to lower my triglyceride levels besides taking those pills?

Can zoloft (sertraline) increase prolactin levels which will cause an irregular period.

Could one day of taking rhodiola cause a big drop in thyroid levels?

Could prolactinoma patients stop bromocriptine after some years?

Could seroquel (quetiapine) 50-75 mg cause thyroid dysfunction or low thyroxine levels? will it affect from my fitness goals?i can control the hunger attacks btw

Could taking a low dose of prednisone for two weeks cause a low serum cortisol level? 15mg was taken about an hour before the lab.

Could taking Diphenhydramine affect my free/total testosterone blood test levels?

Could the midicine aldactone (spironolactone) affect progestrone levels?

Could you take a testosterone blocker without taking something like estrogen at the same time?

Dear sir, My testosterone level was 193.0 ng/dl. I have been taken 250mg of enanthate every week. still I have taken for 5 weeks.Does it enough?

Depakote, recently discontinued after 20 years, caused high shbg (thus, low free t). How long before production of shbg by liver returns to normal?

Depakote, which i took (1, 000 mg/day) for 20 years, caused very high shbg levels. Recently discontinued it. How long before shbg back to normal?

Do diet pills (mainly hydroxycut) have any effect on prolactin and other hormone levels? Sister takes them and has elevated levels. Just began both.

Doc How can I stop the high level Ige with which medicine?

Doc prescribed me ezerex powder & tab Clomid (clomiphene) 50 mg once in a day, is it sufficient to increase my testosterone level? Would my erection proper after?

Doc says my TSH level is normal to 3miu/ml, other levels also being normal. He says to still take tablet of 25micrograms. Should i stop taking?

Does a serum prolactin level test show your serotonin level 2 can I get serotonin syndrome from 10mg a nite of amitriptyline when it not 1st time used?

Does being on orthocyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) increase my prolactin and cortisol? Can those elevated levels go back to normal all on thier own, with no meds?

Does cranberry pills help lower my THC levels?

Does hydroxycut have any effect on prolactin and other hormone levels? Sister takes them and has elevated levels. Just started pills and is a virgin.

Does L-Carnitine 250 or 500mg affect my hormone's homeostasis or neurotransmitterr (Like increasing Oestrogen level in men,etc...) Thanks in advance?

Does lithium (900mg per day) effect the overnight dexamethasone test.? Would Qvar which I stopped taking with Dr.s guidance in June- effect hormones?

Does long term prednisone use lower testosterone? And if so, will it rise back to normal levels after tapering off?

Does low thyroxine levels increase B/P or reduce B/P. I am on thyroxine 2 doctors say opposite?

Does Niacin supplementation in a dose of 500 mg/day have any impact in elevating testosterone levels in men? Thank you.

Does regular use of melatonin cause prolactin or cortisol to become elevated?

Does second generation anti psychotics increase prolactin levels?or is the increase short term in the beginning?will it lower my testosterone?

Does steronate (norethisterone acetate) have any effect on blood glucose level ?

Does stopping bromocriptine make prolactin higher?

Does taking beta alanine affect my growth?

Does taking cabergoline for elevated prolactin improve thyroidproduction?How long would it take to notice improvemtents?

Does taking cabergoline with no present tumor alter your bodies ability to have stable levels once stopped?

Does taking daily spearmint tea to reduce elevated testosterone levels (caused by PCOS) have an effect on thyroid? I have hypothyroidism

Does taking T4 only for a long period of time cause ones cortisol and iron levels to become low? Should 1 correct these b4 starting ndt

Does testosterone supplements need to be used as a maintenance dose once testosterone levels return to normal?

Does the androstenedione produced in the body by a tumor reduce if finasteride 5mg and aldactone (spironolactone) 100mg tablets are been given?

Does the medication Flagyl and/or metronidazole pills 500mg have or create in the body the HCG hormone?

Does using 0.25mg of Xanax (alprazolam) two times per week cause prolactin levels to rise? Is it possible such a small dose could do that?

Dose clomid (clomiphene) at 25mg daily for low testosterone make deeprst mood if yeas fo how long

Dr just told me to stop ocp pills due to side effects. I have begun cabergoline for elevated prolactin, will cabergoline balance my hormones?

Dr put me on cabergoline for elevated prolactin, i stopped ocp pills & xanax since, wont prolactin lower now minus medication, I have no tumor. ?

Dr sneid...You should read more clearly. The source of my elevated prolactin was ocp pills and xanax, (alprazolam) those have stopped. In range now, med not needed?

Dr. Should I be taking these bioidentical hormones? 200mgprogesterone &50mg dhea daily. Im 44 will this bring on menapause? Are they a waste of time?D

Due to high prolactin levels, dr prescribed me tab dopergin.Levels r normal now but dr advised me to continue till pregnantnancy.Wt role dz it play in pregnant

For adrenal cancer patient on mitotane who has reached the threshold level, how long more to continue taking the pill?

For PCOS (Testosterone excess),can we combine liquorice with Peony in a 1:1 ratio, with daily dose of liquorice extract of about 50mg ?

Good evening doctor.Iam soujanya. My age 22. My TSH level is 7. Is it possible to reduce it with out taking medication?

Has anyone ever taken dostinex, (cabergoline) for high prolactin?