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I'm a 71 ur old male good health take no meds , my Bp is running about 140-150/ 70-80 I've been recommended by md to take lisapril 10m daily agree?

60 Yrs.f.taking rabiprazole,aspirin, rosuvastatin, amlodipine,olmesartan.hd stroke 2 yrs physicl disabilty.nw tasts bittr some foods.reasn?

Have good BP control. Is it better to take 25 mg Spironolactone every other day or 12.5 mg /day. Any risk from taking every other day. Why every day?

I am taking Calcium Channel Blocker- Eslo 2.5mg/day) since 2005. how to know if my HTN is over-treated?

i have high blood pressure i been taken garlic pills and vitamins 1 a day multi, pressure is under control now which supplement pill you think work.

I was put on S-Amlodipine 2.5 mg about 5-6 years back.I have Sugar 130 220 mgdl,Eczema hand,Fatty Liver , Can I change Amlodipine?

take 10mg buspar 2x day Recently added 5mg 2x day for a week. Dizzy 30min later. Continue or go back to 10? Resting heart rate is 65 from 75 ok?

0.48 mmol/l urate level, high BP level, taking 10/10 mg.Perindropil&amlodipine medicine.Is it good to take lemon with warm water to lower uric acid?

1 kidney+long-severe orthostatic hypotension(~77/35)+low red blood cell count(~3)+hemoglbin(9.5)+dehydrated. Use Aranesp(2 so far).Shall stop Exforge (amlodipine and valsartan)?

13y boy(no disease history)have Adenoids+sleep problem.Recently had hypertension(140/100),tried cipril h&cipril-10 but none worked.Any better medicin?

2 weeks Ramipril (2.5mg qd) caused  potassium to go to 8.5 mmol/L and was stopped. Does this rule out future use of all other ACE inhibitors and ARBs?

23yrs old, high levels of cholesterol, at 16years i take crestor10mg( for3yrs), stop medicines and started inegy 10/20mg(3 mnts).I have musclepain, why?

24 hours after take enalapril10 i need.To take it bid with hctz25.Today only i take hctz25 my BP 118/83. I shoul take it pood?

24 yr old female, BP 140/100. Is it OK to take a 5mg Amolodophine?

26 year old female recently found I have atrial fibrillation. Just started taking beta blockers after 48 hourd they were not working so doctor increas?

27 M, RRMS since 5 yrs. Avonex since 2 yrs., ED is the main symptom. Viagra (sildenafil) not working. Early morning T levels 320ng/dl. Can MS patient take T supp?

27y/o f w/very high BP - renin level is 6.4, aldosterone is 47.6. Just stopped birth control pills...What does this indicate, and what could cause it?

28yrs female, high bp, sle , uric acid taking hcqs, zyloric, met XL 50mg, folitrax. First pregnancy failed, second pregnancy chances good or bad?

32 m, BP ok, takin statins. Used to GT mild angina on brisk walking. Bt NT anymore. Tried sprinting, and no angina. Could angina disappear on its own?

32yo male recently diagnosed with hbp. Prescribed atenolol have read many bad reviews from Dr on the drug. Is this med actually safe or worse 4 me?

34 y/o male, recently had a STEMI.  Now I have an RCA stent and taking ASA (81mg) and Brilinta (ticagrelor).  I'd like to finish my tattoo work. Thoughts?

3days on warfarin 1mg INR 1.5 for my fatherforAF what is the maintance dose for him if he took cordarone (amiodarone) and has renal impairment,is it renal safe?

43y.Old 140/100 high pres. Suffering from increase in heart beating espec. After taking meals to reach 100-110 and already i take atenolol 50mg a day?

5 mg Adcirica taken for ED is causing me tatychardia around 130 for the past 4 you recommend others medicin with lower half life like Viagra (sildenafil) ?

50mg prednisone 9 days. Have HBP, palpitations and migraines. Can I just stop taking it all together now? Was for hives, found out actually bed bugs..

51 yr old male, 5'9", 240, bp is 92/60, headache, fatigue, dizzy, nausea, meds include lisinipril 20mg, flowmax .4 mg, omeprazole 40 mg, triamterene?

53 year old female. I always had low blood pressure but now its around 130/85 up to a week ago. Then it shot up and stays around 150/95 I get extremely nervous now taking it so I am not sure that is why. Took it last night drinking it was 123/84?

55 year old male. Exercise, diet. May of 2011 had a tia, dizzy and weak on left side. Ck was over 7400, BP at 136/90. Placed on lisinopril, aspirin. Another TIA last week. Same bp, x-ray, MRI ok. Help?

55y/o dad, h/o controlled t-2 dm switched to insulin from glime/meformin 8 months back bcoz of LP skin lesions.But new lesions never stopped coming!?

6 weeks pregnant and was put on alpha dopa 250 mg TDS for BP 140/90 . Past 2 days BP 110/70 . YDay i had severe giddinessheadachebP 100/70.can i stop?

60 Yrs.f.taking rabiprazole,aspirin, rosuvastatin, amlodipine,olmesartan.hd stroke 2 yrs physicl disabilty.nw tasts bittr all sweet food.reasn?

61yr f, going to lhasa, have controlled hbp, take citalopram, synthroid (thyroxine). Concerned about altitude sickness what precautions and prep advised thx ?

67 yrs. angiotensin 1 converting enzyme (ace) serum 126.7 , what should be done? Bad? What does this mean? Life style changes. Medication? Thank you

69-y Parkinson male. Took(Piribedil Sustained-release Tablets;Levodopa and Benserazide )for 9 yrs.Recently drug-resistant(cant lift legs),suggestions?

70yr old dad has BP of 166/100. Is this severely high? He eats healthy. Dr. gave 5mg Norvasc (amlodipine). He does not like to take drugs. Any natural way to lower

75 yrs male is on pacemaker , is on telmisartan -h ( 80+12.5) and amlodepine getting angle swelling , after stoping amlodepine, what to add?

76 year old woman on diavan (was on crestor- now stopped). Has celiac -noncompliant. Complains of nightly muscle aches and cramps...Why? Mg? Ca? K?

76 yrFem Consultant says after getting headaches after 1 yr on medication to change from Bezafibrate to Ezetimibe although i am borderline Diabetes?

81 y/o mother suffered a stroke even while taking BP meds. Doc said it was a blood clot but that she didn't need statin? What went wrong here?

88 y/o dad w/Cong heart on water pill, Sod. Bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) & warfarin, trouble w/Constipation, gets out of breath, what can help w/this problem?

9 weeks pregnant. BP was 90/50. I'm usually normal low but never 50. Is it ok or important to inform a doctor. Taking low dose asprin. My doc is away ?

91 Yr old Pulm Hypertention Afib taking forosemide 20 mg 3x in morning.62.5 gm digoxin causes nose bleed And causes BP 100/98 55bpm any alternative?

A patient who is taking furosemide at 0800 and 1500, BP is low (90/48), do u hold his regular dose of furosemide?

Accidentally took wrong high blood pressure pill 100mg metoprolol at 500am this morning instead of my hydrochlorthyazide 25mg pill what shti do?

Acute kidney failure caused by meds. Stopped meds and got better. Creatin level falling 1.9-1.7-1.6-1.3 at last test. Is this good?

Adderall 20mg 3-4 day, Effexor (venlafaxine) 150mg 57yrs old, ADHD, high b/p, getting aggressive behavior, and obese, On B/P Medications, many highs, & lows, why?

Advice 75 Fem after both Carotid found 50% OCC after stroke take plavix fibrazate lost sight in one eye few mins GP has doubled AM Amlopodine to10mg?

After carotid stroke fem 70+ on plavix and fibrazate had recent loss eyesight one eye 3min GP has doubled AM dose of Amlopodine to10mg Good idea?

After 2 weeks of taking combination therapy (10 ml lisinopril+5 ml amlodipine) my blood pressur reading fix on 110/75 till next dose is this ok?

After suffering a mild heart attack 3 years ago, and now taking high blood pressure medicine, should one consume alcoholic drinks at all?

After taking combination therapy (5 mg amlodipine +10 mg lisinopril)my blood pressure fall to 85/55 is this ok or dangrous?

After years of uncontrolled Triglycerides with generics my wife finally lowered them with Lovaza. Pls suggest less expensiv over the cntr solution. ?

Age 31 metobolic synd. doctor decsribe fenofibrate 200 and statin10 and concor 2.5 now lose 20 kg doc say i should not stop med. for ever what to Do?

Age50.Fe.B/p 150/90one year ago.Now 120/80.Taken amlopress-80 for 11months.Now stoped from 1 month.Heartrate 65 normally.Kindly suggest .

Aging mother needs her inderal (propranolol) script changed due to confusion. At 88, will changing that script cause her problems?

Aldactone/overheating-label avoid overheating on aldactone (spironolactone).Does aldactone (spironolactone) make it more dangerous,more likely?I live in desert&bicycle everywhere.

Am 22 years weight is 100kg and my bp is 135/85..Did it is fine or it's a problem.if it is a problem plz give me a consultant to cure this..

Am 55 yrs old will appreciate tips for prostate health as it is slightly enlarged taking ominic ocas 0.4 mg is it advisable to take. Thank?

Am on lisinoprol and flecainide dr also reduce syntroid med from .200 to .125 i quit taking thyroid med dr request for 3 days can this raise my b/p ?

Am on Niphidpine, will be having surgery soon, should niphidipine be stopped incase it reacts with anesthesia ? will it cause CHF ?

Amlodipine & Coversyl Plus HD has not reduced bp, yet my Dr. keeps me on it. We've added 25mgs Atenolol 2xdaily. Why take unworking meds?

Amlodipine 5 mg taken before bed is making me nauseous and giving me headaches, i also take lisinipril 10mg a.M. Is there a substitute for amlodipine.

An online endocrinologist asked me to stop my Aztor 10 (Atorvastatin) for 3 months coz after 1.5 yrs, my LDL ch reduced from 205 to 82. Is this wise?

Ankles hurt really bad when walking with any type of shoe what could be a cause? Htn and pcos ;204lbs 17 yrs old ;taking lisinopril hctz and provera (medroxyprogesterone)

Antibiotics & blood pressure i recently was treated for a kidney/bladder infection with sulfameth/tri 800/160. In an emerg. Clinic. Just prior to that, my PC doctor had increased my lisinopril from 20mg/day to 40mg/day because my BP was up during an of

Any contraindications w/inderal (bp/psvt/angina) & diuretics? Gained 30lbs in 2.5 wks; dr palpated me & diagnosis edema- no action taken;no rx;explain y plz?

Any ideas which medicine to take to reduce serum creatinine?

Any MDs used new hypotension rx Northera? Its really helped my symptomatic low bp but causing bradycardia. Pharmacists & MDs dont have much info. Thx

Any medication for moderate Microalbuminuria other than tight control of HTN. DM with diet exercise like acetylcysteine Taurine?

Any problems from taking 5 mg amlodipine @ 7 pm, and 10 mg simvastain @ 10 pm. How far can you space them a part to be safe from interactions. ?

Any problems from taking 5 mg amlodipine @ 7 pm, and 10 mg simvastain @ 10 pm. How far can you space them a part to be safe from interactions. ?

Anyone who knows about natural supplements especially curcovia? Is it safe to take it while on high blood pressure medications. My gp doesn't know

Apart from blood thinners are there any drugs that should be avoided when taking high dose omega 3? (1000mg EPA & 500mg DHA)

Are there any blood pressure medications that are safe to use along with lithobid (lithium carbonate) 2700mg (daily)?

Are there any health risk taking 20mg of Cialis if you have stage 3 kidney disease due to high blood pressure that is under controlled by medication?

Are there any herbal supplements which can help to control high blood pressure with regular medication prescribed by doctor?

Are there safe OTC allergy meds someone with htn(controlled with prescription med-diovan hct 160/12.5, 1 tab daily) can take on a regular basis?

Are you supposed to feel high while taking oxycodone?

As a normal healthy male is it safe to take beta blockers? I take 2/3 x 40mg for benign essential tremor ? Am at risk of diabetes

Aspirin therapy. Too many confusing studies out there. I've been taking a 325 for years for preventive cardiac health. Do i need to cut back to 81mg?

At what maximum rate (days) can your potassium level drop if you continue to take laxatives?

Baby will be 1 yr in june. Taken by c se at 35 wkc due to pih. Bp still kind of high but dr says no meds. Would it be unwise to start trying for #2?

Been taken phintermine 4 a cpl of months neva encountered any comps however i'm aware that it will elivate BP my bottom BP was 95 &i feel lazy?

Been prescribed HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) 25mg for BP and swelling. I drive commercially. Will this make me unsafe in any way or put me at risk of failing a DOT physical?

Been taking Diovan 80mg daily for 8yrs for my BP. Cardiologist told me not to take the meds unless my BP is above 140/90. Should I stop my meds?

Been taking lisinopril 20mg for hbp haven't taken it today yet. Is it ok to take Propranolol if I skip lisinopril today. Have a big social event today?

Been taking red wine 5+ yrs plus cod liver oil 25 yrs could this have caused ischaemnic left cordate didn't know it had happened. Mis read MRI 2006?

Been taking xtea stregnth tylenol (acetaminophen) 500 mg 3-4 times a day 2pill each dose for 3 days is this safe i have high blood pressure?

Benicar (olmesartan) worked fine when started but gradually within 7 days cannot control BP?

Bilirubin shot Upto 336 from 237 in just 2days?How to get it down?Age57, gallbladder stones, hypertensive, diabetic, ckd5, stopped TB medication also

Blood clotting levels on taking warfarin, have red eye, reduce or increase dosage?

Blood pressure med got refilled from a different manufacturer. Was Mylan, now Sandoz. Same pill, atenolol 100mg. Is it OK to take? Will it be same?

Blood pressure today at doc office 170/100, increased ramipril from 5 - 10 mg, plus take 12.5 mg of toperlol, will this get it in check?

Blood thickened even though food/lifestyle was unchanged (inr dropped to 1.3). Upping warfarin 3mg to 7mg did nothing. Now on 9mg and also daily heparin injections. Inr still 1.3. Why no improvement

Bp 150/90 had taken losartan 25mg. 2 hours ago should go for follow up check up?

Bp 170/110 5/10 (toporol 100 & lisinopril 10) started new med (hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) 25) & today it was 110/70 my muscles are achy, no energy, what can I do to help?

Bp been high for a few months, got prescribed beta blocker by gp, i suffer dep/anxiety and he said this may worsen & weight gn. Ok to try natural ways?

Bp controlled on losartan 100mg qd 120/80 doctor recommending taking only several timesa week. Is this ok or better lower dose each day?

BP is 98/78. Pulse pressure is 20. How can I get it up? How many salt tablets should I take daily? Dr said to take salt tablets but never said how muc

BP normally 115/66 with 25mg Losartan but recent appt. showed 152/94 probably due to white coat effect. Scheduled for surgery. Should I increase dose?